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Home-Arlene Francis 1957-NBC

From Guide cover for March 31-April 6, 1956 with Arlene Francis and John Daly..Daly was ABC News President for a time, but also hosted What's My Line? from 1950-67. Miss Francis was with What's My Line through it's syndicated years from 1968-75..A total of 25 years..

From the Gallery of Graphic Design..A Video Trade ad for "Home" with Arlene Francis circa 1954

Here, from Monday March 25, 1957 is the first half hour of "Home", with Hostess Arlene Francis, courtesy Internet Archive..Miss Francis had a long and varied career as a Movie and TV Actress, Radio Hostess, and TV Panel celebrity..Here she hosts sort of a "Woman's Magazine" Created by Sylvester "Pat" Weaver, who also created Today and Tonight for NBC..This half hour features Coubtry music artist Ken Turner and Family, along with visiting by film with an Alabama family. Near the end of the half hour, we are treated to a "golf fashion show" as we see Ladies golf clothing through the years..

Update:Possible New Material

February, 1964 ad for "Franz The Toymaker" (Ray Stawiarski) on WJW-8..Chuck Schodowski has some very entertaining stories of "Franz" while on The Ghoulardi/Hoolihan and Big Chuck All-Stars sports teams in his recently published book, "Big Chuck"

Early Test Pattern for WAKR-TV 49-I honestly forget where this is from..Whoever originally had this on their site, let me know so I can credit you properly..Thanks.

Early Promotional photo for Bob "Hoolihan The Weatherman" Wells ..Dates at about 1965 or so..(Courtesy Bob Wells Through Neil Zurcher's TV Memories)

Good afternoon:
As most here know, I get much of my material for posting from various newspapers and TV Guides, making occasional trips (mostly by bus) to Akron and Cleveland to copy such material..I have just been made aware of a TV Magazine called TV Scope, which was locally produced in the Cleveland area and at least included Cleveland and Erie, Pa. listings..A new reader, who wishes to remain anonymous, acquired 9 "TV Scope" Magazines from the 1958-60 period a few years ago and has graciously offered them to me for use on the blog..I would like to thank this person publicly for their sharing and support..

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Pantomime Quiz Time-CBS-1950

Hello everybody:
Thought I'd put up a little panel show fun..Honestly just to get something up this week..Mike Stokey's Pantomime Quiz Time-This show ran locally in Los Angeles from 1947-June 1950...CBS picked it up for The Summer of '50 for the first of several short runs on all 4 TV networks at one time or another..All hosted by Stokey till a 1962-63 ABC version that had Pat Harrington Jr. as host until being replaced by Stokey halfway in the run..Stump the Stars, a Syndicated Pantomime Quiz, ran from 1969-70, also with Stokey as host..

In this particular episode, probably from the 1950 CBS run, The regulars are:

Hans Conreid, Then known as "Professor Kropotkin" on the My Friend Irma Radio Series

Vincent Price-Though known for his movies, he was also doing "The Saint" on Radio

Frank DeVol -TV Music composer/arranger and sometime comedian/actor-Native of Canton, Ohio

Adele Jurgens-Movie Actress

Guest Panelists:

Marilyn Maxwell-Was doing a movie "New Mexico" (1951 release) with Conreid

Ella Raines-Actress

Walter Brennan-3 time Oscar Winner

Howard DaSilva-Stage, Movie and TV actor-Among his many acting roles was the part of Benjamin Franklin in the movie "1776" His current film was "14 Hours" (1951 release)

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Excellent talent here-I imagine this would have been fun to watch..

Thanks to DentelTV1

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Update:Fixing blog issues:And a new link

As most regular readers know, we've had an issue with the blog that caused the side links to slide to the bottom of the page..After a couple nights ago tearing what little hair I have out trying to fix the problem..I ultimately just deleted the country music on tv post, which seemed to cause the issue in the first place. The problem seems to be solved, and now the links re on the left, though I may change the template again to something I can live with for awhile..

