Wednesday, February 23, 2011

More pictures-WEWS from 1967-Latest Video clips

Nice Picture of WEWS Test Pattern

WEWS Newsfilm Can Label

Some Pictures In the Control Room

On the News Set..

Possibly the Paige Palmer Studio..

Setting up for something..Maybe Romper Room?


Here are some behind the scenes pictures from Channel 5, taken by Jerry Immel during his time there..Never got names behind the pictures here, but if he wants to share the names I'll definitely put them up..

Here also, are the latest video clips We made of the rare audio that Jerry shared with us..Great stuff..

Cleveland TV Clips-1950's

Cincinnati, Columbus, Dayton, Toledo..1930's-1950's TV/Radio

Detroit TV/Radio-1950's

KYW Jingles-1956-60

1956 KYW Radio-"Mayer In The Morning" Opening and Closing Jingle (Bill Mayer)

I want to thank everyone for the good comments and responses about these postings..and especially Jerry Immel for making these available to share..

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Encore:The Bill Randle Show-WEWS-TV 5-Sunday, March 4, 1956.

Today, we present an encore post from Monday, June 16, 2008..Likely the most rare program in the Jerry Immel collection..The Bill Randle Show on WEWS-Channel 5 from Sunday, March 4th, 1956. The only change from the original post is that I changed the Internet Archive version to the Google Video version. Note:This is the first time I ever tried to add appropriate pictures to an audio..As it's 27 minutes long, I frankly got tired of the process at that point..So I just uploaded it to Google Video as it was..I may try to redo it and put it on Facebook in the weeks to come..

Portion of a TV Guide Page for Sunday, February 19, 1956..Showing the 10:30 PM listings..Bill Randle's Guests are Margaret Whiting, Nelson Riddle and Bobby Scott..Two weeks before the featured program below..

Bill Randle, Longtime Cleveland Disc Jockey, working in the music business or radio from the late 1940's to 2004..(Courtesy Life In Legacy)

Photograph taken at a Concert in Brooklyn, Ohio (Brooklyn High School) October 20, 1955..L-R:Bill Randle, Tommy Edwards of WERE, Elvis Presley and Bass player Bill Black..Courtesy Chris Kennedy Through Wikipedia

Today we will take a look at legendary Disc Jockey and music promoter Bill Randle..Born March 14, 1923 in Detroit, his first radio experience in the late 1940's in his hometown at WJLB-AM 1400. It was here that he became one of the first Disc Jockeys to play Jazz and Rhythm and Blues on the radio regularly in the North. Randle moved over to WERE-1300, Cleveland in 1949. It was here that he developed a reputation as a shrewd promoter in the then-new music field of Rock and Roll..He helped launch the careers of Tony Bennett, Rosemary Clooney, Bobby Darin, Fats Domino and most famously, Elvis Presley, whom he introduced to Northern Audiences for the first time on the Dorsey Brothers' CBS Stage Show television series on January 28, 1956. Before that Presley, Pat Boone and others were at pair of concert s in Brooklyn (Ohio) High School on October 20, 1955.

Randle's popularity was such that along with fellow Jocks Tommy Edwards, Phil McLean and Howie Lund, he was responsible for WERE's dominance of the Cleveland airwaves through much of the 1950's. Here is a link to a Time magazine article naming Randle top "Jock" of 1955..,9171,807032,00.html

Randle was always a very busy man, doing six days at WERE, another show at WCBS Radio in New York, WEWS-TV, promoting concerts, etc..He tired of the grind by the early 1960's and walked away from radio..He went to college, getting several degrees throughout the 1960's eventually doing a bit of radio in New York.He then taught at Kent State and the University of Cincinnati.

At the age of 64, he passed the Ohio Bar exam and became an attorney, specializing in bankruptcy and estate planning. In the 1990's he returned to Cleveland Radio, doing the "Big Show" weekends on WRMR 850/1420..When WRMR was sold to Salem Communications in July 2004, the format was changed to talk from music..Randle passed away July 9, 2004..Two days later, WRMR played his last "Big Show".The final music program aired on WRMR.

Bill Randle was a legend in his of the Greats of Cleveland Radio..

What follows courtesy of Jerry Immel, is Audio from "The Bill Randle Show" a live half hour music program aired Sunday evenings at 10:30 PM on WEWS-TV Channel 5..Randle had connections to get a lot of the top performers to come to Cleveland to do the show. This particular episode aired Sunday, March 4, 1956. Sponsored by Bayard-Forest Heating /Cooling Co. of Cleveland, Randle's announcer/sidekick was Alan Douglas, who gained fame from hosting a number of talk shows on TV and Radio into the 1970's, including the original "Morning Exchange".

