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Dick Goddard-Cleveland Television's Weather Icon

Tom Haley describing NBC's return to Cleveland in 1965..With a brief Dick Goddard interview about the circumstances behind his coming back to Cleveland. Courtesy NBC/Gannett

TV Guide ad promoting the premiere of KYW-TV 3 Eyewitness News on May 1, 1961..

Pictured are Bud Dancy, who would leave KYW/WKYC for NBC New York in 1966
Jim Graner, Sportscaster at TV 3 from 1957-74 and radio voice of the Browns
Dick Goddard who would be at TV 3 till 1965..Then after a brief time in Philadelphia, come to WJW-TV 8 in 1966.. Where he still is 42 years later

First TV Guide listing for KYW-TV 3 Eyewitness News at Noon Monday, May 1, 1961. One of the first, if not the first, full 30 minute local TV Newscast in the USA. The name "Eyewitness News" had been used at KYW-TV since April, 1959..They were the first station in the Country to use that title for a Newscast..

Dick's Triumphant return to Cleveland-March 28, 1966 as the main weather forecaster at CBS affiliate WJW-TV 8 after several months at KYW-TV 3 in Philadelphia..

Cleveland Weather forecasting has had as interesting a history as the Cleveland Weather itself..As in most TV markets, Cleveland has had an assortment of personalities doing weather foreccasts dating from the early 1950's. Most early weather forecasters, were doing weather as a sideline to other duties on TV and radio. Joe Finan, "The Atlantic Weatherman" was doing his thing on WNBK while doing radio on WTAM in the early 1950's..as was Captain Glenn Rowell, also on WNBK even earlier than Finan..WEWS-TV had "Weathergirls" such as "Sunny" Day, Susan Sadler and Miss Barbara Plummer, who was also doing "Romper Room". TV 5 also had Ron Penfound "Captain Penny" as weekend and sometime weeknight weatherman in the 1960s. The main Weatherman at WJW through the 1950's was Announcer Howard Hoffman, although Jim Doney and Doug Adair had done weather forecasts as well..Hoffman remained at TV 8 from 1949 into the 1980's.

May 1, 1961 would bring a number of firsts to KYW-TV 3.Possibly the first half hour local newscast in the USA..As well as possibly the first AMS Seal (No. 45) weatherman in Cleveland TV History,,Dick Goddard..

Dick was born February 24, 1931 in Akron, Ohio. After serving in weather related duties in the US Air Force in the early 1950's, Goddard graduated in 1960 from Kent State, majoring in Drama and Broadcasting..

Dick is also an avid cartoonist. He turned down an invitation to interview at Disney Studios in California, opting to stay in Cleveland and try his hand at TV on KYW-TV 3 with Eyewitness News starting Monday, May 1, 1961. Station staffers told him later that they had a pool going to see how long he would last..

Dick tells the story of his first day on the air, when he decided to tell a weather interest story about a Croaking Frog..Only he was so nervous, it came out "Froaking Crog"

After Dick got settled in, he became the most popular weatherman in Cleveland up to that time. The Other TV 3 newscasts in May 1961 included Bill Jorgensen at 6:30 and 11PM, Big Wilson doing Weather at 6:40 and Jim Gerard on Weather at 11:10..Jim Graner with Sports at 11:15..

Becasue of the forced return of Westinghouse's KYW to Philadelphia and NBC's WRCV (WKYC) to Cleveland, Dick Goddard went with Westinghouse to Philadelphia in June, 1965. He and his wife never felt comfortable in Philly. Thoiugh he says they were treated well, it was never "home" to them.. His replacement in Cleveland, Wally Kinnan, had been very popular in Philadelphia..

In early 1966, Goddard entertained offers from all 3 Cleveland Stations, electing to go to WJW-TV 8 because he was a big fan of the Browns and TV 8 sportscaster Ken Coleman, only Coleman left Cleveland a month later..He returned to Cleveland at Channel 8 March 28, 1966 as part of the City Camera News Team at 6 and 11PM with Doug Adair, Joel Daly and Coleman, later replaced by Frank Gleiber . Previous evening forecaster Bob "Hoolihan the Weatherman" Wells was moved to Noon and Weekend Weather before gaining even greater fame on the Hoolihan and Big Chuck Show, replacing Ghoulardi Friday nights in December 1966.

