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Classic Cleveland Personalities-1954

Joe Portaro, Beauty and Fashion Expert, moved over from WNBK-Channel 3 to WXEL-8 recently. His show aired daily from 3:00=3:15PM. It was apparently a big ticket according to this TV Guide ad, even for a 15-minute show..

Here is a wonderful photograph from Cleveland Memory Project/Cleveland Press Collection..Original photo descruption:

Seven veterans.

"In point of service, these are the oldest performers on WEWS which is celebrating its seventh birthday today. From upper left to the bottom: Paige Palmer, Crandall Hendershott, Rachel VanCleve, Bob Dale, Randy Culver, Dorothy Fuldheim, and Gene Carroll. WXEL observes its fifth year on the air today." End quote

This would appear to be from on or about December 17, 1954. Brief profiles below:

Paige Palmer, Beauty/exercise hostess
Rachel Van Cleve-Hosted "Mixing Bowl" cooking show
Randy Culver-Announcer, Newsman, musical soloist on various programs
Crandall Hendershott-Organist-Teamed with Culver on several shows
Bob Dale-Hosted many variety shows-Probably the most popular personality on WEWS at the time. More on Dale Below
Dorothy Fulheim-News Commentator
Gene Carroll-Kids Host "Uncle Jake", Gene Carroll Talent Show

TV Guide Ad Map advertising WNBK-TV's coverage area due to it's recent (April 25, 1954) move from channel 4 to channel 3..This was done to reduce/eliminate interference with WWJ-4 in Detroit and WEWS-5.

Bob Dale at the "weatherboard" from his days at KNSD 7/39, the NBC-TV affiliate in San Diego. Special thanks to Kerrie Briggs, Art Director of KNSD 7/39 for the use of the photo.

The main reason for this blog post is to mention one of the fine early performers of Cleveland Television, Bob Dale, who passed away May 26, 2008 at the age of 83.He was born Robert Dale Bergmayr in Canton March 26, 1925. After serving in World War II, he attended Case Western Reserve University on the GI Bill. He began at WEWS-TV 5 around May, 1948. He jokes that "They were looking for anyone over 21 who could talk." Dale, like many performers in early TV did many kinds of programs..Among them The Bob Dale Show, and Ten Thirty Theater. He also appreared on such shows as TV IQ, Fun With Charades, and Pooch Parade, which was revived as a segment of "Captain Penny's Camedy Clubhouse" in the 1960s. He was best known in Cleveland for Dinner Platter, a informal show featuring other WEWS employees and special guests, generally airing at varied times around 4-6PM weeknights. He also served as weatherman.

After winning several awards as most popular performer in Cleveland TV, he moved out to San Diego, Califoria in 1956. Because of a World War II injury to his ears, doctors suggested he move out west to help the healing process. He started at KFMB-8, the CBS affiliate, where he did many of the same things he did at WEWS. His popularity was such that he became an Icon in San Diego, Hosting Movie Shows, doing weather and many other kinds of programs. His biggest regional/national success was Zoorama, featuring the San Diego Zoo, broadcast locally from the 50's, on CBS in 1965 and in national syndication 1968-70.

Dale moved across town to KNSD-7/39, San Diego's NBC affiliate in January, 1978 where he was part of the weather team and did other shows and specials until his retirement in 2001.

Condolences to his wife Marilyn and his family.

Link to Plain Dealer Article:

Link to San Diego Union-Tribune Article:

Much of the information comes from these two articles.

TV Guide Listings:
Cleveland Edition

27 WKBN CBS/ABC/DuMont Youngstown
49 WAKR ABC Akron
73 WFMJ NBC Youngstown

Friday, April 30, 1954
3-73 Today
5-27 Morning Show-Guest John F. Kennedy and his recent bride Jacqueline Lee Bouvier

8 Preview Corner

3 Movie-A Guy Could Change
5 Mixing Bowl-Rachel Van Cleve
8-27 Breakfast Club-Don McNeil-ABC
73 Movie-Danger, Women at Work

5 Western Reserve Telecourse

3-73 Ding Dong School
5-27 Jack Paar
8 Maggie Wulff

3-73 One Man's Family
8 Charming Children

3-73 Three Steps to Heaven

3-73 Home-Arlene Francis
5 Dionne Lucas-Cooking
8 Alice Weston-Cooking
27 I'll Buy That-CBS

