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October 1958-Looking Back..

NBC Daytime ad-October 13-17, 1958

Wednesday, October 15, 1958-Lawrence Welk Plymouth Show..Unique in the broadcast is "stereo"..If one tuned their AM radios to WAKR-1590 and WSRS-1490 along with watching on TV, they could hear the music in stereo..

Here's what I think is a great ad..KYW-TV Movie choices Oct. 11-17, 1958-KYW aired four movies a day Mon.-Fri..

Full Page TV Guide ad for "Bandstand" with Plil McLean and Darlene Kane,,This was for a special Cleveland Arena Show in which 7,000 fans were expected to attend..No record of the bands who played that day..Might be something worth researching..McLean later worked at WWWE-1100 and WUAB-43

The lovely Darlene Kane-Co-hostess with Phil McLean on Channel 8's "Bandstand" Popular music show in the late 1950's."TV Scope" was a free TV Guide available at Fisher Foods Cleveland locations, and possibly other stores in Northeast Ohio.

Wednesday, October 15, 1958:Ad for WJW-TV's "Big" Movies at 1 and 5:45PM

Hello folks:

Today, let's look at The week of October 11-17, 1958..

The 1958-59 season was getting in full swing..Most of the fall network shows had their premieres by this time, but local TV was still getting their programming changes together..Some Highlights:

Sat. 12:30 Ch. 3-21 Bud Palmer's Sports Page debuts

Sat. 2:30 Ch. 8 Bandstand-Phil McLean and Darlene Kane host a special live broadcast from Cleveland Arena.

Sat. 5PM Channel 5 ABC's All Star Golf starts a new season

Sat. 9:30 3-21 Cimarron City-DEBUT-Starring George Montgomery-Guest Star Fred Mac Murray..

Sat. 11PM News-Ch. 3 Don Mahoney
Ch. 5 News John B. Hughes
Ch. 8 News Jim Doney
Ch. 8 Sports Doug Adair (11:10)
Ch. 8 Weather Howard Hoffman (11:15)

12:30 AM 3 Credo-Interfaith sermon at signoff-Channel 3 used this title into the 1980's at least..

Sat. 11:05 Ch. 5 Smoochie's Party-Bill Gordon Two hour variety show

Sun. 2:30 Ch. 12 Erie NBA Basketball Exhibition Phila. Warriors at St. Louis Hawks-NBC Telecast-3 did not carry this..

Sun. 4:30 Ch. 3 Fun With Charades-Big Wilson-Show moves to Channel 3 after several years at Channel 5..Teams:Shaker Heights B'nai B'rith and Euclid Little Theatre..

Sun. 9:30 Ch. 5 Debut of the syndicated How to Marry a Millionaire..Including a young Barbara Eden as one of the stars..

Sun. 10:30 Ch. 5 Hour of Stars debuts-No 11:00 News on Sunday

Mon. 11AM 45-49 ABC's first daytime weekday schedule begins..

Mon-Fri 8:45 AM 8 Mr. Banjo
Mon-Fri. 5PM 3 Barnaby, Popeye and Friends
Mon-Fri 11PM 3 News, Weather-Pete French, Joe Finan
5 News-Tom Field
8 News, Sports, Weather-Warren Guthrie, John Fitzgerald, Howard Hoffman

Sunday, October 12, 1958


8AM Sunday School
8:30 Herald Of Truth
9AM This Is The Answer
9:30 Spirituals-Mary Holt
10AM Movie-Saturday's Heroes-1937
11AM Movie-Don't Fence Me In-1945
Noon-Science Fiction Theater
12:30 Dance Studio-Variety
1PM Movie-Little Women-1949
3PM Science Fiction Theater
3:30 Viewpoint-Wendell (Bud?)
4PM To Be Announced
4:30 Fun With Charades-Big Wilson (Return-New Channel)
5PM Frontiers Of Faith
5:30 Youth Wants To Know-Last Show
6:30 Swiss Family Robinson-SPECIAL-Interesting cast, including Walter Pidgeon, Laraine Day, Dennis Hopper, Patty Duke and Carol Lawrence
7:30 Northwest Passage-COLOR
8PM Steve Allen-COLOR
9PM Dinah Shore-COLOR
10PM Loretta Young
10:30 Movie-Captains Courages-1937
12:30 UN In Review
12:45 Credo