Also:Ed Golick, a Classic Broadcast TV fan from Detroit, has been kind enough to add a Cleveland Classic Media link to his page, which deals with Classic Detroit Kids TV, including shows/characters like Johnny Ginger, Poopdeck Paul, Wixie Wonderland, Woodrow (yes, Clay Conroy did Woodrow in Detroit for 4 years), Sagebrush Shorty, Soupy Sales (Who had been at WXEL Cleveland) and many others. He also has links to other Detroit TV and Radio/commercial sites and just general memories of living in Detroit..Very well done..Golick also contributes to the Classic Michigan TV boards which will also be linked..

Have a good week everyone..

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New Template:

I found that with the last post, the videos were cut off a I thought i'd try to change the template..The sidebar links, etc. are now on the bottom.Let me know what you think of this setup..Thanks,,

Monday, May 11, 2009

Update:WJAN Pictures

George Cavender aka "The Cool Ghoul" Hosted Saturday Night 10PM movies, and occasionally subbed for Milton The Milkman. Also helped with the Jerry Lewis Telethon..courtesy Ed Thomas

Membership card to something called "The Early Bird Club" with Carl Day-Even I handnt heard of this..

Janson Industries' WJAN Logo used from 1967-1977

Picture originally featured in the April 18, 2009 blog post..The anonymous poster below refers to it..
About 3 weeks ago, Cleveland Classic Media reader Ed Thomas shared several vintage 1970's WJAN-TV Pictures on the occasion of The shutdown of Channel 17's analog transmitter April 17, 2009. There has been a lot of good comments about the pictures along with memories of old Channel 17..Local TV at it's "finest"..As we've said before, Janson Industries deserves credit for trying to make a go of it, but it ultimately wasnt meant to be for WJAN..

I'd like to share some particularly interesting comments from an anonymous poster from May 9, 2009..Gives a lot of Insight about how channel 17 and even WAKR-23 was run at that time..

Link to original April 18 post:

Anonymous said...
"The guy on the far left in the first telethon photo with Milton the Milkman is none other than Max Heywood.

The PC-70's came from RME productions in Columbus when they went belly up. WAKR-23 bought one, WJAN-17 bought two. They were used on the USS Hornet when the Apollo 11 astronauts returned home. Milions of people watched video from these cameras before WJAN bought them.

In the 1972 MDA Telethon photos, the guy who looks like David Crosby was Tim Davidson (can you say Contemporary-Q?). Guy next to him is Max.

Transmitter photo is circa late 70's. Townsend model TA-15, upgraded to a TA-30. 4KM100LA external cavity klystrons in the PA cabinets. This transmitter signed WJAN on in 1967 and was in use when analog was terminated, albeit with an updated exciter. Pretty reliable, WJAN was first commercial station in Ohio to adopt a 24/7 air schedule.

Old style TV camera was a TK-41C. WJAN bought a truckload of these from NBC NY about 1974 when NBC upgraded. Three image orthicons for pickup, about a million knobs, took a long time to set up.

Comments about programming are mostly spot on. In that era, there were hundreds of struggling independent UHF stations on the air. IMO, all were cut from the same cloth. If you could thrive in that environment, you were ready for anything. Call it "TV boot camp". Many people passed through these small market stations on their way to greatness. I remember Carl Monday when he was a shiny faced KSU intern doing the 10 PM news. "

I've invited the poster of these comments to make himself known, so we can give proper credit..Go to my profile.There is a link to my email address.Great comments..

Other interesting comments:
Anonymous said...
From what I can remember about WJAN the broadcast equipment had to be far from top drawer. Everything seemed so bargain basement, even compared to WTRF channel 7 and WSTV channel 9.

BD said...
Thanks for the WJAN entries. I just read all of them. WJAN was the worst TV station I ever watched, but I loved it. I watched it al the time. It was so much fun. Like watching Cleveland TV in the late 1940s.

