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Happy New Year..And a request..

Just a quick note to wish all my readers a Happy New Year..As well as ask a question..
I have been buying some TV Today Magazines from an online TV Guide retailer in recent weeks. The magazine was published in Sandusky, Ohio from about 1951-1955. This magazine, at varous times, had both Cleveland and Detroit Editions. At other times, bith Cleveland and Detroit would be listed in the same edition, but I never know which edition I'm going to get when I order..While a recent purchase had a brief mention of "Soupy Hines" (Soupy Sales) on WXEL-9 at 11:15AM daily, the magazine was still the Detroit Edition..

I say all that to ask this..Would anyone out there have saved some of the Cleveland Edition of TV Today? Especially from the 1951-52 period..I'd be willing to pay a reasonable price for any issues..Which could be used in future blog posts..Thanks for any response..

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas to all..

Three TV Guide Ad/Christmas Greetings:First up:WJW-TV 8 from 1962:Included in the photos:Ernie Anderson, Howard Hoffman, Warren Guthrie, Doug Adair, Jim Doney, Dale Young and John Fitzgerald.

Simple, unique Christmas Greeting-WEWS Channel 5-1968

"Seasons Greetings" 1972-Freom WKYC-TV 3

Good Morning everyone:
I would like to offer heartfelt wishes for a Merry Christmas on behalf of myself and my wife Linda from Cleveland Classic Media..I so appreciate the outstanding support and comments I've rexeived from Cleveland area TV/Radio fans and across the Media in the last year..Here's also hoping for a better year in the broadcasting industry as a whole financially...As of today I'll be gone, first to work today then to family functions this evening until later tomorrow night..Everyone travel safely and take care..

Tim Lones

Christmas Greeting and station ID-WJKW-TV 8 1977

Two Christmas Spots from WJKW-TV 8 (1977) featuring TV 8 Employee Children:Included are the Children of:
Virgil Dominic
Chuck Schodowski
Bob Wells
Jim Mueller
Tim Taylor
Judd Hambrick
Jim Finerty
Jan Jones:and a few others..

"Santa Claus" visits the TV 8 Newsroom..(1977)

I really miss the times when TV stations could just have fun like this and have a family atmosephere..and the viewer could sense that..

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

TV Christmas-December 1948

The lovely Mary Hartline of ABC-TV's "Super Circus", aired Sundays at 5PM on WEWS in early 1949.

Channel 5 "Previews" of shows on during the week..While Tele-Vue listed both WEWS and WNBK, just about all TV program and preview ads were bought up by WEWS-TV..WEWS was even placed first in the listings, ahead of WNBK-4..These previews feature "Bill Veeck Reports to the Fans", with Bob Neal as host and Jim Breslin as the director..And Admiral Broadway Revue with Sid Caesar and Imogene Coca on the old DuMont Network..Interesting how these ads use what today is called "Variety-Speak"..With sayings like "prexy" "sock", "hoofer", "chantoosie" and "terpsical tops"

Cover for March 19-27, 1949 edition of TeleVue Magazine, featuring an early picture of Douglas Edwards in the CBS Newsroom..The "CBS Television News" aired on Channel 5 at 7:30 weeknights

Ad for Tele-Vue, a 1949 TV Listings Magazine published in Cleveland

Paul Hodges, Host of Channel 5's "Dress and Guess" in early 1949

This time I want to feature Television in and around Christmas, 1948 using the Canton Repository. The Pictures above all come from Cleveland Public Library copies of Tele-Vue, from February-March 1949..The Repository, as most papers did at the time, played up radio, as radio was still a major form of entertainment for American Audiences..Television, if listed at all, had maybe a few lines of listings, if that..