Goddard became the most popular weatherman in Cleveland TV History over more than 42 years at Channel 8..Emceeing live shows all over town, Hosting the Woolybear festival for 35 years..The largest one day festival in Ohio. He also has served as Cleveland Browns Statistician for many years, as well as doing numerous skits for Big Chuck and Lil John..

If any weather forecaster could be called "beloved" it would be Dick Goddard, at least in Cleveland and Northeast Ohio..

From Fox 8's Wilma Smith and Gary Stromberg (Feb. 2008) Newly discovered footage of Dick's very early days at Channel 8..Late 60's/very early 70's..The actual footage has no audio..It had disintegrated from age.. From08country and myfoxcleveland.com

WJKW-TV8 - Cleveland - Big Chuck Skit with Dick Goddard!!
Uploaded by videohollic. - Full seasons and entire episodes online.
Dick Goddard Skit at the end of Big Chuck and Lil John's "PJ Party"

Dick's first day at Channel 3-Monday, May 1, 1961
TV Guide listings for KYW-TV 3

5:50 News
5:55 Farm Fare-Channel 3 had this program I think into the 1980's
6AM Tomorrow's Learning
6:30 Continental Classroom-COLOR
7AM Dave Garroway (Today Show)
9AM Funsville-Josie Carey was hostess of this program..similar to her earlier "Childrens Hour" at WQED-13 Pittsburgh, which she hosted with a young Fred Rogers before his fame as "Misterogers"..Funsville probably originated at KDKA-TV 2 in Pittsburgh, like KYW. a Westinghouse Station..

9:30 Life Of Riley
10AM Give N Take-Tom Haley
10:30 Play Your Hunch-COLOR-Merv Griffin
11AM Price Is Right-COLOR-Bob Kennedy begins a 2-week stint as host while Bill Cullen is on Vacation (Live)

11:30 Concentration-Hugh Downs
Noon News, Weather, Sports-DEBUT Bud Dancy, Jim Graner, Dick Goddard
12:30 It Could Be You-COLOR-Bill Leyden
12:55 NBC News-Ray Scherer
1PM Movie-Big's Party Line-Walk Softly, Stranger 1949-Big Wilson
2:30 Loretta Young
3PM Young Doctor Malone
3:30 From These Roots
4PM Make Room For Daddy-Dean Martin Guests
4:30 Barnaby, Popeye and Friends
5:05 Early Show-Wee Willie Winkie-1937
6:30 News-Bill Jorgenson
6:40 Weather-Big Wilson
6:45 Huntley Brinkley Report
7PM Huckleberry Hound
7:30 The Americans-Civil War drama-Guest stars Dick York, John McGiver and Lurene Tuttle
8:30 Wells Fargo
9PM May Day In Moscow-SPECIAL-Frank McGee
9:30 Concentration-COLOR-Hugh Downs
10PM Barbara Stanwyck Show
10:30 Ten-4-Syndicated Police Drama
11PM News-Bill Jorgenson
11:10 Weather-Jim Gerard
11:15 Sports-Jim Graner
11:20 Movie-This Land Is Mine-1943
1AM Movie-The Escape-1939

