Monday, March 31, 2008

Hoolihan/Big Chuck with Andy Griffith..February 17, 1967-In Color!

Another clip I've wanted to feature for a long time:

Here is some extremely rare video from the first months of "Hoolihan and Big Chuck" CBS-TV Star Andy Griffith is featured in a sketch as a country bumpkin trying to make it into show business, first aired Friday, February 17, 1967. Andy does a bit of his classic "Football" sketch and mentions his "buddies" Don Knotts and Tennessee Ernie Ford..In doing research I foumd that Griffith, Ford and Knotts were stars of an upcoming CBS special, The Andy Griffith Uptown-Downtown Show" mentioned here in "Time" Magazine 2-17-67..

"Tuesday, February 21

ANDY GRIFFITH'S UPTOWN-DOWNTOWN SHOW (CBS, 8:30-9:30 p.m.). Tonight it's Don Knotts, Tennessee Ernie Ford, Maggie Peterson with the Bruce Davis Quintet, and a folk-rock group known as the Back Porch Majority."

Thanks to Ghoulart for the Griffith Sketch..

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