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Classic Media-2010 in Review

MeTV, originally on Weigel Broadcast stations in Chicago and Milwaukee, has recently gone national with their classic TV lineup..Hoping for an announcement on a NE Ohio affiliate soon..

Antenna TV, from Tribune Co. set to begin on WJW-TV 8.2 January 1, 2011..

RTV Logo..RTV is on two low-power TV combos in NE Ohio..

Barbara Plummer, teacher of WEWS' Romper Room from 1958-71, passed away in 2010
Photo courtesy

Paige Palmer, longtime Women's host at WEWS Channel 5 from 1948-73
From JCU Collection

John Fitzgerald, Sportscaster and announcer for WXEL/WJW from 1950-83..He passed away December 24..from

Good Evening..
Thought I would do something I havent done before-A Year In Review post..First, lets look at people that left us this year..Including Paige Palmer (November 2009), Barbara Plummer (Miss Barbara from Romper Room), Paul Wilcox of Polka Varieties fame, Carl Day, who spent his early TV years at WJAN-17 Canton, and most recently John FitzGerald of WJW-TV 8, who died Christmas Eve..He was at Channel 9/8 from 1950-86..On the radio side, Ken Courtright, and Bill Weissinger of WSTB's Sunday Oldies Jukebox passed away as well..(Any others I may have forgotten, let me know please)

On The Bright side, while "TV Land" strays farther from its roots by showing movies, reality shows and original sitcoms, RTV is still active in the area on channels 29/35 Akron/Cleveland and 52/29 Canton/New Philadelphia..Recent good news is that 29 has already turned on its digital channel and WIVM will move to 39 and become digital sometime in January..Both facilities will add at least 3 more digital subchannels to their lineup..

Also, "Antenna TV" from Tribune Co..Is set to launch on WJW-TV 8.2 January 1, 2011with a Three Stooges marathon..It has also been recently announced that "MeTV" a Weigel Broadcating channel that has been operating in Chicago and Milwaukee for several years, will be going national in the coming year..Expecting that there should be a Cleveland/Akron affiliate announced soon..With MeTV, Antenna and RTV (which also may be adding new services)..There will be a lot of good Classic TV in 2011...

Here's hoping also, that more vintage Cleveland TV Video and audio might be found in 2011 that might be shared with our readers and the public..

Finally, everyone have a Safe Happy and Prosperous New Year..

Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas To All:

While most of the post below (Except for the Barnaby/Woodrow TV Guide Ad) is admittedly an "Encore" from Christmas Day 2007 and the dates are slightly behind, the sentiments are the same..Thanks to everyone for reading the blog over the last 3 and a half years, and for the suggestions and comments..I only regret that I cant always answer folks questions..But I honestly appreciate everyone's input and contributions to the success of the blog..I will try to find a couple of video features to put up on the Facebook Page before tomorrow..Merry Christmas to all and everyone have a safe holiday..

One of my favorite TV Guide ads:For the Barnaby/Woodrow Christmas Party on KYW-TV 3 December 25, 1961..

Thoughtful Christmas Greeting from WKEF-TV 22 Dayton Ohio-December 25, 1968 (Southern Ohio TV Guide)

Simple Christmas Greeting from WICU-TV 12 in Erie, Pa. from December 25, 1969 (TV Guide, Cleveland Edition)

On behalf of my dear wife Linda and myself, I would like to wish everybody a Merry Christmas and a happy and prosperous 2008. I at first had no idea how this website/blog would be received, or if I could even do quality enough work for it to be noticed. This has succeeded byond our wildest dreams..since late August, when we began keeping records, there have been nearly 10,500 blog visits from here in the U. S. and all over the world. representing over 18,000 single-page views..An average currently of 99 visits per day..most of those are from the Cleveland/NE Ohio area..The backbone of our readership and without which we wouldnt be here.

This site grew out of retro-schedules on and I've always been a "Broadcasting Geek" from the time my mother got me a shortwave radio as as teenager..Earlier than that, I was known as the "walking TV Guide" by my family because of knowing instinctively what was on all the channels at any one time..(Wasnt hard with only 3 channels..LOL) I only wish I had kept the TV Guides from that era...With doing the retroschedules, I always felt I wanted to do more. Make the local TV memories more real, I guess, When we hit on the blog Idea in March 2007. I want to thank a few people that have been a real support.

First, my wonderful wife Linda..She doesnt always understand why I enjoy this like I do, but she supports me a lot and I love her for it. She has been very patient..Thank you so much, honey..

WIXYGrad74..Cliff Feightner from Rittman, Ohio..He is a committed Christian that went to the WIXY School of Broadcasting and has made himself a good home and family there in Rittman. He was the first one to inspire me about starting a blog and has been this blog's number 1 supporter..Thanks Cliff!

Mike and Kris awesome couple from the Salem, Ohio area. Mike is one of the Administrators for and companion site Two great sites carrying on the legacy and tradition of Big Chuck and Lil John/Hoolihan/Ghoulardi..We have worked together for a number of months promoting each other's sites and the legacy of local Cleveland Television..

Ohio Media Watch-A site run by a former broadcaster that also inspired me to start this..

And last but not least, Thanks everyone for comments, encouragment and most of all for reading us..Again, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

1100 Cleveland....3WE....Smilin' Through..with Larry Morrow...

Cover of "This Is Larry Morrow:My Life On and Off the air"..Latest title recently released by Gray and Company..A delightful read..Note of reminder:Larry will be a guest on "More Sports and Les Levine" on Time Warner's NEON Network Channel 23 tonight (Tuesday, December 21) at 6PM (Live) and 11PM (replay)..

Larry spent 10 years as the morning man at WWWE-1100...It was during this time, as well as at WIXY, that he cemented his reputation as one of Cleveland's great boosters.(courtesy Wikipedia)

Early 1970's ad for CKLW "The Big 8" in Windsor..Larry hit the big time here as the overnight man, "Duke" Windsor..upon arriving in Cleveland at WIXY-1260, he found that the name "Duke Windsor" was owned by CKLW, so he had to use his real name..courtesy The "Big 8" Tribute Page

Larry Morrow "Cartoon" design used during his WIXY heyday..Larry's mother was very unhappy with this..Larry loved it, however..Courtesy Cleveland Seniors website

The post title above refers to what is called in the radio business as a "jingle" ..A short music interlude to bring the host back in from a commercial break..I fondly remember this from Mr. Morrow's days at WWWE-1100 in the 1970's and early 80's, though it could also refer to his life we see in the latest release from Gray and Company, "This Is Larry Morrow:My Life On and Off the Air"..

