Saturday, May 16, 2009

Update:Fixing blog issues:And a new link

As most regular readers know, we've had an issue with the blog that caused the side links to slide to the bottom of the page..After a couple nights ago tearing what little hair I have out trying to fix the problem..I ultimately just deleted the country music on tv post, which seemed to cause the issue in the first place. The problem seems to be solved, and now the links re on the left, though I may change the template again to something I can live with for awhile..

Also:Ed Golick, a Classic Broadcast TV fan from Detroit, has been kind enough to add a Cleveland Classic Media link to his page, which deals with Classic Detroit Kids TV, including shows/characters like Johnny Ginger, Poopdeck Paul, Wixie Wonderland, Woodrow (yes, Clay Conroy did Woodrow in Detroit for 4 years), Sagebrush Shorty, Soupy Sales (Who had been at WXEL Cleveland) and many others. He also has links to other Detroit TV and Radio/commercial sites and just general memories of living in Detroit..Very well done..Golick also contributes to the Classic Michigan TV boards which will also be linked..

Have a good week everyone..


  1. I remember those Faygo ads on Cleveland TV as a kid. I don't know if Faygo was sold only in this section of the country or what but it does strike me as being a bit strange that those two Faygo ads are posted almost as if they were strictly local ads. Another kid and I used to do good imitations of the clerk in those ads. There are two places I recall seeing the actor who played the clerk other than those ads. One was as a car dealer on Petticoat Junction and the other was in a barber chair scene in That Girl next to Ann Marie's father.

  2. The Gentleman in the Faygo Ads was Harold(Hal) Peary, whose actual greatest claim to fame was starring in Radio on a number of shows, mainly Fibber McGee and Molly and his own show, The Great Gildersleeve from 1937-50. It was during this time that his voice, particularly his laugh, became nationally famous, long before the Faygo ads.

    Another interesting note:When Peary left Great Gildersleeve in a contract dispute with NBC, Peary sound-alike actor Willard Waterman took his place on Gildersleeve and kept the show going till 1957. Waterman also starred in a one-season Gread Gildersleeve TV adaptation,,

    As far as Faygo, we actually sell single cans of Faygo in the grocery store I work at in Canton, so Faygo is at least available regionally..

  3. I liked the first change and thought it fit the "persona" of this blog. The second change, I had a problem with as it looked like I went to Ohio Media Watch at first.

    This one is a good one and once again gives you a unique personality.

  4. WIXY:
    The blog changes were made out of desperation, As I tried to keep everything as I wanted it. When I had the orange template, didnt realize till checking out OMW that it couldnt stay that way. What I like about Blogger is that its relatively easy to use, and with the problems, it stopped being easy..Thanks for the constructive thoughts and suggestions..