Dick's first day at Channel 8
Monday, March 28, 1966

6:40 News
6:45 Sunrise Semester
7:15 Rex Humbard
7:30 CBS News-Mike Wallace
7:55 Local News
8AM Captain Kangaroo
9AM Franz The Toymaker-COLOR-Ray Stawiarski
10AM Love Of Life
10:25 News-Howard Hoffman
10:30 McCoys-Guest:Hans Conreid
11AM Andy Griffith
11:30 Dick Van Dyke
Noon City Camera News-Martin Ross, Harry Jones, Bob "Hoolihan" Wells
12:30 Search For Tomorrow
12:45 Guiding Light
1PM Bachelor Father
1:30 As The World Turns
2PM Password-Allen Ludden-Panel-Alan King, Phyllis Newman
2:30 House Party-COLOR-Art Linkletter
3PM To Tell The Truth-Bud Collyer
3:25 News
3:30 Edge Of Night
4PM Secret Storm
4:30 Highway Patrol
5PM Adventure Road-Jim Doney
6PM City Camera-Doug Adair, Joel Daly, Dick Goddard (debut) and Ken Coleman
6:30 CBS News-Walter Cronkite-COLOR
7PM Rifleman
7:30 To Tell The Truth-Collyer
8PM I've Got A Secret-Steve Allen-Panel:Henry Morgan, Bess Myerson,Bill Cullen, Betsy Palmer Guest:Wilt Chamberlain

8:30 Lucy Show-COLOR-Guest Wayne Newton
9PM Andy Griffith-COLOR
9:30 Hazel-COLOR
10PM Movie-COLOR-Black Widow-1954 (interrupted at 11PM for News)
11PM City Camera News-Adair, Daly
11:10 Sports-John Fitzgerald
11:15 Weather-COLOR-Dick Goddard
11:20 Movie-Black Widow-COLOR (1954) Continues
12:15 Movie-Rulers Of The Sea-1939-Time approximate

Some Information courtesy Wikipedia and WJW-TV 8..

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WHLO-AM 640..After Top 40 1980-1986

Hello Everybody:

Yes the Blog is still here..LOL..For our first post in about two and a half years I want to look back at a Classic Radio Station that was a huge success during the Top 40 AM radio era but fell on hard times and went through a succession of formats before settling on the I Heart News/Talk format of today.  WHLO-AM 640 Akron, Ohio.  But first lets look at some background:

The 640 Allocation first went to WAIU Columbus in 1922, later changing call letters to WBAV,  In the meantime, WJAY Cleveland started on 610, later changing calls to WCLE in 1937 as a companion to WHK-1420 owned by Forest City Enterprises.

About this same time, Forest City acquired WBAV..(renamed WHKC) Because of an FCC rule on duopolies in the same market, WHKC was moved to Akron as 640-WHKK in 1944 and WCLE moved to Columbus as 610 WHKC (Now WTVN)

Forest City sold WHKK to Susquehanna Radio in York, Pa. in late 1959, the sale finalizing in January 1960..With personalities like Uncle Joe Cunningham, Johnny Andrews and Todd T. Taylor, WHLO developed a leading top 40 format with "The Good Guys" which was hugely popular until FM became more prevalent.  In 1975, WHLO added large news blocks and some talk segments until going fully News-Talk in April 1977.

What I want to do is bring out some News articles from the Akron Beacon Journal, mostly written by Mark Dawidziak and Bob Dyer about this part of WHLO History from 1980-1986, until they were sold to Mortensen Broadcasting..

February 3, 1975:Music begins to be phased out..

                                       April 21, 1977:First Month of all Talk-News..

In the meantime, WHLO began winning state and national awards for their News coverage..Adding talk hosts like Lee Hamilton, Steve Fullerton and Nick Anthony, they began to have a following, though not great ratings..Susquehanna finally decided in late 1980 to go "All News" during the day as "The Daily News"

                                                  November 5, 1980:WHLO announces its transformation to "The Daily
                                                 News", during the Day with CBS and Mutual and Talk all Night with
                                                  Larry King. Along with eventually Enterprise Sports at 10-Midnight.


                                          February 11, 1981:Steve Fullerton and Nick Anthony
                                          leave for WSLR..Evidence that the format wouldn't work
                                          in the long run.  Or they didn't give it enough time,

                                 April 2, 1981:WHLO tweaks the other Akron stations for
                                 Playing music the day President Ronald Reagan was shot.

                                 May 1, 1981:Sports Talker Lee "Hacksaw" Hamilton was fired by WHLO
                                 for revealing his imminent ouster before the station was ready to announce
                                  anything.  WHLO gives up on the "News all day, Talk all Night" experiment
                                  and goes to a Music of Your Life/Big Band Music Format..Hamilton went on
                                  to a long career in Phoenix and San Diego doing Sports Talk and also some
                                 National gigs.  He also did Cleveland Crusaders Hockey on WWWE--1100


                                                                             July 26, 1981:Very good article analyzing WHLO's
                                                 Format changes since dropping Top 40 Music..

