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Thanksgiving Day-1962

TV Guide Closeup of Thanksgiving Parade Coverage

"Barnaby Goes to Plymouth" A KYW-TV Special starring of course, Barnaby {Linn Sheldon) featuring an reenactment of the first Thanksgiving..Filmed on location at Plymouth, Mass. and aired Thanksgiving night. The special was scheduled to be rebroadcast Saturday, November 23, 1963 at 7:30PM but presumably John F. Kennedy assasination coverage preempted/canceled it..

Cleveland Radio DJ(WNCX)/Broadcast historian Mike Olszewski recently uncovered this special, presumed "lost" for years..and Showed it to a warm, appreciative crowd October 19, 2008 at Ghoulardifest IV at the Holiday Inn, Independence, Ohio..In accordance with the wishes of the Linn Sheldon Family, it was only shown once, and there are no current plans to release it on DVD..

"The Pat Boone Show"..A Thanksgiving Day Special Variety hour featuring Patti Paige, Peter, Paul and Mary, Elaine Dunn and Phil Harris, in a rare TV appearance. This special was unusual in that it aired at 5:30 PM ET on NBC (WFMJ-21 Youngstown and WSEE-35 Erie, Pa.)

TV Guide Ad for the Dale Young Show, WJW-TV's attempt to create a local variety show similar to Channel 3's Mike Douglas and Channel 5's One O Clock Club..The show lasted from Fall 1962 to Spring 1963. Question:One of the gentlemen in the ad in obviously Dale Young, but who is the other guy in the picture?..Perhaps Jim Doney? He had been a cohost of this show with Young..

A brief look at Thanksgiving Day, 1962.The Thanksgiving Day Parades were "coordinated" by Bud Palmer and Chris Schenkel for NBC and Bob Keeshan (Captain Kangaroo) for CBS. There was plenty of Football on the Three Networks..CBS had Green Bay at Detroit (when the Lions were actually competetive)..ABC carried the AFL New York Titans at Denver Broncos game..CBS also had the Texas A&M/Texas College Football Game.
There was a Barnaby Prime Time special, as noted in the above ad..In a different twist this time, I will include Erie and Toledo Programs in the listings below..

A special treat for the holiday..Gordon MacRae and 10 year old daughter Meredith singing "Count Your Bessings" on the NBC-TV Colgate Comedy Hour Thursday, November 28, 1954. Meredith MacRae grew up to become "Billie Jo Bradley" on Petticoat Junction, as well as appearing on many Game Shows and hosting a local talk show in Los Angeles..She passed away in 2000..Courtesy IraRona

Very recently found this, courtesy muttley16 at YouTube..The Original Prologue and opening titles for "Mouse On The Mayflower," A Rankin/Bass produced NBC animated special first shown in 1968..The Theme is sung by Tennessee Ernie Ford, who also stars in the special..I was fortunate to tape this special in a 1991 syndicated showing on WJW-TV 8..I consuider this cartoon a minor classic..

I would also like to take this time to wish the readers a Blessed and safe Thanksgiving Holiday..

TV Guide Listings
Thursday, November 22, 1962


6:20 News
6:25 Farm Fare
6:30 Columbia Lectures
7AM Today-Hugh Downs
8:30 Movie-Tom Sawyer 1938-SPECIAL
10AM Macy's Parade-SPECIAL COLOR
Noon News
12:30 Mike Douglas
2PM Merv Griffin-COLOR
3PM Loretta Young
3:30 Young Dr. Malone
4PM Make Room For Daddy
4:30 Barnaby, Popeye and Friends
5:05 Movie-Little Colonel 1935
6:30 News-Bill Jorgensen
6:40 Weather-Dick Goddard
6:45 Huntley-Brinkley
7PM Yogi Bear
7:30 Barnaby Goes To Plymouth-SPECIAL
8:30 Dr. Kildare
9:30 Hazel-COLOR
10PM Andy Williams-COLOR
11PM News-Jorgensen
11:10 Weather-Goddard
11:15 Steve Allen-Guests Tim Conway and Molly Bee
12:45 Movie-Alias a Gentleman 1948


8:55 News
9AM Cartoons
10AM Paige Palmer
11AM June Allyson
11:30 Yours For A Song-Bert Parks
Noon News-Randy Culver
12:10 Noon Show-Captain Penny
1PM One O Clock Club
2:30 Seven Keys
3PM AFL Football-NY Titans at Denver Broncos-Curt Gowdy, Paul Christman(NY Titans won 46-45)
5:45 Scoreboard-Paul Wilcox
6PM Captain Penny
6:20 Mr. Jingeling
6:30 Dorothy Fuldheim
6:45 News-Tom Field
6:55 Weather-Carolyn Johnson
7PM Ensign O' Toole (NBC) Guest Harry Morgan
7:30 Ozzie and Harriet
8PM Donna Reed
8:30 Leave It To Beaver
9PM My Three Sons
9:30 Mchale'a Navy
10PM Alcoa Premiere
11PM News-Tom Field, Joel Daly
11:15 Tonight-Johnny Carson-COLOR
1AM News


