Thursday, May 28, 2009

Home-Arlene Francis 1957-NBC

From Guide cover for March 31-April 6, 1956 with Arlene Francis and John Daly..Daly was ABC News President for a time, but also hosted What's My Line? from 1950-67. Miss Francis was with What's My Line through it's syndicated years from 1968-75..A total of 25 years..

From the Gallery of Graphic Design..A Video Trade ad for "Home" with Arlene Francis circa 1954

Here, from Monday March 25, 1957 is the first half hour of "Home", with Hostess Arlene Francis, courtesy Internet Archive..Miss Francis had a long and varied career as a Movie and TV Actress, Radio Hostess, and TV Panel celebrity..Here she hosts sort of a "Woman's Magazine" Created by Sylvester "Pat" Weaver, who also created Today and Tonight for NBC..This half hour features Coubtry music artist Ken Turner and Family, along with visiting by film with an Alabama family. Near the end of the half hour, we are treated to a "golf fashion show" as we see Ladies golf clothing through the years..


  1. Exactly what was the run of this show. About all I know is that it was not one of Pat Weaver's big successes.

  2. I wouldnt call Home exactly a failure..It did last from March 1, 1954-August 9, 1957. The network..As all networks do, were trying to put cheaper programming on in the morning, such as game shows and off-net sitcoms..Coincidentally, ABC's American Bandstand began August 5, 1957, the same week Home was cancelled..