                                                                   As part of a Mark Dawidziak Column August 15, 1984.
                                                                   Susquehanna announces the sale of WHLO-AM 640 to
                                                                   Xen Zapis who owned WZAK-FM Cleveland.

                                       November 29, 1984:Xen Zapis announces WHLO will go
                                      Contemporary Christian.  WCUE goes MOR
                                       August 7, 1986:Announcement of WHLO sale to Mortensen Broadcasting
                                      Owner of WTOF 900 and 98.1 FM along with some other properties.

There you have it.  Three owners and about four format changes from 1977-86, WHLO was eventually part of The Salem Media Group, then sold in 2001 to Clear Channel and is now part on IHeart Media as..News/Talk 640..

All content courtesy Akron Beacon Journal Archives via newspapers.com.  Special Thanks to Maureen Carney, a very good friend..

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Cleveland 1961-62 AFTRA Awards

Early KYW-TV 3 Logo-1956-57 era.

The Westinghouse/NBC Cleveland TV-Radio properties swap became official November 1955 with WNBK/WTAM call letters changing to KYW/KYW-TV, respectively at Noon Monday, January 13, 1956. Westinghouse almost immediately complained to the FCC about NBC's "strong-arm" tactics forcing the move.

In the midst of this, 13 Westinghouse executives set up shop in Cleveland. To their credit, they set out to make The KYW properties great stations. They made a big splash immediately with balloons, celebrations and getting the new KYW name out there as much as possible, which we will document on the Facebook Page this week.
New KYW-TV Logo-Introduced January 1961.

As a result of the efforts revitalizing KYW-TV, The American Federation of Radio Arts and Sciences gave KYW 9 awards at their 1961-62 awards program held June 4, 1962. Below as a part of a Russell W. Kane Plain Dealer article is a summary of the complete awards program..

Which leads us to the reason for the post today..On ebay I found a banner with all the awards listed. It appears to be either something used in house by KYW-Westinghouse..Or something as part of a Industry Magazine ad or special section..Havent been able to figure out exactly where it was used..Or who the people are that gave the awards..Below are all the awards as posted on the banner in order..
Some great names there..In recent years, the Screen Actors Guild merged with AFTRA to form one Union. Cleveland was eventually folded into Pittsburgh Ohio SAG-AFTRA..

SAG-AFTRA Pittsburgh-Ohio Chapter

KYW-TV/Radio continued their reputation for excellence in Cleveland Broadcasting until 1965, when the FCC reversed the original swap and KYW Became NBC owned WKYC. This is great glimpse into the past of when KYW was at its best serving Cleveland and Northeast Ohio..

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Stu Shostak-Vintage TV Pioneer..

For our first post in seven months I want to promote someone I consider a good friend. A kindred spirit really, as far as saving vintage television is concerned.

Stu Shostak has been mentioned before here but he is doing something now that I think deserves all our support if we love vintage broadcasting and being able to see it regularly at a reasonable cost..

First, some background:

Stu Shostak grew up in in the Los Angeles area, very much a "TV Kid" just  as I was growing up in the Canton area. Being in LA, he was close to many of the TV broadcast stations, and as he became a teen ager, he became fascinated with TV films, and doing internship at one of the stations he noticed how many shows on film were simply being discarded in the trash..Stu took to "rescuing" as many of these films as possible. Many of them kinescopes and one time only broadcasts could have disappeared forever if not for Stu's foresight.

Fast forward to 1979..Stu and a partner started Shokus Video, probably the first company to sell old TV Shows directly to the home market..By this time Stu had amassed hundreds if not a few thousand different titles, many which are very rare and one of a kind..

Shokus Video Website

In the meantime, Stu began a career as warmup comedian for 1970's and 80's sitcoms and became Lucille Ball's official film and video archivist.

