Monday, March 29, 2010

Recreation of Quick Draw McGraw Commercial spot

This has been on YouTube for a few days..I combined a Quick Draw Mc Graw Photo slide with the vintage 1960's WEWS Station ID to create a promo-station ID, voiced by the late Ron Penfound-This would be just before 12 Noon Friday,May 24, 1963..The Quick Draw slide would probably have been in Black and White, as Channel 5 didnt have many programs in color till 1965..

More of Captain Penny-1963

Here is the next 20 minutes of the Captain Penny Noon Show from May 24, 1963-Included in this segment:

Sealtest Commercial with "Mr. Cool"
Cartoon-Twinkles and The Rubber Raft-King And Odie
Ad-Frosty O's Cereal
Cartoon-The Hunter-King and Odie
Ad-Big G Goodness Pack
Comedy segment with Professor Yule Flunk (Jim Breslin)
Part of "Funny Manns" short with Cliff Norton

Tried to find slides appropriate to the content-About as close as you'll come to the "real" content without finding the actual video..Thanks to friend Dan O' Shannon for the audio clips..

Friday, March 26, 2010

More WEWS 1963-Captain Penny Noon Show

Here is more audio from WEWS-May 24, 1963-Captain Penny Noon Show..The first 10 minutes or so of audio-Including The King and Odie Cartoon and a live commercial for Sealtest Ice Cream Products..Courtesy Dan O' Shannon

WEWS Noon News-1963-YouTube

Here, from the previously announced WEWS audio, is about 10 and a half minutes from Friday, August 24, 1963. Heard are Paul Wilcox Noon News, Ron Penfound with a station ID and a Quick Draw McGraw Commericial. Slides serve to illustrate the audio somewhat, though I am still not that good at it..Thanks to Dan O' Shannon for providing the audio content..A slightly longer (about a minute) version of this is on Facebook

Thursday, March 25, 2010

"Miss Barbara" passes away..

TV Guide February 1956-Not generally known or remembered is that "Romper Room" got its start in Cleveland at WXEL Channel 8 in 1955-56..I believe I read somewhere that Miss Pat Ryan Dopp may have been the teacher then..Notice the then-popular coonskin cap from Disney's "Davy Crockett"

Early publicity photo of the Lovely Miss Barbara-1958-Courtesy

The famed "Magic Mirror" Courtesy

Original Caption:
1962-Joint celebration- two WEWS kiddie personalities celebrate anniversaries this week. Ron "Captain Penny" Penfound enters his 10th year in broadcasting and Barbara "Miss Barbara" Plummer enters her 5th year. Penfound started his broadcasting career as a Lamar, Colorado radio announcer and Barbara answered a WEWS television announcement requesting auditionees for a Romper Room teacher and soon became "Miss Barbara." She's seen Monday thru Friday 9:30-10:00 A.M. on the Sunday Show and WEWS "Romper Room" (and has "graduated" 500 youngsters in the last 4 years), and Penfound is seen on the Noon Show Monday thru Friday at 12:10, the Five O' Clock Show, Monday thru Friday at 5 and the 2 hour Saturday show, 10-12 Noon Sats."--

Miss Barbara and Captain Penny both were at TV 5 roughly the same time-Captain Penny 1957-71 and Miss Barbara from 1958-71-Photo courtesy Cleveland Memory Project

It is with great sadness that we report the passing of Mrs. Barbara Plummer. Known as "Miss Barbara" the morning teacher to hundreds of thousands of Northeast Ohio youngsters in the franchised "Romper Room" school..Mrs. Plummer died Saturday, March 20 at the age of 80 from the effects of cancer and pneumonia..survived by her husband, Mr. Gordon C. Plummer, two children and two grandchildren..

After a brief run in 1955-56 on WXEL-Channel 8, WEWS-Channel 5 acquired the Romper Room Franchise starting in 1958 with Norwalk native Mrs. Plummer as teacher..and aired Romper Room all the way till 1971..Mrs. Plummer was also very active in civic and community groups throughout her time in Cleveland..Our condolences to the family at this time..

Here is a link to The Ohio Media Watch coverage of the story, which is where we first heard about it last night..

WEWS Channel 5 coverage..