Morrow tells of his upbringing in Pontiac Michigan, where he was born in 1938, and his loving family..He also tells of his early desire to move to California after his military service but was compelled to return home because of his father's illness..His start in radio in native Michigan, leading to his first success as "Duke Windsor" at "The Big 8" CKLW in 1965..after being let go at CKLW, he agreed to move to WIXY Cleveland in July 1966..He tells a story of being in his hotel room..tuning through the TV, thinking the same movie was on all three channels, but actually being the Hough Riots in the news covered on all channels..Larry wondered if he had made a mistake..Deciding to stay, he became part of the "WIXY Supermen", which propelled WIXY-1260 to the top of Cleveland Radio by the late 1960's, during which a 1969 promotion to "Bring the boys Home" for Thanksgiving during the height of the Vietnam War was a success, and gave Larry one of his most enduring memories. after a 6 year run at WIXY, Larry moved to Nick Mileti's 3WE, where he was morning man for 10 years..After a format change at WWWE, he everntually moved to WERE for a couple years then at WQAL from 1985-2000.Thoughout Larry speaks in endearing terms of most of his co-workers and management.He tells of various celebrities he has met along the way..

But his biggest success in radio was connecting with the people.Along the way, Larry grew in love with Cleveland when many Cleveland natives would just as soon joke about their city..Larry went so far as to dress like Founder Moses Cleaveland at various city functions, becoming the city's biggest booster in the media..He also tells of his love for his wife Rosary and 3 daughters..

The book itself is an enjoyable read..You feel Larry is there speaking to you over a cup of coffee..I highly recommend this book.

Sample chapter:

Larry Morrow at the "WIXY 1260 Reunion" in 1988 on WMJI-105.7-Courtesy Ray Glasser..

Monday, December 20, 2010

Encore:Christmas Eve 1959

Originally posted December 25, 2007:A look at December 24, 1959..

A 1959 Holiday Greeting on behalf of the employees of WJW-TV 8 in Cleveland. Doug Adair started at the station in '59. Howard Hoffman, John Fitzgerald and Jim Doney were at TV 8 well into the 1970's. Another name on the list is Casey "Kassem"..actually Casey Kasem, who worked at TV 8 for a short time in the late 1950's before his greatest fame as "American Top 40" host and "Shaggy" on Scooby-Doo as well as other cartoon voices..He was also NBC announcer for awhile.

KYW-3 Eyewitness News Sunday Ad featuring Hugh Danaceau, who worked as a newsman for over 40 years at numerous Cleveland area Radio and TV stations ending at WCLV/WRMR at the time of his passing in 2003..By all accounts, a great newsman and a very authoritative voice..

Kraft Music Hall ad for Perry Como's Christmas Show Wednesday, December 23, 1959.

Highlights of Christmas week 1959:KYW-3 and WKBN-27 had "Year in Review" Shows, sponsored on both stations by Fisher Foods. NBC's Amahl and the Night Visitors is shown for the 10th time, though this year's version was taped in 1958. The Statewide 10 minute Documentary series, "The Ohio Story" featured "The First Christmas Tree."

Thursday, December 24, 1959

3-KYW NBC Cleveland

7AM Today
8:55 News-Tom Haley
9AM Cash On The Line Movie-Whistling In Dixie 1942
10:25 Girl On The Go-Gloria Brown
10:30 Play Your Hunch-Merv Griffin
11AM Price Is Right-Bill Cullen-COLOR
11:30 Concentration-Hugh Downs
Noon Truth Or Consequences-Bob Barker
12:30 It Could Be You-Bill Leyden-COLOR
1PM Movie-Never Take No For An Answer-1951-English
2:50 News-Pete French
3PM Young Dr. Malone
3:30 From These Roots
4PM House On High Street
4:30 Split Personality
5PM Barnaby, Popeye and Friends
5:30 Movie-When a Feller needs a Friend-1932
6:50 News-Pete French
6:55 Weather-Stu Cramer
7PM Bengal Lancers
7:30 Night Before Christmas-Tom Haley hosts this program featuring the Oberlin College Octet, Linn Sheldon and Ronnie Barrett
8PM Amahal and the Night Visitors-SPECIAL
9PM Bachelor Father
9:30 Ford Show starring Tennessee Ernie Ford-COLOR-Guest:Jay North (Live)
10PM Groucho Marx
10:30 Phil Silvers (Bilko)
11PM News-Pete French
11:10 Weather-Howard (Specs?)
11:15 Sports-Jim Graner
11:20 Story Of Christmas-Paul Bedford from the Cleveland Museum of Art
Midnight-Church Service-St. Patrick's Cathedral in NYC

WEWS-5 ABC Cleveland

8:55 News-Randy Culver
9AM Christmas Chorus
9:30 Paige Palmer
11AM My Little Margie
11:30 Stu Erwin
Noon News-Randy Culver
12:05 Noon Show-Captain Penny (Mr. Jingeling at 12:25)
1PM One O-Clock Club-Dorothy Fuldheim, Bill Gordon
2:30 Gale Storm Show
3PM Beat The Clock
3;30 Who Do You Trust
4PM American Bandstand
5:30 Three Stooges
6:25 Mr. Jingeling
6:30 Dorothy Fuldheim
6:45 News-Tom Field
6:50 Weather-Sunny Day
6:55 Three Stooges and Friends
7:15 Huntley/Brinkley Report (NBC)
7:30 Gale Storm
8PM Donna Reed-Guest Buster Keaton
8:30 Real McCoys
9PM Pat Boone
9:30 Untouchables
10:30 Glencannon
11PM News-Tom Field
11:15-Jack Paar (NBC)
Midnight-Church Service-Catholic-from Washington, DC
1AM News-Paul Wilcox

WJW-8 CBS Cleveland

7AM Dateline UN
7:30 Rex Humbard
7:45 Spunky and Tadpole
8AM Captain Kangaroo
9AM Watch and Win Movie-Nancy Drew,Detective 1938
10:30 Medic
11AM I Love Lucy
11:30 December Bride
Noon Love Of Life
12:30 Search For Tomorrow
12:45 Guiding Light
1PM Movie-Heaven With a Barbed Wire Fence-1939
2:30 House Party
3PM Millionaire
3;30 Verdict Is Yours
4PM Brighter Day
4:15 Secret Storm
4:30 Edge Of Night
5PM As The World Turns
5:30 Movie-Konga, The Wild Stallion
7PM City Camera News-
7:10-Sports Camera-Warren Moran
7:15-CBS News-Douglas Edwards
7:30 Mackenzies Raiders (Instead of To Tell The Truth)
8PM Betty Hutton Show
8:30 Johnny Ringo
9PM Zane Grey
9:30 Playhouse 90
11PM-News-Warren Guthrie
11:10 City Report-Doug Adair
11:15 Sports, Weather
11:20 To Be Announced
11:30 Church Service-Natl. Cathedral, Washington, DC
12:30 Film Feature

WAKR-49 ABC Akron

Noon Restless Gun
12:30 Love that Bob
1PM Music Bingo
1:30 Looney Tunes
2PM Day In Court
3PM Gale Storm
3:30 Who Do You Trust?
4PM American Bandstand
4:30 Movie-The Great Lover
6PM Looney Tunes
6:30 Singing Towers-Christmas Music
6:55 Weather, News, Sports
7:15 Singing Towers
7:30 Gale Storm
8PM Women against Women-1938
8:50 Ohio Story
9PM Pat Boone
9:30 Movie-Min and Bill-1930
10:30 Ernie Kovacs
11PM Church Service-Episcopal
Midnight-Church Service-Catholic

