Sunday, April 13, 2008

A question for our readers:

I have mentioned in the past about an application/site called that tracks some information about who visits the blog at any given time..There was, I thought a strange anomaly on the blog this morning between 4-5 AM..according to sitemeter, there were 218 visits on the blog, when generally after 1AM traffic drops off to almost nothing till 6AM the next day..In researching the visits, the vast majority of visits came from Wisconsin, particularly the Stevens Point area..And most of the visits were from various Google searches revolving around NBC, September 24, 1961 and cartoons. What I am asking is if anyone that was here between 4-5 AM would comment or email me..I am just curious as to why this happened..Thanks..

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  1. Tim: I apologize. On my reply to you on the Radio-Info list, I called you Nathan, which was from the privous post on the page.

    Robert Conrad


    The whole Westinghouse/NBC swap was political. Westinghouse had no intention of moving to Cleveland, but NBC wanted a Phildelphia O & O
    so they proposed that Westinghouse and NBC swap Cleveland for Philadelphia and a pile of money (because of difference in size of the market) Westinghouse didn't want to swap, so NBC said that if they didn't do it, they would take way the NBC affiliation from WBZ in Boston. So KYW AM/FM/TV moved to Cleveland. This move was approved by the Eisenhower appointed FCC. Then in 1965, the Lindon Johnson FCC reversed the approval and said to NBC, give Philadelphia back to Westinghouse. And KYW crept out of town.