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Cleveland TV 1952 Part 2-Pre Tv Guide

Scene from Rocky King, Detective..One of the more popular DuMont shows.

From Early January 1953-TV Today=An Introductory article on WKBN-TV 27's debut in Youngstown

Jack Benny and Isaac Stern on the "Jack Benny Program"

Today, we'll conclude our look at April 1952 in Cleveland TV through "TV Today" by posting the Sunday April 20 and Monday April 21, 1952 schedules..Here is a link to the previous post on July 13, 2009

Sunday, April 20, 1952


Noon NBC Symphony
1PM Frontiers of Faith
1:30 American Inventory
2PM Battle Report (Korea)
2:30 American Forum Of The Air
3PM Fairmeadows USA-Serial
3:30 TV Recital Hall
4PMMeet The Press
4:30 Sarah Churchill, Hall Of Fame
5PM Zoo Parade
5:30 Meet The Masters-Music
6PM Roy Rogers
6:30 Magic Gate-Dave Kaigler
7PM Royal TV Showcase
7:3o Young Mr. Bobbin
8PM Colgate Comedy Hour
9PM Philco/Goodyear TV Playhouse
10PM Red Skelton
10:30 To Be Announced
11PM Feature Film-Mainline Theater
Midnight-World News


9AM News
9:05 TV Sunday School
10AM Film
10:45 Polka Date-Paul Nakel
11AM Star Babes
11:30 Guest Star-Studio Show
11:45 Film Shorts
Noon Gene Carroll
1PM Polka Parade-Johnny Vadnal
1:30 Film
2PM Great Books
2:30 Film Features
3PM Film Feature
3:30 To Be Announced
4:30 University Circle
5PM Super Circus-ABC
6PM Range Rider
6:30 John Carroll Presents
7PM Gene Autry
7:30 Jack Benny
8PM Toast Of The Town-Ed Sullivan
9PM Fred Waring
9:30 Break The Bank-Bert Parks
10PM Celebrity Time-Conrad Nagel
10:30 Royal Playhouse
11PM News/Sign-Off


10:30 A Story For Sunday
11:30 In The Park-Fantasy
Noon Ranger Joe
12:15 Hippodrome-ABC
12:30 Candy Carnival-Gene Crane-CBS
1PM Here's The Pitch-Gail Egan
1:15 Indians Baseball vs. Detroit Bob Neal/Red Jones (Doubleheader:Cleveland won both games 3-2 and 7-2)
6PM Space Patrol-ABC or Baseball Scoreboard (Schedule had both)
6:30 To Be Announced
7PM Not For Publication-DuMont
7:30 Foursquare Court-ABC
8PM King's Crossroads-ABC
9PM Rocky King-DuMont
9:30 Plainclothesman-DuMont
10PM The Ruggles-ABC
10:30 What's My Line?-CBS
11PM CBS Sunday News

Monday April 21,1952

7AM Today-Dave Garroway, Local News with Tom Haley
10AM Home Cooking-Louise Winslow
10:30 Winner Take All-Bill Cullen
11AM Charming Children
11:30 Idea Shop-Mildred Funnell/Gloria Brown
Noon Ruth Lyons' 50 Club-NBC Network version
12:30 It's a Problem
1PM One O Clock Playhouse-Lawson Demming
2:30 Living Fashion-Maggie Byrne
3PM Big Payoff-Randy Merriman, Bess Myerson
3:30 Ralph Edwards Show-Premiere
4PM Kate Smith
5PM Hawkins Falls
5:15 Gabby Hayes
5:30 Howdy Doody
6PM Buckskin Billy
6:45 Today's News
7PM Kukla, Fran and Ollie
7:15 Goldbergs
7:30 Those Two-Pinky Lee and Vivian Blaine
7:45 Camel News Caravan-Swayze
8PM Paul Winchell/Jerry Mahoney
8:30 Voice Of Firestone
9PM Lights Out
9:30 Robert Montgomery Presents
10:30 Who Said That?-Quiz
11PM Front Page News
11:05 Sports Scene
11:10 Hollywood Theatre
Midnight Final Edition


8AM News
8:05 Morning Melodies
8:30 Beauty For You-Paige Palmer
9AM Western Reserve University
9:30 Mixing Bowl
10AM CBS News
10:15 Arthur Godfrey
10:30 Bride And Groom
10:45 Al Pearce-Premiere
11:30 Strike It Rich-Warren Hull
Noon Frances Langford, Don Ameche Show-ABC
1PM Women's Window-Ethel Jackson
1:30 Garry Moore Show
2:30 First 100 years-Serial
2:45 Mike Wallace/Buff Cobb (Then Husband/Wife)
3:30 Bert Parks Show
4PM News
4:05 On The House-Bob Dale
5PM Uncle Jake's House-Gene Carroll
5:30 Western Film
6PM Supper Serenade
6:25 Mr. Weather Eye
6:30 Highlights of The News-Dorothy Fuldheim
6:45 Pooch Parade
7PM Perry Como
7:15 Thanks To The Engineer
7:30 CBS-TV News-Douglas Edwards
7:45 Judge Roy Scott
8PM Lux Video Theatre
8:30 Arthur Godfrey's Talent Scouts
9PM I Love Lucy
9:30 Claudia:Story Of A Marriage
10PM Studio One
11PM Polka Revue
Midnight-News Summary


11AM Ted Anthony News
11:15 Film Shorts
11:30 Good Neighbors
Noon The Egg And I-CBS
12:15 Love Of Life-CBS
12:30 Search For Tomorrow-CBS
12:45 Film Shorts
1PM Alice Weston
1:30 Midday Movie-Alan Freed, Grant Wilson
3:30 Film Shorts
4PM Pause For Pleasure-Russ Carlyle
4:30 Film Shorts
4:45 Comedy Carnival
5PM Tune Inn
5:15 Dinner Winner-Rena and Bob Ledyard
5:30 Desert Deputy-Western Films
6:30 Tom Corbett-ABC
6:45 Evening News-Bob Rowley
7PM Captain Video-DuMont
7:30 Hollywood Screen Test-ABC
8PM Out Of The Fog-Mystery-ABC
8:30 Johns Hopkins Science Review-DuMont
9PM Guide Right-DuMont
9:30 Bill Gwinn Hollywood Show-ABC
10PM Wrestling-Hollywood (Film)
11PM Warren Guthrie News
11:10 Today's Top Story-Sanford I. Whitman
11:15 Sports Final
11:20 Nite Owl Theatre
12:45 Sign-Off

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