Here's some things I remember. They ran a lot of industrial fillers. I actually sat through a film about Kikuman (sp.) soy sauce once. I have a high tolerance for boredom.

Another favorite was a local evangelist with the last name of Mayle. (Isn't half of Canton named that?) He was kind of a greasy guy with a mushtasche, a bit overweight. Why a Pentecostal had a supply of light-up Virgin Mary portraits I don't know, but if you called in and pledged X amount of money you could get one.

My fav, though, was the Greek show where some old Greek guy with an easel and a bunch of pictures would play music and flip over the pictures.

I also remember Larry Flynt came up and did an interview with Chuck Healy (I think) abbout the old Hustler Club in Columbus.

Another time, singer David Alan Coe showed up and declared that he knew for a fact that Burt Reynolds was going to be charged with murder in the death of Sylvia Mile's boyfriend. I'm still waiting.

Finally, the Canton Area Peace Movement got a lot of play.

wd8kct said...
Yea thanks anomymous for all the great fill information... I had heard the story about TV23's studio camera covering the spashdown but didn't realize TV17's PC-70s were related... I think 23's cameras were donated to a college in Pennsylvania when they upgraded to LDK-25s...
Yep, Max Heywood a.k.a. Dick Smith formerly a Rock Jock at WCUE-AM 1150...
Remember Carl Day who used to do news and "The Early Bird Club" when they signed on at 4 in the afternoon... think he moved on to the Dayton market...
They used to call the TK-41C "the Ray Gun" like something out of a sci-fi movie...
The good old days of local TV...

Ed Thomas has some more channel 17 photos here:

I remember reading some newspaper columnists saying that some columns write themselves...well this is a good example..My memories of 17 are of the early 1970's..When I would get a charge of seeing TV commercials for any company based in Canton..Was very rare then..The Cool Ghoul..Milton The Milkman who would show very bad cartoon prints..When a movie from 1960 or beyond was a big deal for them.. When Color shows and even early 70's network reruns were a big deal..People like Sherry Lee,Ben Werk, Carl Monday, Jerry Healey, Randall Gerber and Allen Davis, who after a long and varied career in Cleveland Radio/TV and working for the Cleveland Indians, became a Pastor in the Canton area..Steve Bozeka, who moonlighted from his Sears Carpet sales job to be the spotter for Monday Night Football on ABC..worked High School games..Ronnee Furman, Radio voice of the old WOIO-1060 and WHBC, was an interviewer (and easy to look at) .The kind of station Channel 17 was is long gone..And while its easy to make fun of them doing things on the cheap..Part of me wishes that kind of local TV was still seems more human..

Monday, May 4, 2009

Summer 1964:Ernie Anderson and the weather?

TV 5 had a lomg-running association with Northfield Park Harness Track..This show aired Thursday nights at 10:30PM

Early Ad for WYTV-33 News-Notice there is only one "newsreader" alternating weeknights..The 11:10 news follows ABC weeknight news at 11 with Bob Young

TV Guide ad for "Kitchen Corner", long running afternoon show on WFMJ-21..The show ran from 1953-till 1966-67 with hostess Marjorie Mariner..

KYW-TV 3/Westinghouse's answer to "Johnny Carson" on WEWS-TV 5..Weeknights at 11:15PM

TV Guide ad for "Masterpiece Theater"..Ghoulardi's (Ernie Anderson) secondary program Saturday nights at 6 on TV 8 June/July 1964, when Ghoulardi was hitting his peak of popularity.

Competing News ads for WKBN-27 and WAKR-49

Today we'll look at late June-early July 1964 through TV Guide magazine June 27-July 3-Random Highlights:

The PGA's Cleveland Open was contested at Highland Hills Golf Course..While every other ABC affiliate aired it live, WEWS aired it on delay Saturday June 27 and Sunday June 28 at 7:30 PM..Tony Lema was the winner.

