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Encore:Stark County Radio-Christmas 1948

For our second encore holiday posting we go back to 1948 in Canton/Stark County Radio..Posted Originally December 20, 2008

Timken Roller Bearing Company ad for 2 Sponsored Christmas Day Programs on Canton Radio..Timken, being the largest employer for many years in Canton/Stark County led the way in many areas, including radio..

WAND-AM 900/FM 92.5 ad for Christmas programming on December 25, 1948..Canton Repository `12-24-48

A Downtown Canton Tradition for over 60 years..The Newsstand/Bookstore News Depot..The store was located for many years at 207 Market Avenue North. It is now at 220 Market Avenue South, In The Huntington Bank Building..

Here I thought we would take a look at Stark County and Cleveland area radio in the Christmas Season in 1948. The Canton Repository listed all Canton Stations and 3 major Cleveland AM Stations..Some others from Akron (WADC, WHKK), Pittsburgh (KDKA), Wheeling (WWVA) and Cincinnati (WLW) were listed under their respective networks, but programming was not listed for these stations.. Some Highlights:

Thursday December 23
Jack Webb in a Red Cross Dramatization at 6:30-WHBC-Months before his premeiere on Dragnet..

Frankie Laine guests on "Chesterfield Supper Club" with Perry Como at 7PM-WTAM

Homer Gives His Father a Box Of exploding cigars on the "Aldrich Family" at 8PM-WTAM

"Two Days Before Christmas" will be dramatized on "Crime Photographer" at 9:30 on WGAR

Friday, Drcember 24

White House Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony with President Truman-5PM-WHK, 5:15 WTAM, 7:30 WHBC

Ghost Of Christmas Past-Ohio Story 6:30 WHBC

Santa Claus Appears on "Mr. Ace And Jane"-8:30 WGAR

Santa Takes a Powder on "This Is Your FBI" 8:30 WHBC

"Legend Of The Candle" by Mrs. Twila Carmen of Minerva-9:30 WHBC

Saturday, December 25

Two Hour Christmas Party-9AM WAND

Christmas Address by King George VI Of England at 10AM-All Networks

The "Story Lady" Presents a program from Stark County Home as residents there receive Christmas Gifts from WCMW sponsors and listeners-10:30 WCMW

Santa Claus confuses Lou Costello with a Penguin on "The Abbott and Costello Show"- 11AM WHBC

Miracle For Christmas-Grand Central Station (Frank Sinatra-12:30 WGAR

"The Boy Who Sang For The King" will be presented on the "Dennis Day Show"-10PM WTAM

Canton Repository Program Listings
Saturday,December 25, 1948

900/92.5 WAND Canton (Now WCER and WDJQ, respectively)

7:45 Light Of The World
8AM News
8:05 Morning Melodies
8:30 Calvary Call
8:45 Organ Reveries
9AM Christmas Party
11AM Holiday Music
11:30 Victor Herbert
Noon Lunch Serenade
1PM Bing Crosby
1:30 Freddy Martin
2PM Fred Waring
2:30 Frank DeVol
3PM Loretta Young-"Littlest Angel"
3:30 Richard Himber
4PM Lionel Barrymore
4:30 Dave Dennis
5PM Weather/Sign-Off

WAND-92.5 FM Only
5PM Nutcracker Suite
5:30 Carnival
6PM Messiah
8PM Weather

1060/94.9 WCMW Canton (Now WILB and WQMX Respectively)

7:45 Man About Town
8AM Musical Clock
9AM Little Shepherd
9:15 Carol Singers
9:30 Santa Rides Again
10AM Fire Fighters
10:30 Old Folks Christmas-Stark County Home
11AM Man About Town
11:15 Children's Choir
11:30 Story Lady
12:15 Del Courtney
1PM Christmas Carols
2PM World Carols
2:15 Thanks for Christmas
2:30 Merchants
4PM Concert Hour
4:45 Voice Of The Army/Sign-Off

WCMW-94.9 Only
5PM Claude Thornhill
5:30 Russ Morgan
6PM Frankie Carle
6:15 Navy Band
6:30 Dinner Concert
7:30 Danceland

