Thursday, April 15, 2010

WHBC Celebrates 85 years:Yet another new Facebook Page

WHBC Radio 1947-48 logo

Radio "DX" (distant listening)QSL confirmation card from Mike Brooker in Ontario..Judging from the time frame in 1976, he might well have been listening to the late Jim Roberts on "Viewpoint"

The WHBC Building..Completed in 1939, may well be one of the oldest buildings for a radio station still in use in the USA..550 Market Ave. S. Thanks to Scott Fybush for the picture

A couple of notes:

WHBC, The oldest Radio Station in Canton/Stark County has turned 85 years young, as of March 9..The station will be celebrating its history and heritage with a number of activities next Thursday, April 22, as announced in the following press release, courtesy Program Director Pam Cook and General Manager Larry Gawthrop, sent through Dale Lamm, Chief Engineer

(Canton, OH) "For the past 85 years, 1480 WHBC has served the Stark County Community. On Thursday, April 22nd, 2010, WHBC will celebrate, with its listeners, the long-time tradition and service it has provided.
WHBC is proud to be a part of the Stark County Community. The day will be marked by Live Broadcasts of the Morning Show with Fred and Pam, The Ron Ponder Show and The Sam Bourquin Show.
During the Ron Ponder Show from 10am to Noon, employees of WHBC will bury a time capsule in the yard of the radio station at 550 Market Avenue, South.
All day long listeners will hear from former on-air personalities, newsmakers, and community members who will talk about their experience with WHBC and its legacy in the community. Audio clips of days gone by will pepper the airwaves. A special area of the radio station’s website will be set aside with pictures and information about the radio station’s history.
"We take a lot of pride in providing a service to our community. It’s an honor to have served this area for 85 years and we plan to continue that tradition for many more to come" said Program Director Pam Cook.
Fred and Pam will also be celebrating 10 years as partners on the 1480 WHBC Morning Show, a feat that doesn’t happen very often in today’s age of radio.
It will be a day to share memories and take a walk down memory lane."

I plan on being there for the festivities, and will have a report afterwards..Personal note:I had wondered why Pam and Fred didnt appear to say anything on March 9th about the anniversary..As Ive said often about TV..heritage stations seem to care less and less about their history. Glad to see what HBC is doing here, and look forward to being a small part of it, as I've listened to the station probably over 40 years myself..

Also announcing another Facebook Page:This time for KYW Cleveland Memories-I've been thinking recently about the KYW Cleveland Years under Westinghouse ownership..How lively and unique the station was in its time..While the circumstances behind the swap with NBC didnt exactly make Westinghouse happy, I give them credit for creating unique local programming and giving Cleveland something kind of special as far as radio (1100, 105.7) and television (Ch. 3).. While also maintaining something of a independence from NBC..Lots of preemptions.. The idea here is to preserve the memories somewhat as in my other blogs and pages..I am heartened by the response already to the FB group..Over 60 members in about a day..Thanks very much..!/group.php?v=info&ref=ts&gid=114987338527737

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Captain Penny Part 3-"Maestro Millbrook" with Bob and Ray

More of the WEWS 1963 audio-

First, Captain Penny Noon Show Part 3-May 24, 1963 (19:48)

Live Bactine Commercial
Conclusion of "Funny Manns" (Military Mann)
Live Keds Commercial
Pooch Parade (Pat Schiller)
Mr. Magoo-Safety Magoo
Live Hawaiian Punch Commercial-Fairly new product then
Ad-Union Commerce Bank (slide of current Huntington Bank Building-Former UCB Building-Bought by Huntington in 1982)

Next:Bob and Ray for Millbrook Bread-Just before Paige Palmer 5-24-63

I have enjoyed Bob and Ray's Humor for years-It was a nice treat for this to be included..