Listings and ads courtesy TV Guide Dec. 19-25, 1959

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Encore:Perry Como at The Hollywood Palace-1969

Today's Encore is from December 7, 2009..Perry Como hosting ABC's Hollywood Palace, in a full one hour Christmas episode, originally aired December 20, 1969, including commercials:

TV Guide Listing for Hollywood Palace December 20, 1969

"From December 20, 1969:Here is ABC's Hollywood Palace Christmas Show hosted by Perry Como, with Guests Dihann Carroll, Then starring in NBC's Julia, Comedian Shecky Greene, Edward Villella of the New York City Ballet, and Burr Tillstrom with Kukla and Ollie..(Shecky:Who'd you think I thought they were, Huntley and Brinkley?)..This hearkens back to the time of the "Christmas TV Special" when you had beautiful music and sometimes cheesy comedy..but most of us loved it..Perry here is at his easygoing he reacts nicely to the goings on around him and sings some good songs as well..Commercials Included

Hollywood Palace-12/20/69 Part 1

Part 2-Kukla and Ollie, with Shecky Greene

Part 3 Dihann Carroll Sings

Part 4 Shecky Greene sketch, Perry Sings "Christmas Eve"

Part 5-Kukla, Ollie

Part 6 Christmas Medley with Perry Como and Singers

Como mentions here that he'll be back in February with a special sponsored by Sears "On another network that doesnt begin with C"

Quick thanks for all the Birthday greetings from Facebook friends and especially Cliff (WIXYGrad) Feightner for mentioning my birthday in his blog.."

Also thought I'd kind of try to change up the blog background hopefully to give a more "Holiday" feel to it..Let me know if you have problems seeing anything..I took out the "Shokus Radio" widget as well, thought it might be slow loading up the blog on my end..

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Encore:Hoppity Hooper Christmas Episode (Cartoon Fun)

Originally posted November 28, 2007:

I believe this was telecast Sunday afternoons at 5PM on WEWS-TV 5 (ABC) "Hoppity Hooper" (though not this episode, unfortunately) has several episodes on Public Domain DVD..As I mention in the post I thought this show was underrated..

A little fun to start the Holiday season:A Christmas Episode of "Hoppity Hooper" from December 19, 1965..This was actually a repackaging of "Hoppity" into a series called "Cartoon Fun" on ABC-TV sponsored by Topper Toys, which ran Sunday afternoons from September-December, 1965. Veteran comic actor Hans Conreid was Waldo Wigglesworth, Bill Scott(Bullwinkle) was Fillmore the Bear and Chris Allen was the naive frog Hoppity..The show was reminiscent of Rocky and Bullwinkle, with crude animation and puns galore..Very underrated in my opinion..Thanks to Toontracker for this gem..

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Encore:Newscenter 8 December 24, 1977

For our next Encore posting we present the complete Newscenter 8 broadcast from December 24, 1977. Including commercials and staff greeting spots..More details in the post below..Originally from December 13, 2007..

Tonight we present courtesy of Google Video, a complete Newscenter 8 broadcast from 30 years ago.. Saturday, December 24, 1977..The 32-minute program includes all commercials, as well as before and after newscast promo spots. There are several nice, heartwarming TV 8 "Seasons Greetings" spots..The Anchors were Jim Finerty and Kathy Adams with News, Mike Marlier with weather and Fred McLeod on Sports (now FSN-Channel 43 Cavaliers announcer)..In one of the last spots, we see Channel 8 was the 1977-78 local TV home for the Cavaliers, plus the sportscast mentions Barons NHL Hockey..being Christmas Eve, it was a relatively slow news day..

Note:The video above is actually a repeat posting from July 10th, 2007, but many of our newer readers may not have come across it as yet. Being closer to Christmas, I thought it was appropriate to repeat..

Monday, December 13, 2010

Encore:Stark County Radio-Christmas 1948

For our second encore holiday posting we go back to 1948 in Canton/Stark County Radio..Posted Originally December 20, 2008

Timken Roller Bearing Company ad for 2 Sponsored Christmas Day Programs on Canton Radio..Timken, being the largest employer for many years in Canton/Stark County led the way in many areas, including radio..

WAND-AM 900/FM 92.5 ad for Christmas programming on December 25, 1948..Canton Repository `12-24-48

A Downtown Canton Tradition for over 60 years..The Newsstand/Bookstore News Depot..The store was located for many years at 207 Market Avenue North. It is now at 220 Market Avenue South, In The Huntington Bank Building..

Here I thought we would take a look at Stark County and Cleveland area radio in the Christmas Season in 1948. The Canton Repository listed all Canton Stations and 3 major Cleveland AM Stations..Some others from Akron (WADC, WHKK), Pittsburgh (KDKA), Wheeling (WWVA) and Cincinnati (WLW) were listed under their respective networks, but programming was not listed for these stations.. Some Highlights:

Thursday December 23
Jack Webb in a Red Cross Dramatization at 6:30-WHBC-Months before his premeiere on Dragnet..

Frankie Laine guests on "Chesterfield Supper Club" with Perry Como at 7PM-WTAM

Homer Gives His Father a Box Of exploding cigars on the "Aldrich Family" at 8PM-WTAM

"Two Days Before Christmas" will be dramatized on "Crime Photographer" at 9:30 on WGAR

Friday, Drcember 24

White House Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony with President Truman-5PM-WHK, 5:15 WTAM, 7:30 WHBC

Ghost Of Christmas Past-Ohio Story 6:30 WHBC

Santa Claus Appears on "Mr. Ace And Jane"-8:30 WGAR

Santa Takes a Powder on "This Is Your FBI" 8:30 WHBC

"Legend Of The Candle" by Mrs. Twila Carmen of Minerva-9:30 WHBC

Saturday, December 25

Two Hour Christmas Party-9AM WAND

Christmas Address by King George VI Of England at 10AM-All Networks

The "Story Lady" Presents a program from Stark County Home as residents there receive Christmas Gifts from WCMW sponsors and listeners-10:30 WCMW

Santa Claus confuses Lou Costello with a Penguin on "The Abbott and Costello Show"- 11AM WHBC

Miracle For Christmas-Grand Central Station (Frank Sinatra-12:30 WGAR

"The Boy Who Sang For The King" will be presented on the "Dennis Day Show"-10PM WTAM

Canton Repository Program Listings
Saturday,December 25, 1948

900/92.5 WAND Canton (Now WCER and WDJQ, respectively)

