Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Does This Program go to Parma??-Ghoulardifest 2010

October 23, 1965 -6:30 PM listing for "The Ernie Anderson Special"-Some skits were taken out of this special and shown during the Friday/Saturday Night Show over the years, but the entire special has never been rebroadcast.

July 1961-Ernie's Place-TV Guide Ad for the premiere of Anderson's Morning Movie Show

Classic Manners "Big Ghoulardi" Ad..

November 21, 1992-First "Ghoulardi Night" (Part One) on Big Chuck and Lil John..Chuck visits Ernie Anderson out in Hollywood and Lil John hosts from Cleveland..All 3 parts of the show (minus movie) are on our Facebook Page..

"Hey Group"

Time for yet another Ghoulardifest..(Number VI). This year being held at the UAW Hall in..Parma! (cue polka music) 5615 Chevrolet Blvd. October 22-23-24 2010. Guests include:

Hoolihan (Bob Wells)-He will be presented with a Cleveland Association of Broadcasters "Legend" award..
Big Chuck
Lil John
Art Lofredo
Mary Ann Winkowski returns-Her stories provided the basis for CBS' Ghost Whisperer Series

The Cast of "The Dead Matter" Film that Chuck, Mike Olszewski and Al Pawlowski of SportsTime Ohio appeared in-Including:
Jason Carter
Barry Van Camp
Donna Williams
Producer Gary Jones..

The DVD of "The Dead Matter" Will be available for sale, as well as a new "Best Of" Big Chuck and Lil John Volume 5-First "Live" Project Chuck and John have done since their retirement in 2007..

Big Chuck and Lil John Halloween PJ Party Saturday, Oct. 23 8-11:30..A Newly found Hoolihan and Big Chuck Show will be shown during this time-Hooli, Chuck and John will be there of course, with the "Dead Matters" Cast and Son of Ghoul..Admission to the PJ Party is $10.00 food will be provided at reasonable cost..

The Ernie Anderson/Tim Conway "Are We On" Video will be shown during Ghoulardifest VI..This was taped at Bowling Green State University in 1965..

There will be a "Movie Room" with Showings of:
Ernie Anderson Tribute Show
Ghoulardi PBS Special
BC/LJ Halloween Special
Best of Ghoulardi Shock Theater
Dead Matters Movie (Q and A with Cast following)
And more..


Adults: $15.00 per day
3 day pass still only $30.00
Children up to 12 years old FREE (When accompanied by an adult)

($2.00 OFF on one day or $5.00 OFF on 3 day)

Providing Entertainment will be Take II and The Soul Men Blues Brothers Tribute..

I hope to be able to make it one day during the fest, but Fans of The Cleveland Horror Host Tradition and Classic Local TV need to be here..It is a great time and Hoolihan. Chuck and John are class acts..You will have fun..

Ghoulardifest VI link with more information thread for Ghoulardifest VI-The complete Movie Room Schedule

Monday, September 13, 2010

Andrea Carroll..Now Dr. Andrea Hill..

Here is the lovely Miss Andrea Carroll..Her real name was Andrea Lee DeCapite..She made many appearances on "The Gene Carroll Show" as a teenager..Photo courtesy Neil Zurcher's NE Ohio TV Memories..

In doing the blog over the last 3 and a half years, I am amazed at finding out stuff I didnt know about Cleveland TV..Andrea DeCapite was a young lady who grew up in Cleveland..She made a name for herself as a teen through many appearances on the Gene Carroll Show on WEWS in the early 1960's. In appreciation of the Break Gene gave her, she took the stage name "Andrea Carroll"..She had several local hit songs, including "Please Don't talk to the Lifeguard" and "Why am I so Shy?".The reason I bring this up now is that along with the Picture on Neil Zurcher's page, EX-WGAR Newsman Eric Braun tells of a link to a website that updates Andrea Carroll, now Dr. Andrea Hill, who owns a Drama School with her husband,Lyle B. Hill in Burbank, California.

Here's a link to the blog page by Chuck Benjamin.."Andrea Carroll..Pop Princess to P.H.D" that updates where Ms. Hill is now, along with lots of nice feedback.. Thanks Eric for sharing this

Original Picture page with comments-Neil Zurcher's NE Ohio TV Memories:

Also wanted to mention..Because of some spam comments recently, I've had to start moderating comments..If you commented on a post, it may take me a few days to see it, which delays them being published..

Sunday, September 5, 2010

September 1954..Here She Is...

Early "Dragnet" reruns were shown in 1954 on WNBK-3 under the title "Badge 714"..Dragnet was the first off network series to be widely syndicated around the country.

Ad For WFMJ-TV 21's new transmitter/antenna tower..WFMJ had very recently moved from Channel 73 to 21

Review of NBC's
"Your Show of Shows" summer replacement, "Saturday Night Review" with a Young Eddie Albert, who hosted most weeks (Though George Gobel and Csesar Romero hosted the show this particular week in late July 1954)

Ad for "The Brighter Day" one of CBS' afternoon soaps, carried by WXEL..WXEL carried several of the afternoon soaps from CBS, as WEWS elected to fill the time locally..Of course, by March 2, 1955 all the CBS soaps and other programming would permanently move to WXEL in the first Cleveland Network Swap, which would be undone in 1994, as WJW would become FOX.. Notice a young Hal Holbrook in this ad, before he became famous in Films, Broadway and Television.

