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WJW TV8 Cleveland 1971 Daytime Promo

Here, friends, is a real blast from the past..WJW Channel 8 daytime lineup as shown in a 1971 promo commercial by Big Chuck and Little John on May, 27, 1994..Not long after the announcement of the CBS to Fox affiliation switch..Except for a 1967 Hoolihan and Big Chuck Skit with Andy Griffith, this is about the oldest Cleveland TV clip on You Tube. While posting this I find there are other thumbnails of TV 8 Clips on the bottom of the player. Enjoy!!

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January 1959-A look back..

Ad for the "Voice Of Firestone" Music series on ABC-TV..Note that while channels 45 and 49 here are ABC affiliates in Youngstown/Akron..In time, their channel assignments would be co-owned WNEO-Alliance/WEAO-Akron..PBS simulcast 24/7..Also, This may be the only prime time show broadcast an all 3 ABC affiliates at the network time in this entire week..

Ad for WJW-TV's "Big Movie" at 5:30 PM weekdays

KYW Ad for their main movie time slots-5:45 and 11:15PM weeknights

TV Guide Ad about the CBS Network Daytime premiere of "I Love Lucy" and moving of "Arthur Godfrey" to a new time..

I thought we would try to focus on a specific month on TV in 1959.

Some highlights:

Western Reserve Telecourses returns to channel 5 (9AM weekdays).. presumably after Christmas break..

Play Your Hunch from Merv Griffin moves to ABC (45-49) after being on NBC for a long time (12:30 PM weekdays)

Cincinnati Kids Icon "Uncle Al" is featured Saturday mornings at 11AM-Noon on WEWS-TV 5..They also carried "Uncle Al" for a time in the late 1960's/early 70's..Uncle Al originates from WCPO-9, the Scripps-Howard Station in Cincinnati..

I Love Lucy makes its daytime debut on CBS Monday January 5, 1959 at 11AM. It would stay on the daytime CBS schedule until sometime in 1967.The Lucy Show repeats would then air in the morning..

TV Guide Listings Monday, January 5, 1959

21 WFMJ Youngstown NBC
27 WKBN Youngstown CBS
45 WKST Youngstown ABC
49 WAKR Akron ABC

3 Film Feature
8-21 Continental Classroom

3-12-21 Today
8 Rex Humbard

8 Mr.Banjo

8-27 Captain Kangaroo

5 News-Paul Wilcox

5 Beulah

8 Movie-Suddenly-Frank Sinatra
27 CBS News-Stuart Novins

3 News-Tom Haley
35 Daily Word

3 Cash On The Line Movie-Bringing Up Baby Part 1 (1938)-Host Tom Haley
5 (WRU) Telecourse-RETURN
12 Movie-White Bondage 1937
21 Bugs Bunny
27-35 Captain Kangaroo-Have no idea why 27 appears to be showing the Captain twice.

21 Coffee Break-Drama

5 Paige Palmer

27-35 CBS News-Richard C. Hottelet

5 Prize Cook
12-21 Dough Re Mi
27-35 For Love Or Money-Game

8 News-Jim Doney

3 Window-Women

3-12-21 Treasure Hunt
5 Romper Room-Miss Barbara
8-27-35 Arthur Godfrey

3-12-21 Price Is Right-Cullen
5 Our Miss Brooks
8-27-35 I Love Lucy DEBUT
45 Music Bingo-ABC
49 Life With Elizabeth-Betty White, Del Lord, Jack Narz announcer/narrator

3-12-21 Concentration
5-45-49 Peter Lind Hayes
8-27-35 Top Dollar-Game

3-12-21 Tic Tac Dough
5 News-Paul Wilcox
8-27-35 Love Of Life

5 Noon Show-Captain Penny

3-12-21 It Could Be You
8-35 Search For Tomorrow
27 Movie-The House Of Rothschild-1934-27 showed afternoon movies, rather than CBS soaps for over 20 years..
45-49 Play Your Hunch-Merv Griffin-moves from NBC today

8-35 Guiding Light

5 Dorothy Fuldheim

3 Movie-The Locket-1946
5 One O Clock Club-Bill Gordon, Fuldheim
8 Movie-Night And Day-1946 Part 1
12 Movie-Empty Holsters 1937
35 Hy Yaple-Women
45-49 Liberace

21 Kitchen Corner-Marjorie Mariner

35 As The World Turns
45 Our Miss Brooks
49 Looney Tunes

12-21 Truth Or Consequences-Barker-COLOR
27-35 Jimmy Dean
45-49 Day In Court

8 Jimmy Dean (Joined In progress)

5-49 Music Bingo
8-27-35 House Party
45 Paris Precinct-Drama

3 News-Pete French

3-12-21 Young Doctor Malone
5-45-49 Beat The Clock-Bud Collyer
8-27-35 Big Payoff-Quiz