Of course, most stations only aired a few hours a day in 1948-49..Usually about 5-11PM..I'd like to share the listings of WNBK-TV 4 and WEWS-TV 5 for December 23-25, 1948..From the Canton Repository:

Thursday, December 23, 1948 (Highlights:Not certain if this is the whole schedule)

6:30 Program Previews
6:35 Animal Story
6:45 Santa Claus
7PM Kukla, Fran and Ollie-NBC
7:30 Christmas Airs
8PM Movie-Beyond Tomorrow (1940)-Public Domain-available on all kinds of discount type DVD's

9:30 Bigelow Show-NBC
10PM Newsreel-NBC

6:30 Santa Claus
7PM Program Previews
7:15 Make Mine Music
8:05 What's It Worth
8:30 Linn Sheldon Show
8:45 Film Short
9PM Cleveland's People-European Christmas Celebration
9:30 March Of Dimes Bowling Tournament

Friday, December 24, 1948

6:30 Program Previews
6:35 Animal Story
7PM Howdy Doody-NBC
7:30 Stop Me If You've Heard This One-NBC
8PM Feature Film

6:30 Santa Claus
7PM Program Previews
7:30 A Present For Santa Claus
7:45 Yuletide Music
8:15 Places Please
8:30 Dress And Guess
9PM Christmas Fantasy

Saturday, December 25, 1948


(Schedule was listed exactly the same as previous night, which would seem unlikely so the following is based on a guess on my part as well as The Complete Directiory to Prime Time Network and Cable Shows-Brooks/Marsh-I'll try to find something more accurate in time)

6:30 Program Previews
6:35 To Be Announced
7PM To Be Announced
7:30 Television Screen Magazine-NBC
8PM Saturday Night Jamboree-NBC
9PM Basketball-NBC (From New York-Amateur Games)


3PM Movie-Cry Of The Wolf-Probably followed by Test Pattern
6:30 Christmas Night
6:45 Places Please
7PM The Man On The Street
7:30 Swing Into Sports
8:30 AHL Cleveland Barons Hockey vs. Indianapolis-From the Cleveland Arena..

I think this is very interesting in capturing the entertainment life of Cleveland at this period..

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Stark County Radio Christmas-December 25, 1948

Timken Roller Bearing Company ad for 2 Sponsored Christmas Day Programs on Canton Radio..Timken, being the largest employer for many years in Canton/Stark County led the way in many areas, including radio..

WAND-AM 900/FM 92.5 ad for Christmas programming on December 25, 1948..Canton Repository `12-24-48

A Downtown Canton Tradition for over 60 years..The Newsstand/Bookstore News Depot..The store was located for many years at 207 Market Avenue North. It is now at 220 Market Avenue South, In The Huntington Bank Building..

Here I thought we would take a look at Stark County and Cleveland area radio in the Christmas Season in 1948. The Canton Repository listed all Canton Stations and 3 major Cleveland AM Stations..Some others from Akron (WADC, WHKK), Pittsburgh (KDKA), Wheeling (WWVA) and Cincinnati (WLW) were listed under their respective networks, but programming was not listed for these stations.. Some Highlights:

Thursday December 23
Jack Webb in a Red Cross Dramatization at 6:30-WHBC-Months before his premeiere on Dragnet..

Frankie Laine guests on "Chesterfield Supper Club" with Perry Como at 7PM-WTAM

Homer Gives His Father a Box Of exploding cigars on the "Aldrich Family" at 8PM-WTAM

"Two Days Before Christmas" will be dramatized on "Crime Photographer" at 9:30 on WGAR

Friday, Drcember 24

White House Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony with President Truman-5PM-WHK, 5:15 WTAM, 7:30 WHBC

Ghost Of Christmas Past-Ohio Story 6:30 WHBC

Santa Claus Appears on "Mr. Ace And Jane"-8:30 WGAR

Santa Takes a Powder on "This Is Your FBI" 8:30 WHBC

"Legend Of The Candle" by Mrs. Twila Carmen of Minerva-9:30 WHBC

Saturday, December 25

Two Hour Christmas Party-9AM WAND

Christmas Address by King George VI Of England at 10AM-All Networks

The "Story Lady" Presents a program from Stark County Home as residents there receive Christmas Gifts from WCMW sponsors and listeners-10:30 WCMW

