Monday, March 31, 2008

Hoolihan/Big Chuck with Andy Griffith..February 17, 1967-In Color!

Another clip I've wanted to feature for a long time:

Here is some extremely rare video from the first months of "Hoolihan and Big Chuck" CBS-TV Star Andy Griffith is featured in a sketch as a country bumpkin trying to make it into show business, first aired Friday, February 17, 1967. Andy does a bit of his classic "Football" sketch and mentions his "buddies" Don Knotts and Tennessee Ernie Ford..In doing research I foumd that Griffith, Ford and Knotts were stars of an upcoming CBS special, The Andy Griffith Uptown-Downtown Show" mentioned here in "Time" Magazine 2-17-67..

"Tuesday, February 21

ANDY GRIFFITH'S UPTOWN-DOWNTOWN SHOW (CBS, 8:30-9:30 p.m.). Tonight it's Don Knotts, Tennessee Ernie Ford, Maggie Peterson with the Bruce Davis Quintet, and a folk-rock group known as the Back Porch Majority."

Thanks to Ghoulart for the Griffith Sketch..

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Opening Day 2008

From THorsman88 and YouTube: a repeat of a video montage honoring the Cleveland Indians, which I posted last October..The Tribe opens its home season at "Progressive Field" tomorrow afternoon at 3:05 PM against the Chicago White Sox..Its looking good for the Indians this year, after nearly making the World Series in 2007..Along with the video are two classic Indians Songs:Indian Fever and Talkin' Baseball..Talking Tribe, along with Michael Stanley's "This Town is My Town.."

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Patty Duke and Mike Douglas Sing "Something Stupid" 1967

A fascinating Clip from the "Mike Douglas Show..Apparently from July 13, 1967. Patty was co host this particular week..She and Douglas sing the then-fairly new Frank Sinatra Standard, "Something Stupid"..Rose Kennedy was also a guest, as we see from the "out-to-commercial" tag..WKYC-TV 3 probably aired the hour version of the Douglas Show at this time, between 9-10 AM..Thanks to YouTube user PattyDukeTheatre for sharing this clip..Nice color tape quality..

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

"It's Basketball Time at the Q."

Cleveland Plain Dealer Columnist Terry Pluto notes an amazing milestone in yesterday's edition..Cleveland Cavaliers radio voice Joe Tait will be calling his 3,000th game tonight as the Cavaliers play the New Orleans Hornets at Quicken Loans Arena. Except for 2 years in the early 1980's, Tait has been the "voice" and in some ways, the "face" of the Cavaliers Franchise..He has been the one constant throught the team's history..I have been a Cavs fan just about from the beginning..For me, Joe is one of the greats in broadcasting..His signature calls.."Binggoo!" "Wham. with the right hand!".."Three Ball...Got it!"..He made Cavaliers Basketball entertaining through the expansioin years, and through most of the down years between the Miracle of Richfield, Daugherty-Price era and the LeBron Era..He also found time to Call Cleveland Indians Games in the 1970's and early 80's, as well as numerous high school and college sporting events..Ive never had the chance to meet him, but he always seems to be a real good, regular guy always willing to help others in the broadcasting business..One of my biggest early memories was in February 1972 when the Cavaliers beat the New York Knicks 111-109..The Cavs' first ever win against the Knicks..Youd have thought the Cavaliers won the NBA title...I thought Joe was gonna lose it then..

Congratulations, Joe on your milestone..Only hope now is that you get an NBA title..You deserve it..Thanks for the memories..
Cleveland Plain Dealer Article:
Cleveland article:
NBA.Com page of Joe Tait's greatest calls:
Photo of Joe Tait courtesy Dan Hanson/

Monday, March 24, 2008

Jackson Armstrong..1945-2008

Just in from Ohio Media Watch through Scott Fybush's Northeast Radio Watch.."Your Leaaader" Jackson Armstrong, (aka John Larsh) Top 40 DJ who made his name in Cleveland at WIXY-1260 and WKYC-1100 in the mid 1960's, passed away Saturday at his home in North Carolina..His was a long career throughout The US and even in Canada (CHUM)..His last gig was at WWKB , Buffalo in 2006..I was a bit young to have heard him in his Cleveland days, but am always saddened when a part of "personality" radio passes from the scene..Prayers to his family.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

