Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Two new (to me) Classic TV Sites:

This evening, I just want to direct you all to what appear to be a couple of really nice sites I just became aware of:

Canadian Writer/Broadcaster Kliph Nesteroff writes a daily blog called Classic Television Showbiz, in which he points out various classic TV clips on the web..Lots of interesting, rare material here:


Also, there is a very complete Historcal web site of the town of Columbus, Indiana. Part of this site is a page titled "What We Watched on Television:In shades of Black and White"..A long, nostalgic article detailing 1950's and 60's television watching in Columbus, Indiana, near Indianapolis, loaded with TV Guide listings and ads of the period..Very well done. The rest of the site seems quite interesting as well..


A personal note:I just acquired a new computer over last weekend..A Gateway, with a new Canon Pixma Printer/Scanner/Copier..Once I get comfortable with the scanner, I'll get back into more regular posting. I'll be in Cleveland Thursday and Friday to try to do some more research

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