Santa Claus confuses Lou Costello with a Penguin on "The Abbott and Costello Show"- 11AM WHBC

Miracle For Christmas-Grand Central Station (Frank Sinatra-12:30 WGAR

"The Boy Who Sang For The King" will be presented on the "Dennis Day Show"-10PM WTAM

Canton Repository Program Listings
Saturday,December 25, 1948

900/92.5 WAND Canton (Now WCER and WDJQ, respectively)

7:45 Light Of The World
8AM News
8:05 Morning Melodies
8:30 Calvary Call
8:45 Organ Reveries
9AM Christmas Party
11AM Holiday Music
11:30 Victor Herbert
Noon Lunch Serenade
1PM Bing Crosby
1:30 Freddy Martin
2PM Fred Waring
2:30 Frank DeVol
3PM Loretta Young-"Littlest Angel"
3:30 Richard Himber
4PM Lionel Barrymore
4:30 Dave Dennis
5PM Weather/Sign-Off

WAND-92.5 FM Only
5PM Nutcracker Suite
5:30 Carnival
6PM Messiah
8PM Weather

1060/94.9 WCMW Canton (Now WILB and WQMX Respectively)

7:45 Man About Town
8AM Musical Clock
9AM Little Shepherd
9:15 Carol Singers
9:30 Santa Rides Again
10AM Fire Fighters
10:30 Old Folks Christmas-Stark County Home
11AM Man About Town
11:15 Children's Choir
11:30 Story Lady
12:15 Del Courtney
1PM Christmas Carols
2PM World Carols
2:15 Thanks for Christmas
2:30 Merchants
4PM Concert Hour
4:45 Voice Of The Army/Sign-Off

WCMW-94.9 Only
5PM Claude Thornhill
5:30 Russ Morgan
6PM Frankie Carle
6:15 Navy Band
6:30 Dinner Concert
7:30 Danceland

1100-WTAM NBC Cleveland

7AM News/Musical Clock
7:30 Musical Clock/News
8AM Jack Elton
8:15 Naval Reserve
8:30 News
8:45 Strike Up The Band
9AM Mind Your Manners
9:30 Cornich Choir
10AM King George VI
10:15 Mary Lee Taylor
10:30 Archie Andrews
11AM Meet The Meeks
11:30 Ed McConnell
Noon Edward Wallace (Early Newscaster on WNBK Channel 4)
12:15 Perry Brown
12:30 Marine Band
12:45 Guest Star
1PM Farm And Home Hour
1:30 Edward Tomlinson
1:45 Ohio News
2PM Kiddies Concert
2:30 First Piano Quartet
3PM Yes, a Santa (how listed..I am assuming this is Yes Virginia, There Is A Santa Claus)
4PM Star Time
6PM Treasure House
6:15 News
6:30 NBC Symphony
7:30 Vic Damone
8PM Star Theater
8:30 Truth Or Consequences
9PM Your Hit Parade
9:30 Judy Canova
10PM Dennis Day
10:30 Grand Ole Opry
11PM News
11:15 Morton Downey
11:30 Guy Lombardo

1220 WGAR-CBS Cleveland

7AM Bill Mayer (News-Martin-Motor Melodies at 7:45)
9AM Christmas In Cleveland
9:45 St. Francis Hour
10AM King George VI
10:15 Chariot Wheels
10:30 Romance Drama
11AM News
11:15 Let's Pretend
11:30 Junior Miss
Noon Theater Of Today
12:30 Grand Central Station
1PM County Fair
1:30 Give and Take
2PM Stars Over Hollywood
2:30 Concert Orchestra
3PM BBC Singers
3:30 Dave Stephens
4PM Holiday Show
6PM Van Patrick
6:15 Bob Neal
6:30 Midwestern Hayride
7PM Audition Ambition
7:30 Vaughn Monroe
8PM Messiah
10:30 Minstrel Gitl
10:45 Decision Now
11PM News
11:15 Footlights Forum
11:30 Morgan's Musicale