7:45 Light Of The World
8AM News
8:05 Morning Melodies
8:30 Calvary Call
8:45 Organ Reveries
9AM Christmas Party
11AM Holiday Music
11:30 Victor Herbert
Noon Lunch Serenade
1PM Bing Crosby
1:30 Freddy Martin
2PM Fred Waring
2:30 Frank DeVol
3PM Loretta Young-"Littlest Angel"
3:30 Richard Himber
4PM Lionel Barrymore
4:30 Dave Dennis
5PM Weather/Sign-Off

WAND-92.5 FM Only
5PM Nutcracker Suite
5:30 Carnival
6PM Messiah
8PM Weather

1060/94.9 WCMW Canton (Now WILB and WQMX Respectively)

7:45 Man About Town
8AM Musical Clock
9AM Little Shepherd
9:15 Carol Singers
9:30 Santa Rides Again
10AM Fire Fighters
10:30 Old Folks Christmas-Stark County Home
11AM Man About Town
11:15 Children's Choir
11:30 Story Lady
12:15 Del Courtney
1PM Christmas Carols
2PM World Carols
2:15 Thanks for Christmas
2:30 Merchants
4PM Concert Hour
4:45 Voice Of The Army/Sign-Off

WCMW-94.9 Only
5PM Claude Thornhill
5:30 Russ Morgan
6PM Frankie Carle
6:15 Navy Band
6:30 Dinner Concert
7:30 Danceland

1100-WTAM NBC Cleveland

7AM News/Musical Clock
7:30 Musical Clock/News
8AM Jack Elton
8:15 Naval Reserve
8:30 News
8:45 Strike Up The Band
9AM Mind Your Manners
9:30 Cornich Choir
10AM King George VI
10:15 Mary Lee Taylor
10:30 Archie Andrews
11AM Meet The Meeks
11:30 Ed McConnell
Noon Edward Wallace (Early Newscaster on WNBK Channel 4)
12:15 Perry Brown
12:30 Marine Band
12:45 Guest Star
1PM Farm And Home Hour
1:30 Edward Tomlinson
1:45 Ohio News
2PM Kiddies Concert
2:30 First Piano Quartet
3PM Yes, a Santa (how listed..I am assuming this is Yes Virginia, There Is A Santa Claus)
4PM Star Time
6PM Treasure House
6:15 News
6:30 NBC Symphony
7:30 Vic Damone
8PM Star Theater
8:30 Truth Or Consequences
9PM Your Hit Parade
9:30 Judy Canova
10PM Dennis Day
10:30 Grand Ole Opry
11PM News
11:15 Morton Downey
11:30 Guy Lombardo

1220 WGAR-CBS Cleveland

7AM Bill Mayer (News-Martin-Motor Melodies at 7:45)
9AM Christmas In Cleveland
9:45 St. Francis Hour
10AM King George VI
10:15 Chariot Wheels
10:30 Romance Drama
11AM News
11:15 Let's Pretend
11:30 Junior Miss
Noon Theater Of Today
12:30 Grand Central Station
1PM County Fair
1:30 Give and Take
2PM Stars Over Hollywood
2:30 Concert Orchestra
3PM BBC Singers
3:30 Dave Stephens
4PM Holiday Show
6PM Van Patrick
6:15 Bob Neal
6:30 Midwestern Hayride
7PM Audition Ambition
7:30 Vaughn Monroe
8PM Messiah
10:30 Minstrel Gitl
10:45 Decision Now
11PM News
11:15 Footlights Forum
11:30 Morgan's Musicale

1420 WHK Mutual-Cleveland

7AM News
7:15 Meditation
7:30 Spins and Needles
8AM World News
8:15 Breakfast Melody
8:30 Pat and Mike
9AM Hillbilly Music
9:15 Modern Revue
9:30 Polish Serenade
10AM King George VI
10:15 Book Caravan
10:30 Albert L. Warner
10:45 Rent Control
11AM Fire Safety
11:15 Story Teller
11:30 Magic Rhythm
12PM Smoky Mountain Hayride
12:30 Meet The Press
1PM Talent Parade
1:30 Christmas Story
2PM Polka
2:15 Polish Music
2:30 Hungarian Music
2:45 College Football-North/South Game
5PM Take A Number
5:30 True Or False
6PM Big Broadcast
8PM Twenty Questions
8:30 Cowboy Classics
8:45 Strikes and Spares
9PM True Or False
9:30 Guy Lombardo
10PM Take A Nubmber
10:30 Chicago Theater
11PM RCA Victor Choir
11:30 Eddy Duchin

1480/94.1 WHBC-ABC Canton

7AM News/Alarm Clock
8AM News/Top of the Morning
8:30 Morning Melodies
9AM Shopper's Special
10AM King George VI
10:15 Hansel and Gretel
11AM Abbott and Costello
11:30 Tomorrow's Headlines
11:45 Early Christmases In Canton-E.T. Heald of Stark County Historical Society
Noon News
12:15 Music Of All Nations
12:30 Fine Arts Quartet
1PM Maggie McNeils
1:30 Christmas Overseas
2PM Metropolitan Opera
5PM Tea and Crumpets
6PM News
6:15 Sports
6:30 Reminiscient Rhythm
6:45 Christmas Songs
7PM Episcopal Hour
7:30 Christmas Music
8PM Kay Starr
8:30 Famous Jury Trials
9PM Saturday Serenade
9:30 Amazing Malone
10PM Musical Etchings
10:30 Bing Crosby
11PM News
11:15 Sports Whirl
11:30 Hawthorn Thing (No idea what this is)

Encore:"Christmas In Cleveland 1953

As we mentioned recently on our Facebook page, our home computer went on the fritz over a week ago (hard drive failure)..We plan on getting a new computer by income tax time..Hopefully by mid February, if not earlier..The computer I'm on is 9 years old and low on RAM memory, so I'm kind of leery of trying to do extensive new postings on the blog at this point.. (Would just take too long) Was hoping to do some Christmas postings through the month of December..Came up with the idea of doing "Encores" throughout the month..We'll also continue to do separate things on the Facebook Page..

Today:Christmas Week December 1953..Originally posted December 21, 2007

A "Cleveland Christmas Song" commissioned by TV Guide, written by "Captain" Glenn Rowell and Puppeteer Cy Kelly..Rowell was host of a WNBK 9AM Kids show..He earlier was partner with Gene Carroll in a 1930's and 40's Radio Comedy Act "Gene and Glenn." Carroll, of course, was well established at WEWS-5..Kelly was host of "Weather Factory" on WNBK-4. The opposite page is a list of Holiday-Themed programming for the week.

Ad touting WXEL's move to Channel 8 from Channel 9. On December 24th, 1953, WSTV-Channel 9 Steubenville first went on the air, Making the move of WXEL to Channel 8 necessary. WXEL had moved to Channel 8 December 10, 1953.

