Monday, October 10, 2011

Ozzie and Harriet on DVD-The Complete Series a possibility..

January 29, 1958:Cleveland TV Guide Ad for "The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet" aired Wednesdays at 9 on Cleveland's WEWS Channel 5 and WKST-Channel 45 in New Castle Pa. (Youngstown, Ohio Market)

 Note about an intriguing possibility in Classic TV:

Sam Nelson, son of the late Rick Nelson.has upon the death of his Uncle David Nelson, acquired the Nelson Family Archives. Included in these archives are the 35 mm original Masters of all 435 episodes of the TV series Adventures Of Ozzie and Harriet, along with much other memorabilia..He has launched a campaign to try to digitize all the Ozzie and Harriet episodes to save them and make them available on DVD for future generations..There have numerous DVD collections in Public Domain as well as a few Nelson Family authorized Mill Creek Collections, but these would be official authorized collections of the complete series, which no one thought would be possible till now..Here's hoping Sam Nelson is successful here as I am for saving any Classic tv series to DVD if it can be possibly done..

Ozzie and Harriet:Reviving an American Treasure

Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet Episode 1

Update (October 22, 2023) As of October 10, 2023 MPI Home Video has released all 14 seasons (435 Episodes) to DVD. A Complete Series Collection is due to be released December 19, 2023.

Link to Amazon Complete Series Listing:

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Announcing:New Messageboard

WJW-TV 8 Drama Shows from December 1956

Partridge Family Reruns on WKBN-TV, October 1975:The show ran on ABC 1970-74.

WEWS-TV 5 Movie:October 1975

WYTV-33 Sitcom Lineup-June 1976

Hello everybody:
As I said before, when we started Cleveland Classic Media, I didnt know how well we'd be received..Though there have been slow times in recent months, I am very pleased and honored that people seem to like what we do..We've extended the reach of C-C-M to a YouTube Page and several Facebook Pages, which have been well received, and I thank you all for that..

Today I want to announce what will be probably our last extension, as far as I know..I have toyed with the idea of an HTML message board for some time now just a few days ago decided to take the plunge..Going through the free service, I've created the Cleveland Classic Media Message Board..While There will be some room for discussion of current broadcast topics, I've made separate Boards for each full-power station in Cleveland and Youngstown, a board for former TV stations, and a General TV/Radio Board, which will contain current discussion, and National Classic TV Clips, along with perhaps Radio memories as well..I might expand to a new radio section should board action warrant it, but we'll see how things go..We've had 3 members thus far..


To eliminate possible spam from the outset, all new members will have to be approved by me first..Would love to see some of the regular readers come aboard..