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Morning Exchange:December 17, 1997

February 1949 WEWS-TV Ad from TeleVue-An early TV listings Magazine.

TV Guide for "The Big 5" Show with Don Webster in September 1965, a year before the name change to "Upbeat" and syndication


First off, I have added a permanent link to my YouTube Channel in the links at the left...
Second, I am in the process of adding to YouTube much of the content of "The Morning Exchange" from December 17, 1997..Channel 5's 50th Birthday..While many of the vintage TV 5 clips are repeated in the Anniversary Special that night, There are some classic Morning Exchange Clips as well. Joining Hosts Fred Griffith and Connie Deiken are many current (1997) and former Channel 5 employees such as: (Either on stage or in the audience)

John Hambrick

Ted Henry

Barbara Plummer (Miss Barbara from Romper Room)

Jim Breslin (Retired Director)

Bill Weidemann (Director)

Albert Herrick (Retired Director)

Don Webster

Bill Gordon

Marge Banks

Linn Sheldon

Joel Rose

Don Perris (Former GM)

John Lansing (Then-Current GM)

Gary Robinson (Former GM)

Paige Palmer

There will be a total of 13 segments in all ranging from 3 to nearly 11 minutes. There are currently 5 segments up at the moment..I will add the rest in the next few days. Many wonderful stories about the old days at TV 5...

Here are vintage TV Schedules for December 14-15, 1949 courtesy the Cleveland Press..


Wednesday, December 14, 1949
6PM Western Serial
6:30 Bob Reed
6:52 News
7PM Kukla, Fran and Ollie
7:30 Showroom
7:45 NBC News
8PM Crisis
8:30 The Clock
9PM Tv Theater
10PM Break The Bank

Thursday, December 15, 1949
1:50 Ed Wallace
2PM Kitchen Window
4:45 Santa Claus
5:15 Judy Splinters
5:30 Howdy Doody


Wednesday, December 14, 1949
6PM Dinner Platter-Bob Dale
6:45 News
7PM Melody Manor-Charlotte Marsh, Randy Culver
7:15 Dorothy Fuldheim
7:30 CBS News
7:45 Linn Sheldon
8PM Arthur Godfrey
9PM Paul Winchell
9:30 Touchdown (Football Highlight Show?)
10PM New York Boxing-CBS
11PM Chicago Wrestling-ABC
Midnight News

Thursday, December 15, 1949
2PM Alice Weston
2:30 Hobby Show
2:45 Know Meats
3PM Arnold Davis
3:15 Kitchen Clinic
3:30 Bob's Inn-Bob Dale?
4PM Homemakers
4:30 Santa Claus
5PM Uncle Jake-Gene Carroll
5:30 Western Serial
5:45 Rising Stars

WXEL-9 DuMont (Still not "officially" on the air till Monday, December 19, 1949)

Wedensday, December 14, 1949
6PM Small Fry
6:30 Magic Cottage
7PM Captain Video (All DuMont)
7:30 At Your Service-Betty Craig

Thursday, December 15, 1949

2PM Shopper's Matinee

All Morning Exchange content @1997 Scripps-Howard Television/E. W. Scripps Company

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My YouTube Channel

From TV Guide:Ad for KYW-TV's Early Show-November 1962

Ad for It's Academic-December 1970

TV Guide Ad for an Early Version of City Camera News from April 1959

Today I would like to announce my YouTube Channel..It has taken me about 2 years to figure out how to edit video DVDs into usable clips..I currently have 10 total clips, ranging from a half minute to about 10 minutes in size..All from the 1997 Channel 5 50th anniversary and the 1998 Channel 3 50th anniversary shows..Here are a couple of examples..

Channel 3:50 Golden Years-The beginning-With Del Donahoo October 31, 1998

@1998 Gannett Broadcasting

WEWS Channel 5 50th Anniversary beginnng-With Ted Henry December 17, 1997

@1997 Scripps-Howard Television

Other Clips are at my YouTube Page:

Note:Anything I do here and on YouTube is done as a labor of love..All copyrights are acknowledged..I only do this to share the memories..