1420 WHK Mutual-Cleveland

7AM News
7:15 Meditation
7:30 Spins and Needles
8AM World News
8:15 Breakfast Melody
8:30 Pat and Mike
9AM Hillbilly Music
9:15 Modern Revue
9:30 Polish Serenade
10AM King George VI
10:15 Book Caravan
10:30 Albert L. Warner
10:45 Rent Control
11AM Fire Safety
11:15 Story Teller
11:30 Magic Rhythm
12PM Smoky Mountain Hayride
12:30 Meet The Press
1PM Talent Parade
1:30 Christmas Story
2PM Polka
2:15 Polish Music
2:30 Hungarian Music
2:45 College Football-North/South Game
5PM Take A Number
5:30 True Or False
6PM Big Broadcast
8PM Twenty Questions
8:30 Cowboy Classics
8:45 Strikes and Spares
9PM True Or False
9:30 Guy Lombardo
10PM Take A Nubmber
10:30 Chicago Theater
11PM RCA Victor Choir
11:30 Eddy Duchin

1480/94.1 WHBC-ABC Canton

7AM News/Alarm Clock
8AM News/Top of the Morning
8:30 Morning Melodies
9AM Shopper's Special
10AM King George VI
10:15 Hansel and Gretel
11AM Abbott and Costello
11:30 Tomorrow's Headlines
11:45 Early Christmases In Canton-E.T. Heald of Stark County Historical Society
Noon News
12:15 Music Of All Nations
12:30 Fine Arts Quartet
1PM Maggie McNeils
1:30 Christmas Overseas
2PM Metropolitan Opera
5PM Tea and Crumpets
6PM News
6:15 Sports
6:30 Reminiscient Rhythm
6:45 Christmas Songs
7PM Episcopal Hour
7:30 Christmas Music
8PM Kay Starr
8:30 Famous Jury Trials
9PM Saturday Serenade
9:30 Amazing Malone
10PM Musical Etchings
10:30 Bing Crosby
11PM News
11:15 Sports Whirl
11:30 Hawthorn Thing (No idea what this is)

Next:Television locally:Christmas 1948

Friday, December 19, 2008

Bill Gordon .."Stay Smoochie You!" passes away..

Bill Gordon in 1955..Courtesy Cleveland Press Collection

Bill Gordon on the set of "The One O Clock Club" with Dorothy Fuldheim in 1959..

Veteran Radio and Television performer Bill "Smoochie" Gordon passed away from natural causes today at the age of 83..He worked for Various Cleveland radio stations from 1950-Into the 1990's, including WERE, WHK, and WBBG-1260. He also hosted "The One O Clock Club" with Dorothy Fuldheim on WEWS-TV 5 from the late 1950's till 1964 ..He also worked at WKBF-61 for awhile. He was very outgoing and was a pioneer of the freewheeling style of Radio..Prayers to his family at this time..

Cleveland Plain Dealer Obituary:

Bill Gordon on WEWS' Morning Exchange December 17, 1997..He discusses His history at WEWS, but mostly Dorothy Fuldheim..

Monday, December 15, 2008

Rankin-Bass: a Holiday Tradition..

Ending of "Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer" with the Videocraft Logo

Rankin Bass Mid 1970's Logo..

Ad for a 1970's rerun of "Mouse On The Mayflower" sponsored by McDonalds..This and the image below courtesy Rick Goldschmidt's Blog..

"Bing Crosby" Mouse on the Mayflower ad, when it was hoped he would do the program..

Original TV Guide Ad for "Rudolph's" premiere Sunday December 6, 1964.

Featured earlier:Original Mouse on The Mayflower opening from NBC-1968

Today I thought we would focus on the iconic Rankin/Bass Productions, the company responible for many of the most beloved Holiday Specials of all time, Including Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, Little Drummer Boy and a host of others.