5-27 Strike It Rich-Warren Hull
8 Rena and Bob Ledyard

3-73 Bride and Groom
5 Valiant Lady
8 Treasure Party-Bob Neal
27 News

3-73 Hawkins Falls
5-27 Love Of Life

3-73 Betty White Show

5-27 Guiding Light

3 Movie-My Dog Shep
5 Women's Window-Cooking
8-27 Brighter Day-CBS
73 News

8 Portia Faces Life-CBS
27 Home Cooking-Resch
73 Hal's A Poppin-Hal Fryar

5 Garry Moore
8 Fan Fare-Wullf-"Maggie and Pre-Game Interviews"

5-27 Garry Moore
8 Baseball Previews-Danny Landau

5 Double Or Nothing
8-Baseball-Cleveland Indians at New York Yankees-Jim Britt/Ken Coleman (Indians won 9-4)
27-Movie-Adventures of Casanova
73 Movie-Meet The Missus

3 Maggi Byrne

5 Art Linkletter-Jack Slattery subs for Art
73 Kitchen Corner-Marjorie Mariner

3 Nancy Dixon-Shopping

3-73 Kate Smith
5-27 Big Payoff

5 Bob Crosby

3-73 Welcome Travelers
5 Dinner Platter-Bob Dale
27 Woman With A Past-CBS

27 Secret Storm

3-73 On Your Account
5-27 Robert Q. Lewis

8 Scores and Squaws-(Yes, that was the name of the post-game show)

3-Pinky Lee
5 Uncle Jake's House-Gene Carroll
8 Movie-Riding The Dusty Trail
27 Barker Bill-CBS
49 Hinky Dinks-Kids
73 Susie Sidesaddle

27 Grizzly Pete

5 News

3-73 Howdy Doody
5 Movie-Texas Buddies
49 Corral Time

3 Supper Time Comics
49-73 News

49 Social Whirl

8 Sports-Bob Neal
49 Humbard Family
73 Sports-Eddie Lane

5 Professor Pet
73 Weather

3 Dports-Tom Manning
5 Dorothy Fuldheim
8 TV Weatherman-Dr. Annear
27 News Today
49 Adventure Time
73 In Our School

3 Coyne for Auditor
8 Cleveland Today

3 Today's News
5 Sports Page-Jack Graney
8 Home with the Graham-Browns QB Otto Graham and Family
27 Sports-Don Gardner
49 Custom Ranch-Western

5 Weather-Johnny Price
27 Weather-Stu Wilson
49 Weather

3 Badge 714
5 Primary Preview
8-27 Captain Video-DuMont
49 News-Jack Fitzgibbons
73 Turn Of a Card

5 TV IQ-Bob Dale
49 Sports-Bob Wylie

5 The Greatest Drama
8 News Parade-Bob Lang/Jimmy Dudley
27 Rambling Reporter-Stu Wilson
49 ABC News-John Daly
73 Telerama-Film

3-73 Eddie Fisher
5-27 CBS News-Douglas Edwarda
8-49 Stu Erwin-ABC

3-73 Camel News Caravam-John Cameron Swayze
5-27 Perry Como

3-73 Dave Garrpway
5 Mama-CBS
8 Ozzie and Harriet-ABC
27 TBA
49 Teen WHO Club

3-73 Life Of Riley
5-27 Topper
8-49 Pepsi Cola Playhouse-ABC

3-73 Big Story
5-27 Schlitz Playhouse Of Stars
8 Life Begins at 80-DuMont
49 Paul Hartman Show-ABC

3-73 TV Soundstage
5-27 Our Miss Brooks
8 Boston Blackie-Syndicated
49 American Of The Year-Danny Thomas

3-73 Boxing
5-27 My Friend Irma
8 Chance of a Lifetime-DuMont
49 Movie-Miraculous January