In 2006 Stu began an Internet Radio Show, Stu's Show which airs Wednesdays 4-6PM Pacific Time (7-9 ET).  Here he, and wife Jeannine Kasun host many TV and animation greats, such as Ed Asner, Dick Van Dyke, Linda Kaye Henning, Jerry Beck, Mark Evanier,  William Schallert and many others.  Also producers and directors of classic TV that otherwise would be forgotten are also featured..The conversation is lively and sometimes will go overtime..

Stu's Show

Forward to The present..Stu has begun a "Shokus Video" presence on YouTube, with an eye toward starting a Roku (Internet Streaming TV Box) Channel in the future if there is enough support.  I would love to see a lot of our friends join Stu's YouTube Channel.  For all he's done to preserve Classic TV over the last 35 years or more.  He deserves as much support as we can give him..Here is a link to the channel, just started a few days ago..There will be some content never released on VHS or DVD..Check it out and more importantly, subscribe to it as I have..

Shokus Video YouTube Channel

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Cleveland TV Tales

Cover of "Cleveland TV Tales" By Mike and Janice Olszewski.

     Today I want to review the latest book from Gray and Co, Cleveland TV Tales, by Mike and Janice Olszewski. Mike has been a well known Cleveland radio DJ and has had a long interest in Cleveland TV history. Wife Janice is a Photographer and Travel Expert.

  The book itself is quite an enjoyable read, first Mike delves into the circumstances behind the birth of WEWS, "First In Cleveland" in December 1947, and goes into some detail about Paul Hodges, the first "Personality" on Channel 5..With the station only a short time in 1948-49..
Paul Hodges, with his signature show "Dress and Guess" TeleVue Magazine, early 1949..

The first chapter also talks of early WNBK and WXEL days..
WNBK Bus used for a Mobile Studio..Courtesy Cleveland TV Tales and Tom Feran at Cleveland.com
Sleek looking WXEL mobile unit at the Parma Transmitter site (1949-50) Courtesy Richard Warner..

      Even early on, big stars would frequent Local Cleveland shows to plug their projects, etc..Jimmy Stewart visited WEWS to emcee the Cleveland Press Christmas Party..James Cagney is pictured with Tom Haley in an early WNBK segment..In 1961 Chuck Connors visited WEWS and invited Captain Penny (Ron Penfound) to appear in a January 1962 "Rifleman" episode.
Promo Photo/screengrab from Rifleman "The Princess" January 8, 1962 (Courtesy riflemanconnors.com, A Rifleman Tribute Site)..

The next chapter talks of TV News and how it changed over the years, from the "rip and read" headline service in the late 40's, early 50's to the Multiple anchor setups of the 60's and 70's..With several great stories of TV News in Cleveland..

WXEL News Slide (Early 1950's?) Courtesy Neil Zurcher's NEO TV Memories..
Next: a chapter on the musical heritage in Cleveland. (Few know that Country star Dottie West got her start on WEWS Landmark Jamboree with WERE's Tommy Edwards)

Next, Mike writes about personalities..A great chapter on Linn Sheldon/Barnaby opens things up. Sheldon was one of the first popular performers in Cleveland. He could do anything.. then Miss Dorothy Fuldheim The pioneering newscaster that opened the door for women nationally in the news business..Lots of good stories about people who made TV and TV history in the Cleveland area..
Captain Penny with Wilbur Wiffenpoof (Earl Keyes. later known as Mr. Jingeling)-Cleveland Press Collection

Bill Gordon, host of "Tumbleweed Theater" on WJW-TV 8-Cleveland Press Collection
Romper Room with Miss Barbara Plummer-Cleveland Press Collection
Dorothy Fuldheim with Bob Hope "One O' Clock Club" Cleveland Press Collection

The stories Mike writes here are more than dry bio's..Great stories, some rarely or never put in print before and over 60 photos, some not published before anywhere. Had the privilege of meeting Mike at Ghoulardifest a few years back and have been looking forward to this book since then..A great read and well worth picking up..There is already talk of a volume 2..
Link to The book page: Gray and Company-Cleveland TV Tales

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Plain Dealer Columnists Oscar and Rita Bergman announce the premiere of Lights Camera Questions Sunday November 16, 1952 on WXEL-9 at 1PM with Bill Gordon as Emcee.