3-12-21 From These Roots
5-45-49 Who Do You Trust-Johnny Carson
8-27-35 Verdict Is Yours

3-12-21 Queen For A Day-Jack Bailey
5-45-49 American Bandstand
8-35 Brighter Day
27 Cartoon Classics

8-27-35 Secret Storm

3-12-21 County Fair-Bert Parks
8-35 Edge Of Night
27 Movie-Swanee River-1939
49 Movie-Hold Your Man-1933

3 Barnaby, Popeye and Friends
8 As The World Turns
12 American Bandstand (Joined In Progress)
21 Looneyville
35 Movie-Western

5-12-45 Mickey Mouse Club
8 Movie-Bordertown-1935
21 Popeye and Friends

3 Movie-China Sky-1945

5 Men Of Adventure-Jim Bowie
12 Lone Ranger
21 Woody Woodpecker
27 My Little Margie
35 Popeye
45 To Be Announced
49 Looney Tunes

5 News-Fuldheim (probably commentary)
12-21-27-35 News

5 News-Tom Field
12-21 NBC News-Huntley/Brinkley
27-35 CBS News-Edwards

5 Weather-Sylvia Simmons
49 Weather, News, Sports

5 Bishop Sheen
8 City Camera-News (Channel 8 would use this title for its news shows into 1977)
12 Pat Boone-ABC (Thursdays 9PM)
21 Mr. District Attorney
27 Frontier
35 Lawman-ABC (Sun. 8:30)
45 Sherlock Holmes

8 Sports Camera-John Fitzgerald

8 CBS News-Edwards
49 Akron Public Schools

3 News-Pete French

3 Mr. Merriweather-Cramer

3-12-21 Buckskin
5-45 Texas Rangers
8-27-35 Name That Tune
49 Movie-The Corpse Came COD-1947

3-12-21 Restless Gun
5 Meet Your Schools
8-27-35 Texan
45 Polka Go Round-ABC (Chicago)

3-12-21 Wells Fargo
5-45 Bold Journey
8-27-35 Father Knows Best

3-12-21 Peter Gunn
5-45-49 Voice Of Firestone-John Daly
8-27-35 Danny Thomas

3-12-21 Goodyear Theater
5 Herald Playhouse (Schlitz Playhouse reruns)
8-27-35 Ann Sothern Show
45 Doctor IQ-ABC
49 Film Feature

3-21 Arthur Murray
5-45 Patti Page
8-27-35 Desilu Playhouse-Trial At Devil's Canyon
12 Sea Hunt
49 I Spy (Not the Cosby/Culp 1965 series)

3 Decoy
5 Bob Cummings-NBC (The Bob Cummings Show aired on NBC Tuesday at 9:30..Channel 3 ran the syndicated State Trooper at that time..It was kind of rare for one network affiliate to pick up the others shows in Cleveland as all three were full affiliates)
12 Dragnet-NBC Tues. 7:30 (current season-its last till Dragnet 1967)
21 Badge 714-Earlier Dragnet reruns
45 ABC News-John Daly
49 Movie-Daisy Kenyon-1947

45 Movie-The Depravred

3 News-Pete French
5 News-Tom Field
8-27 News-Warren Guthrie-Sohio Reporter
12-21-35 News

3 Weather-Joe Finan
8 Press Box John Fitzgerald

3 Movie-The Seventh Cross 1944
5-12 Jack Paar
8 Weather-Doug Adair
35 Movie-Make A Wish-1937

8 Movie Dodge City-1939
21 Jack Paar
27 Movie-The Lonesome Trail-1955

5 News-Court Stanton

Notable happenings in January 1959:
Fidel Castro takes over Cuba..
January 3-Alaska Admitted to Union as 49th State
January 5 Bozo The Clown premieres on TV

In Cleveland Sports:
Cleveland Indians finish second-5 games behind the White Sox-Their last true pennant race till 1994.

Cleveland Browns-Finished Third in the NFL East with a 7-5 record-Missed the playoffs

Cleveland Barons (AHL) Finshed second with a 37-30-3 record (73 Points) in 1958-59-7 points behind Buffalo..Lost 4-3 in the first playoff round to The Hershey Bears...

This is similar to the "Week in 1954" I did earlier except I wanted to give a more full look at what was going on then..Not sure I'll do it quite this way again.....Thanks for the suggestions on station histories, etc..I'll look into the possibility soon..

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Most Obscure Cleveland TV Talk Show-Part Two

TV Guide Ad for WKYC-TV's Our Man Mark, hosted by musician/humorist Mark Russell, which aired for a few months in 1968. (If he is "the piano player," why is he shown here with a set of drums?)

