Saturday, November 26, 2011

KYW-Westinghouse 3-day Strike-February 9-11, 1959

Below is a series of Plain Dealer stories about an AFTRA strike by Announcers and Newsmen at KYW-Radio 1100 and TV 3 which began February 9, 1959 and ended l February 11..Issues were The new technology of video tape and how it would affect the way announcers worked.. as well as wages. Personnel were flown in from other Westinghouse stations to keep the station going, and Cleveland management filled on-air slots.

First:The Plain Dealer Strike Story Monday, February 9..

Continuation of PD Strike Story from Page 1:

Note the early Kenny Kings ad-Before KFC

George Condon Column-Also from February 9, Including full details of on-air radio/tv replacements for strikers and a photo of Tom Haley and Big Wilson outside KYW picketing..

Cleveland Plain Dealer Wednesday February 11, 1959-Details of Strike Settlement..

Some of the issues dealt with at that time are still issues 50-some years later, only more so..Technology has just about wiped out the need of "live announcers" on Television and Radio veterans know the effects of "Voice-Tracking" on radio..

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