Ad in a "Hipp" Theater promo December 24, 1955
     Today we'll look at another local Game show that had a long run on Cleveland TV, "Lights, Camera, Questions!" The show was sponsored by a consortium of Cleveland Movie Theater Owners who saw TV as a way to get people back in theaters... The show ran on and off for 9 years, until 1961. The show very popular among the movie going crowd and especially in the early years, drew Movie star guests, including Louise Baker, Betty Garrett, Larry Parks, Rock Hudson, Debbie Reynolds, Nina Foch, Melvyn Douglas, Jacques Bergerac, Joan and Jean Corbett, Marilyn Maxwell and Disney Art Director Roy Williams..

Like several local shows of this era, LCQ! changed stations every couple years..Including:

1952-53 WXEL Bill Gordon, John Fitzgerald

1953-54 WNBK Johnny Andrews

1954-55 WXEL Tom McCormack

1955-56 WEWS Phil McLean

1956-57 WEWS Phil McLean

1957-58 KYW-TV

1958-59 WJW-TV

1959 WEWS Alan Douglas

1960 WJW-TV Ed Fisher

1960-61 WJW-TV

Host Johnny Andrews and Gloria Gale promote the 1953-54 season of Lights, Camera Questions on WNBK-4 Thursday Nights at 7PM..
As we said, the show lasted until 1961..There was a brief clip of it on the WJKW-TV 8 30th Anniversary show..

Here is the 1958 panel for the show..It never changed in the 9 years the show was on..At one point, this show was the second longest running local TV show in Cleveland, except for The Gene Carroll Show..

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Early years of WCRF-FM..

To tell the story of the early years of Moody Radio outlet WCRF, it is necessary to go back to the 20's when radio was just getting established.

In 1925, an emergency program by two Moody Bible Institute cornet players led to the Institute establishing WMBI-AM in 1926.

Through the 1930's and 40's WMBI became a leader in Christian radio through doing everything as professionally as possible and developing many programs for eventual syndication to other areas, including Drama, Music, and teaching programs..
Advertisement from 1950-The 24th anniversary of WMBI..

Record of Musical Groups at WMBI..Probably including names such as the Melody Four Quartet, Sixteen Singing Men, Bill Pearce, Helen Barth..All had long careers in Moody Radio..

Recording from Miss Helen Barth

Record from Sixteen Singing Men..

Fast forward to the 1950's. FM 103.3 had been used from approximately 1949-1951 for WCUO-FM in Cleveland operated by Labor Unions, who also operated WDET Detroit..WCUO closed down 1n 1951 and the license turned back into the FCC.

In 1958, A Group of Christian Businessmen in the the Cleveland area wanted to establish a Christian Radio Station and turned to the Moody Bible Institute for help and guidance. MBI agreed to help fund and staff the new station, provided the Cleveland area eventually support the station financially on its own.
Cleveland Plain Dealer Story of the opening of WCRF-November 23, 1958.

The hours of the station were limited to 1-9PM Monday-Saturday and 9AM-9PM Sunday. John Rader was the first station manager.

 Programming at first was just about all from Chicago, using programs and titles well known to WMBI listeners and nationally syndicated Christian programming..

Possibly the first WCRF paid ad in The Plain Dealer December 6, 1958.

The Following is a real rarity. The very first WCRF Schedule, copied on Notepad from the weekly Orrville, Ohio Courier-Crescent Wednesday, November 26, 1958..

WCRF-FM 103.3 Cleveland-First Program Schedule November 23-29, 1958..

