Friday, January 8, 2010

Vintage WEWS Photos-Introduction to a new link

February 28, 1959-"LANDMARK MILESTONE -- with Lenny Sanders and the County Rhythm Boys in the background, starts of the weekly LANDMARK JAMBOREE program, Kathy Dearth (left), Tommy Edwards and Dottie West post on the occasion of the 2nd anniversary of Farm Bureau, program sponsor, this Saturday at 7 P.M. on WEWS. Show is now seen on WEWS, WSBD in Toledo and in March will add stations in Dayton and Columbus"

Notes:"WSBD Toledo" is actually WSPD-13-Dottie West went on to become a huge Grand Ole Opry Star before her untimely passing in 1991..Landmark Farm Bureau Cooperative is mentioned by Gene Carroll in a clip from his show in the early 1960's during a comic bit with Bob Hope on hhe TV 5 50th anniversary show (7:00 mark in the video)

April 1967-"Happy anniversary Miss Barbara --- Little Flint Keller, Kim Humphrey and Marge Smith present Barbara Plummer with flowers, celebrating the 7th year "Romper Room" has been on TV 5 . "Romper Room" is seen weekday mornings at 8:30 A.M."

Note:Not sure how they come up with the "seventh anniversary" when Romper Room started on WEWS in 1957 and ran till January 1, 1972

From 1965-Don Webster and Connie Francis on the set of Big "5" Show

Note:In 1966 the Big 5 Show was renamed "Upbeat" and became nationally syndicated until the show's 1971 cancellation..

July 18, 1962-BEHIND THE SCENES -- WEWS Engineers Harry Sykora (left) and Harry Reeves work on one of the two new Television Tape Recorders which have just been installed at Channel 5. Operation of the new machines is complex enough that both Reeves and Sykora are spending this week in New Jersey at a technical School (RCA) to acquaint themselves with the various intricacies of the machine's workings. The two new machines are the biggest and costliest in town, but will give WEWS important additional facilities in TV Tape Recording and consequent upgrading of WEWS program material"

Note:Notice the TV Screen-showing an original WEWS-TV Station ID slide

I've mentioned a site in passing a couple of times, "The Cleveland Memory Project" an online project of the Cleveland State University Libraries using mainly the photo archives of the former Cleveland Press Newspaper (1878-1982)..Among the Press photos are a number of TV station pictures, mostly to illustrate a TV aricle or simply remind viewers of an upcoming show..Today I simply want to share a few pictures from the Press Archive of WEWS-TV 5 from the 50's and 60's..The Pictures are above, with original captions and dates where available..The Cleveland Memory Project will be permanently added to our list of links on the side..

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  1. My twin brother and I were on Romper Room in 1960 for 2 weeks. We were supposed to be on for 1 week, but the ratings were higher because of the "cute twins"!