Sample pages of TV Guide December 22, 1953..The Photos on the top of the page are Dave Garroway-4 7AM (Today)
Crandall Hendershott and Randy Culver-On Wings of Song-5 8:05 AM
Bride And Groom-4, 73 Noon
King Jack-8 4PM

We now look at Christmas 1953...Let's look at an edited version of "Lake Erie Dateline" from the Dec. 18-24, 1953 Issue of TV Guide Lake Erie Edition-Originally at

Below are portions of a Local TV News column that appeared in TV Guide's "Lake Erie Edition" for December 18-24, 1953..Familiar Names made news that week:

"TV's Week: Welcome Akron and WAKR TV! Beginning with this issue, TV Guide will carry the complete program listings for Rubber City's Channel 49. Residents of Cleveland, Youngstown and now Akron can get all their program information for the five (actually now six) TV stations appearing in this area with a single TV Guide.

Channel Chatter:John Fitzgerald, well known to Clevelanders for his nightly Sports Final on channel 8 at 11:15PM, and for his color and background presentations during the Cleveland Browns' Games, has been named Promotions Director of WXEL. John, who has been a staff announcer since 1950, is a local boy. He Graduated from Lakewood High in 1943 and then studied speech at the University of Michigan.

Other notes:(my edits-not full text)
Fitzgerald's replacement at WXEL was Jack Beauchamp, an announcer at WHEN-TV Syracuse, NY.

An amusing Story about WNBK-4's Johnny Andrews, Host of Lights, Camera, Questions!..He was apparently late to work for the first time in 16 years because of..a faulty garage door opener! The then new technology went wrong..He was stuck in his garage and had to have the garage door maker come out and open his door..

Two soloists on WEWS Channel 5's Gene Carroll Talent Show,Marge Pawlak and Rose Hinkle, were encouraged by Gene ro form a duet..And were so popular they decided to make it a permanent pairing..But they they couldnt come up with a name for their duet..Viewers were asked to come up with suggestions.."

TV Guide:Lake Erie Edition

Monday, December 21, 1953

4 WNBK Cleveland NBC
5 WEWS Cleveland CBS
8 WXEL Cleveland DuMont/ABC
27 WKBN Youngstown CBS/DuMont/ABC
49 WAKR Akron ABC
73 WFMJ Youngstown NBC


4 73 Today

5 News

5 On Wings Of Song

5 Beauty For You-Exercise

5 News Bulletins

5 Beauty For You-Paige Palmer

4 Captain Glenn-Glen Rowell
5 Mixing Bowl-Van Cleve
8 Movie-Kiss Of Araby
73 Pictorial Parade

4 Ohio Today-Tom Haley

4 Idea Shop-Mildred/Gloria
5 Television I.Q.

4 Ohio Today-Tom Haley

4 73 Ding Dong School
5 Arthur Godfrey Time

4 73 Glamor Girl-Jack McCoy
"Lucky Girl gets Beauty overhaul" (Not unlike today's "makeover" shows)
8 Charming Children-Marjore Harm
TV Kindergarten

4 73 Hawkins Falls-serial
8 Alice Weston-cooking
27 Morning Movie-Feature

4 73 Three Steps to Heaven-serial

4 73 The Bennetts-serial
5 Strike It Rich
8 Movie-Warren Case

4 73 Follow Your Heart-serial


4 73 Bride And Groom
5 Valiant Lady

4 Haley's Daily
5 27 Love Of Life
73 Noontime Comics

4 73 Maggi Byrne-Fashion
5 27 Search For Tomorrow
8 Rena And Bob-TV Shop
"Viewers Buy and Sell On TV"

5 Guiding Light
27 73 News

4 Movie-Westward Ho
5 Women's Window-Ethel Jackson
8 Movie-Scarlet Clue (Charlie Chan)
27 Home Cooking-Marion Resch
73 Movie-My Son The Hero

5 Garry Moore-Guests Roger Price{Known for "Droodles") and Denise Lor
27 Feature Matinee-Movie

5 Double Or Nothing

4 Joe Portaro-Fashion
73 Fashion Sketchbook

4 Nancy Dixon-Shopping
5 Art Linkletter
73 Kitchen Corner-Mariner

8 You are what You eat

4 Chef Lorenzo-cooking
8 All For You-Alice Weston

4 73 Kate Smith
5 Big Payoff
8 Maggi Wulff-Club News
27 Paul Dixon-DuMont

5 Bob Crosby
8 27 Paul Dixon-DuMont

4 73 Welcome Travelers
5 Dinner Platter-Bob Dale
8 49 Turn To A Friend-Dennis James-ABC
27 Action In The Afternoon Live Action western series from Philadelphia-CBS

4 73 On Your Account-Win Elliott
8 King Jack's Toy Box
27 49 Ern Westmore show-ABC

4 Atom Squad
5 News
8 73 Santa Claus (two different local shows)
27 Movie-Western
49 Hinky Dinks-Game

4 73 Howdy Doody
5 Movie-Where Trail Ends
8 Desert Deputy-Western (various serial westerns)
49 Corral Time-Western


4 Superman-George Reeves
27 Adventure Time
73 News/Weather

8 Bob Rowley-News
27 Humbard Family-Religion
73 Viz Quiz-Film

8 Al Rosen-Sports
73 Eddie Lane-Sports

4 Tom Manning-Sports
5 Dorothy Fuldheim
8 TV Weatherman
27 News Today
49 Tootsie Hippodrome-ABC
73 Film Fare

4 Weather Factory-Puppets
8 Les Paul/Mary Ford
27 News At Home

4 Tom Field-News
5 Lee Sullivan-Variety
8 Home with the Grahams
27 Don Gardner-Sports

5 Johnny Price-Weather
27 Weather

4 Dangerous Assignment-Syndicated
5 Twenty Fingers-Piano
8 27 Captain Video-DuMont
49 News
73 it Happened Here-History

5 Art Linkletter-Kids
8 News Parade-Lang/Dudley
27 Rambling Reporter-News
49 Kenny Nichols-Quiz
73 Film Short

4 Arthur Murray
5 27 CBS News-Douglas Edwards
8 49 Jamie-ABC

4 73 NBC News-John Cameron Swayze
5 Perry Como
27 The Pastor-Religion

4 73 Name That Tune
5 Burns And Allen
8 Twenty Questions-DuMont
49 You Asked For It-ABC

4 73 The Voice Of Firestone
5 Talent Scouts
8 The Big Issue-ABC
27 Of Many Things-Discussion
49 Teen WHO Club

4 73 Dennis Day
5 I Love Lucy
8 Lingo-word game
49 Junior Press Conference-ABC

8 Bible Forum

4 73 Robert Montgomery Presents
5 27 Masquerade Party
8 This Is The Life-ABC
49 Why The Chimes Rang

5 27 Studio One "Cinderella '53"
8 Carling Boxing=DuMont
Bob Baker/Clarence Henry-Heavyweight bout
49 Mystery Theater

4 73 Badge 714-Dragnet Reruns
49 Akron Bar Association

8 Ringside Interviews

4 Tom Field-News
5 73 Polka Revue
8 27 Warren Guthrie-Your Sohio Reporter
49 News/Sports/Weather

4 Ken Coleman-Sports

4 Joe Finan-Weather
8 Ted Malone-Today's Top Story
27 Sid Davis-News

4 Movie-Mississippi Rhythm
8 John Fitzgerald-Sports

8 Movie-"Fear"
27 Movie-TBA

12:00 Midnight
5 News
73 News

5 Movie-Cheating Blondes

4 News

27 News

Friday, December 3, 2010

Father Knows Best:Home For Christmas..

