Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Thanksgiving 1968-November 28

Ad for one of the first, and I think, best animated Thanksgiving Specials..Mouse On The Mayflower, which had it's premiere showing Saturday, November 23, 1968 on NBC/WKYC-TV 3

Plain Dealer ad for WNOB 107.9. The station is now WENZ "The End"

"The Singing Rage" Patti Page, in a musical special sponored by a pair of Cleveland Area Car Dealerships Sunday, November 24, 1968

November 28:WUAB early "Star Movie" presentation..Channel 43 would use the "Star Movie" title into the 1980's..

Today, we'll look at Thanksgiving 1968 in Cleveland TV..

Some Highlights:

NFL Football:
Philadelphia/Detroit at Noon, Washington/Dallas at 6, WJW-TV 8

AFL Football:
Houston/Kansas City at 1:30 Buffalo/Oakland at 4 WKYC-TV 3

Mr. Jingeling (Earl Keyes) begins his 13th year on WEWS-TV 5 sponsored by Halles at a special time of 2:15 due to College Football

WVIZ-25, despite the Holiday, offered a full slate of classroom TV from 8AM-3PM..Also, nearly all their programming was still Black and White..

WKYC-TV offered a Thanksgiving Special at 1PM, with Tom Haley, Gary Essex and Norma Quarles..

Macy's Parade on NBC was hosted by Lorne Greene and Betty White

Parades on CBS

New York-Burr Tillstrom/Fran Allison
Detroit-Bob Keeshan/Beth Brickell (Gentle Ben)
Toronto-Arthur Godfrey/Barbara McNair
Philadelphia-Mile Douglas/Bess Myerson
North Carolina-Jack Linkletter

Listings for Thursday, November 28, 1968:


7AM Today
9AM Mike Douglas
10AM Macy's Parade Lorne Greene/Betty White
Noon Jeopardy-Art Fleming
12:30 Eye Guess-Bill Cullen
12:55 NBC News
1PM Tribute To Thanksgiving
1:30 AFL Football Chiefs/Oilers
4PM AFL Football-Bills/Raiders
7PM Huntley/Brinkley
7:30 Daniel Boone
8:30 Ironside
9:30 Dragnet
10PM Dean Martin
11PM News-Virgil Dominic
11:15 Weather-Wally Kinnan
11:20 Sports-Jim Graner
11:30 Tonight
1AM Playhouse

7AM Funny You Should Ask
7:30 Dream House
8AM Treasure Isle
8:30 Bullwinkle
9AM Uncle Al
9:30 Romper Room
10AM Paige Palmer
10:30 Dick Cavett
Noon Bewitched
12:30 News
12:45 Dorothy Fuldheim
1PM What's My Line?-Wally Brunner
1:30 Password-reruns of 1966-67 season.
2PM Captain Penny
2:15 Mr, Jingeling
2:30 College Football-Texas/Texas A&M
6PM Merv Griffin
7:30 Thanksgiving Visitor
8:30 Bewitched
9PM That Girl
9:30 Journey To The Unknown
10:30 Felony Squad
11PM News
11:30 Joey Bishop


7AM Sunrise Semester
7:30 CBS News/Local News
8AM Captain Kangaroo
9AM Thanksgiving Parades
Noon NFL Football-Eagles/Lions
3:30 Mr. Magoo in Sherwood Forest Compilation of 1964-65 Famous Adventures of Mr. Magoo series..The entire series is now out on DVD, with the Complete Magoo TV Collection.