TV Guide Listings:

Tuesday, April 21, 1959


6:30 Today's Classroom
6:55 News-Gene Slaymaker
7AM Today-Garroway
8:55 News-Tom Haley
9AM Cash On The Line Movie-Dangerous Corner-1934-Haley
10:25 Window-Women-Probably with Gloria Brown
10:30 Treasure Hunt
11AM Price Is Right
11:30 Concentration
Noon Tic Tac Dough
12:30 It Could Be You
1PM Movie-Personal Affair (English)-1953
2:50 News-Pete French
3PM Young Doctor Malone
3:30 From These Roots
4PM Truth Or Consequences-COLOR
4:30 County Fair-Bert Parks
5PM Barnaby, Popeye and Friends
5:45 Movie-The Saint's Vacation-1941
7:20 News-Pete French
7:25 Mr. Merriweather-Cramer
7:30 Dragnet
8PM Steve Canyon
8:30 Jimmie Rodgers-COLOR
9PM Californians-COLOR
9:30 Bob Cummings (Love That Bob!)
10PM David Niven
10:30 Harbor Command-RETURN
11PM News-Pete French
11:10 Weather-Joe Finan
11:15 Movie-Skyscraper Wilderness-1937


8:25 News-Randy Culver (Voice of the first sign-on at WEWS)
8:30 Stu Erwin
9AM Telecourse
9:30 Paige Palmer
11AM Romper Room-Barbara Plummer
11:30 Our Miss Brooks
Noon News-Randy Culver
12:05 Noon Show-Captain Penny
12:50 Dorothy Fuldheim
1PM One O Clock Club-Fuldheim, Bill Gordon
2:30 Gale Storm
3PM Beat The Clock
3:30 Who Do You Trust
4PM American Bandstand
5:30 Adventure Time
6PM Three Stooges
6:30 News-Fuldheim
6:45 News-Tom Field
6:55 Weather-Yvonne Smith
7PM Rising Generation-Variety
7:30 Dial 999-Syndicated
8PM Little Rascals
8:15 Baseball-Indians at Detroit Tigers-Ken Coleman, Bill McColgan (Indians won 14-1)
10:55 Baseball Scoreboard
11PM News-Tom Field
11:15 Jack Paar
1AM News-Bill Prentice


6:30 Continental Classroom
7AM Rex Humbard
7:15 Willie Wonderful
7:30 Mr. Banjo's Showboat
8:15 Captain Kangaroo
9AM Movie-Watch and Win:Island Rescue (English)-1951
10:20 News-Jim Doney
10:30 Arthur Godfrey
11AM I Love Lucy
11;30 Top Dollar
Noon Love Of Life
12:30 Search For Tomorrow
12:45 Guiding Light
1PM Movie-The Other Woman-1942
2:15 Jimmy Dean-Joined in Progress
2:30 House Party
3PM Little Theater-Drama Anthology-Likely reruns from other shows
3:30 Verdict Is Yours
4PM Brighter Day
4:15 Secret Storm
4:30 Edge Of Night
5PM As The World Turns
5:30 Movie-The Foxes Of Harrow-Part 2-1947 (from ImDB)
7PM City Camera
7:10 Sports Camera-John Fitzgerald
7:15 CBS News-Douglas Edwards
7:30 Film Drama
8PM New York Confidential
8:30 To Tell The Truth
9PM Arthur Godfrey
9:30 Red Skelton-COLOR
10PM Garry Moore Show
11PM News-Warren Guthrie-Sohio Reporter
11:10 Press Box-Fitzgerald
11:15 Weather-Doug Adair
11:20 Movie-42nd Street-1933

WAKR-49 Akron-ABC

Noon-George Hamilton IV
12:30 Play Your Hunch
1PM Music Bingo
1:30 Duffy's Tavern
2PM Day In Court
2:30 Gale Storm
3PM Beat The Clock
3:30 Who Do You Trust
4PM American Bandstand
4:30 Movie-Journey For Margaret-1942 (from ImDB)
6PM Looney Tunes
6:55 News, Weather
7:15 VFW
7:30 Movie-Haunted Honeymoon-1940
9PM Movie-Lost In a Harem-1944 (Abbott and Costello)
10:30 Akron Tonight
11:30 Movie-The River-1951



6:30 Continental Classroom
7AM Today
9AM Bugs Bunny
9:25 Coffee Break
10AM Dough Re Mi
10:30 Treasure Hunt
11AM Price Is Right
11:30 Concentration
Noon Tic Tac Dough
12:30 It Could Be You
1PM News
1:15 Kitchen Corner-Marjorie Mariner
2PM Queen For A Day
2:30 Haggis Baggie-COLOR
3PM Young Doctor Malone
3:30 From These Roots
4PM Truth Or Consequences-COLOR
4:30 County Fair-Bert Parks
5PM Looneyville
5:30 Popeye and Friends
6:30 News
6:45 Huntley-Brinkley
7PM Men of Annapolis
7:30 Dragnet
8PM Steve Canyon
8:30 Jimmie Rodgers-COLOR
9PM Californians-COLOR
9:30 Bob Cummings (Love That Bob!)
10PM David Niven
10:30 Science Fitcion Theater
11PM News
11:20 Jack Paar