1PM Keep Praising
1:15 Open Bible
1:30 Songs Of Zion
1:45 Radio Prayer Circle
2PM News
2:05 Feature Page
2:15 Something to Sing About
2:30 Continued Story Reading
3PM News
3:05 Back To The Bible
3:30 Story
3:45 Listening Post
4PM Headlines
4:02 Bandstand
4:15 Missionary Time
4:30 My Song
4:45 Patterns Of Melody
5PM News
5:05 At Your Service
5:15 Candlelight and Silver
6PM News Digest
6:15 Question Box
6:30 Bit Of Heaven
6:45 Stories Of Great Christians
7PM Headlines
7:02 Bread Of Life
7:30 Sunset Ranch
7:45 Verse By Verse
8PM Headlines
8:02 Music Room
8:45 Decision Time
9PM Sign-Off


1PM (WMBI) Male Quartet
1:15 Sailor Sam
1:30 Ranger Bill
2PM News
2:05 Science In The News
2:15 Miracles and Melodies
2:30 Off The Record
3PM News
3:05 Back To The Bible
3:30 Meet The Students
4PM Headlines
4:02 Saturday Musicale
5PM News
5:05 Church Activities
5:15 Candlelight and Silver
6PM News Digest
6:15 Youth For Christ
6:30 American Crusade
7PM Headlines
7:02 Haven Of Rest
7:30 Testimony Time
7:45 Hymns You Love
8PM Headlines
8:02 Music Room
8:30 Chorus Time
8:45 Decision Time
9PM Sign-Off


9AM Songsters
9:30 Radio Bible Class
10AM News
10:05 Chapel Hour
10:30 Worship
11AM Local Church Service
12:15 WMBI Male Quartet
12:30 News
12:35 Music Hall
1PM Old Fashioned Revival Hour
1:30 Baptist Hour
2PM Temple Time
2:30 Unshackled
3PM KYB Club
3:30 Hour Of Decision
4PM Headlines
4:02 Male Chorus
4:15 Lorin Whitney (organist)
4:45 Helen Barth (soloist)
5PM Dr. Walter L. Wilson
5:30 Al Hirsch
5:45 B. M. Nottage
6PM Moody Presents
6:30 Candlelight and Silver
7PM Quiet Hour
7:30 Organ Vespers
8PM Open Bible
8:15 Dr. (William) Culbertson
8:45 Familiar Hymns
9PM Sign-Off
Another group was the Melody Four Quartet..The same four men sang together for over 50 years..Glenn Jorian, Clair Hess, Bill Pearce and Ray Felten. For many years a part of WCRF programming, Individual members also had programs on Moody Radio at one time or another..

Things started slowly for WCRF, as FM was still just getting established.  I heard a story that WCRF sold FM radios at cost just to get people to listen at first..As the station grew, people trusted the message of the Gospel being brought forth via radio..

Part of getting out the message about WCRF included "Radio Rallies" in which staff from Chicago would come to area churches and introduce Moody Radio in person. Below are ads/articles for a couple of such rallies..

Mansfield, Ohio May 14, 1959:
Elyria, Ohio May 9, 1959:
In 1960 New York State native Bob Devine arrived at WCRF as a producer and engineer..Eventually becoming host of the Clockwatcher morning program from about 1965 till his retirement in 2000..He was a fine gentleman and broadcaster, by far and away the most recognized voice on WCRF, also doing Storybook Room for the Network..

Bob Devine Tribute

On  January 1, 1964, WCRF extended it's hours from 7AM-11PM at night..

1961 Advertisement for WCRF

From The Orrville Paper, November 1966-Eighth Anniversary article
1968-Tenth Anniversary Conference..By this time WCRF was well established in Northeast Ohio
Many memorable folks have worked at, or are currently at WCRF, including Alice Andrews, Paul Carter, Mark Zimmerman, Ron Bartlebaugh, Sylvia Docking, Dick Lee, Brandt Gustafson and a host of others..WCRF went 24 hours January 1, 1980 and began, with Moody Broadcasting Network Satellite delivery of  programming in 1982.  WCRF also has repeater stations all over Northeast Ohio and Western Pennsylvania..

Melody Four Quartet-Heaven Came Down

Sample "Ranger Bill" episode from 1954..Aired on Saturdays for many years..

I have many fond memories of listening to WCRF in the 1970's through the 1980's.Amazingly some of the same programs aired during the first week schedule continued well into the 1990's and beyond..WCRF has left a legacy of quality Christian Radio in Northeast Ohio and I am grateful for that..