Monday, September 28, 2009

Ernie Anderson and Tim Conway for Laub's Bread-Around 1960-61

Here, from friend Hugo Sleestak, is a very rare commercial for Laub's Bread, made locally by Laub's Bakery in Cleveland. Conway (at the time known as Tom) is the harried shopper who buys Laub in the new wrapper "because my wife told me to"..Anderson plays the Grocery clerk. There's a chance this was made at KYW-3, as both Anderson and Conway were channel 3 employees before moving to Channel 8 in 1961..Very funny spot..

Here courtesy the Encyclopedia of Cleveland History , is a brief overview of Laub Bakery and its
85 year history in Cleveland..

Friday, September 25, 2009

Encore-Big Wilson at WCIX, Miami - 1978!!

This is an "encore" of a post I did September 10, 2008 on "Big" Wilson. The video on the original post had disappeared so I replaced it with a copy from and just decided to redo it..

TV Guide Ad for the "Big" Wilson Movie..weekdays at 1:00PM on the "Big, Bright" KYW-TV 3-From 1960

I've mentioned many times in the past about "Big" Wilson, who worked at KYW-TV and Radio from roughly 1956-61. He was a busy fellow, doing a radio show in the morning, hosting a movie show on tv in the afternoon, and doing a weather forecast in the evening. He later spent many years in Miami, doing TV movie hosting on WCIX-TV 6..

Here from Videoholic, is several minutes of Big Wilson hosting "Nite Owl Theater" on Miami's Channel 6..along with some commercials..Wondering if anyone would know if he did his KYW-TV hosting in this way..sitting at a piano and just conversing..It would be absolutely amazing to say the least if anything like this was saved anywhere from his Cleveland days..

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Mary Travers-1936-2009

Mary Travers, One-third of the famed folksinging trio Peter, Paul and Mary..Passed away yesterday following complications from Chemotherapy..She was 72..

Peter, Paul and Mary's career, first from 1961-70, then from 1978-present, was extremely successful, as they were the leading folksinging group in the USA, with hit songs Including If I had a Hammer, Puff The Magic Dragon and Lemon Tree. The group made many appearances on American, British and Australian Television. Mary had a solo careeer from 1970-78, in which she produced 5 albums..

Peter, Paul and Mary website

If I had a Hammer-From what looks to be a show like Hootennanny or Shindig though It doesnt say where the video is from

Puff The Magic Dragon-From Peter, Paul and Mary Live

You may not be a fan of Folk Music, but it's hard not to enjoy Peter, Paul and Mary's excellent blend of harmony-and Mary Travers was a great part of that..Prayers to her Family and to Peter Yarrow and Noel Paul Stookey..

Friday, September 11, 2009

Ghoulardifest 5 coming soon..

1964 TV Guide Ad for "Masterpiece Theatre" Ghoulardi's Saturday Show..

Just a note of reminder:Ghoulardifest 5 will be coming up Friday-Sunday October 23-25 at Tne Cleveland Marroitt Airport Hotel at 4277 W. 150th Street in Cleveland:

Among The:Guests:
Bob Hoolihan Wells
Big Chuck Schodowski
"Lil John" Rinaldi
Art Lofredo
Dick Goddard
Son of Ghoul
Jungle Bob
Bill Ward


Softcover Edition of "Big Chuck" with a New Chapter added

Best of Big Chuck/Lil John Volume 4
Knights of Honor-Skits featuring Dick Goddard, Art Lofredo and Bill Ward

DVDs of "American Scary" a documentary about the Horror-Host Phenomenon throughout the USA from the 50's through the 90's..produced a couple years ago..will be available from Horror Host and historian Doktor Goulfinger..

Premiere on New Ernie Anderson documentary to be aired October 29 on Western Reserve PBS (Channels 45/49)

"Lost" Ghoulardi Footage to be shown

Many other events and guests scheduled/to be announced..

More Information:


Ghoulard (Ernie Anderson) In a full nearly 5 minute segment from his Saturday Show. Parts of this have been on other tribute shows. Seeing this whole segment is quite rare..Probably from late 1963 or 1964

Cleveland section preview of the DVD "American Scary"..Talking about the legacy of Ghoulardi and his popularity in Cleveland..
People Interviewed:

Ernie Anderson
Chuck Schodowski
Jerry G. Bishop
Ron Sweed (The Ghoul)
Kevin Scarpino (Son Of Ghoul)
Tim Conway

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Ohio Story:The Port of Toledo

Image of a Ohio Bell Porcelain Sign. Ohio Bell Sponsored Radio and TV Versions of "Ohio Story" for about 20 years-courtesy

Nelson Olmsted(1914-1982), who began his career on Radio as an actor and "storyteller" at WBAP, Fort Worth, Texas and at NBC in New York, acted in Films and TV through the 1970's..He was Narrator on the TV Version of "The Ohio Story"-courtesy Wikipedia

Today I'd like to present a real "Blast from the Past" as it were..From about 1947-1967 Ohio Bell Telephone Company, with help from Producer Frank Siedel, sponsored a radio series called "The Ohio Story" on stations throughout Ohio, broadcast from Cleveland 3 times a week..

In the early 1950's The Ohio Story began a Television Version, a once weekly filmed program 10 minutes in length..Ohio Industry, Geography , Art, Communications and History were among the subjects on "The Ohio Story"..

The Narrator was Nelson Olmsted, a nationally known actor in Radio, Films and Television..
He began as Radio and TV narrator June 2, 1952, according to a report in the Toledo Blade at the time..

These films were generally aired at times like 6:50 or 7:20 PM to fill out the half hour after a 20 minute news block, or at other times in tandem with other "film fillers" that stations would use in the 1950's and early 1960's..Stations airing Ohio Story Included:

Cleveland:WNBK-4 and WXEL-8
Columbus:WLWC-4,WBNS-10,WTVN-6,WOSU-34 (WTVN, WBNS WLWC 2012 Edit)
Dayton-WHIO-7 (2012 Edit)
Zanesville WHIZ-18 (2012 Edit)

Anyone that has info on other TV stations airing Ohio Story throughout the rest of Ohio please message or email me..thanks..

Wikipedia article on Nelson Olmsted

Brief article on Frank Siedel

Courtesy Encyclopedia of Cleveland History

I have been looking for many years for a sample of one of these "Ohio Story" episodes on YouTube..Thanks to YouTube user Retro Toledo, a friend of long standing on many message boards and sites, I finally found one..

I apologize for the quality as understandably, 50 or more year old film is not going to look "pristine" Thanks again to Retro Toledo for sharing..

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

WEWS-TV 5-35th Anniversary-December 1982

Here's a nice rarity courtesy Ray Glasser (Videoholic 50'sthru70's) and YouTube..

WEWS-TV 5 celebrates its 35th anniversary on the air with a party videotaped from Stouffer's Inn on the Square. Fred Griffith and Wilma Smith host an evening of skits and interviews with some film clips..Included are Linn Sheldon, Jim Breslin, Dorothy Fuldheim and many other past TV 5 personalities. This was apparently aired Sunday December 19, 1982 at 2PM precempting Polka Varieties..(Likely a repeat from Friday 12-17)ABC persoanlities such as Ted Koppel and Dick Clark send their congratulations via Videtape

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

There appears to be a part 6 but it's not posted as yet if/when it is, I will include it..