Saturday, September 15, 2007

Big Chuck and Lil John - Hoolihan Nite 1994 - Part 1 Tribute to Bob Wells

Today, In honor of the recent Ghoulardifest and especially of Bob "Hoolihan" Wells, the featured video will be "Hoolihan Nite" on Big Chuck ond Lil John on September 24, 1994..Bob Wells was the noon weatherman on Channel 8 in 1966 and auditioned as solo host on "Shock Theater" after Ernie "Ghoulardi" Anderson left for the west coast..He enlisted Director Chuck Schodowski, who worked with Ghoulardi, to help him with the audition..Channel 8 liked the chemistry so much, they teamed "Hoolihan and Big Chuck" starting December, 1966. Hoolihan stayed until 1979 when he went to a Christian TV station in Florida.He has been living in retirement in Clearwater Florida..doing outdoor theater with his wife Barb, who recently passed away..A fine broadcaster and by all accounts a really nice man..

There will be some other Hoolihan/Big Chuck/Lil John clips in the menu..including part 2 of Hoolihan Nite

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