Last time we examined the WKYC 1-1:30 talk show, "3 on the Town" (September 1965- February1968) which possibly because it had too many changes, only lasted about 2 and a half years..We mentioned in passing one of the last co-hosts of 3 on the Town, Mark Russell. If that name sounds familiar, it should. He is the same Mark Russell that has been doing PBS comedy Specials and DVDS lampooning the Washington Establishment for well over 25 years. . WKYC Executive producer John Schimpf saw real potential in the 35 year old Buffalo, New York native..It was decided to retool 3 on the Town once again with Russell as host and retitle the series OUR MAN MARK...Debuting Monday, February 19, 1968, the show was a mix of music, guests and topical discussion, not unlike the later months of 3 on the Town...The difference, was that Mark did a bit of singing and piano playing which would be his signature years later..Below is a Variety review in the 3-27-68 issue.

With:Mark Russell, Bob McKee Trio, guests
Exec. Producer:John Schmipf
Director:Bill Bowers
30 mins:Mon-thru-Fri 1PM
WKYC-TV Cleveland (color)

Seven years ago, ch. 3 introduced the Mike Douglas Show that has since clicked in Videoland. With the transfer of KYW to Philadelphia, the returning NBCers sought to captitalize on the variety-host show in the vacated segment. Several efforts materialized but none seemed to click.

Now the latest:"Our Man Mark." with Mark Russell as emcee when the Clay Cole-Russell team from the network's experimental stable split. With Russell, who might do it, is the Bob McKee Trio, daylighting from their chores at the Theatrical. A special gimmick is "Wifeline" a question of the day in which viewers, particularly housewives, can call in the answer.

Russell comes across smoothly. There's charm and tact and the capability to do an intelligent interview as was evidenced with his chat with Colleen Moore (silent movie actress-guest 2-28-68)"Mr. Echo" Frank Rains, and a local interview segment dealing with adoption. As a standup pianist, Russell also handles the music segments well and that includes his singing. For support, there is the versatile Bob McKee Trio, a veteran professional group well established in the area.

The ingredients are all on hand to entrance the housewife seeking that post-luncheon coffee sip after the kids have left for school. The show might even make a syndicated offering from the NBC O&O, but the field may be a bit crowded seven years after the hit was made-Mark (reviewer)

Despite the glowing review here, "Our Man Mark" lasted just under six months, in the last weeks apparently showing some repeat segments. The show was canceled August 9, 1968.."Snap Judgment" NBC's 10AM game show began the following Monday at 1PM..

It seems unusual that in anything you see or read about Mark Russell, this show is never mentioned as a credit..It was that obscure..He did seem to polish his talents for what he did later..

Part of the problem with these shows was the constant turnover of personnel as we said earlier. NBC was starting to move people with potential out of Cleveland to higher profile positions in NBC (Bud Dancy, Glenn Rinker, etc.) It would be their trademark up until relinquishing control of the station in 1990..

This will likely be the last WKYC centered post for a while..The response has been very good and I appreciate it much..

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Most Obscure Cleveland TV Talk Show-Part One

Glenn Rinker and Linn Sheldon, one of many hosting teams on "Three on the Town" fronting a "WKYC Sales Sheet."

Image Courtesy of Joe and Amy Payne (Rinker)-Glenn Rinker's Daughter..On our links is a whole page on this era of "Three On the Town" also courtesy Joe and Amy Payne.

Most of us that have been regular watchers of Northeast Ohio Television over the last 40 years or so are well aware of all the locally produced weekday news/talk/variety shows that have aired over the years..from Mike Douglas at KYW-3 to Bill Gordon and Dorothy Fuldheim in "One O Cloek Club" on channel 5 from 1959-64, to Dale Young Time mornings on Channel 8 in the 1960's to Morning Exchange on Channel 5 from 1972-99.Along with AM Cleveland (Scott Newell) and "The Dave Patterson Show" on Channel 3 in the 1980's..

I would venture to guess that no one under 50 will have heard of the show we are going to feature. Even as much as I watched Channel 3 (as a kid, admittedly) in the mid-late 1960's, I had never heard of this show, much less watched it. I had not heard of this show until doing "retro-schedules" on Radio-info and in the last couple years. This show was the main reason I went to the Cleveland Library last week to do research and found all the articles we've been featuring in recent days.

The show was Called THREE ON THE TOWN..Debuting on WKYC-TV 3 at 1PM Monday September 27, 1965..Its first (of many) hosts were Newsman Bud Dancy, announcer Jay Miltner and Linda Hunt, a newcomer from WPTA-TV Fort Wayne..The Cleveland Press blurb states in a short article,


"Three on The Town, a new local Color program, premiered on WKYC-TV today at 1PM. The Half Hour program includes nation, state and local news, weather, book and theater reviews, interviews with visitng personalities,fashion shows, women's features, live musical entertainment and film features on historical and unusual areas in he Greater Cleveland area."

" Bud Dancy, Jay Miltner, and a new face to Clevelanders, Linda Hunt, are the three hosts for the program. Miss Hunt comes to town from WPTA-TV, Fort Wayne, Ind. Where she had her own afternoon show."

