Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Speculative Fun-Classic TV 8 channel

Various WJW Logos over the years..Top:1962
Middle:1966 Bottom 1965.

Thought i'd go into something completely different..Since WJW-TV 8 has only one Digital channel currently, I thought it would be fun to "suggest" a second digital channel-A Classic TV 8 Channel, that would be used for some live simulcasts and relays of Fox 8 News, as well as "Classic" shows from the WJW-TV archives, even something different than the normal...Actual movies and syndicated/CBS originals from the bygone days of channel 8..Show the Big Chuck/Lil John DVD's as specials, etc..

Note:All speculative, I fully realize you have rights issues that may keep anything close to this from happening, but this is all purely for fun..


5AM Fox 8 Morning News (Live simulcast)

10AM Robin Swoboda (Live Simulcast)

11AM Movie

1PM Fox 8 News at Noon (Tape Delay)

2PM Adventure Road Classics=At least 2-3 times a week depending on what's out there-Maybe an Hour drama from the 60's the other 2-3 days

3PM Movie

5PM Robin Swoboda (repeat)

6PM Hawaiian Eye/77 Sunset Strip/Surfside 6

7PM Fox 8 News at 6 Tape Delay

8PM PM Magazine Classics

8:30 Leave It To Beaver/Beverly Hillbillies. etc..

9PM NewsCenter 8/City Camera Classics-complete newscasts..Any they can find from as far back as possible..

10PM One Tank Trip Classics

10:30 Just The Skits

11PM Fox 8 News at 10 (Tape Delay)

Midnight-3AM Monday-Thurs.-Repeat 8-11

3-5AM Monday-Thursday Movie

Friday Only
Midnight Big Chuck Lil John Classics-Chuck and John host new show, only with the movies THEY want to show and the classic skits..Hoolihan needs to make appearances on this.
2-5AM Repeat 8-11 (Friday Only)


5AM Movie
7AM Movie
9AM Looney Tunes
10AM Woodrow (1997 Revival)
11AM Just The Skits
11:30 One Tank Trip Classics
Noon Gunsmoke
1PM Marshal Dillon

1:30 Green Acres

2PM Beverly Hillbillies

2:30 Petticoat Junction

3PM Movie

5PM Marcus Welby

6PM NewsCenter8/City Camera Classics

7PM Fox 8 News
8PM Cinema 8 Weekend
10PM Fox 8 News
11PM Warner Brothers Dramas (Sunset Strip, Hawaiian Eye, etc)
Midnight Rawhide
1AM Have Gun Will Travel
1:30 Wanted Dead or Alive
2AM Gunsmoke
3AM Movie

Also special programs over the years..

Any CBS/Syndicated show originally ran on TV 8..

I know the idea is out there..Doubt there'd be enough of some shows to do a full series..


  1. It would also be great to see some of the older local programs from other stations too. I'm sure there are recording out there of Super Host from WUAB, The Ghoul from WKBF & WCLQ, Barnaby from WKYC & WUAB, Captain Cleveland from WKBF. There is so much old programming out there that may never be broadcast again.

  2. Firebird:
    Interesting you should mention Captain Cleveland. Someone just put some audio up from his show in 1970.

    Here it is on my C-C-M Facebook Page..

    Copy and Paste..

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