Thursday, February 4, 2010

Vintage Photos:WXEL/WJW

Good morning:
As we did a few weeks ago with WEWS, I want to share some vintage WXEL-WJW-TV Photos, from the Cleveland Press collection at CSU's Cleveland Memory Project..With original photo captions, where available...

August 18, 1967:Martin Ross joins Doug Adair as new member of 6 and 11 PM 'City Camera' New(s) Team on WJW Television 8. Monday, August 21, Martin Ross joins veteran newscaster Doug Adair on the 6 and 11pm editions of CITY CAMERA News on WJW Television 8. For the past two years, Ross has been a familiar face to thousands of viewers on the daily CITY CAMERA: Noon Report, and as host of the popular, award-winning news-documentary program, 'It's Happening Here.'" --

NOTE: Martin Ross replaced Joel Daly, who had moved on to WLS-TV 7 Chicago.. Adair was at WJW from roughly 1958-1970, when he moved over to WKYC-TV 3..After several years at the NBC Owned and Operated station, he moved on to WCMH-4 Columbus, where he remained a popular newscaster until his retirement. Ross, Unfortunately,passed away in 1973..

October 7, 1955 "WXEL on Euclid Ave. and E. 17th, renovation"

NOTE:April 16, 1956 was the official date of the building dedication, as well as the call letter change from WXEL to WJW-TV

1955(?)News Parade with Jimmy Dudley and Bob Lang
News program on WJW-TV (Channel 8).

NOTE: Sponsored by Gray Drug..Dudley, of course, was Long time Cleveland Indians Radio (sometimes TV) Play By Play man from 1948-1967..Apart from this program, I dont know much about Bob Lang at all..

December 14, 1949-Shows exterior of WXEL Television Station and broadcasting tower. WXEL later became WJW-TV

NOTE:WXEL's first Studios in Parma-Just before first sign-on..

1958-"Bill Gordon, host on WJW-TV's "Tumblewood Theatre" western film series, starring John Wayne. Presented every Sunday from 10:00 to 11:00 am on Channel 8."

NOTE:Gordon, of course, became host of One O Clock Club with Dorothy Fuldheim not long after this, and was a DJ/Talk show host on Radio into the 1990's..He passed away in December 2008..Personally, I have a hard time believing "smoochie" as a Western Movie host, but you learn something new every day..

February 2, 1967-"Bob Wells (left) and Chuck 'Big Chuck' Schodowski as Snoopy and the Red Baron" on WJW-TV Channel 8 in Cleveland, Ohio.

NOTE:This was probably one of the first "outdoor" skits for the Hoolihan and Big Chuck Show, which had only started December 23, 1966..Bob Wells actually flew the plane for this..

Special thanks to Facebook friend Bill Barrow, who is curator of the collection at Cleveland State...Have a good weekend, everybody..


  1. Let me guess who ultimately replaced Doug Adair on Television 8's "City Camera News": Murray Stewart?

  2. How old was Marty Ross when he died? And, when did Jim Hale and Jeff Maynor take over as the City Camera anchors?