Arthur Rankin Jr. and Jules Bass founded Videocraft International in the fairly early 1960's..Their first project using what became called stop-motion animation was a "Pinocchio" series..This animation process became very famous with the premiere of "Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer" on NBC's General Electric Theatre on December 6, 1964. This particular special, is probably the longest running animated Christmas Special still on the air-44 years running as of 2008..

Before this, Rankin/Bass produced a limited cel animation series of "Tales of the Wizard of Oz" in 1961 for national syndication. This series ran for several years on KYW-TV 3 in Cleveland on the "Barnaby" Show..

The success of "Rudolph" led to other specials like Cricket On The Hearth and Mouse On the Mayflower..Mad Monster Party came along in 1969..Frosty the Snowman and Santa Claus is Coning to Town premiered by 1970.

Other Series produced by Rankin/Bass included Smokey the Bear, animated series based on the Jackson 5 and the Osmonds, and their most enduring regular series, Thundercats (1985).

Rankin/Bass Fan and collector Rick Goldschmidt has written some books about the Rankin/Bass Phenomenon,and has what may be one of the better websites about any entertainment company out there.."The Enchanted World of Rankin-Bass".. will be put in our permanent links)..The site, with the full support of Arthur Rankin Jr. , is a treasure trove of facts about the history of Rankin/Bass,. Including some video and audio clips, and rare advertisements..Including one in which Bing Crosby was recruited/hoped to be host-narrator on Mouse On The Mayflower..The Role that went to Tennessee Ernie Crosby turned down the offer..

Wikipedia on Rankin/Bass Productions..

One cannot imagine the Holiday Season without the likes of Rudolph and Frosty on our TV screens..and we have to thank Rankin/Bass for the great entertainment over the last 48 years or so..

PERSONAL NOTE:The Rankin-Bass Pages recently had a story about company founder Arthur Rankin Jr. being denied some 2.6 million dollars in profits from the use of this specials over the last 25 years or so by Warner Brothers because of a accounting error on Warners' Part..They refuse to pay Rankin on the basis that The 'statute of limitations' has run out..I generally don't try to comment on current events but this is just plain not right..More details and links on the Rankin-Bass Pages.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Alvin and the Chipmunks-Christmas Don't Be Late-1961

Here, from the CBS-TV "Alvin" Show in December 1961..The Original video version of "Christmas, Don't Be Late" with "David Seville" and his chipmunks Alvin, Simon, and Theodore..Seville was "played" by record producer/engineer Ross Badgasarian..The song, officially known as "The Chipmunk Song" dates back to 1958. Badgasarian had an earlier hit. "The Witch Doctor", using sped up voices..He adapted the sped up voice for three "chipmunks", which he voiced himself. "The Chipmunk Song" was Alvin and the Chipmunks' biggest hit and is still a fun holiday standard. After Ross Bagdasarian's passing in 1972, his son Ross Jr. Kept the Chipmunks alive through albums and an NBC Saturday Morning series from 1983-90..Along with a recent CGI feature film..

Alvin and The Chipmunks on Wikipedia..

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Andy Williams-Silent Night-1965

Here is Andy Williams singing the beautiful "Silent Night" in a 1965 Andy Williams Christmas Show..Andy was on NBC in a varitety series from 1962-67 and 1969-71..Donny Osmond has a brief introduction. The Osmonds are singing backup here..very nicely done..and in color..

Andy is still going strong at age 81, Headlining a Christmas Show in Branson, Missouri..

Monday, December 8, 2008

Friday, December 6, 1957

Early KYW-TV ad for Popeye Cartoons with Barnaby...Only having premiered a couple months before..As I said earlier in these pages, Popeye was aired continuously on Channel 3 from 1957-mid 1970's at least..

WJW-TV ad for the Syndicated"Last of the Mohicans" airing twice a week..Unusual for 1957..

A Pair of ad for part of the November-December 1957 CBS Lineup-Friday Nights-Trackdown at 8PM and Schlitz Playhouse of Stars at 9:30..