Cleveland Plain Dealer Obituary:

Cleveland Seniors profile-Nicely done:

In addition to "Romper Room" Miss Barbara also occasionally did the weather forecast, sub-hosted for "Paige Palmer" and was "Story Lady" on "Captain Penny"

Interview with Barbara Plummer-WEWS 50th anniversary..

Don Webster 6:01 Barbara Plummer does the current weather replacing Susan Davies for the segment..

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

New-Found Blog-Michael J. Hayde

I'm always on the lookout for new blogs and websites about classic television, whether it be local or national in scope. Just found a new (to me) blog called Better Living Through Television. (Who remembers that as an early TV Land slogan?)

The blog is authored by Michael J. Hayde, known as a TV historian and author, who has written books on the histories of Jack Webb/Dragnet and The Adventures of Superman..He also had contibuted Commemtaries to some of the Adventures of Superman DVD set and has appeared on Sirus/XM Radio with Old Time Radio Host Greg Bell.

Here's the link to his blog, which currently is on a series about the Dean Martin/Jerry Lewis split:

Micheal J. Hayde's website:with information on his books:

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Great New Local TV find..

Copy of the "Classic" TV 5 station ID Logo from the 1960's-From a screencap of the opening to "Cleveland Comedy Company" a 1980 WEWS limited series..

Good morning:
I am pleased to announce that One of the friends of Cleveland Classic Media has found a real gem regarding local tv-Five and one half hours of WEWS-TV 5 audio from Friday, May 24, 1963..From just before 9AM-2:30 PM..Including all station breaks and commercials..Included programs:

8:58 Weather from sign-on News-Paul Wilcox
9AM Western Reserve Telecourse
9:30 Romper Room-Miss Barbara Plummer
10AM Paige Palmer Show-with Paul Wilcox as co-host
10:45 Cleveland TV Classroom
11AM General Hospital
11:30 Seven Keys-Jack Narz
Noon-News-Paul Wilcox
12:10 Noon Show-Captain Penny
1PM One O Clock Club
2:30 Opening (30 seconds) of Jane Wyman Theater..

This person has graciously allowed me to have a copy of the programming..My thoughts from listening to it..

The 12:00 News-Paul Wilcox could fit 15 news stories and 2 commercial breaks in 10 minutes..That doesnt happen today..

One O Clock Club..Bill Gordon really ran the Show-He was the "traffic cop"..Could think on his feet-And he was so funny..Dorothy Fuldheim interacted with Bill some, but not as much as youd think..

Captain Penny-He could fit a lot in 50 minutes-The "heyday" of Kids shows-Did live commercials..

Romper Room-Miss Plummer kept the show moving-Those kids were probably tired at the end of the half hour..

My plan at some point is to share some of this here and/or possibly Facebook or YouTube..Let me stress it may take some time to do with editing, etc..This was great to listen to-A virtual "time machine" of Cleveland Television..

Thursday, March 11, 2010

October 1958-Looking Back..

NBC Daytime ad-October 13-17, 1958

Wednesday, October 15, 1958-Lawrence Welk Plymouth Show..Unique in the broadcast is "stereo"..If one tuned their AM radios to WAKR-1590 and WSRS-1490 along with watching on TV, they could hear the music in stereo..

Here's what I think is a great ad..KYW-TV Movie choices Oct. 11-17, 1958-KYW aired four movies a day Mon.-Fri..

Full Page TV Guide ad for "Bandstand" with Plil McLean and Darlene Kane,,This was for a special Cleveland Arena Show in which 7,000 fans were expected to attend..No record of the bands who played that day..Might be something worth researching..McLean later worked at WWWE-1100 and WUAB-43

The lovely Darlene Kane-Co-hostess with Phil McLean on Channel 8's "Bandstand" Popular music show in the late 1950's."TV Scope" was a free TV Guide available at Fisher Foods Cleveland locations, and possibly other stores in Northeast Ohio.

Wednesday, October 15, 1958:Ad for WJW-TV's "Big" Movies at 1 and 5:45PM

Hello folks:

Today, let's look at The week of October 11-17, 1958..

