Saturday, August 8, 2009

WAKR-23 Newsday September 22, 1981

"23 Total News" Ad in TV Guide circa 1970

WAKR News Flyer distributed in area restaurants in the 1970's. This one is dated Thursday, July 21, 1977..Courtesy Ed Thomas..

Here, from YouTube and wksufreshair, is the entire Newscast of WAKR-TV 23 in Akron from September 22, 1981..Anchors are Mark Williamson and Tom Shay, Veteran Jack Ryan with the Weather and Frank DeMarco with Sports..A glitch at the beginning..While the graphic states it is "The Late Report" The announcer says its the "Early Report"

"23 Newsday" is in 4 parts..The 4th part had extra footage of WKYC-TV 3 Sports, presumably from the same day..Williamson is now Communications Director for the City of Akron..

This is a real find..While it has been fairly easy to find newscasts and other programs from Channels 3, 5 and 8 on YouTube and other sites, footage from other local TV stations has been much harder..Thanks to wksufreshair for sharing..

At the end of this is a few minutes of a Channel 3-WKYC-Special Report with Jim Mueller-The Sports with Joe Pellegrino..Doug Adair and Dave Patterson are the anchors..

Side Note:Am in the planning stages of the new Northeast Ohio TV Log as I mentioned last post..Hope to begin working on it next week..

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