TV Guide:Ad for the "Voice of Firestone"Muisc/Opera/Fine Arts series..Originally on NBC Radio and Television from 1928-54..One of the few "highbrow" music series to have a long run on network TV..After it's cancellation by ABC in 1958, Firestone returned to ABC in Fall 1962 Sundays at 10PM but was cancelled again permanently in 1963.

Today we'll take a look at what was aired on my birthday, and during the week of November 30-December 6, 1957. just for the fun of it, (as all of this is, actually) something we did last year, highlighting 1960..This time, we will be looking at my avtual birth date in Canton, Ohio 12-6-57..

Editors Note:I do apologize for the not-so-good quality of the ads presented here. Quality of microfilm of early Magaines from Cleveland Public Library can be spotty at best, which is where I get most of my TV Guide listings from 1953-58....Sometimes you can only do so much with it..You can click any of the ads to read them a little better..

Weekday notes:

CBS-TV was trying to find a program to somewhat compete with the first hour of "Today"..In December 1957 Jimmy Dean held forth in the 7-8 AM hour with country music and variety..

WJW-TV had a Variety Show called "Good Idea", which aired from 8:45-10AM (Capt. Kangaroo was only 45 minutes in length).."Good Idea" was a program with guest interviews and music wrapped around syndicated sitcoms such as The Goldbergs, Halls of Ivy and Amos n Andy.

At 8:55 AM KYW-TV had a news break with Jay Miltner

Also at 8:55, WEWS had a news break with Court Stanton on Monday and Wednesday, and Bill Prentice Tuesday, Thursday and Friday..

News Crews:

News Pete French 6:55 and 11PM
Weather:Joe Finan 11:10
Sports:Bob Neal 11:15

News-Court Stanton Noon
Dorothy Fuldheim 6:30 PM
John B. Hughes 11PM
Sports:Ron Penfound, Paul Wilcox 6:50 PM
Weather:Bill Prentice 6:45 PM

6:40 Cleveland Today-No anchors listed

Warren Guthrie 11PM-Sohio Reporter

John Fitzgerald 11:10
Scotty Armstrong 11:15


News Jay Miltner
Sports Johnny Bell

(Saturday only-No Sunday newscasts-Movie at 10:30 PM)

News-Jim Doney
Sports-Jim Graner and Doug Adair (rotated Satrurdays and Sundays)

No weekend newscasts

Captain Penny's Fun Farm was on at 9AM on Channel 5..As well as Mr. Jingeling at 12:25 and 6:25 PM

NBC actually had a couple of Color afternoon programs Howard Miller (WFMJ-21) at 1PM and Matinee Theatre, a Five-a-week series of original teleplays..Very ambitious for afternoon programming..

"Ohio Story" a series of 10 minute shows on Ohio's History and development, aired at 3:50 PM Sundays on Channel 3..and 8:50 PM Thursdays on Channel 49.

Friday December 6, 1957

TV Guide Cleveland Edition..



7AM Today
8:55 News-Jay Miltner
9AM Cash On The Line-Tom Haley
Movie:Friends and Lovers-1931

10:25 Window-Women
10:30 Treasure Hunt-Jan Murray
11AM Price Is Right-Bill Cullen
11:30 Truth Or Consequences-Bob Barker
Noon Tic Tac Dough
12:30 It Could Be You-Bill Leyden
1PM Movie-The Secret Heart-1940
2:25 Window-Women
2:30 Bride And Groom
3PM Matinee Theatre-COLOR
4PM Queen For A Day-Jack Bailey
4:45 Modern Romances
5PM Blondie
5:30 Popeye-Barnaby
6PM Six o'Clock Adventure-Various half hour syndicated shows
6:55 News-Pete French
7PM Studio 57
7:30 Saber Of London
8PM Court Of Last Resort
8:30 Life Of Riley
9PM M Squad
9:30 Thin Man
10PM Gillette Boxing
10:45 Red Barber-guest Branch Rickey
11PM News-Pete French
11:10 Weather-Joe Finan
11:15 Sports-Bob Neal
11:20 Jungle-Cesare
11:30 Movie-Julia Misbehaves-1948
1AM Movie-Bewitched-1945 (Mystery)
2:30 News-Pete French