"Loretta Young Show" reruns return to the NBC/TV 3 weekday lineup at 2PM Monday, June 29

Ernie Anderson, in addition to his "Ghoulardi" duties and WJW announcing chores, also did weeknight weather at 6:20 PM on channel 8.

Chubby Checker is Co-host on the Mike Douglas Show this week on KYW-3 12:30-2PM Mon-Fri.

On WJW-8, Jim Doney's Adventure Road is shown 6 times a week weekdays at 5 PM and Sunday nights at 9PM-In color..

Over at TV 5, between January and June 1964, the "One-O-Clock Club" had been canceled..In January'64, the show was moved to 1:30, shortened to an hour from 90 minutes, and renamed the Bill and Dorothy Show..In June 1964, channel 5 aired Virginia Graham's Girl Talk at 1PM, The Tennessee Ernie Ford Show on tape delay at 1:30 and Bill Cullen's Price Is Right on delay at 2PM...




Sunday June 28, 1964

8 Meditation

8 News

8 This Is the Life

3 News

3 Ask a Priest
5 Gospel Singing Caravan
8 Mass For Shut-Ins

3 TV Sunday School
8 Faith For Today

3 Frontiers of Faith
5 Vital Faith
8 Rex Humbard
27 Sacred Heart

27 Americans At Work

3 International Zone
5 Gospel Singing
27 Summer Semester

3 Woodrow
5 Casper
8-27 Lamp Unto My Feet
21 Cartoon Time

5 Sunday Show-Cartoons
8 Moral View
27 look Up And Live

49 News

5 Movie-On The Old Spanish Trail-1947
8 Cleveland Caucus-Sidney Andorn
21 Adventure Strip
27 Camera Three
49 Faith For Today

3 Sea Hunt
8 Movie-China Gate-1957
27-49 This Is the Life

3 Wyatt Earp
5 Gene Carroll
21 That We May See
27 Word Of Life
33 Fisher Family
49 Top Star Bowling

3 Religions In America
21 Faith For Today
27 Oral Roberts
33 Footnote

3 Movie-The Iron Major-1943
5 Polka Varities-Tom Fletcher
21 Holiday Time
27 Catoon Carnival
33 Discovery '64

8 Dugout Interview-Bob Neal
27 Baseball-Detroit at New York Yankees-Dizzy Dean/Pee Wee Reese

8-33 Baseball-Cleveland At Boston Bob Neal/Herb Score
(Cleveland lost 8-5 and 4-3 in a doubleheader)
21 Frontiers of Faith
49 Operation Success

5 Championship Bowling-Fred Wolff
21 Your Neighbor, The World
49 Directions 64

3 News (The previous movie was listed at 86 minutes-Odd scheduling)

3 One Step Beyond
21 Baseball-Chicago White Sox at Minnesota-Bob Wolff and Joe Garagiola
49 Championship Bridge

3 Movie-The Egg and I-1947-First of the Ma and Pa Kettle Movies..
5 Manhunt
49 Discovery 64

5-49 Issues and Answers-Senator Edward M. Kennedy (D-Mass.)

5 Riverboat
49 Chapel on Fir Hill

8 Baseball Scoreboard

8 Movie-Slattery's Hurricane-1949
27 Cartoon Carnival

3 Open Circuit-Murray Seeger
27 American Adventure
33 Gale Storm Show
49 Movie-Adventures of Tom Sawyer-1938

3 Fair Adventure-Dr. Frank Baxter
5 Empire
21 Sunday-Frank Blair
27 Sports Spectacular-Outdoor Diving Championships-Chris Schenkel, Eddie Cole
33 Cleveland Open-Live-Chris Schenkel is among those reporting the action-Interesting oddity-Schenkel is on 2 networks competing against himself..