The 1958-59 season was getting in full swing..Most of the fall network shows had their premieres by this time, but local TV was still getting their programming changes together..Some Highlights:

Sat. 12:30 Ch. 3-21 Bud Palmer's Sports Page debuts

Sat. 2:30 Ch. 8 Bandstand-Phil McLean and Darlene Kane host a special live broadcast from Cleveland Arena.

Sat. 5PM Channel 5 ABC's All Star Golf starts a new season

Sat. 9:30 3-21 Cimarron City-DEBUT-Starring George Montgomery-Guest Star Fred Mac Murray..

Sat. 11PM News-Ch. 3 Don Mahoney
Ch. 5 News John B. Hughes
Ch. 8 News Jim Doney
Ch. 8 Sports Doug Adair (11:10)
Ch. 8 Weather Howard Hoffman (11:15)

12:30 AM 3 Credo-Interfaith sermon at signoff-Channel 3 used this title into the 1980's at least..

Sat. 11:05 Ch. 5 Smoochie's Party-Bill Gordon Two hour variety show

Sun. 2:30 Ch. 12 Erie NBA Basketball Exhibition Phila. Warriors at St. Louis Hawks-NBC Telecast-3 did not carry this..

Sun. 4:30 Ch. 3 Fun With Charades-Big Wilson-Show moves to Channel 3 after several years at Channel 5..Teams:Shaker Heights B'nai B'rith and Euclid Little Theatre..

Sun. 9:30 Ch. 5 Debut of the syndicated How to Marry a Millionaire..Including a young Barbara Eden as one of the stars..

Sun. 10:30 Ch. 5 Hour of Stars debuts-No 11:00 News on Sunday

Mon. 11AM 45-49 ABC's first daytime weekday schedule begins..

Mon-Fri 8:45 AM 8 Mr. Banjo
Mon-Fri. 5PM 3 Barnaby, Popeye and Friends
Mon-Fri 11PM 3 News, Weather-Pete French, Joe Finan
5 News-Tom Field
8 News, Sports, Weather-Warren Guthrie, John Fitzgerald, Howard Hoffman

Sunday, October 12, 1958


8AM Sunday School
8:30 Herald Of Truth
9AM This Is The Answer
9:30 Spirituals-Mary Holt
10AM Movie-Saturday's Heroes-1937
11AM Movie-Don't Fence Me In-1945
Noon-Science Fiction Theater
12:30 Dance Studio-Variety
1PM Movie-Little Women-1949
3PM Science Fiction Theater
3:30 Viewpoint-Wendell (Bud?)
4PM To Be Announced
4:30 Fun With Charades-Big Wilson (Return-New Channel)
5PM Frontiers Of Faith
5:30 Youth Wants To Know-Last Show
6:30 Swiss Family Robinson-SPECIAL-Interesting cast, including Walter Pidgeon, Laraine Day, Dennis Hopper, Patty Duke and Carol Lawrence
7:30 Northwest Passage-COLOR
8PM Steve Allen-COLOR
9PM Dinah Shore-COLOR
10PM Loretta Young
10:30 Movie-Captains Courages-1937
12:30 UN In Review
12:45 Credo


8:55 News-Court Stanton
9AM Prayer Meeting
9:30 Dateline Europe
10AM Western Movies-"Bandits of Dark Canyon" and "Timber Trail"
Noon Gene Carroll
1PM Polka All-Stars
2PM Steelworkers Meeting
2:15 Movie-Adventures of Gallant Bess-1948
3:30 Waterfront-Drama
4PM Western Reserve
4:30 Bowling Stars-Joe Wilson
5PM Paul Winchell-Return
5:30 Lone Ranger
6PM Count of Monte Cristo
6:30 Film Drama
7PM Lassie-CBS
7:30 Maverick
8:30 Lawman
9PM Douglas Fairbanks
9:30 How To Marry A Millionaire-DEBUT
10PM Brains And Brawn
10:30 Hour Of Stars-DEBUT
11:30 Wrestling
12:30 News-Randy Culver


