Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Hoolihan The Weatherman Premiere at WJW-TV 8 (1965)

Monday, March 29, 1965:Plain Dealer ad for the premiere of Bob Wells as "Hoolihan The Weatherman" on WJW-TV 8 Cleveland, City Camera News. With the hiring of Dick Goddard a year later, Wells was moved to Noon and Weekends..He would gain lasting fame as half of "Hoolihan and Big Chuck" from 1966-79..

Hoolihan & Big Chuck - Oldies Night, July 1977 -... by tvnut

July 26, 1977:The first ever Hoolihan and Big Chuck "Oldies Night"..

After Bob Wells left Cleveland, he continued to do voiceover commercial work, Had a TV Ministry with his wife Barbara Wells for a time, then retired to Florida, where he still makes occasional appearances in Dinner Theater and comes up to Cleveland and participates in "Ghoulardifest" easch year..A good man, and an awesome talent..

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