3 Jazz Scene USA
27 Amateur Hour-Ted Mack

3-21 Meet the Press
5 Ripcord
8-27 Twentieth Century-Cronkite
33 Movie-Mad Doctor of Market Street-1942
49 Hootennanny 49-Dave Davis

3 Death Valley Days
5 Cheyenne
8 Littlest Hobo
21 Biography
27 Mr. Ed-Introduction of the Post's New Neighbors. The Kirkwoods, after the death of Larry Keating, who played Roger Addison..
49 Roller Derby

3 Biography
8-27 Lassie
21 Bill Dana Show

3-21 Disney's World-COLOR
5 Cleveland Open-Tape Delay
8-27 My Favorite Martian
33-49 Empire

8-27 Ed Sullivan-Frank Sinstra, Bobby Vinton, Ferante and Teicher are among the guests.

3-21 Grindl
5-33-49 Arrest and Trial

3-21 Bonanza-COLOR
8 Adventure Road-COLOR
27 Celebrity Game-Carl Reiner

27 Brenner

3 Movie-Tea For Two-1950
5 Movie-Moonfleet-1955
(Both stations interrupt the movie for news at 11)
8-27 Candid Camera
21 DuPont Show-COLOR
33 Probe
49 NFL Highlights-Bears at 49ers 10-20-63

8-27 What's My Line?
33 ABC News Reports

3 News-Jack Bennett
5 News-Charles Day
8 News-Roger Goodrich
21-27 News
33-49 CBS News-Harry Reasoner (neither 8 or 27 cleared this newscast apparently)

5 Weather-Court Stanton

3 Weather-Ken Goodman
5 Sports-Paul Wilcox
8 Sports-John Fitzgerald

3-5 Movies Continue (from 10PM)
8 Weather-Howard Hoffman
21 Movie-Highway 301-1950
27 Movie-The Unholy Wife-1957
33 News-Fred Koeberle
49 Movie-Above Us The Waves-1955

8 Movie-The Lost Weekend-1945

33 Movie-Crash of Silence-English-1953

5 Roller Derby
49 Living Word

3 Movie-I walked with a Zombie-1943

5 News

8 Movie-Slim-1937

Friday, July 3, 1964

3 News

3 Farm Fare

3 Fair Adventure

3 Operation Alphabet

3-21 Today-Hugh Downs

8 Meditation

8 News

8 Summer Semester

27 Summer Semester

8 Rex Humbard

27 News

8-27 Captain Kangaroo

5 News

3 Woodrow-Clay Conroy
5-21-33 Cartoons
8 Franz The Toymaker-COLOR
27 Movie-Fury at Gunsight Pass-1956

21 World Of Books

3 Ann Sothern
5 Romper Room-Miss Barbara
8 People's Choice
21 Robin Hood

3-21 Make Room For Daddy-Guest Tennessee Ernie Ford
5 Paige Palmer
8 As The World Turns
27 CBS News-Mike Wallace
33 Jack LaLanne

49 Newa

3-21 Word for Word-Merv Griffin-COLOR
5 Junior Clubhouse
8-27 I Love Lucy
33-49 Price Is Right-Bill Cullen

3-21 NBC News-Edwin Newman

3-21 Concentration-Hugh Downs
5-33-49 Get The Message-Robert Q. Lewis
8-27 Mc Coys

3-21 Jeopardy-Art Fleming-COLOR
5-33-49 Missing Links-Dick Clark
8-27 Pete and Gladys

3 News
5 Dorothy Fuldheim
8-27 Love of Life
21 Say When-Art James-COLOR
33-49 Father Knows Best

5 News-Charles Day

8 News-Bob Irwin
27 CBS News-Robert Trout

3 Mike Douglas-Chubby Checker co-hosts
5 Noon Show-Captain Penny (Ron Penfound)
8 Search For Tomorrow
21 Truth Or Consequences-Bob Barker-COLOR
27 News-Jack Graham
33-49 Ernie Ford-Guest Mel Torme

