Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Encore:Newscenter 8 December 24, 1977

For our next Encore posting we present the complete Newscenter 8 broadcast from December 24, 1977. Including commercials and staff greeting spots..More details in the post below..Originally from December 13, 2007..

Tonight we present courtesy of Google Video, a complete Newscenter 8 broadcast from 30 years ago.. Saturday, December 24, 1977..The 32-minute program includes all commercials, as well as before and after newscast promo spots. There are several nice, heartwarming TV 8 "Seasons Greetings" spots..The Anchors were Jim Finerty and Kathy Adams with News, Mike Marlier with weather and Fred McLeod on Sports (now FSN-Channel 43 Cavaliers announcer)..In one of the last spots, we see Channel 8 was the 1977-78 local TV home for the Cavaliers, plus the sportscast mentions Barons NHL Hockey..being Christmas Eve, it was a relatively slow news day..

Note:The video above is actually a repeat posting from July 10th, 2007, but many of our newer readers may not have come across it as yet. Being closer to Christmas, I thought it was appropriate to repeat..


  1. Love it keep the good work with these old videos

  2. rootvg:
    If you look at the links on the right under "My Sites" you'll see "My YouTube page" on which I have about 45 various Classic TV video clips, mostly from Cleveland..The TV 8 video came from Google Video, someone else entirely..