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November 1964-Media Hockey Game at Cleveland Arena

1964-65 Cleveland Barons Logo

TV Guide Ad for "TV Guide -Cleveland Barons Night" At the Cleveland Arena. This Ad appeared in the November 7, 1964 listings

This identical TV Guide Ad appeared November 17, 1964..The Night before the Media Hockey Game, The only difference being that The names of the broadcasters are under the pictures..

In doing research for the blog, One finds out a lot of interesting things besides just broadcast related stories, etc. Pro Sports in Cleveland was much different in 1964..The Browns were about to win their last NFL Championship, The Indians were just about into their mediocrity slide which would last another 30 years..These were the only 2 Major League Sports in town. The NBA was still a few years off and the only winter indoor Pro sport in Cleveland was AHL Cleveland Barons Hockey..They were the most storied Franchise in American Hockey League History and had won 10 division championships and 9 Calder Cups (AHL's version of Lord Stanley's Cup)..Which brings us to the subject of today's blog..

One of broadcasting's traditions through the years was the media sporting event..Ghoulardi and Hoolihan and Big Chuck/ Big Chuck/Lil John had the "All Stars" who would play all comers in several major sports for charity..At their peak they would have well over 100 events a year playing against schools, churches, other broadcasters, etc. Radio and TV stations would play against each other..sometimes for no more than bragging rights.

The Cleveland Barons and TV Guide got together on November 18, 1964 for a TV Guide-Cleveland Barons Night at Cleveland Arena as the Barons played the Springfield Indians..Presumably, The TV Guys played the Radio Guys..Here is a list, based on the two pictures above..Matching each broadcaster with their station..

Edit:Since Monday morning, I have gotten 5 of the 7 names I didnt have before..Thanks to all who contribute..

Bob Friend-WHK

Robert Koslowski-WGAR

Jack Riley-WERE

Jack Bennett-KYW

Bob James-WHK

Paul Sciria-KYW-Radio/TV

Ronnie Barrett-WERE

Jeff Baxter-WERE

Paul Bedford-KYW-TV

Bob Irwin-WJW-TV (From JPFLaw)

Howie Lund-WDOK

Marty Sullivan-WGAR (From JPFLaw)

Jack Moffit-WJW-TV (Courtesy Joe Mosbrook, retired WKYC-TV 3 reporter)

Hugh Danaceau-KYW-TV

Randy Hall WERE

Joe Mayer-WHK

Don Webster-WEWS

Paul Wilcox-WEWS

____Baker -WGAR

Hal Morgan-WJW (Again, from Joe Mosbrook)

Ernie Anderson-WJW-TV

Gib Shanley-WERE

Johnny Walters-WHK (From JPF Law)

As you can see there are several first names missing, I am hoping some of the readers can help with some of the first names that are blank..even some of the names I have may be wrong. I just think this is a cool relic of a different time in Cleveland..I just wonder how many of today's Local Cleveland personalities would even know enough about Hockey to attempt to play it?

TV Guide Cleveland Edition:

Saturday, November 7, 1964



6:20 News

6:30 This Land Of Ours

7AM Mr. Wizard

7:30 Barnaby's Party-Sheldon

10AM Underdog-COLOR

10:30 Fireball XL-5

11AM Dennis The Menace

11:30 Fury

Noon News, Weather,-Hugh Danaceau, Ken Goodman

12:15 Interviews-Bud Dancy

12:30 Meaning Of Communism

1PM NCAA Pre-Game Show

1:15 College Football-COLOR-Illinois at Michigan-Terry Brennan, Lindsay Nelson

4PM Football Scoreboard-COLOR

4:15 Panorama-Pat Murray

5PM Checkmate

6PM Movie-The Mysterians-Japanese 1959

7:30 Flipper-COLOR

8PM Famous Adventures of Mr. Magoo-COLOR

8:30 Kentucky Jones

9PM NBC Saturday Night at the Movies-COLOR-The Jayhawkers 1959

11PM News-Jack Bennett

11:10 Weather-Ken Goodman

11:15 Sports-Gib Shanley

11:20 Movie-COLOR Auntie Mame-1948

2:05 Movie-Bait-1954


7:55 News

8AM Living Word-Salvation Army

8:15 Children's Gospel Hour

8:45 Telecourse-Western Reserve University

9:15 Inside Catholic Schools

9:30 Buffalo Bill Jr.

10AM Shenanigans

10:30 Supercar-Syndicated

11AM Casper

11:30 Beany and Cecil

Noon Bugs Bunny

12:30 Hoppity Hooper-COLOR

1PM Quarterback Club-Ken Coleman-Browns Highlights

1:30 Jet Set-Carroll, Richards

2PM Wide World Of Sports

3:30 Meet Your Schools

4PM Western Reserve Univ. Perspective

4:30 NFL Special-Bill Cullen

5PM Big 5 Show-Don Webster, Guest DJ Joe Mayer:The British Rolling Stones, Bruce and the Duvelles

6PM Twelve O Clock High (ABC Friday 9:30)

7PM It's Academic-Don Cameron-Willoughby North, Cleveland Cathedral Lstin and Parma Valley Forge

7:30 Outer Limits

8:30 Lawrence Welk

9:30 Hollywood Palace

10:30 Hennessey

11PM News-Dave Buckel

11:05 Sports-Jim Brown, Ken Coleman

11:15 Weather-Bill Prentice

11:20 Movie-Desperate Search-1953


6:40 News


7:30 Sunrise Sememster

8AM Mister Mayor-Bob Keeshan

9AM Alvin

9:30 Tennessee Tuxedo

10AM Quick Draw McGraw

10:30 Mighty Mouse

11AM Linus The Liomhearted

11:30 The Jetsons

Noon Sky King

12:30 Superman

1PM Sergeant Preston

1:30 Movie-Terror In The Haunted House-1958

3PM Movie-Let's Go Navy-1951

4:30 Leave It To Beaver

5PM NFL Countdown

6PM Movie- Shake Rattle and Rock-1956

7:30 Jackie Gleason

8:30 Gilligan's Island

9PM Mr. Broadway

10PM Gunsmoke

11PM News-Roger Goodrich

11:10 Sports-Harrison Dillard

11:15 Weather-Howard Hoffman

11:20 Movie-Rio Bravo-1956

2AM Movie-Invisible Stripes-1940



8:55 News

9AM High School Credit Course

9:30 Buffalo Bill Jr.

10AM Shenanigans

10:30 Annie Oakley

11AM Casper

11:30 Beany and Cecil

Noon Bugs Bunny

12:30 Hoppity Hooper-
(49 aired this in Black and White)

1PM Allakazam-Mark Wilson

1:30 American Bandstand-Everly Brothers, Bobby Vinton

2:30 Bozo The Clown

3PM Movie-The Quiet Gun-1957

4PM Teen Fling-Chuck Truza

5PM Wide World of Sports

6:30 Championship Bowling

7:30 Outer Limits

8:30 Lawrence Welk

9:30 Hollywood Palace

10:30 News

10:40 Weather-Van Lane

10:45 Movie-Down to the Sea In Ships-1949


  1. Tim--

    To fill in some blanks:

    MARTY Sullivan--WGAR, later to become Superhost and the voice of WUAB.

    JOHNNY Walters--WHK, later to become (for a short time) a WIXY Superman after his long stint as one of the Seven Swingin' Gentleman at Color Channel 14.

    JACK Moffit--WJW-TV, later to become GM of WUAB.

    BOB Irwin--WJW-TV, who was a sportscaster at Channel 8, and before that, was a DJ and Asst PD at WHK.

  2. One more blank to fill:

    RANDY Hall -- WERE