8:55 News-Bill Prentice
9AM Fun Farm-Ron Penfound
9:30 Paige Palmer
10AM Movie-Undercover-1943
11:30 Telecourse
Noon News-Court Stanton
12:05 Capt. Penny Noon Show-Ron Penfound
12:25 Mr. Jingeling-Max Ellis
12:30 Capt. Penny
1PM One O Clock Club-Dorothy Fuldheim, Bill Gordon
2:30 Beulah
3PM American Bandstand
3:30 Do You Trust Your Wife?-Johnny Carson
4PM American Bandstand
4:45 Santa's Toyland Party
5PM Buccaneers
5:30 Mickey Mouse Club
6PM Capt. Penny-This appears to be the first week of the evening show..started Monday December 2, 1957

6:25 Mr. Jingeling
6:30 Dorothy Fuldheim
6:45 Weather-Bill Prentice
6:50 Sports-Paul Wilcox, Ron Penfound
7PM Foreign Legionnaire
7:30 Rin Tin Tin
8PM Jim Bowie
8:30 Patrice Munsell-Music
9PM Frank Sinatra
9:30 Date With The Angels-Betty White
10PM Colt 45
10:30 Diamond Playhouse
11PM News-John B. Hughes
11:15 Tonight-Jack Paar-NBC
1AM News-Court Stanton


7AM Jimmy Dean
7:45 CBS News Richard C. Hottelet
8AM Captain Kangaroo
8:45 Good Idea-Variety
10AM Garry Moore
11:30 Strike It Rich-Warren Hull
Noon Hotel Cosmopolitan-Soap
12:15 Love Of Life
12:30 Search For Tomorrow
12:45 Guiding Light
1PM Movie-Within These Walls-1945
2:30 House Party-Linkletter
3PM Big Payoff-Randy Merriman/Bess Myerson
3:30 Verdict Is Yours
4PM Brighter Day
4:15 Secret Storm
4:30 Edge Of Night
5PM As The World Turns
5:30 Beat The Clock
6PM Action At Six-Kids
6:40 Cleveland Today
6:45 CBS News-Douglas Edwards
7PM Victory At Sea
7:30 Leave It To Beaver
8PM Trackdown
8:30 Zane Grey Theater
9PM Mr. Adams and Eve
9:30 Schlitz Playhouse
10PM The Lineup
10:30 Person To Person
11PM News-Warren Guthrie
11:10 Sports-John Fitzgerald
11:15 Weather-Scotty Armstrong
11:20 Movie-Everything Happens at Night -1939
12:45 Movie- The Man Who Walked Alone-1945



7AM Today
9AM Adelaide Snyder
10AM Arlene Francis
10:30 Treasure Hunt-Jan Murray
11AM Price Is Right-Bill Cullen
11:30 Truth Or Consequences-Bob Barker
Noon Tic Tac Dough
12:30 It Could Be You- Bill Leyden
1PM To Be Announced
1:15 Kitchen Corner-Mariner
2PM Howard Miller-COLOR
3PM Matinee Theatre-COLOR
4PM Queen For A Day
4:45 Modern Romances
5PM Fun House Gang
5:30 Popeye
6PM Sky King
6:30 News
6:45 Huntley-Brinkley
7PM Foreign Legionnaire
7:30 Saber Of London
8PM Court Of Last Resort
8:30 Life Of Riley
9PM M Squad
9:30 Thin Man
10PM Gillette Boxing
10:45 Red Barber-guest Branch Rickey
11PM News
11:20 This Concers You
11:30 Tonight-Jack Paar