6:50 Meditation
6:55 News
7AM College of the Air
7:30 Rex Humbard
7:45 Clutch Cargo-Cartoons
8AM Captain Kangaroo
9AM B'Wana Don
10AM Thanksgiving Parades-Toronto, Detroit, Philadelphia
11:30 Sidelines-Bob Neal
11:45 Best of the Browns
Noon NFL Football-Green Bay At Detroit (Detoit Won 26-14)
3PM College Football-Terxas A&M at Texas-Terry Brennan, Jim Simpson (Texas won 13-3)
5:20 Scoreboard-Ken Armstrong
5:30 Mickey Mouse Club
6PM News-Ken Armstrong
6:05 Film Feature
6:55 Weather-Howard Hoffman
6:57 TV Editorial-Norman Wagy (How TV Guide listed it)
7PM City Camera-Doug Adair
7:10 Sports-John Fitzgerald
7:15 CBS News-Walter Cronkite
7:30 Mr. Ed
8PM Perry Mason
9PM The Nurses
10PM Adventures In Paradise-Syndicated Rerun-Instead of Alfred Hitchcock
11PM News-Warren Guthrie
11:10 City Report-Adair
11:15 TV Editorial-Wagy
11:18 Sports-Fitzgerald
11:23 Movie-Man Who Came To Dinner 1941
1:33 Code Of The Secret Service-1939



7:30 Comedy Carnival
8AM Captain Kangaroo
9AM Romper Room
10AM Macty's Parade-NBC
Noon Movie-Tom Sawyer 1938 (Same as shown on KYW-3 at 9AM)
1:20 Movie-Rulers of the Sea 1939
3PM College Football-Texas A&M/Texas
5:45 Movie-Rebel In Town-1956
6:25 Quick Draw McGraw
7PM News-Gordon Ward
7:15 News-John Saunders
7:30 Mr. Ed
8PM Perry Mason
9PM Real McCoys (CBS Sun. 9PM)
9:30 Hazel-NBC-COLOR
10PM Dr. Kildare (NBC Thurs. 8:30)
11PM News
11:30 Movie-A Lady Without a Passport 1950


7:20 Prayer For Today
7:25 Farm Report
7:30 Today-NBC (For some reason, 13 only carried 90 minutes)
9AM Camouflage-Don Morrow-ABC
9:25 Movie-Love Finda Andy Hardy 1938
11AM June Allyson
11:30 Yours For A Song-Bert Parks
Noon Movie-Larceny Inc. 1942 (Preempts Tennessee Ernie Ford)
1:30 Movie-Pied Piper of Hamelin 1957
3PM AFL Football-Titans/Broncos
5:45 ABC All Pro Scoreboard-Bob Wolff, Pat Hernon
6PM Deadline-Toledo News
7PM Wanted, Dead Or Alive
7:30 Ozzie and Harriet
8PM Donna Reed
8:30 Leave It To Beaver
9PM My Three Sons
9:30 King Of Diamonds-Broderick Crawford
10PM Premiere
11PM News-Warren Guthrie
11:10 News-Toledo
11:15 Weather (normally a TV Editorial at 11:20, but probably took the night off)
11:30 Tonight-Johnny Carson-COLOR
1AM Prayer For Today

Erie, Pa.


7:30 News
7:45 Cartoons
8AM News
8:30 Yoga For Health
9AM TV Enriches Learning
9:30 Movie-Adventures of Huckleberry Finn 1939
11AM Jane Wyman Show
11:30 Yours For A Song-Bert Parks
Noon Tennessee Ernie Ford
12:30 Father Knows Best
1PM Best Of Groucho
1:30 Classroom
2PM Day In Court
2:30 Seven Keys
3PM AFL Football-NY Titans at Denver Broncos-Curt Gowdy, Paul Christman(NY Titans won 46-45)
5:45 ABC All Pro Scoreboard-Bob Wolff, Pat Hernon
6PM Huckleberry Hound
6:30 News
6:45 ABC News-Ron Cochran
7PM Ozzie And Harriet (ABC Thurs. 7:30)
7:30 Hennessey
8PM Donna Reed
8:30 Leave It To Beaver
9PM My Three Sons
9:30 Mchale'a Navy
10PM Alcoa Premiere
11PM News
11:30 Movie-Mrs. Miniver 1942


7:30 College Of The Air
8AM Today-NBC (1 hour only)
9AM Captain Kangaroo
10AM Thanksgiving Parades-Toronto, Detroit, Philadelphia
Noon NFL Football-Green Bay At Detroit (Detoit Won 26-14)
3PM College Football-Terxas A&M at Texas-Terry Brennan, Jim Simpson (Texas won 13-3)
5:30 Pat Boone Special-NBC-COLOR
6:30 Today's Golf Tips
6:40 News-Jim Dewart
6:45 CBS News-Walter Cronkite
7PM Broken Arrow-Western
7:30 Mr. Ed
8PM Perry Mason
9PM The Nurses
10PM Alfred Hitchcock
11PM News
11:25 Magic Moments In Sports
11:30 Tonight-Johnny Carson-COLOR



