Thursday, May 28, 2009

Update:Possible New Material

February, 1964 ad for "Franz The Toymaker" (Ray Stawiarski) on WJW-8..Chuck Schodowski has some very entertaining stories of "Franz" while on The Ghoulardi/Hoolihan and Big Chuck All-Stars sports teams in his recently published book, "Big Chuck"

Early Test Pattern for WAKR-TV 49-I honestly forget where this is from..Whoever originally had this on their site, let me know so I can credit you properly..Thanks.

Early Promotional photo for Bob "Hoolihan The Weatherman" Wells ..Dates at about 1965 or so..(Courtesy Bob Wells Through Neil Zurcher's TV Memories)

Good afternoon:
As most here know, I get much of my material for posting from various newspapers and TV Guides, making occasional trips (mostly by bus) to Akron and Cleveland to copy such material..I have just been made aware of a TV Magazine called TV Scope, which was locally produced in the Cleveland area and at least included Cleveland and Erie, Pa. listings..A new reader, who wishes to remain anonymous, acquired 9 "TV Scope" Magazines from the 1958-60 period a few years ago and has graciously offered them to me for use on the blog..I would like to thank this person publicly for their sharing and support..


  1. Great posting.I remember Hollahand the weather man.Guess I'm getting old.

  2. The test pattern design used by WAKR when it was on Channel 49, was also utilized by WBZ-TV (Channel 4) in Boston since about 1949-50, and then in the mid-1960's they actually revamped that same pattern for the color age. It was one of three "lined" (for monoscope purposes) non-Indian head test pattern variations. (One had what looked like fans on the top right and lower left sides, and the other had the same thing but with a curved "CHANNEL" added on.)

  3. And as Hoolihan would say, "sunshine to you."

  4. There is one old print ad from 1965that I'd give anything to see on this website. It's the one heralding NBC's return to Cleveland with the heading "Hello Cleveland, NBC Calling" I've only seen it shown on 3's anniversary specials. It would be extremely interesting reading.