8AM CBS News-Richard C. Hottelet
8:15 Captain Kangaroo
9AM CBS News-Hottelet
9:15 Captain Kangaroo-Assuming this is correct, I have wondered why Channel 27 would do this..repeating Captain Kangaroo an hour later..
10AM My Little Margie
10:30 Arthur Godfrey
11AM I Love Lucy
11:30 Top Dollar
Noon Love Of Life
12:30 Movie-The Girl In The Picture (English)-1955
2PM Jimmy Dean
2:30 House Party
3PM Big Payoff
3:30 Verdict Is Yours
4PM Cartoon Classics
4:30 Movie-Margin For Error-1943
5:30 Three Stooges
6:20 Suppertime-Rex Humbard
6:30 News
6:45 CBS News-Douglas Edwards
7PM Heart Of The City
7:30 City Detective
8PM Boots and Saddles
8:30 To Tell The Truth
9PM Arthur Godfrey
9:30 Colonel Flack-Syndicated
10PM Garry Moore
11PM News-Warren Guthrie
11:10 Local News
11:20 Movie-Man at Large-1941

New Castle, Pa.


2PM Day In Court
2:30 Gale Storm
3PM Beat The Clock
3:30 Who Do You Trust
4PM American Bandstand
5:30 Adventure Time
6PM Abbott and Costello
6:30 My Hero-Early Bob Cummings Effort
7PM Jeff's Collie (Lassie)
7:30 Cheyenne
8:30 Ohio Story
8:40 Political Talk
8:45 Country Style Music
9PM Rifleman
9:30 Naked City
10PM Alcoa Presents
10:30 ABC News-John Daly
10:45 Movie-Frontier Badman-1943

Comment:Huntley-Brinkley was not carried in Cleveland at this point..WEWS would carry it later in 1959 and part of 1960..KYW took it back later in 1960..

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Wally Kinnan The Weatherman

Wally Kinnan at work:Courtesy Life In Legacy

Today, we will look at possibly the second or third most popular weatherman in Cleveland TV History..Most certainly one of the top five, Wally Kinnan the Weatherman. He was weeknight weatherman at WKYC-TV 3 from 1965-to the mid 1970s..

Henry Wallace Kinnan was born in Rural Crooksville, Ohio, near Athens on March 7, 1919. He attended High School in Columbus where he met his wife, Marjorie Ahrendt. Kinnan attended Ohio State University, studying Mechanical Engineering..In early 1942 he enlisted in the Army Air Corps at Fort Hayes in Columbus. He eventually became a B-17 Bomber Pilot and was shot down over France August 17, 1943..After being transferred to a German POW Camp, He, along with his fellow POW's, convinced their German Captors to allow them to form a Musical group. Using whatever instruments that could be had through through donations, etc. They became known as the "Sagan Serenaders"..Kinnan was one of the group's conductors and played trumpet..Some of the group's exploits are described in the feature film the Great Escape.
After World War II, Wally Entered the Massachusetts Institute of Technology where he received a degree in Meteorology. He served in the Korean Conflict as a Weather expert in the Pacific Region.

He then became one of the earliest TV Weathermen at WKY-TV 4 in Oklahoma City in 1953..He had AMS seal of approval #3..He tells how he drew straws with the two other AMS forecasters to see who would get numbers 1, 2 and 3. He moved to NBC's WRCV in Philadelphia in 1958, working alongside News Icon Vince Leonard..While in Philadelphia, Kinnan pioneered the 5-day forecast..With the court-ordered return of the Philadelphia station to Cleveland as WKYC in June 1965, Wally made the move to Cleveland, displacing the Popular Dick Goddard, who returned several months later at WJW-TV 8, where he still is today..

Kinnan's folksy, jovial manner and his expertise proved to be a hit with Northeast Ohioans..However, by the mid 1970's Kinnan had been fired at TV 3..He then worked at WTSP-10 Tampa, Florida in 1978-80 before retiring..He and his wife eventually retired to Houston, Texas to be near his Son David..

Kinnan passed away on November 22, 2002. Until reading more about him on the internet in recent years, I had no idea how full a life he had lived..

A Classic Moment:From WKYC-TV's "Eleventh Hour Report" in 1971..Virgil Dominic, Doug Adair and Jim Graner surprise Wally with a visit from none other than Lawrence Welk..Kinnan is visibly moved by the gesture, as he seems to be a great fan of Mr. Welk..Courtesy Channel 3: 50 Golden Years October 27, 1998..Copyright 1998 Gannett Co.

