Saturday, September 8, 2007

WUAB Ch. 43- Lorain-Cleveland-They played our Favorites-Part 1

July 1975 Ad for SuperHost..who brought you "Saturday Afternoon" with "Selected Shorts"..Usually the Three Stooges. Marty Sullivan was "Supe" from 1969-89..He also did nightly news updates and was one of several staff announcers..Sullivan is retired and living in Oregon..

Also from July 1975..A TV Guide Ad for John Lanigan's Prize Movie..Dig the cool threads..Lanigan, of course has been a morning show host at WMJI-105.7 Oldies in Cleveland since 1985.

WUAB-TV 43 was the second commercial independent UHF station in Cleveland and third in Northeast Ohio, after WJAN-17 Canton (January 1967) and Cleveland's WKBF-61 (January 1968)..Below is a story by Dick Shippy at the time of WUAB's beginning..Shippy was a longtime Akron Beacon Journal TV Radio writer..

WUAB (43) Joins The TV Family
By Dick Shippy
Beacon Journal Radio-TV Writer
Friday, September 15, 1968

Anyone for another helping of Elliot Ness?
Or Gilligan's Island, maybe? How about another round with Batman? And you certainly could do with 10 more movies each week!

Yes, the Networks are in the process of launching a new season, but elsewhere some old seasons are being revived too..

Like at WUAB (UHF Channel 43), the newest member of the northeastern Ohio television community.

Operated by United Artists Broadcasting as an Independent station, WUAB-TV starts broadcasting at 9AM Sunday. The new station will be using the WKBF(Channel 61) transmitter tower (installation was done Thursday, which accounts for Channel 61 being off the air until late afternoon) and with power comporable to the latter should be sending a strong signal into the Akron area.

WUAB temporarily is using WVIZ (channel 25) studio facilities while completing the construction of its own two-story studio building located next to the Parmatown Shopping Center.

As an Independent, WUAB will be programming syndicated reruns, motion pictures, interview shows and sports (including taped replays of Ohio State and Notre Dame football games this fall)

Among the shows from previous network seasons being carried on rerun basis by channel 43 are "The Untouchables", "Patty Duke", "Gilligan's Island", "I Spy", and "Batman" the station will be showing at least one motion picture feature each day.

WUAB becomes the area's fifth UHF station, the others being Akron's WAKR (23) Cleveland's WKBF (61) Canton's WJAN (17) and WVIZ (25) the Cleveland educational station.

Complete WUAB program schedules will be carried daily in these pages and weekly in Preview starting Sunday.

First day WUAB-43 Schedule-Sunday, September 15, 1968
Courtesy Akron Beacon Journal

9AM Bugs Bunny
10AM Lorain Conversation
10:30 Sports Central
11:30 Notre Dame Football Preview
1PM Ohio State Preview
2PM Quarterback Club
2:30 Movie-Trooper Hook
4PM Football Scoreboard
4:30 Outdoor Sportsman
5PM King Family Special
6PM Movie-Magnificient Seven
8:30 Gilligan's Island
9PM Naked City
10PM Bishop Sheen
10:30 Kup's Show (Irv Kupcinet-from Chicago)

Saturday, September 21, 1968-Beacon Journal

11:15 News
11:30 Bugs Bunny
Noon Real McCoys
12:30 Patty Duke
1PM Football Forecast
1:30 NFL Action
2PM AFL Action
2:30 Quarterback Club
3PM Olympic Boxing
3:30 Football Scoreboard
4PM Wrestling
5PM Outdoor Sportsman
5:30 Football Scoreboard
6PM Lou (King) Kirby
7PM Movie-Battle Of Bloody Beach
8:30 Movie-Day Of The Outlaw
10:30 Kup's Show

Next:Looking at personalites on channel 43..The first weekday schedule..demise of WKBF-61 and how it solidified channel 43 as the leading independent station in Cleveland..


  1. The Prize Movie clip which is indelibly etched in my mind is with the two boys and the tree. One boy says "Is that the tree?" the other said "yeah" biggest reason I remember is that it ran soooo long. I don't remember what movie it's from, but if I ever see it I will definitely remember the scene.

  2. Being reminded of having seen ch.43 when I was five as it was carried by my cable system in Toledo, though the one thing that sticks out is the wheel from "Prize Movie". :-)

  3. Oh, gosh. I remember it well from early 1977. The movie the line "Is that the tree?" came from was called A Man Alone. It was the first mini-clip where the Prize Movie jackpot went above $1000.

  4. Dang!

    Thank you so much for identifying that movie -- I've been wondering for 31 years what movie it was from!!! :-D

  5. I was there on 9/15/1968 (Our First Date). As an Intern, it was worth 12 hours of "A" toward my BS degree at Kent State. As a film editor, I watched all of the movies, and saw all of the scratches. I actually met Busbey Berkley (and his secretary) at Hopkins Airport and brought them in to the Parma Studio for the "Busbey Berkley Film Festival" with Bob McLean and Lee Cioffe as hosts. Hard to believe it's 40 years already!

  6. I was a child model with an agency that is now closed and I was booked to tape a United Way commercial in the channel 43 studio. After the taping, me and the two other commercial stars got to appear with Lanigan on The Prize Movie and spin the wheel. It was great. I'll never forget it.

  7. I grew up with Supe in the 70's; I watched the show every Saturday afternoon for many years!

    If you'd like to view more of SuperHost (Marty Sullivan) I created a tribute page on YouTube:

  8. My father did the "waterbed factory man" commercials that aired on WUAB, any chance I can see them ?