5 I Led Three Lives
8 Down You Go-DuMonr
27 Person to Person-CBS

3-73 Greatest Fights

3 News-Tom Field
5 Movie-13 Lead Soldiers
8-27 News-Warren Guthrie
49 News-Bill Murphy
73 Stage 73-Swamp Fire

3 Weather-Joe Finan

3 Sports-Joe Mulvihill
8 Today's Top Story-Ted Malone
27 News-Sid Davis
49 Sports-Bob Wylie

3 Custom Inn-Cy Kelly, Glenn Rowell
8 Carling's Sports Final-John Fitzgerald
27 Movie-Welcome, Mr. Washington

3 Movie-Crown Jewels

73 Late News

3 Hoot Gibson
5-27 Local News


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August 24-30, 1957:A Look Back:

TV Guide Ad for "God Is The Answer" from Rex Humbard's Calvary Temple..Later to be Cathedral of Tomorrow.

Photo of Bill Gordon and Dorothy Fuldheim, hosts of the One O Clock Club for most of it's run on WEWS. This 1959 Photo Courtesy Cleveland State University Special Collections.

Photo of Dorothy with Comedian Bob Hope on One O'Clock Club, taken in the early 1960's. A short video clip of this interview (which originally was in 5 parts) is below. Photo also courtesy CSU Special Collections.

TV Guide Ad for Popeye on KYW-TV 3..Starting Sept. 2, 1957.. Anyone that can help improve this picture would be appreciated..

TV Guide Ad for the Channel 8 Debut of Victory at Sea. This award-winning series originally aired on NBC in 1952-53.

Wikipedia Article:

Cleveland Classic Media earlier looked at August 1957...Last Fall to be exact. At the time I was limited in the listings I could get for that period. A recent Trip to the Cleveland Library yielded among other listings, August 24-30, 1957,. That week was Historic as one of the more important Shows in Cleveland TV History debuted, and another show was about to begin a run that wouldnt end until at least the mid 1970's..

Captain Penny's Fun Farm at 9AM and Noon Show had begun a long run several months before.
Jay Miltner at KYW-3 and Court Stanton at WEWS-5 had competing 5 minute newscasts at 8:55 AM daily.
Jim Graner was doing weekend sportscasts at WJW-TV 8 before moving to TV 3, possibly within a few weeks after this..
Ken Coleman and Jim Britt were Televising Indians Baseball Games this season on WEWS-TV 5.
Rex Humbard and "God Is The Answer" aired twice weekly from Calvary Temple., in the same time slots on Channel 8 and WAKR-TV 49.
The two main TV Events at this particular time:

The Debut of the "One O' Clock Club"..Cleveland's first local long-form talk-entertainment show..One O Clock Club made it's bow Monday, August 26, 1957 on WEWS-TV 5. Dorothy Fuldheim hosted from the start..With Ronnie Barrett and The Timekeepers providing the music, the one hour show was a hit from the beginning, expanding to 90 minutes by January 1959 if not before..Also by this time, Bill Gordon came aboard as co-host..The show had a mostly successful 7 year run. The Debut of KYW's Mike Douglas Show in December 1961 hurt One O Clock Club in the ratings eventually and the show was cancelled in 1964.

You Tube Clip of Dorothy Fuldheim and Bill Gordon hosting One O Clock Club, along with part of an interview Dorothy Fuldheim did with Bob Hope..

KYW-TV 3 had not one but two full page TV Guide ads for the coming premiere of Popeye The Sailor Theatrical Cartoons on Channel 3 beginning September 2, 1957. The show began airing 5:30-6PM weeknights. At first, there was no host indicated for the half hour show, but Linn Sheldon, having been at Channel 8 earlier in 1957, most certainly have landed at channel 3 by the end of 1957 to introduce Kid show host Barnaby. Popeye remained on TV 3 with all the theatrical and made for TV cartoons well into the 1970's

King Features Made For TV Popeye Cartoon "Spare Dat Tree"..From the early 1960's.. Special thanks to YouTube member mrmanok. I grew up on these cartoons watching Barnaby and Woodrow..