Information courtesy Wikipedia and Broadcast Pioneers of Philadelphia

Wikipedia page:

Very nicely done bio..

Broadcast Pioneers of Philadelphia

Another good bio

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The Bill Randle Show-WEWS-TV 5-Sunday, March 4, 1956.

Portion of a TV Guide Page for Sunday, February 19, 1956..Showing the 10:30 PM listings..Bill Randle's Guests are Margaret Whiting, Nelson Riddle and Bobby Scott..Two weeks before the featured program below..

Bill Randle, Longtime Cleveland Disc Jockey, working in the music business or radio from the late 1940's to 2004..(Courtesy Life In Legacy)

Photograph taken at a Concert in Brooklyn, Ohio (Brooklyn High School) October 20, 1955..L-R:Bill Randle, Tommy Edwards of WERE, Elvis Presley and Bass player Bill Black..Courtesy Chris Kennedy Through Wikipedia

Today we will take a look at legendary Disc Jockey and music promoter Bill Randle..Born March 14, 1923 in Detroit, his first radio experience in the late 1940's in his hometown at WJLB-AM 1400. It was here that he became one of the first Disc Jockeys to play Jazz and Rhythm and Blues on the radio regularly in the North. Randle moved over to WERE-1300, Cleveland in 1949. It was here that he developed a reputation as a shrewd promoter in the then-new music field of Rock and Roll..He helped launch the careers of Tony Bennett, Rosemary Clooney, Bobby Darin, Fats Domino and most famously, Elvis Presley, whom he introduced to Northern Audiences for the first time on the Dorsey Brothers' CBS Stage Show television series on January 28, 1956. Before that Presley, Pat Boone and others were at pair of concert s in Brooklyn (Ohio) High School on October 20, 1955.

Randle's popularity was such that along with fellow Jocks Tommy Edwards, Phil McLean and Howie Lund, he was responsible for WERE's dominance of the Cleveland airwaves through much of the 1950's. Here is a link to a Time magazine article naming Randle top "Jock" of 1955..,9171,807032,00.html

Randle was always a very busy man, doing six days at WERE, another show at WCBS Radio in New York, WEWS-TV, promoting concerts, etc..He tired of the grind by the early 1960's and walked away from radio..He went to college, getting several degrees throughout the 1960's eventually doing a bit of radio in New York.He then taught at Kent State and the University of Cincinnati.

At the age of 64, he passed the Ohio Bar exam and became an attorney, specializing in bankruptcy and estate planning. In the 1990's he returned to Cleveland Radio, doing the "Big Show" weekends on WRMR 850/1420..When WRMR was sold to Salem Communications in July 2004, the format was changed to talk from music..Randle passed away July 9, 2004..Two days later, WRMR played his last "Big Show".The final music program aired on WRMR.

Bill Randle was a legend in his of the Greats of Cleveland Radio..

What follows courtesy of Jerry Immel, is Audio from "The Bill Randle Show" a live half hour music program aired Sunday evenings at 10:30 PM on WEWS-TV Channel 5..Randle had connections to get a lot of the top performers to come to Cleveland to do the show. This particular episode aired Sunday, March 4, 1956. Sponsored by Bayard-Forest Heating /Cooling Co. of Cleveland, Randle's announcer/sidekick was Alan Douglas, who gained fame from hosting a number of talk shows on TV and Radio into the 1970's, including the original "Morning Exchange".

The guest list was very impressive..Billy Eckstine, Lou Busch (aka Joe "Fingers" Carr), Nick Noble, (Fresh from the Ed Sullivan Show) Dick Duane (On his way to do the Sullivan show the next Sunday) and The Four Coins, who cover the Platters' "Great Pretender"..There is a "Middle commercial" with Douglas, and an offer of an Elvis Presley picture by Randle at the end of the show. This is probably the only episode of this show around in any form..extremely rare..It sounds great for as old as it is..There appear to be a couple of cuts during the show, but it is pretty much complete.just over 27 minutes.

Some Information courtesy Wikipedia..

This is the kind of stuff I'd love to feature more of in the blog.. rare Audio or Video of Northeast Ohio TV and Radio..

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The Statler Brothers:Entertainers On and Off the Record..Now Hall of Famers

Canton Repository Ad for a Country Music Show sponsored by WCNS-AM 900 (WCER) March 9, 1964..It was at this concert the Statler Brothers began touring with Johnny Cash's Show which they did till 1972. (Though they were'nt on the bill..and Were'nt the Statlers yet, but the Brothers themselves point to this concert as their beginning with Johnny Cash)

Side Note:Notice the prices..and the talent on the program..No way would you come close to those prices for this kind of talent today..