7AM Today
9AM People Are Funny
9:30 Leave It To The Girls
10AM Macy's Parade-COLOR
Noon Your First Impression-COLOR-Pamel:Inger Stevens, Paul Winchell, Larry Storch, Dennis James, and George Kirgo
12:30 Truth Or Consequences-Bob Barker
1PM News
1:15 Kitchen Corner-Mariner
2PM Merv Griffin-COLOR
3PM Loretta Young
3:30 Young Dr. Malone
4PM Make Room For Daddy
4:30 Here's Hollywood
4:55 NBC News-Sander Vanocur
5PM Film Feature
5;30 Pat Boone Special-COLOR
6:30 News
6:45 Huntley-Brinkley
7PM The Deputy
7:30 Bell Telephone Hour-COLOR SPECIAL Guests:John Raitt, Mahalia Jackson, Martha Wright, Poet Carl Sandburg
8:30 Dr. Kildare
9:30 Hazel-COLOR
10PM Andy Williams-COLOR
11PM News
11:30 Tonight-Carson-COLOR


7:25 College Of The Air
7:55 News
8AM Captain Kangaroo
9AM Romper Room
10AM Thanksgiving Parades-Toronto, Detroit, Philadelphia
Noon NFL Football-Green Bay At Detroit (Detoit Won 26-14)
3PM College Football-Terxas A&M at Texas-Terry Brennan, Jim Simpson (Texas won 13-3)
5:45 College Football Scoreboard
6PM Huckleberry Hound
6:30 News
6:45 CN+BS News-Cronkite
7PM Roving Camera-Stu Wilson
7:30 Mr. Ed
8PM Perry Mason
9PM The Nurses
10PM Alfred Hitchcock
11PM News-Warren Guthrie
11:10 Local News-Ken Thomas
11:15 Sports-Don Gardner
11:25 Movie Thundering Jets 1958


9AM Kartoon Showtime
10:30 Yoga For Health
11AM Jane Wyman Show
11:30 Yours For A Song-Bert Parks
Noon Tennessee Ernie Ford
12:30 Father Knows Best
1PM Movie-Miss Annie Rooney 1942
2:30 Seven Keys
3PM AFL Football-NY Titans at Denver Broncos-Curt Gowdy, Paul Christman(NY Titans won 46-45)
5:45 ABC All Pro Scoreboard-Bob Wolff, Pat Hernon
6PM Hopalong Cassidy
6:30 News
6:45 ABC News-Cochran
7PM Wanted-Dead Or Alive
7:30 Ozzie and Harriet
8PM Donna Reed
8:30 Leave It To Beaver
9PM My Three Sons
9:30 Mchale'a Navy
10PM Alcoa Premiere
11PM ABC News-Bill Shadel
11:25 Movie-The Keys of the Kingdom 1944


9:55 News
10AM Passport To Danger
10:30 High School Football-Probably the Akron City Series Championshp Game at the Rubber Bowl..
1PM Movie-A Guy Named Joe Part 1
2PM Day In Court
2:30 Seven Keys
3PM AFL Football-NY Titans at Denver Broncos-Curt Gowdy, Paul Christman(NY Titans won 46-45)
5:45 ABC All Pro Scoreboard-Bob Wolff, Pat Hernon
6PM Civic Forum of the Air
6:30 It's In The Bag
6:40 Sports-Bob Wylie
6:45 ABC News-Cochran
7PM News-Jack Fitzgibbons
7:15 Weather-Bill McKay
7:20 Talk Of The Town
7:30 Movie-The Marx Brothers At The Circus 1939
9PM My Three Sons
9:30 Interpol Calling-Police
10PM Alcoa Premiere
11PM ABC News-Shadel
11:10 Local News
11:15 Movie-Faithful In My Fashion 1946

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November 1962-OSU-Michigan Week

TV Guide ad for a syndicated showing of "Sir Francis Drake" Wednesdays at 7PM on WKST-33 Youngstown. WKST began on Channel 45 in 1957, moving to Channel 33 in 1959. Channel 33 was remnamed WYTV in 1964. Channel 45 became WXTV, a failed independent from 1960-62, then WNEO PBS, Alliance Ohio in 1973..Channel 45's analog signal was shut off for good Wednesday, November 19, 2008 to make way for WNEO's digital signal, also on Channel 45, which signed on Friday, November 21, 2008.

TV Guide Ad for the syndicated "Knute Rockne Story" an hour long special aired on WJW-TV 8 Tuesday, November 27, 1962 at 7:30..Preempting "The New Loretta Young Show" and the "Lloyd Bridges Show."

June 1962 ad f0r Bill Jorgensen of KYW-TV 3's Eyewitness News "Night Edition" He would move across to TV 5 WEWS in the mid 1960's before starting a long career in New York City in 1967, first at WNEW-TV 5 and then at WPIX-11. He was among the first anchors onf INN news in the early 1980's..(Wikipedia)

!962 Ad for Warren Guthrie News. "The Sohio Reporter" aired not only on WJW TV 8, but WSPD-13 Toledo and WKBN-27 Youngstown

1962 TV Guide Ad for Mickey Mouse Club Reruns weekday on Channel 8.

WKBN ad for the Ohio State-Michigan Game..From TV Guide

This time, I thought we would look at the last week of November, 1962. Particularly with the Ohio State Michigan game coming up. The week in Television according to TV Guide..