Opening titles for Father Knows Best, aired from 1954-60 on NBC and CBS and aired on ABC Daytime in the mid-1960's..

In our first of several postings for the Holiday Season we begin with The NBC "Big Event" from December 1977:The Opening moments of "Father Knows Best:Home For Christmas" A reunion of the cast of Father Knows Best in a full length TV movie with Robert Young and Jane Wyatt..with Laurin Chapin, Billy Gray and Elinor Donahue..As Is Our custom during the Holidays, I'll be looking for Christmas Music and TV video memories of the past as well as focusing on a couple of years specifically during the month..

Thursday, November 25, 2010


WFMJ-21 Movie ad

Channel 49 (soon to be 23) ad for College Sports Specials and a WKBN-27 Movie Ad..

TV Guide Ad for the ABC Friday-After Thanksgiving Cartoon Block, which they did through at least the 1970's..This may have been the first year for it.

Today we'll look at Thanksgiving week in 1967..A few random notes:
Most of the TV shows of this period were in color, though there were still pockets of Black and White Local shows such as WJW-TV's Rex Humbard and some short newscasts,,On ABC, Game Shows Everybody's Talking and Family Game were also Black and White...
WVIZ-25 was all Black and White at this point. WJAN-17 and WAKR-49 Local shows were still monochrome, though WJAN showed a few off network reruns in color..

WJAN was still broadcasting 4-11:15 Monday-Friday 12-9 Saturday and off the air Sunday..

Franz The Toymaker was airing on WJW-TV 10-10:30 Sunday Mornings and weekdays 9-10..

WEWS' Upbeat with Don Webster was in the middle of its run..also airing in Youngstown, Erie and Toledo..

WKYC-TV countered with "Big Ralph" Saturdays at 6..With host Jay Lawrence (who, when asked about the name Big Ralph, said it was the name of his horse)

The Captain Penny Noon Show was 12:20-1 Monday-Friday and Comedy Clubhouse 4-5 PM weekdays on WEWS. The Noon Show would be gone by February, 1968, after a 13-year run, replaced by ABC "Bewitched" reruns and local news at 12:30..

"Sherlock Holmes and The House Of Fear" (1945) was The "Hoolihan and Big Chuck" Show Movie Friday, December 24, 1967 on Channel 8.

WAKR-49 moved down the TV dial to Channel 23 December 1, 1967

A young Jenny Crimm did news updates daily on WJW-TV at 3:25 PM after To Tell The Truth..She would move over to Channel 5, where for many years she did News Updates on the Morning Exchange and also the Noon News..

TV Listings Thursday, November 23, 1967
Source:TV Guide Cleveland Edition
(While TV Guide designated color shows, I'll indicate shows without the COLOR designation as BW)
Cleveland 3, 5, 8, 25
Akron 49
Canton 17
Youngstown 21, 27, 33

3 Farm Front

3 Education Exchange
8 News-BW

8 To Be Announced

3-21 Today
8 Rex Humbard-BW
27 To Be Announced

8 News

5 Donna Reed
8 Cartoons
27 CBS News-Joseph Benti

27 Local News

5 Magilla Gorilla
8-27 Captain Kangaroo
33 Cartoons

5 Romper Room-Miss Barbara Plummer

3 Mike Douglas
5 Everybody's Talking-Game-BW
8 Franz The Toymaker
21 Tele-View
27 Romper Room
33 Ed Allen Show-Exercise

21 Classroom TV

5 Dating Game
21 Cartoon Time
27 FYI-Cliff Ferre
33 Dateline:Youngstown-Charles Devalut

3-21 Macy's Parade-Lorne Greene, Betty White
5 Paige Palmer
8-27 Thanksgiving Parades-New York, Philadelphia, Detroit, Toronto
49 Ed Allen

5-33 Dateline:Hollywood-BW
49 Women's Page-BW

5-33 Children's Doctor

5-33-49 Honeymoon Race

5-33-49 Family Game-BW

3-21 Jeopardy!-Art Fleming
5 News-Dorothy Fuldheim, Tom Field
8-27 NFL Pregame
33-49 Everybody's Talking-BW

8-27 NFL Football
LA Rams at Detroit Lions-Announcers:Van Patrick, Gil Statton andFrank Gifford (Rams won 31-7)

5 Noon Show-Captain Penny

3-21 Eye Guess-Bill Cullen
33-49 Donna Reed

3-21 NBC News

3 Three On The Town
5-49 Fugitive-BW
21 Match Game
33 Rip Van Winkle-SPECIAL

21 Virginia Graham

3 Let's Make A Deal-Monty Hall

3-21 AFL Football
Oakland Raiders at Kansas City Chiefs-Curt Gowdy, Paul Christman
(Oakland Won 44-22)
5 Cartoons
49 Newlywed Game-Bob Eubanks

33 News
49 Great Moments In Music-BW

5-33-49 NCAA Pre-Game

5-33-49 College Football-Oklahoma at Nebraska-Chris Schenkel, Bud Wilkinson

8 Mr. Magoo in The King's Service-Likely edited episodes from "Famous Adventures of Mr. Magoo (NBC 1964-65)
27 To Be Announced

27 Edge Of Night

8 King Family Thanksgiving
17 Ladies' Day-BW
27 Secret Storm

17 Leave It To Beaver-BW
27 Merv Griffin

3-21 AFL Football
Denver at San Diego (Chargers won 24-20)

8 News-Doug Adair, Martin Ross, Dick Goddard, Frank Gleiber
17 Frontier Circus
25 Folk Guitar

8 Voice Of The Fans
25 Kindergarten-Joyce Marron
27 News

8 Best Of the Browns

5 Merv Griffin
8-27 NFL Football
St. Louis Cardinals at Dallas Cowboys-Jack Drees, Jack Buck and Pat Summerall
(Dallas won 46-21)

17 News-BW
25 What's New-BW
33 Mike Douglas
49 Cartoons

17 Sidelight-Interview-BW

17 Record Hop-BW
25 Let's Lip Read-BW
49 Sports Talkback-BW

5 News-Fred DeBrine, Dave Buckel, Gib Shanley, Don Webster
25 Opinion:Washington-BW

49 Women's Page

5 Dorothy Fuldheim Commentary

3-21 Daniel Boone
5-33-49 Batman
17 Hall Of Fame-Football
25 Arnold Toynbee

17 News-Carl Day-Carl recently passed away after many years on Dayton TV/radio

17 Holiday

5-33-49 Flying Nun
17 Movie-Claudia-1943-BW
25 Spectrum-BW

3-21 Ironside
5-33-49 Bewitched
25 French Chef-BW
49 High School Football Akron Championship