I believe to some extent, this show is an indirect result of The Mike Douglas Show's recent move to Philadelphia..Some sources say that Mike Douglas taped his first Philadelphia show August 30, 1965. On the premiere date of 3 on The Town WKYC moved Mike Douglas to 9AM. Three On the Town very well may have been taped in the former Douglas studio, though I have no proof of that.

According to Variety's review, the BB King Musical Sextet was also part of the show occasionally. The Guest on the show previewed was Larry Robinson (The Diamond Man)..Dancy did a newscast and Miltner a weathercast and announcing duties. Basically Variety said that if the hosts could work together as a unit, the show had great potential..

By early 1966, Dancy was gone to NBC News, and Ms Hunt may have been gone as well..By this time, Veteran TV 3 personality Linn Sheldon was joined by Glenn Rinker from Binghamton, New York..Rinker stayed most of 1966, leaving in December for NBC's WRC Radio/TV in Washington..Rinker Subsequently worked in Miami and Orlando before passing away in 1993..According to James Flanagan of the Plain Dealer in a story at the time of Rinker's departure from Cleveland, Linn Sheldon would become solo host, and the hard news angle would be dropped. Nothing seemed to work consistently ratings wise for 3 on the Town was canceled February 16, 1968 with the final hosts appearing to be Clay Cole and Mark Russell..TV 3 wasnt ready to give up yet, however...

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NBC Returns to Cleveland-James Flanagan

The changing of the guard..The removal of the KYW sign at WKYC-TV's Studios at 1403 E. 6th St., Downtown Cleveland (Courtesy Cleveland Press)

A TV Guide Ad from November 1967 picturing(Top)Chet Huntley and David Brinkey (Bottom) Virgil Dominic, Wally Kinnan and Jim Graner, TV 3's main news team from I believe late 1965-1974 (There was a news note saying Dominic would replace Bud Dancy in November 1965)The first post-Westinghouse logo is featured prominently..I never cared much for the "artisitc clown" in this logo..

The next installment in what has become a series focuses on the "New" WKYC-TV 3 in Cleveland. Cleveland Plain Dealer TV writer James Flanagan talks to New General Manager Arthur Watson as NBC is about to take over the Cleveland TV/Radio facilites. Watson discloses hopes and plans for the new NBC Owned and Operated Station.

It's WKYC Now


By James Flanagan
Cleveland Plain Dealer
Friday, June 18, 1965

Sixteen men from Philadelphia arrived here yesterday to change KYW to WKYC. Their leader said he is not about to rock the KYW image here.

It is Arthur Watson, general manager of the former Philadelphia WRCV, which the FCC ordered the National Broadcasting Co. to swap for Westinghouse Broadcasting's KYW. Watson is g.m. of WKYC now.

"Our new call letters seek to preserve KYW's image in that they mean KY Cleveland." Watson told the Plain Dealer. "We want all KYW personnel to stay on here, including Jimmy Runyon."

Runyon is the "mom-slot" (10AM-2PM) deejay on the 1100kc spot. Almost a year ago a Chicago station (WCFL) wooed Jim with much money and he has been trying to break his contract here to go there.

KYW had the biggest broadcast news operation here, employing 33 in its combined Radio/TV operation, in contrast to WEWS and WJW's less than 20 each.

"News is my primary interest." said Watson. "we employed about 30 full-time newsmen in Philadelphia and I expect to continue a big news operation here. Our news ratings in Philadelphia doubled the combined ratings of the competition and it pays off."

Watson said the rock'n'roll music policy of KYW would be continued with its Beatle countdowns and all. "We are the only NBC station to offer such a program." He said "but that is what Cleveland wants from us and that is what we will continue to give. We also intend to expand the public service offerings on both radio and TV."

"The Mike Douglas Show" will continue to air from Cleveland, though it is a Westinghouse property, at least through August. "it will take some time for studios to be built for Mike in Philadelphia" Watson said, "so NBC will permit Mike to continue in his excellent facility here. We Carried Mike in Philadelphia and we will continue to carry it here."

KYW had first refusal on NBC shows here and generally carried that network's shows. But it did decline Johnny Carson's "Tonight" and NBC radio network news and weekend Monitor programs. WEWS grabbed the former and WGAR has the latter. Watson said WKYC will air the "Tonight Show" in about three months, since NBC has already notified WEWS that WKYC wants the show. It will take six months before WGAR must relinquish its rights to NBC Radio network.

"I understand WGAR is now using some American Broadcasting Co. news shows." said Watson, "so we may get NBC net radio shows even sooner, if WGAR waives the rights to them"

Watson said he hoped all Westinghouse people now employed here and not invited to Philadelphia by KYW would stay on. Dick Goddard and Tom Snyder are going to Philadelphia along with TV news director Al Primo and radio's Bob Hagen.

