Thursday, January 24, 2008

New Permanent

TV Guide Ad from about 1955 showing Kroger sponsorship of two different syndicated shows-Highway Patrol and Man Behind The Badge. While Kroger is now the largest grocery chain in the United States.."The Grocery Wars" have kept them from operating Stores under the Kroger name in NorthEast Ohio since the 1980's, Though they do supply Food 4 Less stores..

Just a note to let you all know of a new permanent link to our blog-J. Alan Wall's TV signoffs pages..More information on the site is in the previous post below..Also:If anyone has a suggestion for new links, It would be much appreciated..Feel free to e-mail me or use the Blogger "comments" feature. While they can be about Local Classic TV/Radio They cas also be about Nostalgic TV and radio on a national level, or just good TV/Radio news sites.

I am currently working on an article on the First days of WAKR-TV 49 and may go to Cleveland in the next week or so to gather more material for future posts, including possibly some early WEWS and WNBK (WKYC) Newspaper articles about their first days on the air..Particularly a Large Cleveland Press supplement book on WEWS-TV..I know I've been a bit slow on posting lately, but I hope to pick things up more as whe head toward the blog's first anniversary around the end of March..

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