Barnaby's Party on Saturdays (7:30-10AM) was a big 2 and one half hours long on KYW-TV 3..WJW countered at 8AM with B'wana Don, a show originating from Storer Broadcasting in Detroit and also aired in Toledo on WSPD-13.

WEWS-TV 5 carried Ensign O'Toole, a military comedy starring Dean Jones and Jack Albertson Thursdays at 7PM..What was unusual about this was that it was a current NBC program, usually carried Sundays at 7. KYW aired David L. Wolper's Biography Series in it's place.

ABC's only 2 color series were The Jetsons (Sunday, 7:30) and The Flintstones (Friday, 7:30.) However, Channel 33 Youngstown and 49 Akron did not carry these shows in color..

On the opposite side Outside of the above mentioned shows, The only show Channel 5 aired in color regularly was the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson..

Dale Young Time aired Monday-Friday 11-12 Noon on WJW-TV an answer to One O Clock Club on 5 and Mike Douglas on 3..The show only lasted from October 1, 1962-Into the Spring of 1963. Co hosts were Ernie Anderson and later, Jim Doney..

First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy was profiled in "The World of Jacqueline Kennedy" Friday, November 30, 1962 at 10PM on NBC (3,21)

The 1962 Michigan at Ohio State game was aired by the CBS Network with Lindsay Nelson, Jim Simpson and Terry Brennan as announcers..The 1962 game had similarities to this year's in that Ohio State had a winning record (6-3), though at 4-2 in the Big Ten they were tied with Northwestern for 3rd Place. Wisconsin won the Big Ten while Minnesota was second..Michigan was last with a 1-6 league record 2-7 overall.. Ohio State won the 1962 game 28-0.

In 2008 Michigan is next to last at 2-5 and 3-8 overall..while Ohio State at 6-1 and 9-2 is in a 3-way tie with Michigan State and Penn State for the Big Ten lead...

Saturday, November 24, 1962
TV Guide-Cleveland Edition




3 News

3 Columbia Lectures

8 Meditation

3 This Land Is Ours

3 Barnaby's Party-Sheldon/Conroy

8 Rex Humbard

8 B'wana Don
21 Time For Felix

5 News

5 Breakthru-Religion

21 Learn to Draw-Jon Gnagy

5 Cartoons
8-27 Captain Kangaroo
21 Bugs Bunny
33 Double Three Roundup

5 Inside Catholic Schools
21 Ruff and Reddy-COLOR

5 Lippy Lion

3-21 Shari Lewis-COLOR
8-27 Alvin

5 Learn To Draw-Jon Gnagy

3-21 King Leonardo-COLOR
5 Make A Face-Clayton
8-27 Mighty Mouse
33 Jeff's Collie (Lassie)

49 News

3-21 Fury
5 Quarterback Club-Ken Coleman
8-27 Rin Tin Tin
33-49 Make a Face

3-21 Magic Midway-Claude Kirchner
5-33-49 Top Cat
8-27 Roy Rogers

3-21 Make Room For Daddy-Early ABC Years
5-33-49 Bugs Bunny Show
8-27 Sky King

3-21 Exploring-COLOR
5-33-49 Allakazam-Mark Wilson
8-27 Reading Room

5-33-49 My Friend Flicka
8 College Closeup-John Fitzgerald
27 College Kickoff-Chris Schenkel

8-27 College Football-Michigan at Ohio State

3 Movie-Sailor's Holiday 1944
5 American Bandstand-Guest Tommy Roe
21 Mr. Wizard
27 Panorama
33 Hopalong Cassidy
49 This Is The Life

21 Movie-TBA
49 Movie-Hell Below 1933 (also to be aired on TV 3 at 1:35 AM)

3 Dimensions Three
5 WRU Perspective
33 Overland Trail

3 Inquest
5 Wide World Of Sports

3 Movie-Walk Swiftly, Stranger 1949
33 Cimarron City
49 Code 3-Police Drama

49 Passport To Danger

8 College Roundup-Ken Armstrong

8 Changing Times-Kiplinger
27 College Scoreboard

5-21 Horse Race-Display Handicap-Aqueduct
8 Film Feature
27 Movie-Main Street After Dark-1944
33 Footnote
49 Touchdown-Football

33 Canadian Travel

3-21 NFL Highlights
5 Captain Penny
33-49 Wide World Of Sports

3 News, Sports, Weather
5 Teenarena-Bill Baker
8 Wrestling-Cleveland
21 Captain Gallant
27 Wrestling-Youngstown

5 Captain Penny

3 Movie-California Conquest
21 NBC News-Sander Vanocur

21 Newa, Sports, Weather

5 Saturday News Roundup
8 Divorce Court
21 Checkmate
27 News-Dick Minton
33 Supercar
49 Top Star Bowling

5 Sports-Jim Brown

27 Sports-Don Gardner

5 Saturday News Roundup

5 Weather-Earl Keyes

5 San Francisco Beat
27 Whirlybirds
33 Beany and Cecil (Though the show is being fed from ABC in Color, Channel 33 shows it in Black and White)

