Friday, January 22, 2010

Blog Update:

TV Guide ad for the show "Funsville" with Josie Carey, Sterling Yates and Johnny Costa..Ms. Carey first became famous for her "Children's Corner" on WQED-13, Pittsburgh's educational station, which had a brief Saturday Morning Run from New York on NBC-TV. Children's Corner was also famous for being the first TV exposure for Fred Rogers..He (and his sweater) would become a Childrens TV Icon through Misterrogers Neighborhood on NET/PBS for many years..Funsville, which originated at Westinghouse's KDKA-TV 2 in Pittsburgh, lasted on KYW about 2 years, from 1960-62, being replaced by Woodrow The Woodsman..

Just a brief update:

Our Facebook page has become very successful..We have been up on Facebook about 9 days now, with 146 fans from all over, including many current and former Cleveland Media people..What is surprising that others that are in TV and Newspapers, etc.. in other parts of the country have become fans as well, many of them former Clevelanders..Which is very humbling.

What I like about Facebook is that I can find something to share , and put it up almost immediately, with immediate feedback..I like the flexibility of it as well..

I am on a two week vacation from work..I may try to get up to Cleveland one day next week to do research for some of our next few posts here..Thanks for the great support of the blog..Have a good weekend..


  1. Johnny Costa later became the musical director for "Mister Rogers' Neighborhood." And doesn't the guy wearing the "Funsville" cap bear some slight resemblance to Mr. McFeeley, the "Speedy Delivery" man?

  2. wb:
    There seems to be maybe a little resemblance there. I was too young to remember watching "Funsville", on Channel 3, bit it appeared to be similar to what "Misterogers Neighborhood" would become a few years later..