TV Guide ad for the first telecast of the Miss America Pageant on ABC-TV (Ch. 8,27 and 49) Hosting were John Daly and Bess Myerson (Miss America 1945)

Today, we'll look at September 11-17, 1954..The fall TV season was about to gear up for the networks and local stations.Several highlights...

Myrus the Mentalist was featured Mondays at 9:30 PM on WXEL-8

Hey, Mulligan with Mickey Rooney had just premiered Saturdays at 8PM on NBC

Dotty Mack Show was featured Saturdays at 7:30 on WAKR-ABC 49

Miss America Pageant-First telecast 10:30-Midnight Saturday Sept. 11 on channels 8, 27 and 49

"Color Spectacular" Satins and Spurs with Betty Hutton Sunday 7:30-9 on Channels 3, 21..The reviews of the day were not kind to Miss Hutton, unfortunately.

WKBN-27 Noon Show with Stu Wilson premiered Monday, Sept. 13

WEWS-5 Dinner Platter with Bob Dale Monday-Friday 5:45-6:30

Medic-Richard Boone Premiered Monday at 9 on NBC 3, 21

ABC News-John Daly Monday-Friday 7:15 ABC WAKR-49

Humbard Family Sunday Night 8PM WAKR-49

Ohio Story Sunday afternoon 4:50 WXEL 8

My Favorite Husband-Saturdays 9:30 WEWS-5 CBS

Lassie Sunday 3:30 WEWS-5 CBS..Premiere Episode

TV Guide Lake Erie Edition

Saturday, Sept. 11, 1954


9AM Early Bird Theater-Tales Of Robin Hood
10AM Cartoon Time
10:30 Fun Wagon-Glenn Rowell
11:30 Movie-Western
12:30 Mr. Wizard
1PM One O Clock Playhouse-John Halifax, Gentleman
1:45 Canadian Football
4:30 Movie-To Be Announced
6PM Cisco Kid
6:30 Western Film
7PM Files Of Jeffrey Jones
7:30 Ethel and Albert
8PM Mickey Rooney Show (Hey Mulligan)
8:30 Amateur Hour-Last Show
9PM Saturday Review-Eddie Albert, Alan Young
10:30 Your Hit Parade-Polly Bergen-RETURN
11PM News-Tom Field
11:05 Home Theater-Obsessed
12:15 Theater-Invisible Killer


9:25 News
9:30 Winky Dink and You
10AM Early Show-Penal Code
11AM Captain Midnight
11:30 Abbott and Costello
Noon Big Top-Jack Sterling
1PM Lone Ranger
1:30 Uncle Johnny Coons
2PM Bandstand (No relation to the Dick Clark Show)
3PM Movie-TBA
4PM Joe Palooka
4:30 Out Of This World-Cleve. Museum of Natural History
5PM Ramar
5:30 Contest Carnival
6PM Polka Time
6:30 Big Picture
7PM Travel Film
7:30 Beat The Clock
8PM Stage Show-Dorseys with Phil Foster and Jerry Colonna
9PM Two For The Money
9:30 My Favorite Husband-RETURN
10PM That's My Boy
10:30 Theater
11PM Playhouse-the Man Who Lost Himself
12:30 News


9:15 First Reel
9:30 Comedy Carnival
10AM Smilin Ed-ABC
10:30 Space Patrol-ABC
11AM Merry Go-Round-Walt Kay
Noon Saturday "Night" Show-American Empire
1PM Act Two-Dangerous Love
3PM Saturday Matinee-Alimony Madness
5PM Main Event-Wrestling-Wild Red Barry/Freddie Blassie
6:45 News/Sports
7PM Big Picture
7:30 American Barn Dance-DuMont
8PM Football '54-College Football Preview-ABC
9PM Boxing-Cincinnati-ABC
9:45 Fight Talk-Bob Cooke-ABC
10PM The Stranger-DuMont
10:30 Miss America Pageant-ABC

WFMJ-21 NBC Youngstown

1PM Movie Party-Dude Ranger
2PM Movie Party-Wrecking Crew
3PM Dairy Hop
4PM Golden West-Tumbledown Ranch In Arizona
5PM Wrestling
6PM News
6:15 Industry On Parade
6:30 Roundup Time-Come On, Cowboy
7:30 Ethel and Albert
8PM Mickey Rooney Show (Hey Mulligan)
8:30 Amateur Hour-Last Show
9PM Saturday Review-Eddie Albert, Alan Young
10:30 Your Hit Parade-Polly Bergen-RETURN
11PM Skyline Theater-General Spanky (Spanky McFarland)
Midnight News

WKBN-27 CBS/ABC/DuMont Youngstown

10:30 Winky Dink and You
11AM Western Theater
11:30 Panorama
Noon Big Top
1PM Movies-TBA
5PM Panorama
5:30 Hopalong Cassidy
6:30 News This Week
6:45 Sports-Don Gardner
6:55 Weather
7PM Panorama
7:30 Beat The Clock
8PM Stage Show-Dorseys with Phil Foster and Jerry Colonna
9PM Two For The Money
9:30 Pepsi-Cola Playhouse-ABC
10PM That's My Boy
10:30 Miss America Pageant-ABC

WAKR-49 ABC Akron

5PM Bar 49 Theater:(1) Ghost Rider (2) Rolling Home To Texas
7PM Wings Over The World
7:30 Dotty Mack
8PM Football '54-College Football Preview
9PM Boxing-Cincinnati-ABC
9:45 Fight Talk-Bob Cooke
10:30 Miss America Pageant