Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Great Cleveland Radio Stories-From Adam Jones

I've always felt kind of bad that I havent written nearly as much about Radio as TV..Not as much to write about many times, and harder to come up with real content. I've appreciated vets like Joe Mosbrook, Eric Braun and Jerry Immel for sharing some outstanding airchecks and photos in recent weeks on our various Facebook Pages.. Today I want to introduce you to Adam Ocopek (aka Adam Jones)..Akron radio listeners know him as half of "Adam and Bob"(Allen) from 1978-1995 on WAKR-1590..One of the last of the great local radio teams in Northeast Ohio..I barely knew of Adam, never listened often, but the show certainly must have been a hit to last 17 years..What I, or perhaps others didnt realize is that Adam had a very long career in Radio before WAKR.  As many DJ's did, he broadcast under many different names..

Adam's website, full of great radio stories..

1947 WSRS Ad with Christmas greetings

First job at WSRS-1954-58

Describing Adam's first on air job  (Bob Franklin) at WSRS-Great insight of how the station was run at that time
Adam Jones/Ocopek as WSRS "Bob Franklin"

July 4, 1958  Cleveland Press Radio Guide.."Bob Franklin" was on afternoons..

Here's the second story from WSRS-This would be about the time of the sale to the WJMO owners..WJMO would become 1490 while WSRS would be no more, replaced by WABQ at 1540 kc..
These days WJMO is at 1300, WERE is at 1490 and WWGK is at 1540-At least this week-LOL

Engineer Ron Powell, apparently during a remote..

Adam Jones/Ocopek/"Bob Franklin" at the WSRS controls

WSRS station ID from about 1956..Originally from the Jerry Immel collection..

I want to thank personally Adam Jones for allowing me to share much of his memories of his first radio job..There is very little on the web about WSRS, because probably to be honest it was just a small "graveyard" AM without a lot of history to be found, but stories like his are a big reason I do the blog, etc..Now what I'd love to hear is an aircheck or two from WSRS..