Friday, March 7, 2008

WKYC 35th Anniversary-Judd Hambrick

Judd Hambrick, hosting WKYC-TV's 35th anniversary special..aired originally October 31, 1983. A fast paced entertaining 22-minutes..Featured are Linn Sheldon, Bud Dancy, Carl Stern, Wally Kinnan and a few others..

@copyright 1983 National Broadcasting Company


  1. That was pretty interesting. Was there more to it? It seemed to just cut off at the end.

    This is my first exposure to your blog and it's very cool.

  2. Thanks Luke:
    I am just learning to use You Tube, Google, etc. for uploading..The editing I have a problem with. I have the ending (about 2 1/2 minutes) on You Tube..Here is a link to it..

  3. I'm curious as to when the color WKYC-TV test pattern first came into use - 1967 or thereabouts? This pattern was used by many TV stations, mostly (that I know of) around the East Coast and Midwest, albeit with some modifications to some of the colors and outer-quad grey tint, into the 1970's. I also prefer this variation to that used by many stations in the 1980's. Also, is there any possibility of putting up a screencap of said test pattern?

  4. wbhist:
    When NBC returned to Cleveland as WKYC in sumnmer 1965, they touted themselves as "Full Color"..So I imagine they may have used the color test pattern starting in '65, though I have no way of knowing for sure.I may put up some test patterns in a separate post down the road..

  5. I seem to remember, seeing that special, that the initial test pattern as WKYC in 1965 was that B&W one with the calls on the lower left inner quad and the "3" on the lower right (as per their logo design at that outset), in the bumper indicating "NEXT - NBC RETURNS."

    A side note was that the sign-off script of WKYC as of 1976 (as read by Jay Miltner and put up on YouTube by Ray Glasser, a.k.a. 'videoholic2008') was formulated in the early-to-mid 1960's by NBC in the final years of its ownership of what in their stewardship was called WRCV-TV (in other words, that sign-off script went along with those NBC execs from Philly to Cleveland in June 1965). A website called 'DXPhotos,' run by one Jeff Kadet, has audio-only sign-offs recorded from Massachusetts in 1963-64, and the WRCV sign-off (announced by a legendary Philly V/O, J.B. Lee) was one of them. Conversely, it appears that in the final few years of Westinghouse/KYW's interim in Cleveland, the sign-off script they would use for years thereafter in Philadelphia was first formulated, only leading off (I presume) with "This is Cleveland, Ohio, home of..." rather than "This is Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, home of...," not to mention the differences in studio and transmitter info.

    But I'm all for a separate post on Cleveland test patterns with pertinent pics. Color as well as B&W. Besides WKYC's, there was the hugely colorful test pattern used by Channel 8 as both WJW and WJKW.

  6. I also seemed to notice that the color WKYC test pattern apparently dates back to about 1967-68. I say this because an earlier color test pattern with the same design, for WNDT (now WNET) in Newark, NJ, was printed in the February 1968 issue of Popular Science magazine, and in the lower right-hand corner there was a black/white diagonal section which, on the WKYC pattern, was clearly painted over. (That black/white section, incidentally, was apparently to cover up the "© NBC 1947" notice on the outer lower right quadrant as seen on the 1965 B&W pattern.) Because magazine articles are prepared months in advance of publication - and since WNDT was the last New York area VHF station to convert to color - that color pattern would have been first used by them in '67.