TV Guide Listings:
Cleveland Edition

Sunday, August 25, 1957

3 KYW NBC Cleveland
5 WEWS ABC Cleveland
8 WJW CBS Cleveland
21 WFMJ NBC Youngstown
27 WKBN CBS/ABC Youngstown
49 WAKR ABC Akron

3 Sunday School

3 This Is The Answer

5 News-Court Stanton

3 Catholic Hour
5 Prayer Meeting
8 The Lord's Prayer

8-27 Living Word

3 Spirituals-Mary Holt
5 Kit Carson
8 Looney Tunes
27 Christophers

5 Movie-Western-Topeka Terror-Allan "Rocky" Lane
8 Movie-Western-Valley of Fear-Johnny Mack Brown
27 This Is The Life

3 Headlines-Mary Holt
27 Look Up And Live

3 Christophers

3 Movie-Western-Grand Canyon Trail-Roy Rogers
5 Christophers
8-49 Rex Humbard
27 Movie-TBA

5 Man To Man
21 Faith For Today

5 Charming Woman-Beauty

3 Highlights of Opera
5 Gene Carroll
8-27 Let's Take A Trip
21 I Wonder Why
49 This Is The Life

3 Bride-To-Be
8-27 Wild Bill Hickock
21 Movie-Western-Trigger Fingers-Tim McCoy
49 Allen Revival

3 Movie-Train of Events-1951
5 Warmup-Bill Veeck
8 Heckle and Jeckle
27 Oral Roberts
49 Movie-Golden Madonna

5 Baseball-Indians (Was how the listing was presented-Apparently the scheduled game between the Indians and Yankees was Rained out)

8 Movie-Lawless Frontier-1935
21 Lift Every Voice
27 Movie-House of the Seven Gables-1940

21 Movie-Murder Among Friends-1941

3 Circle 3-Kids
Movie-Stage To China-1941

8 Chapel
49 Oral Roberts

8 Sacret Heart
21 Telerama
49 Movie-Fabulous Suzanne

8 Christophers
21 That We May See
27 Air Force Digest

3-21 Mr. Wizard
8 This Is The Life
27 Hopalong Cassidy

3 Youth Wants to Know-Guest William Bendix (Life Of Riley)
8 Face The Nation
21 American Forum
27 Movie-Idaho

5 Baseball Scoreboard

3-21 Zoo Parade-COLOR
5 Televideo Theater
8 Movie-House on 92nd St.-1945
49 Movie-That Man From Tangiers

3 Sermons from Science
5 Cross Current
21 Catholic Hour
27 You Are There

3-21 Outlook
5 Movie-Western-Prairie Justice-Bob Baker
27 Theater Time

3 Meet The Press
8 Heart Of The City
21 Annie Oakley
27 Spike Jones
49 Movie-Western-Drifting Along-Johnny Mack Brown

3 Lassie-CBS
5 Whirlybirds
8 You Asked For It-ABC
21 Movie (Cowboy Theater)-Down Rio Grande Way-1942
27 Disneyland-ABC

3 Martin Kane
5 Range Rider
8 Amos N Andy
49 Duffy's Tavern

3-21 Circus Boy
5 Movie-Meet mr. Callaghan-1954
8-27 My Favorite Husband
49 Movie (Hollywood Film Theater)-China Sky-1945-ABC

3-21 Steve Allen
8-27 Ed Sullivan

3-21 Philco/Goodyear TV Playhouse-COLOR-"The Littlest Leaguer" With Brooklyn Dodgers Pitcher Sal Maglie.
5 Film Feature
8 GE Theater
27 Phil Silvers
49 Movie-Daisy Kenyon