Today's post is a tribute to the Statler Brothers..One of the most awarded groups in Country Music History..They started as a Gospel Quartet in their hometown of Staunton, Virginia..After hearing them at a Fair in Virginia, Johnny Cash invited them to be part of his road act, beginning in Canton, Ohio in 1964.

They remained a loyal part of the Johnny Cash Show even after their first hit record, "Flowers on the Wall" (1965) including Cash's 1969-71 ABC Variety Series Until the Fall of 1972..By this time the Statlers were having hit records on their own and doing their own dates apart from Johnny Cash and things got to be a bit hectic for the group.

After leaving the Cash Troupe the Statlers found their niche with Nostalgia songs such as Class of 57, Bed of Rose's , I'll Go To My Grave Loving You, and many more..They started filling arenas with their Family style music and comedy shows.The members of the group were

Harold Reid-Bass-The Comedian
Don Reid-Lead-The Spokesman for the Group
Phil Balsley-Baritone-Helped take care of the business end of the group
Lew DeWitt-Tenor (1964-82) Sadly, had to leave the group because of Illness..Died in 1990 from Crohn's Disease
Jimmy Fortune-Tenor (1983-2002)-Wrote two of the Statlers' Later Hits Elizabeth and More than a Name on a Wall..

Along with Their concerts, The Statler Brothers hosted a Christmas TV special(1985) and two other acclaimed 90 minute TV Specials in 1981 and 1983..Ultimately leading to The Statler Brothers Show on The Nashville Network from 1991-98. The Show was the number one rated show on TNN throughout their 7-year run..Possibly the only successful attempt at a general Variety show in the 90's on Broadcast or Cable TV..They retired from touring in 2002, though Jimmy Fortune is on his own as a solo artist.

While I admit the Statlers are a favorite group of mine, the reason for this tribute is that on June 29, 2008 The Statlers along with Tom T. Hall will be inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame in Nashville..An induction that is long overdue in my mind..A really nice touch is that all 5 members of the Statlers, including the Late Lew DeWitt and Jimmy Fortune, will be inducted together..Ernest "Pop" Stoneman and Emmy Lou Harris were inducted earlier in a separate ceremony..

From a Johnny Cash TV Special in the mid 1960's..The Statlers sing the classic standard "Shenandoah"
"Flowers On The Wall" From The Johnny Cash Show-1970

The Statlers (With Lew) sing "Thank You World"

With the Cathedral Quartet at the Cathedrals Farewell concert..Introduction by Georger Younce..Noah Found Grace/The Other Side

The thing about the Statlers over the years..They stayed in their hometown and did things their way..And the fans remained faithful..

The Statlers Website:

Special Thanks for the original You Tube posters for uploading the Statler songs in this post..

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November 1964-Media Hockey Game at Cleveland Arena

1964-65 Cleveland Barons Logo

TV Guide Ad for "TV Guide -Cleveland Barons Night" At the Cleveland Arena. This Ad appeared in the November 7, 1964 listings

This identical TV Guide Ad appeared November 17, 1964..The Night before the Media Hockey Game, The only difference being that The names of the broadcasters are under the pictures..

In doing research for the blog, One finds out a lot of interesting things besides just broadcast related stories, etc. Pro Sports in Cleveland was much different in 1964..The Browns were about to win their last NFL Championship, The Indians were just about into their mediocrity slide which would last another 30 years..These were the only 2 Major League Sports in town. The NBA was still a few years off and the only winter indoor Pro sport in Cleveland was AHL Cleveland Barons Hockey..They were the most storied Franchise in American Hockey League History and had won 10 division championships and 9 Calder Cups (AHL's version of Lord Stanley's Cup)..Which brings us to the subject of today's blog..

One of broadcasting's traditions through the years was the media sporting event..Ghoulardi and Hoolihan and Big Chuck/ Big Chuck/Lil John had the "All Stars" who would play all comers in several major sports for charity..At their peak they would have well over 100 events a year playing against schools, churches, other broadcasters, etc. Radio and TV stations would play against each other..sometimes for no more than bragging rights.

The Cleveland Barons and TV Guide got together on November 18, 1964 for a TV Guide-Cleveland Barons Night at Cleveland Arena as the Barons played the Springfield Indians..Presumably, The TV Guys played the Radio Guys..Here is a list, based on the two pictures above..Matching each broadcaster with their station..

Edit:Since Monday morning, I have gotten 5 of the 7 names I didnt have before..Thanks to all who contribute..

