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Encore:Christmas Eve 1959

Originally posted December 25, 2007:A look at December 24, 1959..

A 1959 Holiday Greeting on behalf of the employees of WJW-TV 8 in Cleveland. Doug Adair started at the station in '59. Howard Hoffman, John Fitzgerald and Jim Doney were at TV 8 well into the 1970's. Another name on the list is Casey "Kassem"..actually Casey Kasem, who worked at TV 8 for a short time in the late 1950's before his greatest fame as "American Top 40" host and "Shaggy" on Scooby-Doo as well as other cartoon voices..He was also NBC announcer for awhile.

KYW-3 Eyewitness News Sunday Ad featuring Hugh Danaceau, who worked as a newsman for over 40 years at numerous Cleveland area Radio and TV stations ending at WCLV/WRMR at the time of his passing in 2003..By all accounts, a great newsman and a very authoritative voice..

Kraft Music Hall ad for Perry Como's Christmas Show Wednesday, December 23, 1959.

Highlights of Christmas week 1959:KYW-3 and WKBN-27 had "Year in Review" Shows, sponsored on both stations by Fisher Foods. NBC's Amahl and the Night Visitors is shown for the 10th time, though this year's version was taped in 1958. The Statewide 10 minute Documentary series, "The Ohio Story" featured "The First Christmas Tree."

Thursday, December 24, 1959

3-KYW NBC Cleveland

7AM Today
8:55 News-Tom Haley
9AM Cash On The Line Movie-Whistling In Dixie 1942
10:25 Girl On The Go-Gloria Brown
10:30 Play Your Hunch-Merv Griffin
11AM Price Is Right-Bill Cullen-COLOR
11:30 Concentration-Hugh Downs
Noon Truth Or Consequences-Bob Barker
12:30 It Could Be You-Bill Leyden-COLOR
1PM Movie-Never Take No For An Answer-1951-English
2:50 News-Pete French
3PM Young Dr. Malone
3:30 From These Roots
4PM House On High Street
4:30 Split Personality
5PM Barnaby, Popeye and Friends
5:30 Movie-When a Feller needs a Friend-1932
6:50 News-Pete French
6:55 Weather-Stu Cramer
7PM Bengal Lancers
7:30 Night Before Christmas-Tom Haley hosts this program featuring the Oberlin College Octet, Linn Sheldon and Ronnie Barrett
8PM Amahal and the Night Visitors-SPECIAL
9PM Bachelor Father
9:30 Ford Show starring Tennessee Ernie Ford-COLOR-Guest:Jay North (Live)
10PM Groucho Marx
10:30 Phil Silvers (Bilko)
11PM News-Pete French
11:10 Weather-Howard (Specs?)
11:15 Sports-Jim Graner
11:20 Story Of Christmas-Paul Bedford from the Cleveland Museum of Art
Midnight-Church Service-St. Patrick's Cathedral in NYC

WEWS-5 ABC Cleveland

8:55 News-Randy Culver
9AM Christmas Chorus
9:30 Paige Palmer
11AM My Little Margie
11:30 Stu Erwin
Noon News-Randy Culver
12:05 Noon Show-Captain Penny (Mr. Jingeling at 12:25)
1PM One O-Clock Club-Dorothy Fuldheim, Bill Gordon
2:30 Gale Storm Show
3PM Beat The Clock
3;30 Who Do You Trust
4PM American Bandstand
5:30 Three Stooges
6:25 Mr. Jingeling
6:30 Dorothy Fuldheim
6:45 News-Tom Field
6:50 Weather-Sunny Day
6:55 Three Stooges and Friends
7:15 Huntley/Brinkley Report (NBC)
7:30 Gale Storm
8PM Donna Reed-Guest Buster Keaton
8:30 Real McCoys
9PM Pat Boone
9:30 Untouchables
10:30 Glencannon
11PM News-Tom Field
11:15-Jack Paar (NBC)
Midnight-Church Service-Catholic-from Washington, DC
1AM News-Paul Wilcox

WJW-8 CBS Cleveland

7AM Dateline UN
7:30 Rex Humbard
7:45 Spunky and Tadpole
8AM Captain Kangaroo
9AM Watch and Win Movie-Nancy Drew,Detective 1938
10:30 Medic
11AM I Love Lucy
11:30 December Bride
Noon Love Of Life
12:30 Search For Tomorrow
12:45 Guiding Light
1PM Movie-Heaven With a Barbed Wire Fence-1939
2:30 House Party
3PM Millionaire
3;30 Verdict Is Yours
4PM Brighter Day
4:15 Secret Storm
4:30 Edge Of Night
5PM As The World Turns
5:30 Movie-Konga, The Wild Stallion
7PM City Camera News-
7:10-Sports Camera-Warren Moran
7:15-CBS News-Douglas Edwards
7:30 Mackenzies Raiders (Instead of To Tell The Truth)
8PM Betty Hutton Show
8:30 Johnny Ringo
9PM Zane Grey
9:30 Playhouse 90
11PM-News-Warren Guthrie
11:10 City Report-Doug Adair
11:15 Sports, Weather
11:20 To Be Announced
11:30 Church Service-Natl. Cathedral, Washington, DC
12:30 Film Feature

WAKR-49 ABC Akron

Noon Restless Gun
12:30 Love that Bob
1PM Music Bingo
1:30 Looney Tunes
2PM Day In Court
3PM Gale Storm
3:30 Who Do You Trust?
4PM American Bandstand
4:30 Movie-The Great Lover
6PM Looney Tunes
6:30 Singing Towers-Christmas Music
6:55 Weather, News, Sports
7:15 Singing Towers
7:30 Gale Storm
8PM Women against Women-1938
8:50 Ohio Story
9PM Pat Boone
9:30 Movie-Min and Bill-1930
10:30 Ernie Kovacs
11PM Church Service-Episcopal
Midnight-Church Service-Catholic

Listings and ads courtesy TV Guide Dec. 19-25, 1959

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