Weatherman Wally Kinnan comes here from Philadelphia in Goddard's slot. Watson said he would use Bud Dancy for the time being to fill Snyder's 11PM news spot. Bud already works the early evening news so he is slated for double duty until a replacement can be found.

Irvin Margolis will replace Primo as TV news director. Margolis was TV news director in Philadelphia. Robert Martin is the new radio station manager, replacing Perry Bascom, whom Westinghouse shuffled to Boston

Clark Reed is the new radio program manager and Neal Van Ells will be the TV program manager.

All in all, Watson brings good news to the personnel which had been pulsating with rumors that a cutback would be effected shortly after NBC took over..

End of article

Jim Runyon finally made it to WCFL Chicago not long after this..He would return to WKYC/WWWE about 1970-73 before his untimely passing. He was the mellow announcer voice ("Wellll...") on the ChickenMan skits

Dick Goddard became homesick after several months in Philly. After fielding offers from all three Cleveland TV stations, he settled in with WJW-TV 8 because "They had the Browns"..He is still there 41 years later.

Al Primo created the "Eyewitness News" format used all over the country by the early 1970's, though the title "Eyewitness News" was used by KYW-TV as early as April 1959.
WEWS-5 used "Eyewitness News" in the 1970's and 80's.

Tom Snyder made a name for himself in Philly doing the news and hosting local talk shows. He would eventually gain national fame as the host of NBC's "Tomorrow" Show and his own national radio show..He passed away just recently.

Neal Van Ells-Began at NBC as Program Director of WRCV in 1962 and stayed at WRCV/WKYC till 1968, when he moved to KNBC Los Angeles as station manager before returning to WKYC as VP/General Manager from 1969-83. He died in 2004.

Interesting note:Mike Douglas last co-host on KYW Cleveland (June 14-18, 1965) was comedian/bad boy Henry Morgan..He made some disparaging remarks about Dorothy Fuldheim after seeing her news commentary program during the week..Caused a real ruckus among the viewers and critics that week..

The Westinghouse Cleveland Legacy-Bill Barrett

KYW-TV 3 Logo from 1959 (TV Guide)

TV Guide Ad for Barnaby and Woodrow's Christmas Party from December, 1961

Most familiar KYW-TV 3 Logo-used approximately 1963-65 in Cleveland and many years thereafter in Philadelphia..KYW-AM Newsradio 1060 in Philadelphia still uses the font style in their logo..Ironically enough, this comes from a March, 1966 Philadelphia TV Guide reprint.

Highlights of a Cleveland Press Column (6-18-65) by Bill Barrett on what Westinghouse meant to Cleveland:


Bill Barrett

Friday, June 18, 1965

Cleveland Press


The nine lively years of KYW end precisely at 5AM tomorrow. The curtain comes down without fuss, flourish or fanfare.

This just isnt the KYW style, somehow. For reasons not entirely clear, the colorful radio and TV operation on East Sixth Street has chosen to steal out of town as if they owed somebody a lot of money.

I hate to see it end this way. The Westinghouse Broadcasting Co., Owners of the stations which return to Philadelphia tomorrow morning at the Government's bidding, has been a congenial and responsible neighbor in most every sense.

Barrett suggests KYW identified with Cleveland and took up its causes..He also mentions "big league television" in the form of the Mike Douglas Show, That Westinghouse was responsible for. He also quotes:

"The record suggests that there would have been a fond farewell from KYW to the old hometown--A final friendly hour, perhaps, in radio or TV Schedule in which to kick up a few fond memories". Barrett then notes the fanfare (1956) when KYW arrived in Cleveland, sound trucks, billboards, balloons, fireworks..."KYW loved us--each and every one" The station waa the first to air editorials in Cleveland (1958)..Barrett notes the "Open Circuit" TV Show-controversial news magazine..

Barrett gives a plug to WCLV and Bob Conrad, who aired a "Goodbye Westinghouse Hello NBC" Party on WCLV that Saturday night at 10:10 PM. Conrad also aired an editorial on his station that stated:

Although many of us quarrel with the choice of music on KYW-AM, it is a fact that the public service rendered by both KYW Radio and TV has been outstanding--and in the highest tradition of American broadcasting.

Barrett closes his thoughts:

"At 5AM tomorrow, the Westinghouse Broadcasting Company quietly leaves town. They'll leave behind the VIP disk jockeys to be sure and the TV performers. But I figured they owed us a fond farewell."

"So, Ok, Westinghouse. But at least you could have said goodbye."

Comment:It occurs to me that as great an owner as Group W/Westinghouse was in Cleveland, They appeared to have a "Get Out of Dodge" mentality once the Justice Department and the FCC gave the ok for the station swap..I know it's 42 years later but it just seems wrong to me somehow..