27 Movie-Tarawa Beachead-1958

8 Guiding Light-To be canceled this year (2009) after over 70 years on radio and TV

21 NBC News-Ray Scherer

5 Girl Talk-Virginia Graham
8 Hawaiian Eye
21 News
33 Danger Man
49 Matinee 49

21 Kitchen Corner-Marjorie Mariner

5 Ernie Ford
33 Jean Tornello Show
49 Kartoon Karnival

8 TV Editorial-Norman Wagy

3-21 Loretta Young
5 Price Is Right-Bill Cullen
8-27 Password
33 Rescue 8
49 Ed Allen (wonder if ABC had a network program that was not shown locally)

3-21 The Doctors
5-33-49 Day In Court
8-27 House Party-Guest Carl Reiner

5-33-49 ABC News-Lisa Howard

3-21 Another World
5-33-49 General Hospital
8-27 To Tell The Truth

8 News-Bob Irwin
27 CBS News-Douglas Edwards

3-21 You Don't Say!-Tom Kennedy-COLOR
5-33-49 Queen For A Day-Jack Bailey
8-27 Edge Of Night

3-21 Match Game-Gene Rayburn
5-33 Trailmaster-Wagon Train Reruns
8-27 Secret Storm
49 TV Hour Of Stars

3-21 NBC News-Sander Vanocur

3 Barnaby-Linn Sheldon
8-27 Leave It To Beaver (syndicated)
21 Movie-The She Creature-1956

5 Caotain Penny's Comedy Clubhouse
8 Adventure Road-Jim Doney-COLOR
27 Rifleman
33 Barney Bean
49 Trailmaster

3 Movie-Gun That Won Thw West-1955

5 Magilla Gorilla
27 San Francisco Beat (The Lineup)
33 Rocky and His Friends

33 News-Bob Spiegel

33 Weather

5 News-Tom Field, Dave Buckel
8 City Camera-Doug Adair
21-27 News
33 ABC News-Ron Cochran
49 Professor Jack

8 Editorial-Norman Wagy

5 Dorothy Fuldheim
8 Sports-John Fitzgerald
33 Suppertime-Humbards

8 Weather-Ernie Anderson

8 News-Joel Daly

3-21 NBC News-Huntley/Brinkley
5 ABC News-Ron Cochran
8 Rifleman
27 CBS News-Walter Cronkite
33 Maverick

5 Sports-Paul Wilcox

5 Weather-Ron Jaye
49 Sports-Bob Wylie

3 News
5 Huckleberry Hound
8 CBS News-Walter Cronkite
21 Have Gun-Will Travel
27 Love That Bob-Bob Cummings
49 News-Jack Fitzgibbons

49 Weather-Dave Davis

49 ABC News-Ron Cochran

3-21 International Showtime
5-33-49 Olympic Trials-Pre-empts "Destry"
8-27 Great Adventure

3-21 Bob Hope (Chrysler Theater)-COLOR
5-33-49 Burke's Law
8-27 Route 66

3-21 That Was The Week That Was
5-33-49 Price Is Right-Bill Cullen
8-27 Twilight Zone

3-21 Jack Paar-COLOR
5 Battle Line
8-27 Alfred Hitchcock
33-49 Boxing-NYC

5 Peter Gunn

33-49 Make That Spare

3 News-Bud Dancy
5 News-Tom Field
8 News-Joel Daly, Doug Adair
21-27 News
33-49 ABC News-Bob Young

3 Weather-Dick Goddard
8 Sports-John Fitzgerald
33 News-Paul Burke
49 News-Kenny Halterman

3 Steve Allen
5 Johnny Carson-COLOR-Johnny begins a 3 week vcation after tonight
8 Weather-Howard Hoffman
49 Race Results-Van Lane

8 Movie-Ghoulardi-The Cosmic Man-1959
27 Movie-The Sniper-1952
49 Championshp Bowling-Fred Wolf

33 Hawaiian Eye

21 Johnny Carson-COLOR

49 News

33 News

3 Movie-Kitty Foyle-1940

5-21 News
8 Movie-Larceny Inc-1942