5-33-49 That Girl
8-27 CBS Movie-PT 109-BW
25 Robertson At Large-Don Robertson
Guests:John Ryan, Folksinger, "Big Chuck" Schodowski and Bob Wells of Channel 8

3-21 Dragnet
5-33 Peyton Place
17 Suspicion-BW

3-21 Dean Martin
5 Hondo
33 Good Company

17 Talkback-BW
33 Rat Patrol

3 News,Weather, Sports-Virgil Dominic, Wally Kinnan, Jim Graner
5 News, Weather, Sports Dave Buckel/Fred DeBrine, Ron Penfound, Gib Shanley
17-33-49 News-BW
21 News

8 News, Weather, Sports Doug Adair/Martin Ross, Dick Goddard, Frank Gleiber
27 News

33 Outdoor Report-Jerry Blinzley-BW

33 Horse Racing-BW

3-21 Johnny Carson
5-33-49 Joey Bishop

8 Movie-Double Feature

1. How To Be Very Very Popular-1955
2. Main Street To Broadway-1953-BW

27 Movie-Dodge City-1939-BW

3 Sea Hunt-BW

At this time I would like the wish our readers a happy and safe Thanksgiving..

Thursday, November 4, 2010

New Gadget:Shokus Internet Radio

You may notice something new on the Blog page..Last night I added a new "widget" The Live 365 feed of Shokus Internet Radio..Stu Shostak has been programming this station for several years now, with nostalgia-based programming..Especially about classic TV..His main program on Wednesdays at 4PM PT/7PM ET has live two hour interviews with actors and people behind the scenes in the entertainment world..Especially those who arent necessarily "big stars" but have interesting stories to tell..Here's a link to, Shostak's store for rare classic TV series.. TV Video store
We'll add this to our permanent links..

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Northeast Ohio Broadcast Archives

July 1961-KYW's Bill Jorgensen with the early evening news at 6:30PM weeknights followed by Huntley-Brinkley at 6:45

The Northeast Ohio Broadcast Archive, located at John Carroll University..Photo courtesy John Carroll University

Hello folks:
Having a rare Monday off from work, I decided to make a run up to the Cleveland area to check out something that I had always wanted to see. The Northeast Ohio Broadcast Archives at John Carroll University..It was kind of an adventure getting there as I got to take my first Cleveland RTA Rapid Train Ride..After getting off at the Warrensville Center Road Station it was about a mile and a half walk to John Carroll.
Special thanks to the staff of the Bertram Woods Branch of The Shaker Heights Public Library for their help and directions..

Finally found John Carroll..Just beyond a small shopping area near Fairmount Street. I was very impressed with the buildings and the ambience of the area..Reminded me of what a small New England college might look like..Making my way to the administration building, a very nice young lady called around to find the info about the archive's location..Finally found O'Malley Hall, where the Archive is located in one small room in the basement..Was able to meet Ms. Lisa Lewis, who serves as Media Services Coordinator of the Tim Russert Dept. of Communications and Theatre Arts..As part of her duties, she helps manage the archive as far as helping to copy film onto other formats, including VHS and DVD..Some interesting facts about the archive..

The archive is mostly News Film and assorted TV Reports from WEWS-5 (1959-88) and WKYC-3 (1959-78), as well as radio reports and other materials

She said there may be a few entertainmemt programs in the mix, but they have a lot to catalog as yet..Much of it is 2" tape, but there is some older format that they havent been able find a machine to play it on..

She also went over prices for duplication..The Archive is used mostly for research for documentaries..I got to look at the room..represented in the picture above..many cans of film and materials..She says they may try to put some things online down the road, but with being short of staff and money to really do it right, it may be a long time before anything like that is considered.

I also got to meet with Archive Manager Dr. Alan Stephenson briefly, as he was about to start a class..He along with retired TV 5 director (and sometime on-air talent) Jim Breslin, were instrumental in starting the Archive in 1988..Dr. Stephenson also worked at WVIZ-25 during its early days.

Grateful Thanks to Ms. Lewis and Dr. Stephenson for their time and patience in talking with me and showing the Archive..

Link to the Northeast Ohio Broadcast Archives Page:
Northeast Ohio Broadcast Archives
Report on the Archive from WVIZ-25

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

New On Facebook:WEWS 50th Anniversary

Old WEWS Logo's 1950's and 60's

More Current WEWS logo"Circle 5" based on The Circle 7 used at ABC Owned stations..

Good Evening: Just wanted to mention about The TV 5 50th Anniversary Show..While we've had some parts of it on YouTube for several years, Just today we put the entire program on YouTube and on our Facebook account..Here's a link to the FB page:

I originally wanted to upload these directly to Facebook, but uploads there are extremely slow for some reason.. The show is in 5 10 minute blocks..If you want to watch from beginning to end, scroll down the page slightly..

Recreated Station ID from Ron Penfound-1963

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Encore Post-Hockey Night in Cleveland!

American Hockey League 75th Anniversary Logo. The Cleveland Barons had a long, storied history in the AHL from 1936-73, with another Club named Barons from 2001-2006..Now represented in NE Ohio by the Lake Erie Monsters..Logo Courtesy American Hockey League and

About three years ago, I posted about the return of AHL Hockey to Cleveland in the form of the Lake Erie Monsters..along with a History Of Pro Hockey in the Cleveland area over the years..I thought we'd revisit that history again, in light of the 75th anniversary of the Anmerican Hockey League..The AHL's six oldest cities, Cleveland, Rochester, Syracuse, Springfield, Hershey and Providence..Will play a home and home series with each other Fri. and Sat. Oct. 8-9..Lake Erie will play Syracuse at Quicken Loans Arena Friday Night, then at Syracuse Saturday Night..All six teams will wear throwback uniforms from their past..FSN Ohio will televise the Friday Night Game, with Broadcaster Ben Holden hosting some special features about Cleveland Hockey History..From The Monsters' Website,Holden writes:

"On opening night, October 8th, we will have a two part feature on Cleveland hockey history on our TV/radio simulcast. We are doing this in honor of the 75 year anniversary of the AHL. Cleveland was one of the founding cities in the AHL and we are looking forward to a special night in the arena, and on our TV/radio simulcast. Among those that will a part of the features are, Bill Needham, Wayne Muloin, Ron Ward, Jock Callander and Phil Simon. The game will air on FOX Sports Ohio that night, and on the radio side, AM 1220 WHKW will air its first game of the season."

Holden is entering his second season as Monsters' Radio-TV Voice..The team has done better each year, record-wise and has drawn among the top ten in AHL attendance each of the past 3 years..