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Some comments on the last couple of days..

Just want to comment on the nice response to the KYW/WKYC Radio postings the last few days..This is the most "quick response" I've had to any of the 41 articles I've written since late March. I am very much gratified by this.I wonder sometimes how much people really do read here..But more than that I have been able to chat via e-mail briefly to Jay Lawrence (now on weekends at KTAR-FM 92.3 Phoenix doing talk) and Harry Martin (Of the team of Martin and "Specs" Howard) Martin has allowed me to link to his site, mentioned in more detail below and linked at the right..In doing the blog, I was hoping to have a few fans stop by that appreciate the memories..I had no idea any "real DJs" that made the memories would come by. Am very pleased and honored..

In the next few weeks I plan more on the TV side of the changeover, including a forgotten local TV talk show with an interesting history..

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Neat New Link-KYW's Harry Martin of "Martin and Howard"

WKYC Radio 1100 Logo from 1965 (Courtesy Wikipedia)

While looking up something about Jim Runyon yesterday, I managed to find a fascinating Blog written by Harry Martin..Of KYW Radio Cleveland's "Martin nd Howard" fame...Basically stories of his career during the heyday of top 40 Radio..Many of those stories taking place in Cleveland during the Time Martin and Howard were the number one morning team at KYW/WKYC from 1964-67. Very entertaining Reading....Martin's Career took him to San Diego, New York and Detroit as well as Cleveland...

Link is on the right..

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Cleveland Radio Friday Evening June 18, 1965

In relation to the previous post on KYW Radio, I'd like to share the Radio listings of the Cleveland Press for the Friday Evening/overnight June 18, 1965


6PM Jerry G
10PM News/Contact
11PM News/Contact
11:30 Jim Runyon
Midnight Jay Lawrence All Night


6PM News
6:10 Race Recap
6:15 Gary Short
7PM Baseball Parade
7:30 Baseball Indians vs. Los Angeles Angels
10:15 Tenth Inning
10:30 World Today
11PM News/Harness Racing
11:15 Gary Short
Midnight News:Gary Short
2AM Dick Conrad

WGAR-1220-ABC/Some NBC

6PM News, Business
6:15 Sports, Sid Andorn
6:30 Huntley:Weather:Closeup
7PM Edward P. Morgan
7:15 Tom Harmon Sports
7:30 Morgan Beatty
7:45 Life Line
8PM News:Open Forum
9PM News:Emphasis (NBC)
9:10 Harry Pildner
10PM News
10:15 Music After Dark
11PM News, Sports
11:15 Music After Dark
MidnightNews:Music After Dark
1AM Sign-Off


6PM Rudd Study Hall
10PM Wil Rudd Blues Show
Midnight News
12:15 Wright All Night


6PM News:Carousel
6:45 Lowell Thomas
7PM News:Sports
7:30 Carousel
8PM Candlelight Concert
10PM World Tomorrw Likely Herbert W. Armstrong
10:30 Project 1260
11PM News:Music Unlimited
Midnight News:Music Unlimited'
1AM Sign-Off


6PM News
6:15 Sports:Wall Street
6:30 Talent Showcase
7PM News, 'JW Tonight
10PM News, 'JW Tonight
11PM News, 'JW Tonight
11:15 Bible:Starlight
Midnight News
12:15 Starlight
2AM Sound Of Music


6PM Ron Brittian
7PM Bob Friend
10PM Highlights on Education
10:30 Bob Friend
Midnight Gregory All Night


6PM Les Anderson
7PM Mike Payne
9PM Sign-Off

Description of then-Current FM Dial

WCUY 92.3 7AM-1AM Jazz
WZAK 93.1 7AM-Midnight Continental Music-Foreign Language-Stereo
WDBN 94.9 6AM-Midnight Popular and Serious Music-Stereo
WCLV 95.5 6:45 AM-1AM Serious, Folk and Show Music, Literature, discussion-Stereo
WERE 98.5 Duplication of AM Program 24 hours
WGAR 99.5 7AM-10PM Serious Music
WHK 100.7 7AM-10PM Jazz and Popular Music
WCRF 103.3 7AM-11PM Religious and Serious Music
WJW 104.1 24 Hours-Popular Music
WKYC 105.7 Noon-Midnight Serious, Jazz and Show Music
WXEN 106.5 8AM-Midnight-Nationalities
WEOL 107.3 2-8PM Serious and Show Music
WNOB 107.9 24 Hours-Popular Light Classical and Show Tunes

Many of the stations listed are connected with AM stations..within a few years 98.5 as WGCL and later WNCX..As well as 100.7 WMMS and WQAL 104.1 would carve out their own identies as FM grew in popularity..

