Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Early FM Failure in Cleveland..

November 1947 WEWS Print ad-Coming Soon!

George Condon writes on the demise of some of the early FM stations in Cleveland, such as WEWS-FM and WLAL-FM, licensed to Lakewood..Condon also speculates on the reasons behind FM's failure, which mirrors just about every new entertainment technology to start up..High prices for sets, not much advertising,..In the case of FM, most stations were duplicating AM programming, though in the case of WEWS and WLAL (104.9) they were stand alone operations, without an AM partner..

George Condon Plain Dealer Article-Dated April 4, 1950.. Notice the WEOL-AM/FM Listings

FM would take off again in the 60's and 70's..Music formats were the big ticket..Though in recent years, more talk and sports would find its way to FM, leaving AM an endangered species in some areas of the country..

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