8AM Morning Meditation
8:15 Through The Porthole
8:30 Faith For Today
9AM Sacred Heart
9:15 Christian Science
9:30 Face The Nation
10AM This Is The Life
10:30 Cleveland File
11AM Rex Humbard
Noon Hawkeye-Last Of The Mohicans
12:30 Movie-Colorado Territory-1949
2PM Adventures In Music-Return
2:30 To Be Announced
3:30 Small World-DEBUT-Edward R. Murrow
4PM To Be Announced
4:30 Air Power
5PM Boots And Saddles
5:30 Movie-Casablanca-1942
7PM Target-Return
7:30 Bachelor Father
8PM Ed Sullivan
9PM GE Theater-Ronald Reagan
9:30 Alfred Hitchcock Presents
10PM $64,000 Question
10:30 What's My Line?-Dana Andrews is guest panelist
11PM News-Jim Doney
11:10 Sports-Doug Adair
11:15 Weather-Ken Armstrong
11:20 Movie-The Mask Of Demetrius-1944

WFMJ 21 NBC Youngstown

12:15 Living Word
12:30 Faith For Today
1PM Movies-To Be Announced
5PM Frontiers Of Faith
5:30 Youth Wants To Know-Last Show
6:30 Swiss Family Robinson-SPECIAL
7:30 Northwest Passage-COLOR
8PM Steve Allen-COLOR
9PM Dinah Shore-COLOR
10PM Loretta Young
10:30 Science Fiction Theater
11PM News
11:10 Movie-Every Girl Should Be Married-1948

WKBN-27 CBS Youngstown

9:15 Living Word
9:30 Land Of Tomorrow
10AM This is The Life
10:30 High Adventure Time
11:30 Movie-Hard To Hold-1937
12:30 Oral Roberts
1PM The Humbards
1:30 Movie-Strange Affair-1944
3:30 Movie-Sahara-1943
5PM Great Game Of Politics-Eric Sevareid
5:30 Face The Nation
6PM Small World-DEBUT-Edward R. Murrow
6:30 Air Power
7PM Lassie
7:30 Bachelor Father
8PM Ed Sullivan
9PM Union Pacific
9:30 Alfred Hitchcock Presents
10PM $64,000 Question
10:30 What's My Line?
11PM News
11:10 Movie-Crack-Up-1936

WKST-45 ABC Youngstown

4:30 Bowling Stars-Joe Wilson
5PM Paul Winchell-Return
5:30 I Spy
6PM Big Picture
6:30 Janet Dean
7PM You Asked For It-ABC
7:30 Maverick
8:30 Lawman
9PM Colt 45-ABC
9:30 Encounter-ABC
10PM Film Feature
10:30 President Eisenhower-SPECIAL
11PM Movie-Eye Witness-1950

WAKR-49 ABC Akron

11AM Rex Humbard
Noon Movie-The Magnificient Dope-1942
1:30 Movie-David Harum-1934
3PM I Spy
3:30 Roller Derby-Return
4:30 Bowling Stars
5PM Movie-Hell Below-1933
7PM Movie-A Bell For Adano-1945
9PM Movie-Nusic For Millions-1944
11PM Movie-Sailor's Lady-1940

Monday, March 1, 2010

Cleveland Magazine Article

Good morning folks:
As I mentioned a few weeks ago, Jim Vickers, Managing Editor of Cleveland Magazine emailed me for an interview about the blog..Below is the result..Part of the "City Life" column..

TV Guy

Tim Lones reruns media memories on the Web.

Jim Vickers

It’s one thing to fondly recall the days of Barnaby. It’s quite another to dig through 35-year-old television channel lineups to remind us all that WEWS-TV5 ran Hoppity Hooper at 12:30 p.m. on June 19, 1965.

But unearthing these tiny memory-joggers is what makes Tim Lones’ Cleveland Classic Media blog ( so interesting. He seeks out the old photographs and collects advertisements that promoted WKYC-TV-3 weatherman Wally Kinnan and reminded us all that “The Greatest of the Great Movies Are on WJW TV 8.”

“I was really into TV geekery as a kid,” Lones says. “They called me ‘the walking TV Guide’ when I was little. I could quote you whatever was on that night. Of course, we only had three channels then.”

In January, the 52-year-old Canton resident took Cleveland Classic Media to Facebook, where fans can now keep up with Lones’ tribute on a daily basis.

“What bothers me about TV in general is that everything is disposable,” he says. “I just wanted to preserve the memories.”



I want to thank Jim Vickers and Cleveland Magazine for the interview..I appreciate the kind attention..