A Look Back:April 1970

An ad from the Southern Ohio TV Guide in May, 1970. While this is not Northern Ohio related, I included it because of the station featured-WKTR-16 in Kettering-Dayton. This station was on the air in 1968 as one of several Independent stations to come on at the same time in "68. (WXIX-19 Cincinnati and WSWO-26 Springfield were the others.) by mid-1970 channel 16 had taken the ABC affiliation in Dayton and should have been successful as a coommercial station..However, WKEF-22 took back Dayton's ABC affiliation and 16 was forced off the air, later resurfacing as WPTD-Dayton's Public TV station paired with WPTO-14 Oxford, Ohio.

WEWS-TV 5 ad for one of the first local weather radar systems.."Radar Weatherwatch"

TV Guide Ad for WKYC-TV 3's East Ohio Youth Theater Production of "Ali Baba" Sunday, April 19, 1970.

WAKR-TV ad for 23 "Total News" One of many attempts at a local newscast by WAKR-TV 23 in Akron.

April 18-24 1970..A few weeks before the Kent State Shootings..The flight of Apollo 13, while scheduled to be in progress, had been aborted April 17. On the TV front, "Barnaby" had returned to channel 43 after Linn Sheldon had retired the character from 1966-69 at WKYC-TV 3, because of wanting to do less kid-oriented TV.. Harry Jones and Dave Martin were calling Indians Games on Channel 8. Hoolihan and Big Chuck were hitting their stride, also on Channel 8..The Paige Palmer Show was now known as "Girlwatch"..WJAN-TV 17 aired programming 10:30AM-Midnight..By the end of the year they would sign on at 2 PM.

Friday. April 24, 1970

3 WKYC NBC Cleveland
5 WEWS ABC Cleveland
8 WJW CBS Cleveland
17 WJAN Canton
23 WAKR ABC Akron
25 WVIZ NET Cleveland
43 WUAB Cleveland
61 WKBF Cleveland

3 Farm Report

3 Education Exchange

8 Camera Three

3 What's Doing?

3 Today
8 CBS News-Joseph Benti

5 Cartoons
8 Captain Kangaroo

5 Uncle Al

3 Mike Douglas
5 Romper Room
8 Cartoons

5 Girlwatch
8 Lucille Ball (Lucy Show)

5 News

5 Galloping Gourmet
8 Edge Of Night
23 Jack LaLanne

3 NBC News-Nancy Dickerson

3 Concentration
5 He Said! She Said!-Joe Garagiola
8 Phil Donahue
17 Milton The Milkman
23 Women's Page

3 Sale Of The Century
5 Bewitched
17 Ronnee Furman
43 It Is Written
61 Jack LaLanne

3 Hoillywood Squares-Peter Marshall
5-23 That Girl
8 Love Of Life
43 Underdog
61 Dennis The Menace

3 Jeopardy!-Art Fleming
5-23 Best Of Everything-Serial
8 News
17 Available Jobs
43 Bugs Bunny
61 Cartoons

17 Louisville Speaks

17 Paul Harvey

3 Who What Or Where
5 News
8 Search For Tomorrow
17 Movie-TBA
23 World Apart
43 Barnaby

3 NBC News-Floyd Kalber

3 It Takes Two-Vin Scully
5-23 All My Children
8 Divorce Court
43 Bob McLean-Talk/Variety
61 Movie-Sunday Dinner For a Soldier-1944

3 Local News

3 Life with Linkletter
5-23 Let's Make A Deal
8 As The World Turns

3 Days Of Our Lives
5-23 Newlywed Game
8 Love Is A Many Splendored Thing
43 Movie-Knockout-1941

3 Doctors
5-23 Dating Game
8 Guiding Light
17 Here's Barbara-Barbara Coleman-Syndicated from Washington, DC
61 Mr. Ed

3 Another World/Bay City
5-23 General Hospital
8 Adventure Road-Jim Doney
17 Big Valley
61 Huckleberry Hound

3 Bright Promise
5-23 One life To Live
43 Bugs Bunny
61 Alvin

3 Another World/Somerset
5-23 Dark Shadows
8 Gomer Pyle
17 Alfred Alligator
43 Spiderman
61 Rocket Robin Hood

3 Movie-Night Passage-1957
5 Can You Top This?-Game
8 Merv Griffin
23 Discovery
25 Sesame Street
43 Marine Boy
61 Flintstones

