Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Jan Jones-City Camera Weather-December 1976

Here, from December 23, 1976, is Jan Jones (known then as Jan Paulich Jones) hosting 6PM City Camera Weather..With her are Jim Hale, Jeff Maynor and Jim Mueller on Sports..Ms. Jones' Smiling face has been on Cleveland TV for over 30 years..She was on the Morning Exchange at WEWS-TV 5 from about 1979-87 with Fred Griffith (now on TV 3's Good Company) and the late Joel Rose.and had also been a cohost of Channel 8's PM Magazine with Michael Stanley. Notice Jan's dress..very 70's style..classy..

Notice also the Weather dials..Old fashioned in the age of radars and weather satellites. Thanks to Videoholic 50's-70's (Ray Glasser) for this nice clip..

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  1. Watching the weather report, I started thing that just a couple of weeks after that the area would be in one of the worst deep freezes of our lifetime and you could put a minus before all those temps and get the high on some days.