5PM City Camera News
5:30 Voice Of The Fans-Andy Hale, Blanton Collier
5:45 Best Of The Browns-John Fitzgerald
6PM NFL Football-Redskins/Cowboys
9PM CBS Movie-Marco Polo The Magnificient
11PM City Camera-Doug Adair, Martin Ross, Dick Goddard, Harry Jones
11:25 Movie-The Tender Trap-1955
1AM Moivie-Fury at Furnace Creek-1948 (per IMDB)

WAKR-23 ABC Akron

9:30 Ed Allen
10AM Women's Page
11AM Dick Cavett (Joined In Progress)
Noon Bewitched
12:30 Treasure Isle
1PM Funny You Should Ask (listed as an hour)
2PM Newlywed Game
2:30 College Football-Texas/Texas A&M
6PM ABC News
6:30 Cheyenne
7:30 Thanksgiving Visitor
8:30 Bewitched
9PM Football High School Champs (Akron City Series)
11PM News/Weather
11:30 Joey Bishop


8AM Classroom Programs
11:30 Misterogers
Noon Classroom Programs
3PM Being Mature
4:15 Reading
4:45 Friendly Giant
5PM Yoga
5:30 Kindergarten
6PM Misterogers
6:30 Folk Guitar
7PM Insight
7:30 In Society
8PM Joyce Chen Cooks
8:30 French Chef
9PM Don Robertson-Robertson At Large
Special 2 hour show with The Browns' Bill Glass, Classical Music Composer/Conductor Jose Serebrier,Liquor Control agent Ralph Kreiger (who may have just been elected Cuyahoga County Sherriff), Plain Dealer Writer Russell W, Kane and WEWS-TV 5 News Commentator Dorothy Fuldheim.

(Personal Note:In the few times I have seen Robertson At Large listings..The guests that he had make me want to see some of these..Too bad they are'nt likely to have been saved..)

11PM Sign-Off

WUAB-43 Ind

Noon News
12:30 Underdog/Uncle Waldo (Hoppity Hooper)
1PM Lucy Show
1:30 Movie-Magic Sword-1962
3PM Cartoon Special
3:30 Bugs and Friends
4PM Ultraman
4:30 Batman
5PM Batman
5:30 Patty Duke
6PM Real McCoys
6:30 Farmer's Daughter
7PM Gilligan's Island
7:30 I Spy
8:30 Movie-Brass Legend-1956
10:25 Paul Harvey
10:30 Untouchables
11:30 Football Forecast

WKBF-61 Ind.

9AM Jack LaLanne
9:30 Mr. Ed
10AM Woody Woodbury Show
11:30 Make Room For Daddy
Noon Cartoons
1PM Movie-Two-Way Stretch-1961
3PM Linn Sheldon
3:30 Captain Cleveland
4:30 Dennis the Menace
5PM My Favorite Martian
5:30 Superman
6PM Flintstones
6:30 McHale's Navy
7PM Twilight Zone
7:30 Special-This Is Show Business
9PM Ray Anthony Special
10PM News
10:30 Alfred Hitchcock Presents
11PM Perry Nason
Midnight The New Breed

The New Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by AH3RD
Part of the opening episode of "The New Adventures of Huck Finn" Sunday Nights at 7 on NBC/WKYC in the 1968-69 season..

Saturday, November 23, 1968:Mouse On The Mayflower on NBC/WKYC-Opening of the first telecast..

All Images and Listings from the Cleveland Plain Dealar Historical Archives..

I would like to take this time to wish all our friends a Happy and Safe Thanksgiving..


  1. Some key public TV stations (then NET affiliates, not PBS until 1970) were boning up for color from 1967 on, albeit some quicker than others. WNDT (now WNET) in Newark, NJ/New York City began broadcasting in color in 1967, followed not long after by WGBH in Boston. It wasn't until about 1969 that WQED in Pittsburgh began producing shows in color (given that the first year of MisteRogers' Neighborhood as a nationally aired show was B&W). At what point did WVIZ began airing anything in color, and at what point did they start producing their own shows in color?

    And to think this schedule fell in-between the infamous "Heidi Bowl" incident and Elvis' '68 comeback special . . .

  2. From a bit of research, it appears that WVIZ had outside programming in color as early as 1965..Local shows werent done in color until probably sometime in 1969..