7AM Jimmy Dean
7:45 CBS News
8AM Captain Kangaroo
8:45 Cartoon Classics
9AM Captain Kangaroo
9:45 Cartoon Classics
10AMGarry Moore
11:30 Strike It Rich
Noon Cartoon Carnival
12:15 Love Of Life
12:30 Movie-Laugh Your Blues Away-1943
2PM Beat The Clock
2:30 House Party
3PM Big Payoff
3:30 Verdict Is Yours
4PM Cartoon Classics
4:15 Secret Storm
4:30 Grizzly Pete
6PM My Little Margie
6:30 News
6:45 CBS News
7PM The Crusader
7:30 Leave It To Beaver
8PM Trackdown
8:30 Zane Grey Theater
9PM Mr. Adams and Eve
9:30 Schlitz Playhouse
10PM The Lineup
10:30 Person To Person
11PM News-Warren Guthrie
11:15 Movie-The Raven 1935


3PM American Bandstand
3:30 Do You Trust Your Wife
4PM American Bandstand
5PM Buccaneers
5:30 Mickey Mouse Club
6PM News
6:45 Flash Gordon
7:15 ABC News-John Daly
7:30 Rin Tin Tin
8PM Jim Bowie
8:30 Patrice Munsell
9PM Frank Sinatra
9:30 Date With Rge Angels
10PM Colt 45
10:30 News, Weather, Sports
11PM Duffy's Tavern
11:30 Film Drama



2:30 Movie-Twist Of Fate-English/1954
4PM Operation Blackboard
4:30 American Bandstand
5PM Movie-ShadownOf Death
6PM Looney Tunes
6:40 Sports, Weather, News
7:15 ABC News-John Daly
7:30 Movie-Conquest-1937
9:30 Date With The Angels
10PM Movie-Beachhead-1953

To conclude, I want to thank WIXY Grad for the kind Birthday greetings on his blog..Most of our next few blogs will focus on Christmas Season..My favorite time of the year..

Monday, December 1, 2008

Radio Daze:

Just a note to remind everyone of a TV special coming up tomorrow, December 2 at 9:30 PM on Western Reserve PBS (aka WNEO/45-WEAO-49)..Produced in part by Mike Olszewski and based on his book, Radio Daze, It is a ducumentary about the FM Music wars in Cleveland in the 1960's and 70's..

News release:

More Info and comments from Ohio Media Watch

Looks very interesting,,Had the opportunity to meet Mike Olszewski at Ghoulardifest in October. He is working on an extensive Cleveland TV History book to be released next year..

WJW-TV 1976-77 "City Camera" clips-Also Franz The Toymaker

From TV Guide August 18, 1966..An ad for the "Hoolihan the Weatherman" (Bob Wells) Noon Weather on WJW City Camera News..After he had been moved to Noon and weekend weather following the hiring of Dick Goddard at WJW-TV in March 1966..Also..This is an early use of the famed "ei8ht" logo which would be used from 1966-April 22, 1977-At the time of the WJW Call letter change to WJKW..It would be revived in a slightly different form in 1996 (without the CBS logo) in the "ei8ht is News" era..

Good morning:
Today Id thouight we'd share some of the oldest clips in the Ray Glasser (Videoholic)
Collection currently on YouTube..From the late "City Camera" era at WJW-TV "television 8" personalities include Jim Hale, Jeff Maynor, Murray Stewart, Hoolihan, Howard Hoffman,Jan Jones, Dick Goddard, Jim Mueller, and even Franz The Toymaker!

Franz the Toymaker from late 1960's-Early 1970's..Includes commercials and Channel 8 id..From Cleveland Memory Grenade

Part 2 of the "Franz" show above..

Some brief graphics from the 1976 era...sign-on, Intros to "CBS Evening News" and "Nite Movie"

1976 City Camera News Open:Jim Hale, Jeff Maynor, Dick Goddard, Jim Mueller

Also summer 1976:Howard Hoffman Noon Weather..Notice the ancient dials..

April 22, 1977:Also featured a while back:The changeover to WJKW-TV 8..The beginning of the "TV8" graphic which would be used for about 20 years,,While they were still "City Camera" by fall 1977 the "NewsCenter8" era would begin..

Again, thanks to Ray Glasser and Cleveland Memory Grenade for uploading these..