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Celebration at WHBC-April 22, 2010

WHBC special 85th Anniversary logo..This and the below image come from an 85th Anniversary WHBC brochure..Special thanks to Larry Gawthrop, WHBC GM for allowing us to use these images..

WHBC Logo from about 1967-Used mostly in print ads..

Pictures showing in the WHBC Lobby-On the left is Jim Roberts. He was with WHBC from the 1950's into the 1980's..Hosted the nightly call-in program "Viewpoint" and also played the WHBC "Santa Claus" during the holidays..

On the right is Jim Burnett, who was a newsman, later became News Director. He was with WHBC from the early 60's into the 80's.

Tom Morrison, staff announcer who conceived the idea for "Viewpoint" which was aired mostly 11:30-1AM Monday-Friday from the early-mid 1960's into the 1990's..He also was announcer for "Reed Musicale" sponsored by Reed Funeral Home for many years..

Ron Ponder, Current 10AM-Noon host, visiting with longtime listeners..

WHBC General Manager Larry Gawthrop, presenting the "Time Capsule" to be buried on the lawn at 550 Market Ave. S. Among the onlookers is Program Director/morning co-host Pam Cook

The headstone of the Time Capsule-From the station lobby before the burial-Most of these pictures come from a cell phone-apologize for the quality..

1480 WHBC-AM
Time Capsule
Celebrating 85 Years of Broadcasting April 22, 2010
To Be Rediscovered
April 22, 2095

Just wanted to share some thoughts from Newstalk 1480 WHBC's 85th anniversary on April 22, 2010..The day began with a Nice breakfast at Athens Restaurant on 9th and Harrison, SW, just a few blocks from home for me. Fred Chenevy and Pam Cook were doing the Morning Show from Athens from 5:30-10AM. I was there from about 7:15-8:45..Was a very nice time..On air guests (by phone) included Tom Morrison, who was at WHBC from 1961-I think till the early 70's. He had the idea for "Viewpoint" the long running telephone talk show that aired from 1967-Into at least the 1990's..He also did newscasts..He has been the "Voice" of the "Reed Musicale" sponsored by Reed Funeral Home Sunday Mornings on WHBC for many years..

Also there by phone was Doug Lane, on WHBC from 1988-98. He was morning show host with Ms. Cook for most, if not all of that run...Other phone-In guests were regular contrubutors Joe Tait, Cleveland Cavaliers Radio Voice who remembered Former sports director Jim Johnson, and Indians PR man Bob Dibiasio..All in all, a fun, relaxing time..During breaks, people were coming up and sharing WHBC memories..

One more special phone-in guest was Retired TV 5 anchorman Ted Henry, who shared his own memories as a boy growing up in Canton listening to WHBC..Henry began his broadcast career at WCNS-900 in the early 1960's..

After a short time back home, I went down to The WHBC studios, where Ron Ponder was broadcasting live outside on the lawn from 10-1 (extended time)..Live guests included Canton Mayor William J. Healy, as well as the Stark County Commissioners..Ponder also talked by phone to Jon (No h) Wilson, a mainstay at HBC in the 70's and 80's..He now works for ABC Radio/Citadel in Texas..Outside the broadcast, It was nice to just mill around and see people greet each other and share stories of the old days..Among the guests were Skip Hornayk..On WHBC from the 60's to the 80's. You could tell he was well loved and respected..Also there was Dick Waco...While he was at WHBC in the late 60's, he has been in radio since 1943 and still does a Big Band Show Saturdays on WCER-900..I enjoyed getting to meet and talk to him a bit..Also got to meet Facebook Friend Geoff Mears, who was on the job that morning doing News Updates..he has the same passion for Broadcast History as I do..It was great getting to meet him in person..

After the Broadcast, which also included a wonderful Lunch provided by several sponsors, WHBC General Manager Larry Gawthrop and station staffers participated in the burial of a Time Capsule on the side lawn. I was honored to move a few shovelfuls of dirt, though I wasnt really part of the station at all..

I didnt leave the station till 2:30 that day..It was great to be involved in the celebration of an 85 year Canton tradition, which a lot of cities can't say they have..And, despite changes in broadcasting over the years, WHBC-1480 can still say they are a "full service" station..I thank The Management of WHBC for allowing me to be a part of such a special day..

Here are more photos of the day from the WHBC website-Also, you can listen to the Morning Show, Ron Ponder and Sam Borquin from that day..

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