3-21 Sam Benedict
5 Great Music-Chicago
8-27 Jackie Gleason
33-49 Roy Rogers/Dale Evans Show

3-21 Joey Bishop-COLOR
5-33-49 Mr. Smith Goes To Washington
8-27 Defenders

3-21 NBC Saturday Movie-Sailor of The King-1953
5-33-49 Lawrence Welk

8-27 Have Gun, Will Travel

5 Untouchables
8-27 Gunsmoke
33-49 Boxing-Don Dunphy

33-49 Make That Spare

3 News-Jack Bennett
5 News-Daniel Hackel
8 News-Jim Doney
21-27-33 News
49 Movie-Honky Tonk 1941

3 Weather-Ron Jay
5 Weather-Earl Keyes
8 Sports-Ken Armstrong
27 Sports-Don Gardner

3 Sports-Ken Goodman
5 Sports-Paul Wilcox
8 Weather-Howard Hoffman
27 Movie-All About Eve 1950
33 Movie-The Snake Pit 1948

3 Movie-Jeanne Eagles 1957
5 Movie-Stanley and Livingstone 1939
8 Movie-Crosswinds 1951
21 Movie-12 Angry Men 1957

8 Movie-$1,000 A Touchdown 1939

3 Movie-Hell Below 1933

Friday, November 30, 1962

3 News

3 Farm Fare

3 Columbia Lectures
21 Continental Classroom

3-21 Continental Classroom-COLOR

8 Meditation

8 News

3-21 Today-Hugh Downs
8 College Of The Air

27 College Of The Air

8 Rex Humbard

8 Clutch Cargo

27 News

8-27 Captain Kangarroo

5 News

3 Woodrow-Clay Conroy
5 Western Reserve Telecourse
8 B'Wana Don
21 People Are Funny
27 Romper Room
33 Kartoon Showtime

3 Best Of Groucho
5 Romper Room
8 Jack LaLanne
21 Leave It To The Girls

3 Felix-Cartoons
5 Paige Palmer
8 As The World Turns
21 Say When-Art James
27 Calendar-Harry Reasoner

21 NBC News-Edwin Newman

3-21 Play Your Hunch-Merv Griffin-COLOR
8-27 I Love Lucy
33 Yoga For Health

5 Cleveland TV Classroom

49 News

3-21 The Price Is Right-Bill Cullen-COLOR
5-33-49 Jane Wyman
8 Dale Young Time-Variety
27 McCoys (Real McCoys)

3-21 Concentration-Hugh Downs
5-33-49 Yours For a Song-Bert Parks
27 Pete and Gladys

3 News, Weather, Sports
5 News-Randy Culver
8-27 Love Of Life
33-49 Tennessee Ernie Ford
21 Your First Impression-COLOR

5 Noon Show-Children-Captain Penny

8-27 CBS News-Harry Reasoner

3 Mike Douglas
8 Search For Tomorrow
21 Truth Or Consequences-Bob Barker
27 News-Frank Leslie
33-49 Father Knows Best

27 Movie-Bonnie Prince Charlie 1949

8 Guiding Light

21 NBC News-Ray Scherer

5 One O Clock Club-Dorothy Fuldheim, Bill Gordon
8 Divorce Court
21 News-Youngstown
33 Susie-Ann Sothern
49 Movie-Men Of Boy's Town Part 2 1941

21 Kitchen Corner-Marjorie Mariner

33 Our Miss Brooks

3-21 Merv Griffin-COLOR
8-27 Password-Allen Ludden Panel:Betty White, Henry Morgan
33-49 Day In Court

33-49 ABC News-Alex Drier

5-33-49 Seven Keys
8-27 House Party-Art Linkletter

3-21 NBC News-Floyd Kalber

3-21 Loretta Young
5-33-49 Queen For A Day-Jack Bailey
8-27 Millionaire

3-21 Young Doctor Malone
5-33-49 Who Do You Trust?-Woody Woodbury
8-27 To Tell The Truth-Bud Collyer Panel:Joan Fontaine, Barry Nelson, Gene Rayburn and Phyllis Newman

8-27 CBS News-Douglas Edwards

3-21 Make Room For Daddy
5 Love That Bob!-Bob Cummings
8-27 Secret Storm
33-49 American Bandstand-Guest Fabian

3 Barnaby, Popeye and Friends-Linn Sheldon
5-33-49 Discovery '62
8 Edge Of Night
21 Here's Hollywood
27 Catholic School Story

27 Stanley-Cartoons

5-49 American Newsstand-Bill Lord
21 NBC News-Sander Vanocur
33 Casper and Company