5 To Tell The Truth
17 Jerry Edwards
23 Bewitched
43 Speed Racer
61 Little Rascals

5-23 News
25 Misterogers
43 Lost In Space
61 Addams Family

17 Paul Harvey

3-8-17 News
5 David Frost
23 ABC News Frank Reynolds/Howard K. Smith
25 Senatorial Debate
61 I Love Lucy

3 NBC News-Huntley/Brinkley
8 CBS News-Walter Cronkite
17 Ben Werk-Local Variety
23 Laramie
43 Patty Duke
61 McHale's Navy

3 News
5 What's My Line
8 Truth Or Consequences
43 Gilligan's Island
61 Dick Van Dyke

3 Expo '70-Special
5-23 Flying Nun
8 Get Smart!
17 Big Valley
25 Conversations with James Day
43 Beat The Clock
61 Avengers

5-23 Brady Bunch
8 Tim Conway Show-Sitcom
25 Advocates
43 Stump The Stars

3 Name Of The Game
5-23 Ghost And Mrs. Muir
8 Hogan's Heroes
17 Minerva Scene
61 Candid Camera

5-23 Here Come The Brides
8 CBS Movie-The Angel Wore Red-1960
17 Here's Barbara
25 Washington Review (Probably Washington Week In Review)
43 Movie-The Devil And The Ten Commandments-French 1963
61 Perry Mason

17 Country Carnival-Billy Walker
25 World Of Beauty

3 Hugh O' Brian-"It's A Man's World"-Special
5-23 ABC News Special-Mission:Possible:They Care for the Land-Ecology Report on Florida
17 Suspense Theater
61 News

25 Inside Opera
61 Honeymooners

3-5-8 News
17 Paul Harvey
23 Have Gun, Will Travel
61 Alfred Hitchcock

17 Movie-TBA

3 Johnny Carson
5-23 Dick Cavett
43 Movie-Syncopation-1942
61 Movie-Tiger Bay-English-1958

8 Movie-Double Feature

(1) The Demon Planet-Science Fiction-Italian-1965 (Hoolihan/Big Chuck)
(2) Black Panther Of Ratana-Adventure-West German-1962

5 Senatorial Debate

3 Movie-Live Fast, Die Young-1958

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

WUAB 43 News Break 1980

From YouTube user RobatSea..A 1980 midssummer WUAB-TV 43 Newsbreak with Gary Short sponsored by the Plain Dealer..Announcer is Jack Reynolds..There is a brief Indians promo at the end..WUAB was in their first year as The Indians Broadcast TV home..

Editors Note:As The Newsbreak mentioned the Republican Convention coming up shortly..and it was definitely midsummer weather..The Indians promo mentioned a Tuesday 10:30PM Game with the California Angels, We csn pinpoint the date of the newsbreak between about July 10-14, 1980. The Indians played July 15-17 in Anaheim,,Midweek Baseball series generally were Tuesday-Thursday..

Friday, March 7, 2008

WKYC 35th Anniversary-Judd Hambrick

Judd Hambrick, hosting WKYC-TV's 35th anniversary special..aired originally October 31, 1983. A fast paced entertaining 22-minutes..Featured are Linn Sheldon, Bud Dancy, Carl Stern, Wally Kinnan and a few others..

@copyright 1983 National Broadcasting Company

Monday, March 3, 2008

The Wonderful World Of Color- NBC-September 24, 1961

From "VaultDisney" on YouTube..The extended opening, only used once (on the premiere)..of Walt Disney's "Wonderful World of Color"..ABC had aired "Disneyland" since 1954 but had refused to commit to Color TV fast enough for Walt Disney, so in September, 1961 the show moved over to NBC, where it became the foundation for NBC's Sunday night Schedule until Fall 1981. The show maintained an on/off schedule until 2005 on ABC, NBC or CBS..Ironiically, it was a large investment from ABC-TV that got the first Disneyland theme park off the ground in the 1950's..Disney ended up buying the ABC Network in 1997..