5 Midwestern Hayride-ABC-From Dayton, Ohio-Host Paul Dixon
8-27 Alfred Hitchcock

3-21 Web
5 Mike Wallace Interviews
8-27 $64,000 Challenge

3 Sheriff Of Cochise
5 Public Defender
8-27 What's My Line?
21 Waterfront

3 News-Tom Field
5 Movie-Voice Of The Whistler
8 News-Jim Doney
21-27 News
49 Rex Humbard

3 Sports-Paul Bedford
8 Sports-Jim Graner
21 Movie-Strange Triangle-1946
27 Movie-More Than A Secretary-1936

3 Movie-The Long Dark Hall-1951
8 Weather-Ken Armstrong

8 Movie-The Doctor Takes a Wife-1940

3 News-Tom Field
5 News-Randy Culver

Monday, August 26, 1957

3-21 Today
8-27 Jimmy Dean

8-27 CBS News-Richard Hottelet

8-27 Captain Kangaroo

8 Good Idea-Variety
27 Cartoon Classics

3 News-Jay Miltner
5 News-Court Stanton

3 Cash On The Line-Tom Haley-Movie-The Clay Pigeon
5 Fun Farm
21 Adelaide Snyder
27 Captain Kangaroo

5 Paige Palmer

27 Cartoon Classics

5 Movie-Sing As We Go
8 Fred Waring
21 Arlene Francis
27 Movie-TBA

3 Window-Gloria Brown

3-21 Treasure Hunt
8 Arthur Godfrey

3-21 Price Is Right-Bill Cullen

5 Liberace

3-21 Truth Or Consequences
8-27 Strike It Rich-Warren Hull

5 News-Court Stanton

3-21 Tic Tac Dough
5 Noon Show-Captain Penny
8 Hotel Cosmopolitan
27 Cartoon Carnival

8-27 Love Of Life

3-21 It Could Be You-Bill Leyden
8 Search For Tomorrow
27 Playhouse

8 Guiding Light

3 Movie-Highly Dangerous-1951
5 One O Cluck Club-DEBUT-Dorothy Fuldheim, Ronnie Barrett
8 Movie-Devil Ship-1947
21-27 News
49 Movie-Fabulous Suzanne

27 Stsnd Up and Be Counted

21 Kitchen Corner-Marjorie Mariner

27 Movie-Hired Wife

5 Stu Erwin
21 Club 60-NBC-COLOR

3-21 Bride And Groom
5 Susie-Ann Sothern
8 House Party-Art Linkletter
49 Conrad Nagel

3-21 Matinee Theater-COLOR
5-49 American Bandstand-Dick Clark-Guests include singer Doc Bagley vocal group The Crickets, singing "That'll Be The Day"..Though the program Description does'nt mention Buddy Holly by name.
8-27 Big Payoff-Randy Merriman, Bess Myerson

8 Bob Crosby
27 Grizzly Pete-Western Serials

3-21 Queen For A Day
8 Brighter Day

8 Secret Storm

5 Theater Five-Kids
8 Edge Of Night
49 Flash Gordon

3-21 Modern Romances

3 I Married Joan
5-27 Mickey Mouse Club
8 As The World Turns
21 Fun House Gang
49 Movie-Western-Fighting Bill Carson-Buster Crabbe

3 Mickey Rooney (Hey Mulligan)
8 Our Miss Brooks

21 Popeye

3 Six O Clock Adventure
5 Long John Silver
8 Cartoon Carnival
27 High Adventure-Serial
49 Looney Tunes

5 News-Dorothy Fuldheim
21-27 News, Sports

8 Cleveland Today

8 Sports-John Fitzgerald
49 Sports, Weather, News

5 Weather-Bill Prentice
8-27 CBS News-Douglas Edwards

5 News-Ron Penfound, Paul Wilcox

3 News-Tom Field

3 Frontier Doctor
5 Waterfront
8 You Are There
21 Death Valley Days
27 Bold Journey

49 ABC News-John Daly

3-21 Georgia Gibbs
5 Wire Service-ABC
8 Robin Hood
27 Crossroads-ABC Fri. 8:30
49 Movie-TBA

3-21 NBC News-Huntley/Brinkley

3-21 Charles Farrell
8 Burns And Allen
27 Studio 57

3-21 Action Tonight-Postponed from August 5-Anthology Reruns
5 Bold Journey
8-27 Talent Scouts

3-21 Twenty-One
5 Quest For Adventure
8-27 Those Whiting Girls
49 Get Set. Go

3-21 Arthur Murray-COLOR
5-49 Lawrence Welk's Top Tunes/New Talemt
8-27 Richard Diamond-David Janssen

3-21 Ted Mack's Amateur Hour
8-27 Studio One

3 State Trooper
5 Boxing-St. Nick's Arena, NYC-Chris Schenkel-Last Remnant from the failed DuMont Network still on the air, Though now in syndication
21 Badge 714-Jack Webb-Dragnet Reruns
49 TV Auction Time

3 News-Tom Field
8-27 News-Warren Guthrie "Sohio Reporter"
21 News, Sports, Weather
49 Movie-Golden Madonna

3 Weather-Specs Howard
8 Sports-John Fitzgerald

3 Sports-Bob Neal (Cleveland Indians Radio announcer with Jimmy Dudley)
5 News-John B. Hughes
8 Weather-Ken Armstrong
27 Movie-One Way Ticket