5 Five O Clock Show-Captain Penny
(1) Three Stooges-A Plumbing We Will Go
(2) Little Rascals-Little Papa

8 Mickey Mouse Club
21 Movie-Bowery Batallion 1951
49 Movie-On Borrowed Time 1939

3 Movie-Gun That Won The West-1955

33 Double Three Ranch

8 Movie-Mystery Sea Raider-1940 (Ken Armstrong 5 minute Newscast at 6PM)

33 Lone Ranger

21 Century Milestones
27 Suppertime-Rex Humbard Family

5 Mr. Jingeling-Max Ellis

3 News-Bill Jorgensen
5 Dorothy Fuldheim
21-27-33 News

3 Weather-Dick Goddard
49 Sports-Bob Wylie

3-21 Huntley Brinkley Report
5 News-Tom Field
27 CBS News-Walter Cronkite
33-49 ABC News-Ron Cochran

5 Weather-Carolyn Johnson
8 Weather-Howard Hoffman

8 TV Editorial-Norman Wagy

3 Quick Draw McGraw
5 Ripcord
8 City Camera-Doug Adair
21 Highway Patrol
27 Mr. Lucky
33 Bat Masterson
49 News-Jack Fitzgibbons

8 Sports-John Fitzgerald

8 CBS News-Walter Cronkite
49 Weather-Bill McKay

49 Best Food Buys

3-21 Shakespeare-SPECIAL/COLOR Preempted International Showtime
5-33-49 Gallant Men
8-27 Rawhide

3-21 Sing Along with Mitch-Mitch Miller-COLOR
5-33-49 Flintstones-COLOR (B&W on 33, 49)
8-27 Route 66

5 I'm Dickens-He's Fenster
33 M Squad
49 Movie-The Big Lift-1950

3-21 Don't Call Me Charlie!-Comedy
5-33 77 Sunset Strip
8-27 Fair Exchange

3-21 World of Jacqueline Kennedy-SPECIAL (Preempts Jack Paar)

5 The Third Man
8-27 Eyewitness
33 Wyatt Earp

3 News-Bill Jorgensen
5 News-Tom Field, Joel Daly
8-27 News-Warren Guthrie
21 News
33-49 ABC News-Bill Shadel

3 Weather-Dick Goddard
8 City Report-Doug Adair
27 News-Ken Thomas
33 News-Don Parcher
49 News-Akron

3 Steve Allen
5 Tonight-Johnny Carson-COLOR
8 TV Editorial-Norman Wagy
27 Sports-Don Gardner
49 Movie-Rendezvous 1935

8 Sports-John Fitzgerald

8 Movie-Cloak and Dagger 1946

27 Movie-Hell's Island 1955
33 Movie-Gentleman's Agreement 1947

21 Tonight-COLOR

3 Movie-Homecoming 1948

5 News

8 Movie-The Case Of The Black Cat 1936

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A Little Housekeeping..

Hello Folks:
Just a note to make everyone aware of a little Blog "Housekeeping" as it were. Two of the links on the left margin of the blog have been deleted..

Nostalgia Links..The Lady that was doing the site let the domain name lapse..

Clarke Ingram's DuMont History Site-Clarke's site had been hosted on AOL Hometown which went out of business at the end of October. If Clarke ever restarts the DuMont site, the link will be added back.

Also, Tonight I added a new link..Tri-State Media Watch, focusing on the Cincinnati-Northern Kentucky-Southern Indiana Region. A 23 year old internet radio programmer from Florence, Ky. started the blog about a week ago, and seems to be doing a good job. He was inspired to begin his own blog from Ohio Media Watch..Best of luck to this young man..

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Dick Goddard-Cleveland Television's Weather Icon

TV Guide ad promoting the premiere of KYW-TV 3 Eyewitness News on May 1, 1961..
Pictured are Bud Dancy, who would leave KYW/WKYC for NBC New York in 1966
Jim Graner, Sportscaster at TV 3 from 1957-74 and radio voice of the Browns
Dick Goddard who would be at TV 3 till 1965..Then after a brief time in Philadelphia, come to WJW-TV 8 in 1966.. Where he still is 42 years later

First TV Guide listing for KYW-TV 3 Eyewitness News at Noon Monday, May 1, 1961. One of the first, if not the first, full 30 minute local TV Newscast in the USA. The name "Eyewitness News" had been used at KYW-TV since April, 1959..They were the first station in the Country to use that title for a Newscast..

Dick's Triumphant return to Cleveland-March 28, 1966 as the main weather forecaster at CBS affiliate WJW-TV 8 after several months at KYW-TV 3 in Philadelphia..

Cleveland Weather forecasting has had as interesting a history as the Cleveland Weather itself..As in most TV markets, Cleveland has had an assortment of personalities doing weather foreccasts dating from the early 1950's. Most early weather forecasters, were doing weather as a sideline to other duties on TV and radio. Joe Finan, "The Atlantic Weatherman" was doing his thing on WNBK while doing radio on WTAM in the early 1950' was Captain Glenn Rowell, also on WNBK even earlier than Finan..WEWS-TV had "Weathergirls" such as "Sunny" Day, Susan Sadler and Miss Barbara Plummer, who was also doing "Romper Room". TV 5 also had Ron Penfound "Captain Penny" as weekend and sometime weeknight weatherman in the 1960s. The main Weatherman at WJW through the 1950's was Announcer Howard Hoffman, although Jim Doney and Doug Adair had done weather forecasts as well..Hoffman remained at TV 8 from 1949 into the 1980's.