Bob Friend-WHK

Robert Koslowski-WGAR

Jack Riley-WERE

Jack Bennett-KYW

Bob James-WHK

Paul Sciria-KYW-Radio/TV

Ronnie Barrett-WERE

Jeff Baxter-WERE

Paul Bedford-KYW-TV

Bob Irwin-WJW-TV (From JPFLaw)

Howie Lund-WDOK

Marty Sullivan-WGAR (From JPFLaw)

Jack Moffit-WJW-TV (Courtesy Joe Mosbrook, retired WKYC-TV 3 reporter)

Hugh Danaceau-KYW-TV

Randy Hall WERE

Joe Mayer-WHK

Don Webster-WEWS

Paul Wilcox-WEWS

____Baker -WGAR

Hal Morgan-WJW (Again, from Joe Mosbrook)

Ernie Anderson-WJW-TV

Gib Shanley-WERE

Johnny Walters-WHK (From JPF Law)

As you can see there are several first names missing, I am hoping some of the readers can help with some of the first names that are blank..even some of the names I have may be wrong. I just think this is a cool relic of a different time in Cleveland..I just wonder how many of today's Local Cleveland personalities would even know enough about Hockey to attempt to play it?

TV Guide Cleveland Edition:

Saturday, November 7, 1964



6:20 News

6:30 This Land Of Ours

7AM Mr. Wizard

7:30 Barnaby's Party-Sheldon

10AM Underdog-COLOR

10:30 Fireball XL-5

11AM Dennis The Menace

11:30 Fury

Noon News, Weather,-Hugh Danaceau, Ken Goodman

12:15 Interviews-Bud Dancy

12:30 Meaning Of Communism

1PM NCAA Pre-Game Show

1:15 College Football-COLOR-Illinois at Michigan-Terry Brennan, Lindsay Nelson

4PM Football Scoreboard-COLOR

4:15 Panorama-Pat Murray

5PM Checkmate

6PM Movie-The Mysterians-Japanese 1959

7:30 Flipper-COLOR

8PM Famous Adventures of Mr. Magoo-COLOR

8:30 Kentucky Jones

9PM NBC Saturday Night at the Movies-COLOR-The Jayhawkers 1959

11PM News-Jack Bennett

11:10 Weather-Ken Goodman

11:15 Sports-Gib Shanley

11:20 Movie-COLOR Auntie Mame-1948

2:05 Movie-Bait-1954


7:55 News

8AM Living Word-Salvation Army

8:15 Children's Gospel Hour

8:45 Telecourse-Western Reserve University

9:15 Inside Catholic Schools

9:30 Buffalo Bill Jr.

10AM Shenanigans

10:30 Supercar-Syndicated

11AM Casper

11:30 Beany and Cecil

Noon Bugs Bunny

12:30 Hoppity Hooper-COLOR

1PM Quarterback Club-Ken Coleman-Browns Highlights

1:30 Jet Set-Carroll, Richards

2PM Wide World Of Sports

3:30 Meet Your Schools

4PM Western Reserve Univ. Perspective

4:30 NFL Special-Bill Cullen

5PM Big 5 Show-Don Webster, Guest DJ Joe Mayer:The British Rolling Stones, Bruce and the Duvelles

6PM Twelve O Clock High (ABC Friday 9:30)

7PM It's Academic-Don Cameron-Willoughby North, Cleveland Cathedral Lstin and Parma Valley Forge

7:30 Outer Limits

8:30 Lawrence Welk

9:30 Hollywood Palace

10:30 Hennessey

11PM News-Dave Buckel

11:05 Sports-Jim Brown, Ken Coleman

11:15 Weather-Bill Prentice

11:20 Movie-Desperate Search-1953


6:40 News


7:30 Sunrise Sememster

8AM Mister Mayor-Bob Keeshan

9AM Alvin

9:30 Tennessee Tuxedo

10AM Quick Draw McGraw

10:30 Mighty Mouse

11AM Linus The Liomhearted

11:30 The Jetsons

Noon Sky King

12:30 Superman

1PM Sergeant Preston

1:30 Movie-Terror In The Haunted House-1958

3PM Movie-Let's Go Navy-1951

4:30 Leave It To Beaver

5PM NFL Countdown

6PM Movie- Shake Rattle and Rock-1956

7:30 Jackie Gleason

8:30 Gilligan's Island

9PM Mr. Broadway

10PM Gunsmoke

11PM News-Roger Goodrich

11:10 Sports-Harrison Dillard

11:15 Weather-Howard Hoffman

11:20 Movie-Rio Bravo-1956

2AM Movie-Invisible Stripes-1940



8:55 News

9AM High School Credit Course

9:30 Buffalo Bill Jr.

