Saturday, August 9, 2008

Chevrolet "Bewitching Bonanza"-September 27, 1964

Here is what has to be one of the more unusual videos I've come across..a five and a half minute commercial for the 1965 model year Chevrolets..Set on the "Virginia City" lot where Bonanza was filmed, this color commercial aired on NBC Sunday, September 27, 1964 following Bonazna's sixth season opener. Among the more unusual aspects of the commercial, besides the length, is the fact that The main Bonanza Cast...Lorne Greene, Dan Blocker, Pernell Roberts and Michael Landon..all appear in costume.

This still being the day where one company, or maybe two, sponsored entire network shows, Chevrolet sponsored Bonanza, as well as 1964 debut series Man from UNCLE and Bewitched. Robert Vaughn from UNCLE and Elizabeth Montgomery, Agnes Moorehead and Dick York all appear here in costume..using their real names while being "in character"..With a bit of magic flying aroind "Virginia City." What is interesting also is while we see the "Bewitched" characters in color, their own show would be black and white for the first 3 seasons..Also, while Bewitched is an ABC show, the characters of Bewitched appear on NBC

Nice curiosity..rather fun to watch..Thanks to Vic's Bewitched Page and You Tube poster solovision for this unusual gem..

More background from Vic's Bewitched Page

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