May 1, 1961 would bring a number of firsts to KYW-TV 3.Possibly the first half hour local newscast in the USA..As well as possibly the first AMS Seal (No. 45) weatherman in Cleveland TV History,,Dick Goddard..

Dick was born February 24, 1931 in Akron, Ohio. After serving in weather related duties in the US Air Force in the early 1950's, Goddard graduated in 1960 from Kent State, majoring in Drama and Broadcasting..

Dick is also an avid cartoonist. He turned down an invitation to interview at Disney Studios in California, opting to stay in Cleveland and try his hand at TV on KYW-TV 3 with Eyewitness News starting Monday, May 1, 1961. Station staffers told him later that they had a pool going to see how long he would last..

Dick tells the story of his first day on the air, when he decided to tell a weather interest story about a Croaking Frog..Only he was so nervous, it came out "Froaking Crog"

After Dick got settled in, he became the most popular weatherman in Cleveland up to that time. The Other TV 3 newscasts in May 1961 included Bill Jorgensen at 6:30 and 11PM, Big Wilson doing Weather at 6:40 and Jim Gerard on Weather at 11:10..Jim Graner with Sports at 11:15..

Becasue of the forced return of Westinghouse's KYW to Philadelphia and NBC's WRCV (WKYC) to Cleveland, Dick Goddard went with Westinghouse to Philadelphia in June, 1965. He and his wife never felt comfortable in Philly. Thoiugh he says they were treated well, it was never "home" to them.. His replacement in Cleveland, Wally Kinnan, had been very popular in Philadelphia..

In early 1966, Goddard entertained offers from all 3 Cleveland Stations, electing to go to WJW-TV 8 because he was a big fan of the Browns and TV 8 sportscaster Ken Coleman, only Coleman left Cleveland a month later..He returned to Cleveland at Channel 8 March 28, 1966 as part of the City Camera News Team at 6 and 11PM with Doug Adair, Joel Daly and Coleman, later replaced by Frank Gleiber . Previous evening forecaster Bob "Hoolihan the Weatherman" Wells was moved to Noon and Weekend Weather before gaining even greater fame on the Hoolihan and Big Chuck Show, replacing Ghoulardi Friday nights in December 1966.

Goddard became the most popular weatherman in Cleveland TV History over more than 42 years at Channel 8..Emceeing live shows all over town, Hosting the Woolybear festival for 35 years..The largest one day festival in Ohio. He also has served as Cleveland Browns Statistician for many years, as well as doing numerous skits for Big Chuck and Lil John..

If any weather forecaster could be called "beloved" it would be Dick Goddard, at least in Cleveland and Northeast Ohio..

Tom Haley describing NBC's return to Cleveland in 1965..With a brief Dick Goddard interview about the circumstances behind his coming back to Cleveland. Courtesy NBC/Gannett

From Fox 8's Wilma Smith and Gary Stromberg (Feb. 2008) Newly discovered footage of Dick's very early days at Channel 8..Late 60's/very early 70's..The actual footage has no audio..It had disintegrated from age.. From08country and

WJKW-TV8 - Cleveland - Big Chuck Skit with Dick Goddard!!
Uploaded by videohollic. - Full seasons and entire episodes online.
Dick Goddard Skit at the end of Big Chuck and Lil John's "PJ Party"

Dick's first day at Channel 3-Monday, May 1, 1961
TV Guide listings for KYW-TV 3

5:50 News
5:55 Farm Fare-Channel 3 had this program I think into the 1980's
6AM Tomorrow's Learning
6:30 Continental Classroom-COLOR
7AM Dave Garroway (Today Show)
9AM Funsville-Josie Carey was hostess of this program..similar to her earlier "Childrens Hour" at WQED-13 Pittsburgh, which she hosted with a young Fred Rogers before his fame as "Misterogers"..Funsville probably originated at KDKA-TV 2 in Pittsburgh, like KYW. a Westinghouse Station..

9:30 Life Of Riley
10AM Give N Take-Tom Haley
10:30 Play Your Hunch-COLOR-Merv Griffin
11AM Price Is Right-COLOR-Bob Kennedy begins a 2-week stint as host while Bill Cullen is on Vacation (Live)

