Thursday, April 10, 2008

Peanuts Characters on "The Ford Show"

Something really cute I just found on YouTube:The opening to "The Ford Show starring Tennessee Ernie Ford" from probably the late 1950's..Charlie Brown and Linus are trying to "class up" the opening by using a recording and Charlie Brown lip-syncing..But the record skips!
The "deeper" Charlie Brown voice appears to be that of veteran voice actor Paul Frees..Feel free to correct me if i'm wrong..Great Fun! This would have been about five years before "Charlie Brown Christmas" The Peanuts characters were used to sell Ford cars at this time..Thanks to weenielongus for the clip..

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  1. Hey Tim -- Here are a couple of links you and other readers might want to check out. Cincinnati's first local TV station, WLWT, is celebrating its 60th anniversary this week. A nice article in the Cincinnati Enquirer documents this milestone:
    The Enquirer only allows free access to stories for two weeks, so you might want to copy and paste the text into a blog item to keep it for the future.
    Also, a site I've discovered that discusses TV game shows has been running a series on "What's My Line" that's well worth reading. The site covers older "classic" game shows, as well as more current ones. Here's the main link:
    If you click on this front page, it takes you to a page containing lots of great stuff, including the ongoing "What's My Line" series. Thought you might want to add this to the list of TV & radio links on your own page.