Thursday, April 10, 2008

Three New Links:

I'd like to introduce you all to three new links this morning.. Two of them, "Watching Vintage TV in Columbus, Indiana" and "Classic Television Showbiz" I had mentioned in late January in this post:

But had not gotten around to linking to them..

The third new link is "Billy Ingram's TV Party" probably one of the oldest TV history sites on the net..A very colorful (some would say cheesy) look into TV's Past..But really fun and addictive..Hundreds of articles..some on subjects one wouldnt normally think about when it comes to classic TV..Lots of video and audio clips..There is also "TV Party Plus" where, for a nominal fee ($5.00 for 2 months) one can access his entire collection of articles and rare video/audio..Though there is plenty to check out even without the fee..I highly recommend all three sites..Large thanks to Billy Ingram for linking Cleveland Classic Media to his site..

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