The guest list was very impressive..Billy Eckstine, Lou Busch (aka Joe "Fingers" Carr), Nick Noble, (Fresh from the Ed Sullivan Show) Dick Duane (On his way to do the Sullivan show the next Sunday) and The Four Coins, who cover the Platters' "Great Pretender"..There is a "Middle commercial" with Douglas, and an offer of an Elvis Presley picture by Randle at the end of the show. This is probably the only episode of this show around in any form..extremely rare..It sounds great for as old as it is..There appear to be a couple of cuts during the show, but it is pretty much complete.just over 27 minutes.

Some Information courtesy Wikipedia..

This is the kind of stuff I'd love to feature more of in the blog.. rare Audio or Video of Northeast Ohio TV and Radio..

Friday, February 18, 2011

WEWS-TV behind the scenes, 1966-67

Small portion of 11PM News Copy..

In today's post I want to share some of the logs and inside info relating to WEWS-TV in the 1966-67 period..This is when our friend Jerry Immel worked as a summer announcer, doing vacation fill-ins and the is shown below..I think this is a fascinating look behind the scenes of Local TV in the 60's

Beginning of the log sheet (script?) for Upbeat for September 16, 1967..They always seemed to have a full show..

Program sign-on log for Monday September 5, 1966..Notice the very minute detail of what goes on..

Here's the WEWS Schedule for that date: (Elyria Chronicle-Telegram)
8:25 News
8:30 Donna Reed
9 Where The Action Is
9:30 Romper Room
10 Paige Palmer
10:30 Father Knows Best
11 Supermarket Sweep
11:30 Dating Game
Noon News, Captain Penny
1 Ben Casey
2 Newlywed Game
2:30 A Time For Us
3 General Hospital
3:30 Nurses
4 Dark Shadows
4:30 Comedy Clubhouse
5 Woody Woodpecker
5:30 Merv Griffin
6:30 Danger
7 News, Weather, Dorothy Fuldheim
7:30 12:00 High
8:30 Jesse James
9 Man Called Shenandoah
9:30 Peyton Place
10 Big Valley
11 News-Tom Field
11:25 Movie-The Next Voice You Hear
1 News

Above is the WEWS announcer shift schedule for August 19-26, 1967. Aside from Jerry Immel, the announcers were Bill Prentice, Court Stanton and Don Webster..Webster, of course, was also doing duty on Upbeat, and possibly doing weather reports..Stanton and Prentice in the past had done sign-on/sign-off news bulletins as well..Randy Culver was on Vacation that week..

I have two other sets of clips..One with Various KYW-AM-FM program opens, sign-offs etc..and a number of Detroit area audio clips..Need to make them first, but will have them up as soon as possible..Also some channel 5 pictures, though I am not sure who most of the folks are...

Monday, February 14, 2011

Thanks to Jerry Immel...

Jerry Immel at WCNS-900 Canton in 1962..

Jerry Immel with friend Gordon Ward in 2007..Ward, who later spent many years at WTOL-TV 11 Toledo, is featured on some KYW Radio-TV clips in the Immel collection..

Hello folks:

When I started the blog nearly 4 years ago now, I was completely clueless on how to scan pictures, or to present audio and video in a form that people could enjoy..It has been a long learning process for me, but as of February 2011, I think I finally have it down (hopefully)..

In 2008 a man who I first learned about through, Jerry Immel, was kind enough to send me on a CD loads of audio clips from roughly 1955-66 that he had recorded off live tv and radio..Included in these were sign-offs from stations all over Ohio, as well as Pittsburgh and Wheeling areas..Also other rarities such as tv commercials and one complete half hour live music TV show with Bill Randle from March 1956 on WEWS Channel 5..Immel has worked as an announcer at WJER Dover, WCNS Canton, WEWS-TV 5 and for many years at WQXI in Atlanta..He still is doing voiceoiver work at his own studio in Atlanta, where he lives with his wife Althea..

While I was enjoying these Ive shared them sparingly because early on it took me a LONG time to get even one clip done for YouTube or Dailymotion. As i've recently bought a new computer and found the Windows Media Maker version I like to use, sharing clips has been much easier..I plan on putting up everything Mr. Immel has sent me over the next little while..Including parts of program logs and other photos from Jerry's Channel 5 days as a part time summer announcer in 1966-1967..

Cleveland Indians 10th Inning ad and opening from about 1956-57 with Bob Neal and Tom Manning

1950's Cleveland station id's and sign-offs

1950's and 60's Akron-Canton and Pittsburgh-Wheeling area id's, along with other small town Ohio stations..some TV is included here as well..

I want to thank Jerry for sharing these rarities with us..Especially the Cleveland TV audio clips, which I will be presenting soon..For being done in the 50's, the sound is excellent. For what we've done already, I'd like to credit Eric O'Brien's Pittsburgh Radio/TV Board for some of the pictures used in the slides above..Thanks is in our links..Some of our next few posts will feature Jerry's material..