KYW-1100/Final Hours..Saturday AM June 19, 1965

The following is one result of my trip to Cleveland last Thursday. Bill Barrett was the TV-Radio writer for the old Cleveland Press for many years. He was probably the leading broadcast columnist in his time..Here his column is a lighthearted look at KYW-AM 1100 all night DJ Jay Lawrence and the upcoming changeover from KYW/WKYC, which took place at 5AM Saturday, June 19, 1965. This column was written Friday, June 18, 1965.

TV Radio

Bill Barrett


Jay Lawrence, the all-night disc jockey at KYW-Radio will check in for his regular shift Friday midnight working, as usual for the Westinghouse Broadcasting Co.

Promptly at 5AM Saturday morning Jay will become an employee of the National Broadcasting Co. and the call letters of the station will be changed to WKYC.

The Broadcasting entity known as KYW--Radio and Television--will go whisking off to Philadelphia in the Big Swap ordered by the Government. The Phildelphia stations, owned by NBC, come here with new call letters.

Jay Lawrence alone will be in the saddle at the moment of change. I would'nt be surprised if the responsibility of the occasion is beginning to bother hin just a bit. Should he change his voice a little? or sneak in some music by Montovani? Or change his name to Larry Jason? And how is he going to avoid urging us to have a K-Y-Wonderful Weekend?

You can see that old Jay has his problems all right. Having to change horses in mid-program so to speak. but that K-Y-Wonderful couplet is'nt among them.

I suppose if I ever thought about it at all before I got this assignment, I figured the voices that sing all those promotional ditties came from real men and women right there in the studio. I imagined them lounging about the building between singing about the weather and the news and all, sipping hot tea and resting their voices which go all day, all night seven days a week.

Well, that's not the way it is at all. These little songs are on records. They are called jingles, and the whole batch of them is called a jingle package.

KYW will take its jingle package to Philadelphia. I imagine they'll come up with some new jingles, like:

KYW is tickled SILLY to be here again in dear old PHILLY!

To be done fortissimo, of course, with guitars and cymbals and the Mormon Tabernacle Choir

To Get back, though, to the "K-Y-Wonderful" be advised that the new station, WKYC is having a new package made up featuring the new call letters. You will note that the key letters are "K-Y". We may expect inspirational ditties like:

Don't touch that knob gang just stand by
for fun and games on old KY!

The whole idea, as I understand it, is to retain the familiar "KY sound." If all goes according to plan, you'll be able to close your eyes, clench your fists occasionally (if you're an old fuddy-duddy like me) and listen, it'll be as if KYW never left town.

With the probable exception of Jim Runyon, all the radio performers are expected to stay--from Martin and Howard through Jay Lawrence.

All this and the familiar bong*BONG*bong of NBC. It's almost too much.

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Jim Runyon apparently wanted nothing to do with NBC at the time. He almost immediately left for WCFL-AM 1000 Chicago where he became the announcer for the "ChickenMan" comedy vignettes produced at CFL..He returned to AM 1100 in the 1970's when it was WWWE..

I know there is an aircheck out there of the changeover..Would love to hear it..

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

WEWS-TV-February 1965/Merv Griffin..

WEWS-TV 5 Ad for weeknight cartoon shows..This is one of my earliest TV memories-Watching Yogi and Huck weeknights at 6:30 (courtesy TV Guide)

Yes, we're still here..Been working more the last few weeks..I will be taking a research trip this Thursday (8-16) to Cleveland Public Library. I have a particular angle I'm working on for one of my next blog articles..Also may try to visit Quicken Loans Arena to find out about the new AHL Hockey Team and doing some other things as I have time.

I've noticed that All in All, I've written very little about WEWS-Channel 5 as opposed to 3 and 8 in the blog..Channel 5 was probably my favorite station growing up in the mid 1960's..As I may have written before, they are probably the longest running single owner TV station in the USA that is not Owned and Operated by a network..Scripps-Howard has owned the station from its inception in 1947..Nearly 60 years now. Channel 5 was also known for having personalities and shows on for years..Polka Varieties and Gene Carroll on over 20 years..Dorothy Fuldheim for 38 years..Fred Griffith spent over 30 years at TV 5. Don Webster, Ted Henry, the list goes on..As a kid, I loved the Cartoons..Captain Penny (Ron Penfound) On twice a day (12:15 and 4:30 or 5 PM) Mr. Jingeling, Hanna Barbera Cartoons, The Three Stooges..(Penfound would say of the Stooges antics.."Don't try this at home")I remember watching the Later years of Bill Cullen's Price Is Right on Channel 5 and 'Playing Game Show Host" The early 70's saw the Goodson-Todman Syndicated What's My Line and To Tell The Truth In the early evening.

Channel 5 to me seemed like it was more "Local" even than the other stations..Mostly because with ABC affiliation,,for years early morning and afternoon wasnt programmed by the network and they had to fill with more local product (Not unlike the very early days of WXEL/WJW-TV)..Even now that local heritage comes through in their news broadcasts.

