Thursday, October 9, 2008

Big Ghoulardifest News

Cover for "Big Chuck! My Favorite Stories from 47 years on Cleveland TV"..Will be available for the first time Next week at Ghoulardifest.

UPDATE:10:55 PM 10/10/08 Big Chuck! Publishers Gray and Company are now featuring the book on their website, with a free sample chapter..From what little I've seen, this will be a great read..

Hello folks:
Remember in my last post when I said I would have Special news on the Ghoulardifest "In the next few days?"

Well, the next few days is here..LOL..It has just been announced that The long promised Chuck Schodowski Book on his TV career WILL be available during Ghoulardifest Octobber 17-19 at Holiday Inn at Independence..Here are the book details:
Title: Big Chuck!
Sub title: My Favorite Stories from 47 Years On TV.
Pages: 288 pages, with B&W Photos.
Authors:Chuck Schodowsski with Tom Feran..

Hardcover, $19.95!

Available at the Ghoulardifest October 17-19th.

Also:It will be available about a week later at your favorite bookstore in Northeast Ohio..

Courtesy The Cleveland Plain Dealer and, Here is a Video News conference with Tom Feran, Chuck Schodowski, John Rinaldi, Mike Olszewski and Ghoulardifest promoter Ron Garsteck talking about the Ghoulardifest and the Book coming out, etc..

I encourage anyone who is a fan..You have to make this weekend!..It will be a blast!!


  1. That ought to be fun. I don't know if I will make the Ghoulardi fest this year, but probably next year. I am looking forward to buying the Big Chuck book as soon as it hits the bookstores. I always was a BC&LJ fan, and earlier Ghoulardi and Hoolihan. our guys that made 8 greight.

  2. Bill:
    Hope you can make it, I'll be there Friday Night and part of Saturday..Would love to say hello to you..I appreciate your comments on the blog..very informative..