10AM Shenanigans

10:30 Annie Oakley

11AM Casper

11:30 Beany and Cecil

Noon Bugs Bunny

12:30 Hoppity Hooper-
(49 aired this in Black and White)

1PM Allakazam-Mark Wilson

1:30 American Bandstand-Everly Brothers, Bobby Vinton

2:30 Bozo The Clown

3PM Movie-The Quiet Gun-1957

4PM Teen Fling-Chuck Truza

5PM Wide World of Sports

6:30 Championship Bowling

7:30 Outer Limits

8:30 Lawrence Welk

9:30 Hollywood Palace

10:30 News

10:40 Weather-Van Lane

10:45 Movie-Down to the Sea In Ships-1949

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1970-71 ABC Fall Preview

Here, courtesy Bobcnn from YouTube is a 3 part video of ABC's September 1970 Fall Preview..Including Shows such as Marcus Welby, Room 222, The Young Lawyers, Make Room For Granddaddy, and the Silent Force..TV was getting more "Relevant"..Shows tended to get more "preachy" in a sense..instead of fully entertaining audiences..Also, Monday night Football began this season..(The Browns beat the New York Jets in the opener 31-21)..The Theme is "Getting Together This Fall On ABC"

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3

ABC Fall 1970 Schedule:

** =New Show

7:30 Young Lawyers**
8:30 Silent Force**
9PM Monday Night Football**

7:30 Mod Squad
8:30 ABC Movie Of The Week
10PM Marcus Welby, MD

7:30 Courtship Of Eddie's Father
8PM Danny Thomas In Make Room For Granddaddy**
8:30 Room 222
9PM Johnny Cash Show
10PM Dan August**

7:30 Matt Lincoln**
8:30 Bewitched
9PM Barefoot In The Park**
9:30 The Odd Couple**
10PM The Immortal**

7:30 Brady Bunch
8PM Nanny and the Professor
8:30 The Partridge Family**
9PM That Girl
9:30 Love American Style
10PM This Is Tom Jones

7:30 Let's Make A Deal
8PM Newlywed Game
8:30 Laawrence Welk
9:30 Most Deadly Game**
10:30 Local

7PM Young Rebels**
9PM ABC Sunday Night Movie

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Fibber McGee And Molly-NBC-TV 1959-"Pilot" McGee Buys a Trailer

Ad for the radio version of Fibber McGee and Molly with Jim and Marian Jordan..Aired Tuesdays at 9:30PM ET for most of its run before going to a 15 minute nightly format from 1953-56..Finally becoming part of NBC's weekend Monitor programming from 1957-September 1959..Just before the start of the ill-fated TV series..Altogether, the Jordans were with NBC from about 1930-59.. Cover of The Chicago Daily Tribune TV Week with Bob Sweeney and Cathy Lewis as Fibber and Molly in the TV Version

Pilot Episode-From

One of my favorite pastimes is what is known as Old Time Radio..Though I was born too late for its heyday about 1935-1960..I have some favorites in most genres of Radio of the periond..My favorite type of shows are comedies..What became known as "The sitcom" on TV had its roots in radio shows like the Great Gildersleeve, Our Miss Brooks, Duffy's Tavern, Life Of Riley, Amos and Andy, My Favorite Husband, etc..

All of these shows made it to Television with varing degrees of success, but ty the late 1950's only one hadnt made it..Fibber McGee and Molly..Which is my favorite radio sitcom.. Fibber McGee and Molly began April 16, 1935 on NBC..Sponsored by Johnson Wax, it was an outgrowth of other shows that Jim and Marian Jordan, Vaudevillians from Peoria, Illinois, along with writer Don Quinn did for NBC, Including "Smackout"..While The program started slowly, by around 1939 the show began to hit its stride..

The Midwestern Humor, wordplay and farcical situations hit a nerve with American Audiences and Fibber and Molly became one of the biggest hits on the radio throughout the 1940's.. From 1940-49 their lowest national rating for a season was #4. By the early 1950's, It seemed the Jordans would try their hand at Television, but they refused.

Eventually, NBC bought the Jordans out and the ultimate result was this 1959-60 series with Bob Sweeney and Cathy Lewis as Fibber and Molly..They tried hard, but without Don Quinn writing, the show was just another 1950's sitcom. An odd thing was..They had Harold Peary playing Mayor LaTrivia, while he was always known as Gildersleeve on Fibber and Molly's Radio Program..The TV show never built any momentum and was gone by January 1960. The Jordans were still fresh in everyone's mind as Fibber and Molly in 1959, So it was tough from the get go.

Johnson Wax kept over 700 episodes during their 1935-50 sponsorship of the program on radio and these have been in circulation since then.