11:30 Concentration-Hugh Downs
Noon News, Weather, Sports-DEBUT Bud Dancy, Jim Graner, Dick Goddard
12:30 It Could Be You-COLOR-Bill Leyden
12:55 NBC News-Ray Scherer
1PM Movie-Big's Party Line-Walk Softly, Stranger 1949-Big Wilson
2:30 Loretta Young
3PM Young Doctor Malone
3:30 From These Roots
4PM Make Room For Daddy-Dean Martin Guests
4:30 Barnaby, Popeye and Friends
5:05 Early Show-Wee Willie Winkie-1937
6:30 News-Bill Jorgenson
6:40 Weather-Big Wilson
6:45 Huntley Brinkley Report
7PM Huckleberry Hound
7:30 The Americans-Civil War drama-Guest stars Dick York, John McGiver and Lurene Tuttle
8:30 Wells Fargo
9PM May Day In Moscow-SPECIAL-Frank McGee
9:30 Concentration-COLOR-Hugh Downs
10PM Barbara Stanwyck Show
10:30 Ten-4-Syndicated Police Drama
11PM News-Bill Jorgenson
11:10 Weather-Jim Gerard
11:15 Sports-Jim Graner
11:20 Movie-This Land Is Mine-1943
1AM Movie-The Escape-1939

Dick's first day at Channel 8
Monday, March 28, 1966

6:40 News
6:45 Sunrise Semester
7:15 Rex Humbard
7:30 CBS News-Mike Wallace
7:55 Local News
8AM Captain Kangaroo
9AM Franz The Toymaker-COLOR-Ray Stawiarski
10AM Love Of Life
10:25 News-Howard Hoffman
10:30 McCoys-Guest:Hans Conreid
11AM Andy Griffith
11:30 Dick Van Dyke
Noon City Camera News-Martin Ross, Harry Jones, Bob "Hoolihan" Wells
12:30 Search For Tomorrow
12:45 Guiding Light
1PM Bachelor Father
1:30 As The World Turns
2PM Password-Allen Ludden-Panel-Alan King, Phyllis Newman
2:30 House Party-COLOR-Art Linkletter
3PM To Tell The Truth-Bud Collyer
3:25 News
3:30 Edge Of Night
4PM Secret Storm
4:30 Highway Patrol
5PM Adventure Road-Jim Doney
6PM City Camera-Doug Adair, Joel Daly, Dick Goddard (debut) and Ken Coleman
6:30 CBS News-Walter Cronkite-COLOR
7PM Rifleman
7:30 To Tell The Truth-Collyer
8PM I've Got A Secret-Steve Allen-Panel:Henry Morgan, Bess Myerson,Bill Cullen, Betsy Palmer Guest:Wilt Chamberlain

8:30 Lucy Show-COLOR-Guest Wayne Newton
9PM Andy Griffith-COLOR
9:30 Hazel-COLOR
10PM Movie-COLOR-Black Widow-1954 (interrupted at 11PM for News)
11PM City Camera News-Adair, Daly
11:10 Sports-John Fitzgerald
11:15 Weather-COLOR-Dick Goddard
11:20 Movie-Black Widow-COLOR (1954) Continues
12:15 Movie-Rulers Of The Sea-1939-Time approximate

Some Information courtesy Wikipedia and WJW-TV 8..

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

RIP:Herb Score (1933-2008)

Early 1950's Sports Illustrated Cover-Courtesy

The Voice of Baseball in Cleveland has been silenced..

Herb Score,retired TV and Radio Broadcaster for the Cleveland Indians..Passed away this morning at the age of 75 after a long illness. He began in baseball as a promising left-handed pitcher for the Indians in the mid 1950's..An unfortunate accident on May 7, 1957 in which Score was struck in the eye by the Yankees' Gil McDougald, effectively limited his career. Though he came back to pitch, Arm problems eventually forced his retirement 1n 1964 after pitching for the Indians and Chicago White Sox. He immediately began his broadcast career on Indians Telecasts from 1964-67, then on radio from 1968-97..That era up until 1994 saw some of the worst Indians teeams, leading fellow broadcaster Joe Tait to comment "Herb has seen more bad baseball than anyone in Cleveland"..

To this longtime Indians fan (since 1970) it felt good to see Herb be able to broadcast some winners in the 1990's, including 2 world series teams (1995, 1997).Though sadly, neither won..Shortly after retiring, in 1998, Herb was involved in an auto sccident in New Philadelphia, Ohio that led to his longtime illness..

Prayers and good thoughts go out to the Score family, and to the Cleveland Indians Family at this time..

Ohio Media Watch:

Cleveland Indians


Cleveland Plain Dealer

Monday, November 3, 2008

WEWS Eyewitness News 1978-Bill Jacocks on "Video Piracy"

The following YouTube video is from an WEWS-TV 5 Eyewitness News report 30 years ago on the new at-that time Video Cassette Recorder. Prices were starting to come down on the devices at the time, and a new era in home entertainment dawned..The aspect of taping your favorite show to watch at a later time began to be a commonplace thing in homes across America.

The report also touched on a subject that is still controversial today..Video Piracy..In 1978 there were already underground networks trading and selling the latest Feature Film Videos..Legitimate Video sales were just beginning..Early home video camera were shown..There was already a mention in this report about Video Laser Discs on the horizon..The Technology has come a long way in the last 30 years with DVR's and YouTube..

Dave Patterson and Ted Henry are the News Anchors here..Ted jokingly goes out to a commercial saying something like, "After the break, Bill Jacocks introduces a 5-part series on Home Video Recorders..So, if you have one, roll your tape when we come back."