Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Some comments on the last couple of days..

Just want to comment on the nice response to the KYW/WKYC Radio postings the last few days..This is the most "quick response" I've had to any of the 41 articles I've written since late March. I am very much gratified by this.I wonder sometimes how much people really do read here..But more than that I have been able to chat via e-mail briefly to Jay Lawrence (now on weekends at KTAR-FM 92.3 Phoenix doing talk) and Harry Martin (Of the team of Martin and "Specs" Howard) Martin has allowed me to link to his site, mentioned in more detail below and linked at the right..In doing the blog, I was hoping to have a few fans stop by that appreciate the memories..I had no idea any "real DJs" that made the memories would come by. Am very pleased and honored..

In the next few weeks I plan more on the TV side of the changeover, including a forgotten local TV talk show with an interesting history..

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