TV Guide Listings for Channel 5 February 13-14-15, 1965

Saturday February 13, 1965

7:55 News
8AM Living Word
8:15 Fisher Family (This Is The Life)
8:45 Anthropology-Mednick
9:15 Inside Catholic Schools
9:30 Cartoons
10AM Shenanigans-Game
10:30 Discovery '65 (Network aired Annie Oakley)
11AM Casper
11:30 Porky Pig
Noon Bugs Bunny
12:30 Hoppity Hooper
1PM Wide World Of Sports
2:30 Meet Your Schools
2:45 It's Worth Knowing (These 2 shows and Inside Catholic Schools-15 minute shows that seemed like they were all over the schedule from the early 1950's,,These shows' days may have been numbered by this time-I dont recall seeing these on the schedule after January 1967)

3PM Western Reserve Univ. Perspective
3:30 Pro Bowlers Tour-Chris Schenkel/Billy Welu
5PM Big 5 Show-Don Webster (Upbeat)
6PM Twelve O'Clock High (10PM Fridays on ABC)
7PM Its Academic-Don Cameron-He commuted from Canada to do the show each week..Was very famous there..Don Webster would take over eventually)
7:30 King Family-Music
8:30 Way Out Men-SPECIAL (Lawrence Welk pre-empted)
9:30 Hollywood Palace:Host George Burns, Connie Stevens, Rich Little and Wayne Newton are among the guests.
10:30 Call Mr. D-Syndicated
11PM News-Bert LeGrand
11:10 Sports-Don Webster
11:20 Weather-Randy Culver
11:25 Sports (Probably commentary)-Gordon Cobbledick-Recently (1964) Retired Cleveland Plain Dealer Sports Editor
11:30 Johnny Carson-COLOR
1AM To be announced
1:30 News

Sunday February 14, 1965

8AM Christophers
8:30 Vital Faith
9AM TV Gospel Time
9:30 Bullwinkle
10AM Supercar
10:30 Beany and Cecil
11AM Movie-Apache Rose 1947
Noon Gene Carroll
1PM Polka Varieties-Tom Fletcher
2PM TV Bowl-DEBUT-Ken Coleman-Syndicated
3PM NBA Basketball Cincinnati Royals at St. Louis Hawks (Amazingly, Joined in Progress from 2PM-Royals won 99-92)
4PM Shell's Wonderful World Of Golf-COLOR
5PM Championship Bowling (3 bowling shows on broadcast TV in one weekend-How times have changed)
6PM Phoenix Open Golf-SPECIAL
7PM Men In Crisis
7:30 Wagon Train
8:30 Broadside-Comedy
9PM ABC Sunday Night Movie-COLOR-Alias Jesse James 1959
10:55 Weather-Don Webster (Movie Ran Short)
11PM Sports-Don Webster
11:05 Sports Commentary-Cobbledick
11:10 Les Crane
12:40 TBA
12:55 News

Monday February 15, 1965

8:40 News
8:45 Psychology-Allerand
9:15 Language Arts-Grade 6
9:30 Romper Room-Miss Barbara
10AM Paige Palmer-Live
10:30 Junior Clubhouse
11AM Tennessee Ernie Ford
11:30 Price Is Right-Bill Cullen
Noon News-Dorothy Fuldheim, Bill Jorgensen
12:15 Noon Show-Captain Penny
1PM Donna Reed
1:30 Quick As A Wink-Don Webster (Local Game Show-By Webster's account-Lasted about 13 weeks)
2PM Flame In The Wind
2:30 Day In Court
2:55 ABC News-Marlene Sanders
3PM General Hospital
3:30 Young Marrieds
4PM Trailmaster (Wagon Train Reruns)
5PM Comedy Clubhouse-Captain Penny
6PM Dobie Gillis
6:30 Woody Woodpecker
7PM Dorothy Fuldheim
7:10 News-Tom Field
7:20 Bill Jorgensen Report
7:25 Weather-Ron Jaye
7:30 Voyage To The Bottom Of The Sea
8:30 No Time For Sergeants
9PM Wendy And Me-George Burns, Connie Stevens
9:30 Bing Crosby Show-Sitcom
10PM Dinah Shore-SPECIAL (Pre-empts Ben Casey)
11PM News-Tom Field
11:10 Sports-Paul Wilcox
11:15 Bill Jorgensen Report
11:20 Dorothy Fuldheim
11:30 Johnny Carson-COLOR

Also, we must mention the recent passing of Merv Griffin..He was a pioneer in the greatest sense of the word,,A singer, actor, producer, host and enterpreneur-He did everything well..Incidentally Merv's talk show was featured on TV 5 for many years..
Seems we are losing more of the "class" people every day in the entertainment business..Mike Douglas and Merv pioneered the Daytime talk show in the 1960's..Merv will definitely be missed..prayers go out to family and friends at this time....