Here is the original post-From October 6, 2007..With a couple of small updates at the bottom

Secondary Logo for the Lake Erie Monsters-New AHL team owned by Dan Gilbert..Which began play tonight at the Q..Losing to Grand Rapids 3-2

Cleveland Barons 2001-06 AHL Logo..The San Jose Sharks in my mind set this team up to fail, doing almost no promotion or marketing..
Cleveland Lumberjacks International Hockey League Logo 1993-2001

WHA Cleveland Crusaders Logo 1972-76

Mid 1960's Cleveland Barons AHL Logo

Local Newspaper ad for Radio Broadcasts of NHL Barons Hockey..Larry Hirsch was on PBP sometimes joined by Harry Howell, Barons General Manager..Hirsch went on to broadcast for the New Jersey Devils and The Tampa Bay Lightning.

Presumably a TV Guide Ad for the 1976-78 NHL Clevelamd Barons on WUAB-43..The team wa a failure om and off the ice for many reasons..I do believe Pete Franklin provided color commentary for the TV Games, but I have no idea who the gentleman in the picture is. Supposedly the play-by play guy..EDIT:Retired WKYC-TV reporter Joe Mosbrook e-mailed me to say that the man in the picture is former WKYC-TV weekend sports anchor Dick Hammer. Thanks, Joe!

One of my other interests is Pro Hockey..and With the Lake Erie Monsters of the American Hockey League set to begin play tonight, I thought I'd mention some Hockey TV and Radio folks in Cleveland as well as give a primer on Hockey in Cleveland..

The first team to call Cleveland Home ws call the "Indians" in the late 20's early 30's..The team played at the 7,000 seat Elysium..By 1937 Sportsman Al Sutphin had built the Cleveland Arena and renamed the team the Barons..With great players like Fred Glover, Johnny Bower, Les Cunningham and others..The team won 10 division titles and 9 American Hockey League Calder Cups, the last in 1964..The team was the class of the AHL. The NHL in the 1940's invited Cleveland into the League, but Sutphin declined, fearing it would cripple the AHL..Cleveland was later denied admission several times..WGAR and WERE had Barons Radio with Bob Neal at the mike for the most part..WEWS-TV 5 had Barons Games in 1948-49 for certain..dont know beyond that..

Nick Mileti bought the Barons in 1968. He founded the Cavaliers in 1970..Then went into the World Hockey Association in 1972 with the Crusaders while still owning the Barons.Two teams in town didnt work so the Barons left in early 1973..Radio/TV announcers included Steve (He Shoots He Scores) Albert, Lee Hamilton, Les Levine, with Frank Sweeney and Ted Patterson on WUAB-43 and Mileti-owned WWWE-AM 1100.The Crusaders were mostly competitive, with HOF Goalie Gerry Cheevers, but the move to the Coliseum really hurt the team as the fanbase was too spread out for the team to be a success..the team moved to Minnesota in 1976 as the NHL was arriving..

Mel Swig and George Gund brought the California Golden Seals to Clevelamd in 1976-78..Two bad winters, very bad teams, no promotion and the Coliseum location did the team in..It would take too much money to build the fanbase..The team was merged with the Minnesota North Stars..the Best players were probably Goalie Giles Meloche and Center Dennis Maruk..Larry Hirsch and Harry Howell were announcers on WJW-850 and WKNT 100.1 Kent-Akron (WNIR)..

After a gap of 14 years between 1978-1992 Larry Gordon moved his Muskegon Lumberjacks of the International Hockey League to Cleveland..Playing at the Coliseum for 2 years (1992-94) before moving to downtown Cleveland at Gund Arena in 1994. The team drew better, though the on ice success was mixed..Jock Callender, one of the greatest players in IHL history, starred with the Lumberjacks along with Dave Michayluk. The IHL tried to somewhat compete with the NHL, moving to larger cities and paying bigger salaries..The plan ultimately backfired and the IHL folded in 2001..6 teams joined the AHL..Channel 43 and 55 had games variously along with WKNR-1220/850..Tim Saunders was one of the announcers..

The AHL's Kentucky Thoroughblades moved to Cleveland in 2001 and stayed till 2006..Again, not much promotion or marketing..It was if the San Jose Sharks didnt want to be here..playing to sparse crowd for 5 years, they moved to Worcester, Mass. in 2007..Jamie Smock was the announcer on WKNR-850..No TV games

Dan Gilbert then bought the dormant Utah AHL franchise..Following a year of preparation, The team was named the Lake Erie Monsters..Affiliated with the NHL Colorado Avalanche, Opening night was tonight..Despite a disappointing loss, the crowd was 15,132..A great start for the new franchise..Fox Sports Ohio and WKNR-850 are the broadcast homes, with AHL veteran announcer John Michael announcing..

I beleve Cleveland has been given a bad rap over the years as far as being a Hockey City..There has been a lot of High School Hockey played in the Cleveland area for years..Each of the situations outlined..If the owners (Except for the first Barons AHL team) could have done a little more or just stuck it out, we wouldnt have had so many teams over the years..

Crusaders:From the former Minor League Hockey Logo Page/Ralph Slate (Now Logoserver

Original AHL Barona:Wikipedia

Other Images
Cleveland Barons (NHL) History Pages

Updates to the above:
FSN Ohio and WUAB will share a 15 game TV package in 2010-2011..WHKW-1220 and WKNR-850 will each air 40 regular season games..

Also want to mention the passing of Van Lane, Cleveland Broadcaster who did Play-By Play for the Barons on WDOK-1260..Presumably in the 1960's..Condolences to his family..

Friday, October 1, 2010

New Link:Northeast Ohio Airchecks

WINW coverage area map-1966

1967-WHLO Logo

Current WDPN Logo-Formerly WFAH-Geoff Mears recently began here as News Anchor after being at WHBC for several years..

WOIO Logo from when they had a few years of success as a Top 40 station. Now Catholic WILB

WIXY 1260 Logo from the early 1970's Now WWMK Radio Disney

WGAR 1220 Logo-1980's Now WHKW

WHBC Canton-1947-48 era

WKYC-AM 1100 Logo-1965

Geoff Mears, Veteran Stark County Radio News Anchor..Has started an exciting new project..A Blog of Northeast Ohio Radio Airchecks

Anyone that knows me in relation to the vintage broadcasting hobby knows that I enjoy finding rare examples of Broadcast shows, commercials, etc Whether Local or National in scope..There are several sites in the links at the right that feature such rarities as well as DailyMotion, YouTube and is exciting to me when someone starts a new site up, especially when it features local content..

Geoff Mears is a News/Anchor-Reporter at WDPN-1310, Alliance, where he recently started after about 10 years with WHBC-1480 in the same position. I got to meet Geoff a few months back at the WHBC 85th Anniversary Birthday Party..He's as interested in Broadcast History as I am..He has begun a new blog called Northeast Ohio Airchecks..His plan is to feature radio broadcast airchecks from Northeast Ohio from all eras and formats..A site like this is long overdue, and we wish Geoff the best of luck in this new endeavor. Of course, our plan is to link to the site permanently..Here is the address:

Again, Best of luck to Geoff on this new site..