8:55 News-Court Stanton
9AM Prayer Meeting
9:30 Dateline Europe
10AM Western Movies-"Bandits of Dark Canyon" and "Timber Trail"
Noon Gene Carroll
1PM Polka All-Stars
2PM Steelworkers Meeting
2:15 Movie-Adventures of Gallant Bess-1948
3:30 Waterfront-Drama
4PM Western Reserve
4:30 Bowling Stars-Joe Wilson
5PM Paul Winchell-Return
5:30 Lone Ranger
6PM Count of Monte Cristo
6:30 Film Drama
7PM Lassie-CBS
7:30 Maverick
8:30 Lawman
9PM Douglas Fairbanks
9:30 How To Marry A Millionaire-DEBUT
10PM Brains And Brawn
10:30 Hour Of Stars-DEBUT
11:30 Wrestling
12:30 News-Randy Culver


8AM Morning Meditation
8:15 Through The Porthole
8:30 Faith For Today
9AM Sacred Heart
9:15 Christian Science
9:30 Face The Nation
10AM This Is The Life
10:30 Cleveland File
11AM Rex Humbard
Noon Hawkeye-Last Of The Mohicans
12:30 Movie-Colorado Territory-1949
2PM Adventures In Music-Return
2:30 To Be Announced
3:30 Small World-DEBUT-Edward R. Murrow
4PM To Be Announced
4:30 Air Power
5PM Boots And Saddles
5:30 Movie-Casablanca-1942
7PM Target-Return
7:30 Bachelor Father
8PM Ed Sullivan
9PM GE Theater-Ronald Reagan
9:30 Alfred Hitchcock Presents
10PM $64,000 Question
10:30 What's My Line?-Dana Andrews is guest panelist
11PM News-Jim Doney
11:10 Sports-Doug Adair
11:15 Weather-Ken Armstrong
11:20 Movie-The Mask Of Demetrius-1944

WFMJ 21 NBC Youngstown

12:15 Living Word
12:30 Faith For Today
1PM Movies-To Be Announced
5PM Frontiers Of Faith
5:30 Youth Wants To Know-Last Show
6:30 Swiss Family Robinson-SPECIAL
7:30 Northwest Passage-COLOR
8PM Steve Allen-COLOR
9PM Dinah Shore-COLOR
10PM Loretta Young
10:30 Science Fiction Theater
11PM News
11:10 Movie-Every Girl Should Be Married-1948

WKBN-27 CBS Youngstown

9:15 Living Word
9:30 Land Of Tomorrow
10AM This is The Life
10:30 High Adventure Time
11:30 Movie-Hard To Hold-1937
12:30 Oral Roberts
1PM The Humbards
1:30 Movie-Strange Affair-1944
3:30 Movie-Sahara-1943
5PM Great Game Of Politics-Eric Sevareid
5:30 Face The Nation
6PM Small World-DEBUT-Edward R. Murrow
6:30 Air Power
7PM Lassie
7:30 Bachelor Father
8PM Ed Sullivan
9PM Union Pacific
9:30 Alfred Hitchcock Presents
10PM $64,000 Question
10:30 What's My Line?
11PM News
11:10 Movie-Crack-Up-1936

WKST-45 ABC Youngstown

4:30 Bowling Stars-Joe Wilson
5PM Paul Winchell-Return
5:30 I Spy
6PM Big Picture
6:30 Janet Dean
7PM You Asked For It-ABC
7:30 Maverick
8:30 Lawman
9PM Colt 45-ABC
9:30 Encounter-ABC
10PM Film Feature
10:30 President Eisenhower-SPECIAL
11PM Movie-Eye Witness-1950

WAKR-49 ABC Akron

11AM Rex Humbard
Noon Movie-The Magnificient Dope-1942
1:30 Movie-David Harum-1934
3PM I Spy
3:30 Roller Derby-Return
4:30 Bowling Stars
5PM Movie-Hell Below-1933
7PM Movie-A Bell For Adano-1945
9PM Movie-Nusic For Millions-1944
11PM Movie-Sailor's Lady-1940

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