1100-WTAM NBC Cleveland

7AM News/Musical Clock
7:30 Musical Clock/News
8AM Jack Elton
8:15 Naval Reserve
8:30 News
8:45 Strike Up The Band
9AM Mind Your Manners
9:30 Cornich Choir
10AM King George VI
10:15 Mary Lee Taylor
10:30 Archie Andrews
11AM Meet The Meeks
11:30 Ed McConnell
Noon Edward Wallace (Early Newscaster on WNBK Channel 4)
12:15 Perry Brown
12:30 Marine Band
12:45 Guest Star
1PM Farm And Home Hour
1:30 Edward Tomlinson
1:45 Ohio News
2PM Kiddies Concert
2:30 First Piano Quartet
3PM Yes, a Santa (how listed..I am assuming this is Yes Virginia, There Is A Santa Claus)
4PM Star Time
6PM Treasure House
6:15 News
6:30 NBC Symphony
7:30 Vic Damone
8PM Star Theater
8:30 Truth Or Consequences
9PM Your Hit Parade
9:30 Judy Canova
10PM Dennis Day
10:30 Grand Ole Opry
11PM News
11:15 Morton Downey
11:30 Guy Lombardo

1220 WGAR-CBS Cleveland

7AM Bill Mayer (News-Martin-Motor Melodies at 7:45)
9AM Christmas In Cleveland
9:45 St. Francis Hour
10AM King George VI
10:15 Chariot Wheels
10:30 Romance Drama
11AM News
11:15 Let's Pretend
11:30 Junior Miss
Noon Theater Of Today
12:30 Grand Central Station
1PM County Fair
1:30 Give and Take
2PM Stars Over Hollywood
2:30 Concert Orchestra
3PM BBC Singers
3:30 Dave Stephens
4PM Holiday Show
6PM Van Patrick
6:15 Bob Neal
6:30 Midwestern Hayride
7PM Audition Ambition
7:30 Vaughn Monroe
8PM Messiah
10:30 Minstrel Gitl
10:45 Decision Now
11PM News
11:15 Footlights Forum
11:30 Morgan's Musicale

1420 WHK Mutual-Cleveland

7AM News
7:15 Meditation
7:30 Spins and Needles
8AM World News
8:15 Breakfast Melody
8:30 Pat and Mike
9AM Hillbilly Music
9:15 Modern Revue
9:30 Polish Serenade
10AM King George VI
10:15 Book Caravan
10:30 Albert L. Warner
10:45 Rent Control
11AM Fire Safety
11:15 Story Teller
11:30 Magic Rhythm
12PM Smoky Mountain Hayride
12:30 Meet The Press
1PM Talent Parade
1:30 Christmas Story
2PM Polka
2:15 Polish Music
2:30 Hungarian Music
2:45 College Football-North/South Game
5PM Take A Number
5:30 True Or False
6PM Big Broadcast
8PM Twenty Questions
8:30 Cowboy Classics
8:45 Strikes and Spares
9PM True Or False
9:30 Guy Lombardo
10PM Take A Nubmber
10:30 Chicago Theater
11PM RCA Victor Choir
11:30 Eddy Duchin

1480/94.1 WHBC-ABC Canton

7AM News/Alarm Clock
8AM News/Top of the Morning
8:30 Morning Melodies
9AM Shopper's Special
10AM King George VI
10:15 Hansel and Gretel
11AM Abbott and Costello
11:30 Tomorrow's Headlines
11:45 Early Christmases In Canton-E.T. Heald of Stark County Historical Society
Noon News
12:15 Music Of All Nations
12:30 Fine Arts Quartet
1PM Maggie McNeils
1:30 Christmas Overseas
2PM Metropolitan Opera
5PM Tea and Crumpets
6PM News
6:15 Sports
6:30 Reminiscient Rhythm
6:45 Christmas Songs
7PM Episcopal Hour
7:30 Christmas Music
8PM Kay Starr
8:30 Famous Jury Trials
9PM Saturday Serenade
9:30 Amazing Malone
10PM Musical Etchings
10:30 Bing Crosby
11PM News
11:15 Sports Whirl
11:30 Hawthorn Thing (No idea what this is)

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  1. I noticed at 8 A.M. WTAM-1100 had a program from one Jack Elton. Would this by any chance have been the same individual who handled additional vocal arrangements for The Carol Burnett Show between 1970 and 1974?