3 Jungle-Cesare -Short Form Drama
8 Movie-Sergeant And The Spy-1954
21 Speaking Of Animals

3 Movie-Witness Chair-1936
5 Bowling Time-Host Sam Levine-Bowlers:Pete Treybig, Houston, Carmen Salvino, Chicago (Salvino would later become famous as one of the founding stars of the Professional Bowlers Association) Guest:Swimmer Florence Chadwick

21 Tonight-Jack Paar (Not aired in Cleveland as yet)

5 News-Bill Prentice

3 News-Tom Field

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A New Blog:

Hello friends:
I would like to take this opportunity to announce that I have started a second blog, called "The Wonder of His Grace". This will be more of a personal blog, where I will share thoughts of a more personal, even spiritual nature..I have been a Christian for about 31 years and I have long thought about a second outlet for more personal matters..As I say in my introductory post, while It will be a Christian blog, I hope for it not to be too "preachy"..I dont expect to "save" the world as such....Just give folks something to think about as well as share Mine and my wife Linda's experiences as a couple..Appreciate anyone who might stop by..thanks and God Bless..


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Chevrolet "Bewitching Bonanza"-September 27, 1964

Here is what has to be one of the more unusual videos I've come across..a five and a half minute commercial for the 1965 model year Chevrolets..Set on the "Virginia City" lot where Bonanza was filmed, this color commercial aired on NBC Sunday, September 27, 1964 following Bonazna's sixth season opener. Among the more unusual aspects of the commercial, besides the length, is the fact that The main Bonanza Cast...Lorne Greene, Dan Blocker, Pernell Roberts and Michael Landon..all appear in costume.

This still being the day where one company, or maybe two, sponsored entire network shows, Chevrolet sponsored Bonanza, as well as 1964 debut series Man from UNCLE and Bewitched. Robert Vaughn from UNCLE and Elizabeth Montgomery, Agnes Moorehead and Dick York all appear here in costume..using their real names while being "in character"..With a bit of magic flying aroind "Virginia City." What is interesting also is while we see the "Bewitched" characters in color, their own show would be black and white for the first 3 seasons..Also, while Bewitched is an ABC show, the characters of Bewitched appear on NBC

Nice curiosity..rather fun to watch..Thanks to Vic's Bewitched Page and You Tube poster solovision for this unusual gem..

More background from Vic's Bewitched Page

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Tribute to Linn Sheldon/Barnaby

Cleveland TV Guide Ad from August 24, 1957 announcing the debut of "Popeye" Cartoons on KYW-TV 3 Cleveland September 2, 1957. There had been no host announced for this show..Linn Sheldon may have still been at WJW at this time. He was definitely hosting the Popeye Cartoons as "Barnaby" before the end of 1957. TV 3 had the right to all the incarnations of theatrical and TV Popeyes till well into the 1970's..

I'd like to share a very nice YouTube tribute to Barnaby (Linn Sheldon)..done by boppcleve, using some nice stills and film clips of Sheldon, along with "Barnaby's Theme"..Thanks to bobpcleve for uploading this originally. Very well done..

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Problem fixed:

The issue Friday night with Sitemeter and IE 7 appears to be resolved. The problem was definetely IE7 related. It was suggested by Sitemeter to upgrade to IE 8 (Which I will probably do)..Or use Firefox or Opera to access the site, which I may consider as well. It's just so hard to break the Internet Explorer Habit, as I am so used to it. I will say Firefox seems nuch faster..I have used Opera on occasion in the past, but It's just too different for me..Have a good day. I'll try to put something new up by the middle of the week.

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A quick note of explanation:

Hello folks:
It appears that beginning at 8PM ET, blog visitors that use Internet Explorer 6 or 7 got an error message that "Internet Explorer cannot access this page, operation aborted." After some googling, I figured the problem was in the Javascript used for Sitemeter on the main blog page. After removing Sitemeter, all appears to be fine. People using Firefox or other browsers shouldnt have had a problem..Sorry for any inconvenience..And thanks for your support..