Sample of Fibber McGee and Molly on NBC Radio in it's heyday.."Kramer's Drug Store".April 5, 1949.

Wikipedia Article on Fibber McGee and Molly

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

WNBK To KYW-Cleveland Press/Stan Anderson Commentary

Cleveland TV Guide Sample Page for Thursday, February 18, 1956, with ads for the Cisco Kid and Mr. District Attorney. Notice what I presume is a Bell Telephione ad (Clevelamd to Miami-$1.45 for the first 3 minutes..) Remember when long distance phoning was a luxury?

Cleveland Press TV listings for Feb. 13-14, 1956.

Byline of Stan Anderson, Cleveland Press Radio-TV Columnist for his "See Hear" column for Monday, February 13, 1956..

In our final installment on KYW's move to Cleveland from Philadelphia in January, 1956, we will look at a Column from Cleveland Press TV/Radio writer Stan Anderson. Part news mostly editorial comment..We will also list some of the names of the Westinghouse personnel who made the move to Cleveland..

See Hear


Stan Anderson, Cleveland Press


Monday February 13, 1956.

"One must be impressed with the spirit in which Westinghouse Broadcasting Co. is taking over the former WTAM-WNBK operation here.

The liveliness and alertness of young and determined executives sort of oozes through the walls of the building at E. Ninth and Superior Ave.

As these men of the WBC organization wave their hands today and transform WTAM and WNBK into KWY and KWY-TV (sp) you will notice the sort of dynamic touch Bill Veeck once exhibited around town.

Everybody bubbles like Donald H. McGannon, WBC president who is only 35 years old. I have found this is contagious during the last two weeks. A new enthusiasm has grown up among the performers who remained on staff when the ownership shifted from NBC to WBC.

A visitor to the building housing the station's studios is immediately cognizant of sharp changes. Example:The lower part of the NBC building has been thoroughly scrubbed.

The brightness, this promise of a house cleaning. is even more noticeable in the interior. In the Lobby, in the corridors and the offices there is a cheerful, almost gay transformation going on. And new equipment is being installed.

It may be the Westinghouse people have been mindful of the new building into which WXEL and WJW are about to move (1630 Eulclid Ave.-Ed.) and they probably have not overlooked WEWS' recent announcement that it will soon have a new studio building (3001 Euclid Ave. Ed.)

Considering the energies and money the newcomers are pouring into an overhauling of policies and fiscal property, it would seem they intend to make the KYW stations a permanent operation under the WBC banner. This is good for the community.

One of WBC's immediate problems is pounding the KYW call letters into the public mind. So thousands of balloons were being released from Public Square at 12:30 noon today. Thousands more will be released at the same time tomorow and Wednesday. You will find some of these balloons bear a certificate for $3 and others for $11. This is a promotional reminder that KYW-TV is Channel 3 and KYW is 1100 on your radio dial.

There will be a fireworks display just east of the Stadium tonight at 8. A TV mobile unit will visit shopping centers daily and if its camera happens to pick you out, you will see yourself on TV.

Now balloons and fireworks and such obviously come under the heading of gimmicks. But at the same time it would appear the new management is thinking beyond mere gimmicks. There is good reason to believe it is thinking earnestly about local programming and community participation. I devoutly hope I am not wrong in this.

For samples of revised programming concepts, try Night Music on KYW tonight at 10:15 and Tom Haley's Morning Surprise on KYW-TV tomorrow at nine. See-Hear will print other programming changes as they come up."

End of Press Article

Some Westinghouse personnel who made the move to Cleveland:

Donald H. McGannon, WBC President

Rolland V. Tooke, VP/GM KYW-TV/Radio

Gordon Davis, GM KYW Radio

Mark Olds, KYW Radio Program Manager

Edward Wallis, Sales Promotion Manager

Janet Byers Sales Promotion Radio

Albert P. Krivin Sales Manager TV

Preston Stover TV Program Manager

B. Calvin Jones, Production Manager, TV

Comment:I find it interesting that Westinghouse pulled out all the stops when they arrrived in Cleveland..And they did a wonderful job here, but just slipped out quietly in June, 1965 with hardly a good bye..I've wondered lately if it was ever thought of finding a way to stay, with another station perhaps (UHF Indys were just around the corner) or even if they had just kept KYW in Cleveland..Would 1100 be all news by now?..Of course, TV 3 would now be owned by CBS...Can you say NBC 19? It boggles the mind..

For those new to the blog, here is a series I did last August on NBC's 1965 return to Cleveland..:This is actually the August Archive..scroll back to August 19, 2007 for the beginning of the series and scroll ahead till the 25th to get all the series..