Monday, October 27, 2008

Ghoulardifest Report

Bob "Hoolihan" Wells with son Bob Wells, Jr. Compliments member Midwave

My wife Linda and I with "Big Chuck" Schodowski

With "Lil John" Rinaldi

Just wanted to give a report on the Ghoulardifest October 17-19. It was a big success..I finally got to meet 3 men who have become heroes to me..Big Chuck Schodowski, Lil John Rinaldi and Bob "Hoolihan" Wells..They were there the entire weekend, and it was awesome..I was always told they were very approchable and friendly to fans, and that is so true..They do not act the "TV Star"..Very refreshing in this day and age..

There were lots of dealer tables, and despite the potential "horror tv" angle on
everything, it was all very much family friendly. Big Chuck's book was introduced that weekend, and is selling well on review of "Big Chuck" will be forthcoming soon..

There were several question/answer sessions, moderated by "Doktor Goulfinger". a California Horror Host/historian as well as stories by Chuck, John and Hoolihan..They were among the highlights of the fest..
A special time Friday Night was sharing in Bob Wells' 75th Birthday celebration..

Saturday Morning was a recreation of a Skit "Readings By Robert" With Bob Wells and Chuck..

Aside from the book...There are 2 more new DVD's that Big Chuck is selling..

"Oldies Only" 1968 Hooli-Chuck Awards
1979 Last Hoolihan Show
1979 First Lil John Show..(No movies)

The 1968 Show is special because..The Show was moved to Saturdays September 28, 1968. The Channel 8 Program Director wanted the show to die on Saturdays so he could cancel it..Parts of skits from 1966-68 are here in an "award show" format. Within weeks the resulting controversy moved the show back to Fridays.

Big Chuck and Lil John Holiday Specials
3 Holiday Specials (Summer, Halloween, Christmas) from Fox 8 in the 1990's-38 skits in all..

More Info..

I have to credit the folks at the website, who did a lot of the Festival organizing, and especially Promoter Ron Garsteck, who put it all together..There is already talk about Ghoulardifest 2009..We'll keep you updated..

Personal note:It was great to meet Mike and Kris While and family, as well as several of the regulars..

Compliments Hugo Sleestak..Saturday Ghoulardifest Opening..Emcee is Jim Szymanski

Recreation of "Readings By Robert" with Hoolihan and Big Chuck. Chuck relates how they did this once on the air....Live..Because Chuck and Hoolie were mad at the TV 8 General Manager..Chuck said they would just deny it, because it wasnt on tape..
Also compliments Hugo Sleestak..


  1. Looks like you had a good time. But as far as meeting those three, I have you beat by about 33 years. But that's the advantage of going to high school with Mike and Mark Schodowski, Big Chuck's sons. And Chuck was very active as a parent.

  2. Cliff:
    I see your name on the memberlist at You ought to post there on our message boards..Some very nice people there as members..

  3. What was the big secret video that they were showing but couldn't talk about beforehand???

  4. Mike Olszewski found a Lost KYW-TV 3 Barnaby Thanksgiving Special from
    1962.."Barnaby Goes To Plymouth"..He was only allowed to show it once, and not reveal what it was till after the Ghoulardifest as per the wishes of the Linn Sheldon Family..