Thursday, June 3, 2010

Turn Blue-On Facebook

Classic Sign on Cleveland Area Transit Buses back in the day..

Havent been on a lot I know, just needed a break I guess from posting..I do want to announce for those who dont regularly visit the Facebook Page, I just put up the Western Reserve PBS Special from Last Fall, "Turn Blue, The Short Life Of Ghoulardi" on our CCM Facebook Page..The special is in 7 parts..The first 6 being 6-8 minutes and the last part being about 15 minutes, including Closing Credits and PBS promos at the end..While the special has been included as a pledge gift, There are no announced plans to make it available for purchase, when/if it is, I will announce it..I do know that I have had a number of requests from around the US from people wanting to see this..I have to believe there would be a market for it.Here is the Link:

I'll try to put up a completely new post soon..Meantime, Enjoy!

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